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  1. It's the first Chronicles that I'm playing. You're right that it's not really a JRPG, just that's the bracket it had always fallen into in my head, I'd always heard people comparing it to other games in that genre. It's a lot more fine-tuned, strategically, than I'm used to, so there's a definite learning curve, though the battles tend to be intuitive enough that if you fail at first you soon figure out what you're meant to be doing. I just had my first battle run out of turns, though, against Maximillian's tank, which is an absolute bastard.
  2. I'm playing Valkryia Chronicles now - an impulse purchase based on vague memories of it being spoken about as one of the great JRPGs. It's pretty good, and mind-bogglingly complex, but not at all what I thought it would be. As much as I like - but am admittedly terrible at - a tactical RPG, there being no real exploration element to it is putting me off investing too much time, as just battles interspersed with cut scenes isn't the most engaging of gameplay.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of season 2 of Conchords, but Murray is one of my favourite characters in anything. His reaction to being told they have girlfriends being, "what, even both of you?" is one of my favourite jokes ever. I've started watching Chernobyl and have no idea how people binge it. It's incredible, one of the most powerful things I've seen on TV in years, but it just wears me down, it's so heavy going. After one episode I need time to mull it over.
  4. Good Omens was flawed but great. I don't know if I enjoy it more or less for having re-read the book very recently, though. Its biggest strength is in the performances of Tennant and Sheen, and it kind of meanders a bit when not focused on those two, though the casting of some of the supporting cast is really inspired, and you can tell it was made with love, and is bursting with little easter eggs and references.
  5. If it weren't for yesterday, that would be the maddest thing I've seen in football in years. Mental.
  6. I'm not a football fan, but that was fucking incredible. Watched with my parents, both Liverpool supporters, and my half-brother who isn't, and even he & I were jumping out of our seat cheering. That corner will stay in my mind for as long as I live. Incredible stuff. And, as much as I don't follow football, I don't think there's a better atmosphere in the world than a celebratory Anfield crowd singing "You'll Never Walk Alone".
  7. 100% this. I have a friend who worked on the live action Beauty & The Beast as a costume designer. The Beast was originally going to be live action, and she'd worked on the costume and physical effects for months. One day, someone in a boardroom decided that he should be CGI instead, and my friend's entire department were sacked with zero notice. That's exactly the sort of thing that will happen here.
  8. It looks fucking terrible, and at least a decade out of date. Which is pretty in line with Sonic as a franchise, really. I saw all the Tweets and jokes about it and figured, "how bad could it be?", and it's even worse. I thought it would be a trainwreck, but it's not even that, it's so paint-by-numbers lazy kids movie wrapped in dated '90s "Attitude". It's fucking dull. Jim Carrey's performance just made me shake my head, because it's Jim Carrey doing the schtick that had got old twenty years ago and that, by and large, he hasn't done since. I don't understand how this movie is happening in 2019.
  9. Went to see Jawbreaker on Saturday. They fucking killed. Amazing gig.
  10. I think the "Rise Of Skywalker" will refer to Leia, some grand final gesture from her. Though LD's prediction is probably closer to the mark. Definitely sounds like the Emperor's laugh at the end, huh? I give no shits about any of the new trilogy leads, though, given how inconsistently they've been written for the past two movies, so *shrugs*.
  11. I concur. Blitzball is fucking preposterous. A game where you'd think the whole selling point of it being underwater would be the ability to move in three dimensions but, no, you can only move on one plane. So what's the point? It's stupid. Final Fantasy X is stupid. Rewarding drudgery rather than skill or exploration/curiosity in an RPG is stupid.
  12. Offshore sounds great, definitely going to check that out. I'm currently reading "Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire" by Akala, and it's absolutely brilliant. I, to my shame, didn't know Akala's work until very recently, and it's a wonderful mix of sociology and biography. The first couple of chapters were interesting but "tell me something I don't know", and then the third goes into the public perception of black athletes, and constructs of blackness and whiteness, and I was just absolutely gripped. Phenomenal stuff.
  13. I disagree about Velveteen Dream being a heel. If you look at his matches on Cagematch, he routinely teams with the likes of Ricochet, Aleister Black and and Matt Riddle (all faces) against the Undisputed Era and Tomasso Ciampa (all heels). He's clearly booked as a babyface.
  14. I didn't realise "Look Who's Back" was a book - there's a film adaptation on Netflix, in a kind of Borat-y unscripted style, and it's fucking chilling in places.
  15. Skummy

    R.I.P Hal Blaine

    Hal Blaine has passed away - the greatest drummer in pop music, and someone whose music you have absolutely heard even if you have never heard his name. Most famously, and iconically, he played the opening drumbeat on The Ronettes' Be My Baby. The greatest intro of all time. But he played on some of the greatest, and some of the most famous, songs ever recorded. This list is far from complete, and is just a litany of hits;
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