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  1. Final Fantasy

    I've said it plenty of times, but I think FFIX was consciously a love letter to what Final Fantasy was, in the knowledge that it would never be that again. I see it as the end point of "traditional" Final Fantasy and, after that fact, you start losing all the gameplay elements that defined the series to me. I'd love to see the series go back to individual screens, a separate world map, and so on, but it never will, and I know the series really isn't for me any more - with the exceptions of spin-offs like World of Final Fantasy, which seem almost explicitly aimed at the likes of me. FFIX's story and pacing I found really interesting. It was so refreshing after VII and VIII to have a central character that wasn't grim and brooding, but also who - for the most part - never felt like he was actually the crux of the narrative, or on some great quest to avenge anything, he was just carried along by the events happening around him just as you were.
  2. They don't have a weekly show, but they had an iPPV last week, and shows tonight and tomorrow.
  3. Sony Megathread

    I adore Medievil, but would have preferred a whole new game in the same spirit as the original than an HD remake. Making it HD will look pretty, but a lot of PS1 HD remakes don't do anything to fix the (relatively) janky controls and camerawork that was rife at the time due to developers still getting to grips with how you make a fully 3D game.
  4. WWE 2K18

    Maybe they could do lootboxes for increased framerate.
  5. WWE 2K18

    Oof. A decent Switch port would have been the only thing to sell me on this game - I've no interest in picking it up for PS4, but the idea of fiddling about creating CAWs or looking through Community Creations on a handheld console while something else is on the TV, or while in bed, made it somewhat more appealing. But it sounds truly dreadful. Most shocking thing from that Kotaku interview is that it's 23GB despite all this shit - 10 gig bigger than Breath of the Wild!
  6. The Thread Where We Post Christmas Music

    GoGo beat me to The Kinks and The Waitresses - though I'd have been disappointed if nobody had posted Christmas Wrapping, given that it's the best. Here's some I like a lot;
  7. Final Fantasy

    I do not remember this at all. I think I must be overdue a playthrough of FFIX, it's been many years. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1506706444/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=IHCFV27WDO1SO&colid=3M8MUZFID0ILB&psc=0 This sounds exciting! First of a three volume series on the development of Final Fantasy, with concept art, etc., apparently a translation of the Japanese edition. This one covers FF1-FF6, so that's me picking up at least two volumes of this, I expect.
  8. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2017: The Voting Thread

    I've included a couple of one-offs, rather than full series, but they aired this year, so hopefully that counts. 1. Twin Peaks 2. Stranger Things 3. GLOW 4. American Gods 5.Chris Packham: Aspergers & Me 6. Mystery Science Theater 3000 7. Doctor Who 8. King Charles III 9. Motherland 10. Blue Planet 2 11. Inside No. 9 12. Handmaid's Tale 13. The Tick 14. QI 15. Ultimate Beastmaster Best New Character: Frank Truman (Twin Peaks)
  9. Is Turkey well enough represented in the geographical regions the game recognises? Would it be the only promotion in that particular region? If so, for either of those questions, I think it would be more of a negative than a positive to add that promotion to the game.
  10. EWR Real World Update: Dec. '17

    Lucas Calhoun is still with CHIKARA, despite not having appeared recently. I believe all the other departures mentioned are correct.
  11. Nintendo Megathread

    That's what I used for most of the game too, though occasionally subbed in Rabbid Peach if I needed a healer. Mostly in that sort of game I very stubbornly stick to the first team that works for me, rather than figure out how all the new guys work, so I never really bothered with the last few characters. The only downside to the Mario/Luigi/Rabbid Luigi team is that lack of a good healer, but there's enough workarounds that outside of the trickier challenge levels, you can usually get by without one anyway.
  12. Nintendo Megathread

    I can't remotely justify buying it right now - between the price and the fact that I'm not spending as much time gaming as that would entail; I ploughed well over a hundred hours into Xenoblade on the Wii, and this one looks even bigger and more impenetrable. I'm sure I'll give it a go eventually, but I know it's going to be a slog in places.
  13. Sony Megathread

    That might be the worst looking selection of PS+ games I've seen. Can't see myself bothering with any of them.
  14. Goodreads Reading Challenge/General Bookery

    They had the same problem as George Lucas with the Star Wars prequels, and George R.R. Martin with his later books. Either you have publishers too in awe of the creator to make cuts/suggestions that they would for any other author or, more likely, you have producers/publishers that know Harry Potter is hugely successful but don't know why Harry Potter is hugely successful, so don't dare suggest cutting anything out, in case the bit cut out turns out to be the magic formula.
  15. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    What the fuck was with Lara Croft's house anyway? That enormous aquarium taking up the majority of the basement can't have been structurally sound, and what kind of lunatic architect designs a downstairs door that's opened via a switch in an upstairs chimney, and a fireplace that can only be switched off by removing an arbitrary book on the other side of the room?