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  1. Y'all want a single?

  2. PRETTY SURE the team names @LL. and I pitched in this thread are better.
  3. Let's just get Miles Morales up in this MCU.
  4. I went in to Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling expecting perfectly acceptable fluff, and came out with a rumination on the nature of change, acceptance, and, what surprised me the most about this special, trans awareness. I approve wholeheartedly. Great special.
  5. I have and have beaten Grandia III, good game. But yes, my experience with the first Grandia game was playing it on a demo disc that came with an issue of PlayStation Magazine and thinking it seemed like such a fun, cool game, and wishing like hell I had the money to buy it.
  6. Oh also, I've seen the Texas Rangers at the Ballpark in Arlington a few times. I think two or three. I'm glad I got to see Pudge play.
  7. Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus is everything you'd expect out of an Invader Zim special. If you were a fan of the show before, you'll probably like Enter the Florpus.
  8. Can’t wait for the inevitable blowout loss to Alabama!
  9. The St. Louis Archways The Seattle... ah... SuperSonics? Fuck, what do you mean that's taken? The Seattle.. Big Pointy Needles? The Los Angeles Smog The Dallas Deepthroats The Tampa Bay... uhhh... ... Busch Gardeners?
  10. This is the XFL. They'd be the Washington [NAME REDACTED JESUS CHRIST YOU CAN'T SAY THAT WORD]'s! Or maybe they course-correct and shatter expectations and are like, the Washington Native Americans.
  11. I'm going to go with the ahh Washington umm Thunderfuckers?
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