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  1. Skummy added a post in a topic I was doing a think today...   

    This is probably one of the biggest EWB things to cross over into my actual life. I say "no joke on nothing" all the time, so often that I forget that it's not actually a thing people say or understand. I explained it to my brother, and he says it now because he found the original context so funny. Last week I tried explaining it to my girlfriend - who, I might add, occasionally uses Brad Harris' "that's how the cookie crimbles" - and could barely stop myself laughing long enough to get through the explanation. I fucking love "no joke on nothing".
    Most of all, though, I just bloody love you guys. Being able to look back more than ten years in my post history on here, and know that I was posting on versions of EWB even prior to that, is insane. I've grown up with this place. I've had friends on this place that I've known longer than most of my closest friends in real life. This place has helped shape my opinions, my tastes, my beliefs, everything. I've posted on other message boards before, but never to the extent that I did here, never to the point where I actually felt part of any kind of community. I've met a few of you guys, and I don't think I'd even consider that with anyone else I've only ever met "online". The community and support of this place - not just to myself, but to absolutely everyone - is wonderful, the way that, when we need to, we can come together and help each other out, or just lend a supportive word, is fantastic, but that the same community spirit can lead to such brilliance as the Sprules/Tyler video and so on is just as great. As is proudly being able to tell people "the dude in that viral cross-stitch story? Yeah, I know him. He's awesome, he is".
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  2. Skummy added a post in a topic The Wire Appreciation Thread   

    I disagree. Bubs, to me, sums up exactly what's great about The Wire. You meet him in season 1 and know who he is because of his relationship to the police who, at that point, you assume to be the protagonists. As the show goes on, he's less and less connected to any other stories going on, but you still follow him. The world expands because you don't just forget about these characters once they're not useful to the "main" plot, and you still get to see what they're up to the whole time.
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  3. Skummy added a post in a topic Final Fantasy   

    I've not played 7 in a long time, so it probably doesn't hold up all that much, but it's not even about whether it holds up over time to me, it's how it feels at the time, and FF8 just felt like constantly pulling crap out of their ass....

    "The Garden's at war! There's a battle for control between Headmaster Cid and this other guy! Oh, wait, did we forget to mention there was another guy? Well...there is."
    "Edea was the head of the orphanage all along! Shouldn't we all have known that? Oh, I guess we forgot. Why? Erm...Guardian Forces? Do you think maybe we should stop using them, then? Nah, we'll probably be fine. Let's never mention that again."
    "We need to stop the Sorceress folding time in on itself by...folding time in on itself, and just hoping the outcome's better, I guess?"

    While the overall story of 9 might not be my favourite, and has a couple of similar flaws, I think it's probably my favourite for the snippets of story that it gets exactly right, Vivi and the Black Mages in particular. The Black Mage Village is the only part of any Final Fantasy game to ever make me cry.
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  4. Skummy added a post in a topic WWE 2K16   

    Yeah, that's probably the weirdest criticism of the game I've seen yet.
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  5. Skummy added a post in a topic Final Fantasy   

    I always find it baffling when FF8 gets brought up as having an amazing story. Aside from the Squall/Rinoa romance plot, which is fairly generic in itself, it all feels like they made it up as they went along. It's utterly insane and broken, and doesn't hold up to the slightest bit of scrutiny. It's all very silly.
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  6. Skummy added a post in a topic Nintendo Megathread   

    I've been given a gift card to pick up a 3DS game, and right now I'm torn between Tomodachi Life and Fantasy Life. Which do you think I would like more, and would offer the most longevity? I really enjoyed the Tomodachi demo, but wonder if it could get old without having much purpose or a defined end goal or whatever? Also, if it heavily relies on Street Pass (I don't know if it does or not?) then that's a bit of a downer, as there's very few fellow 3DS owners around these parts.
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  7. Skummy added a post in a topic Nintendo Megathread   

    I admit, I can't see myself ever buying the full game, but I enjoyed the demo a lot. Can't imagine there's really all that much too it beyond that, though, so probably gets a little samey.
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  8. Skummy added a post in a topic Nintendo Megathread   

    It's certainly nothing groundbreaking, but Dr Mario: Miracle Cure is good fun for fans of the original game. Pretty much more of the same, with some challenge stuff, a few new optional features, and online and local multiplayer. Good time-waster. Only real complaint is that it's split into Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi modes, and while I don't really like Dr. Luigi, it would be cool if you could integrate the two together to mix it up a little.

    Also, the demo of Citizens Of Earth is wonderful. Very Earthbound-esque.
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  9. Skummy added a post in a topic Birthday of mykeLL (and Skumfrog too!)   

    Happy Birthday to Myke and LL!

    I've been wished a lonely birthday at least three times now. I love you guys.
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  10. Skummy added a post in a topic Top Gear   

    Yeah, I find the whole "you can't possibly do Top Gear without the same three presenters!" argument particularly baffling given that it managed alright for twenty plus years the first time around, and even since they brought it back in 2002 at least one series didn't have James May in it. It'll probably change drastically with new hosts, some people will like it, some won't, but people will still watch it unless the Clarkson/Hammond/May Netflix thing gets much bigger and the BBC quietly put it out to pasture.

    And, to recycle a joke I used on Twitter and Facebook, Quentin Wilson must be turning in his career's grave.
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  11. Skummy added a post in a topic Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015   

    Yeah, an on rails game is one in which you have literally no control over forward motion - think of the likes of Time Crisis et al, arcade light gun games. If your problem is that the level design is a glorified corridor, or that it's non-linear, that's fine - I don't know, I'm not familiar with the franchise - but that's not "on rails", per sé.
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  12. Skummy added a post in a topic TEW13 Real World Update: June 2015   

    Dario Cueto is set to American and White, and only fluent in English. He should be Spanish, Hispanic and also fluent in Spanish.
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  13. Skummy added a post in a topic Nintendo Megathread   

    I love Splatoon. It feels like a Dreamcast game in the best possible way, like Jet Set Radio or something, just bright colours, crazy music, super-deformed characters, Nickelodeon-style heavy-handed 90s "cool" that somehow winds up going out the other end of cringeworthy and becoming cool again, and just pure fun.

    I'm terrible at it and I don't even mind, I'm having that much fun. I've never felt any need to rage quit, never found myself getting mad at it, I just play the whole thing with a big grin on my face.

    I normally hate shooters, and hate online play especially, but I love it. Shifting the focus away from "try and shoot the other dudes" immediately takes away the "oh, fuck that guy!" attitude to getting killed by another player, the randomised teams changing each round even moreso. Hell, even the fact that there's no microphone support - which I'm sure some people would see as a negative - I think adds tremendously to the online experience by removing one of the things which makes online play so insufferable, as you'll never know if the person you're playing against is an obnoxious prick or not.
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  14. Skummy added a post in a topic R.I.P Sir Christopher Lee   

    Christopher Lee was my favourite actor. He was one of my favourite people.

    My life was shaped by his work.

    He played Dracula, he played Frankenstein's Monster, he was in Star Wars, he was in Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, he was in Gormenghast, he played Sherlock Holmes (and Mycroft Holmes and Lord Baskerville), he played Discworld's Death, and so on and so forth. Any other actor could have dined out for their career on any one of his roles and he never did. He was exceptional.

    His acting career alone will never be equalled - his life before, during and beyond that will never, ever be matched. I could tell Christopher Lee stories all night - he is my hero - but I'll say but one. It's not the funniest, the wittiest or even the most prescient...but, when Pope John Paul II met Christopher Lee for the first time, all the Pope wanted to talk about was Christopher Leee's family. That's how important he was.
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  15. Skummy added a post in a topic Traditions that are hard to explain   

    Yeah. Almost all of that is social etiquette, that's learned and expected of you without ever really understanding why. Try and come up with a coherent explanation of marriage, manners, or any kind of social code assuming the person you're explaining to has no understanding of why.

    There's a great book called "Watching The English", which has a chapter on pub etiquette that I always found fascinating; that it's the only customer relationship in English society where a queue doesn't naturally form, yet everyone is implicitly aware of the rules regardless - if the barman offers to serve me first, but I gesture to the person waiting next to me, it's out of politeness, but also in the understanding that I'll be served next, and so on.

    Jersey is full of mad little traditions, being a particularly silly place. Stuff like important parts of the legal process of purchasing property having to be conducted by a lawyer in Jersey French. My absolute favourite though is the Clameur de Haro;

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