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  1. Some mods have included Bobby Heenan - a man who could barely speak - and Kamala - a man with two amputated legs - or Hayabusa - a man who was unable to walk when even the first version of EWR was released - in the name of this sort of "but I might want to use them!" completism. At the end of the day, if your objections are of one or two workers that you might want to use aren't in the game, the Editor is there for a reason. Anyone can edit the stats in this game, it's not the sole responsibility of those who give up their own free time to provide you with regular updates.
  2. Nintendo Megathread

    I'll forgive it, though, because it's preceded by a character in the game being frustrated that you have to do another escort mission.
  3. Favorite TV Show themes

    Oh, absolutely, The Chain is the sound of sitting with my Grandad watching the F1 on a Sunday morning. It's also the first song I can remember my half-brother learning to play on bass, and back then only knowing it as the tune from the F1. Lovely stuff. A lot of love for the X-Men theme, too, which is now going to be stuck in my head all day - replacing the theme from the League of Gentlemen, which I came in here to give an honourary nod to.
  4. Favorite TV Show themes

    Worth the risk, tbf. In terms of other great themes...someone else mentioned True Blood. Hate the series, but I bought the first series on DVD almost solely off the strength of that song, because I figured it must be good with that attached to it. Echo the love for the original Doctor Who theme - as a nerd for early electronic music, and a huge fan of Delia Derbyshire and BBC Radiophonic, I have so much love for that piece of music. Have to mention the main theme from Twin Peaks, too - beautiful piece of music, perfectly matched to the visuals, and gives me goosebumps just hearing it.
  5. Nintendo Megathread

    Played up to the first boss as Primrose in Project Octopath Traveller - the game is a lot more hard-hitting and "adult" than I expected, given the fairly comedic romp that a lot of Bravely Default was. The artwork is gorgeous. I still don't fully understand the battle system, and died against the first boss, though Fuck teleporting bad guys on Mario/Rabbids.
  6. Favorite TV Show themes

    The Munsters or gtfo
  7. RIP Jake LaMotta

  8. In fairness, I fall somewhere along the same lines - my booking style tends to lean on random cameos, old-timer comebacks, and WAR-esque unlikely matches, so would always rather lean towards keeping wrestlers in (assuming their stats are accurate) over stuff like alter egos or superfluous relationships; I don't think relationships should be removed entirely, just that we should exercise some logic in terms of which make the cut, rather than Friendship relationships for everyone who ever shares a selfie together on Instagram. Alter-egos serve no in-game purpose, though, and only serve to slow the game down - it's nothing that can't be solved with a Google search, cagematch, or, at worst, asking on here. In terms of workers and staff, though, there's a difference between "I want to book Spirit Squad vs. Mean Street Posse" and some of the things that have come up in the past. Earlier in the thread, Troy requested that Hayabusa be removed from staff - and he's been dead for over a year. That's obviously just an oversight, but it's an oversight that mod makers are far less likely to make if they can focus on a smaller, more detailed update, rather than one focused on sheer numbers at the expense of all else. Similarly, earlier, Lint requested that Bobby Heenan be removed - Heenan hadn't worked a wrestling show for, what, ten years, at least? His health problems would have made it impossible for him to do so. He should not have been in the data in the first place. And that's just one example. If we want any kind of accuracy in a mod, then "I might want to use them" isn't a justification to include people that don't belong in a modern wrestling sim in 2017. Similarly, the old "In Theory & Practice" thread uses examples of guys like Scott Snot; nobodies who were in the data and have just sat there untouched, maybe for years, despite not having wrestled for over a decade. Going way back, there were wrestlers in some of the earliest EWR data sets who were set to the wrong gender, or - like Kriss Sprules - were given grossly inflated stats, or who didn't exist at all. And the fact that they were able to sit there for months or years without being corrected shows me that "as many wrestlers as possible" isn't the route to take, we should value accuracy first and foremost. We need to apply some logic.
  9. Final Fantasy

    Ugh, yeah, I can see at least one very obvious one I won't be getting, and a bunch that would just be super-tedious busy work.
  10. Random Music Thoughts

    This list would be completely different if I put it together on a different day, I'm sure, but it's accurate as it's likely to get...
  11. Random Music Thoughts

    What website did you use? I could kill some time putting one of those together.
  12. Nintendo Megathread

    I haven't played it yet, picked up the demo over the weekend and had actually completely forgotten about it before seeing your post - I'm definitely going to have to give it a go tonight now. I loved Bravely Default (never got round to Bravely Second, though), and the art style is absolutely gorgeous. I can't really see myself diving headlong into a JRPG any time soon, as it's not the sort of game I'm giving much time to lately, but if anything's going to hook me it's something like that.
  13. WWE 2K18

    Needs more Big Boss Men. Also, I hate Manager Only slots. I want to go back to the days of Smackdown 2 where they'd bothered to create a character model for Michael Cole so, damn it, you could play as Michael Cole! If they've created the character model, why not give them a rudimentary moveset and let us play as them? I'm not asking for WWF Attitude where Paul Bearer had an inexplicable somersault leg drop as his finisher, or the ECW games that let you play as Rob Feinstein, but guys they've already bothered creating graphics for should be playable. Even if he has the lowest stats in the world, shitty moves, and his finisher is a slap, I might want to play as a tracksuit-clad Paul Heyman. Even worse when it's somebody like DiBiase, who can wrestle. I can understand it from previous games when Hornswoggle was set as Manager-only, as there would be all sorts of collision detection and animation issues to consider if he had been a playable character, but for almost anyone else it's bullshit. Or, if the Manager Only option must exist, then give us a way to set CAWs as manager only. I had a great Dario Cueto CAW for WWE 2k17, but I didn't want him wrestling, I wanted him managing Matanza. As far as I know, there wasn't a way to define that role.
  14. Twin Peaks

    I hope that's not because of scheduling conflicts or anything like that, but that he just picked a random date out of thin air.