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  1. General Gaming Thread

    I just had to Google that to see if it was even a real game. Tremendous.
  2. Nintendo Megathread

    NX will launch March 2017, with new Zelda released simultaneously on NX and Wii U.
  3. What music are you listening to?

    I'm a huge Prince fan, and even so, often find myself listening to this version instead of his.
  4. Music that is awful

    It's all about Lucky Meng.
  5. Prince has passed away.

    Bet he'd hate that.
  6. Prince has passed away.

    Fucking awful. One of my favourites. I don't have a long-winded, emotive post full of how he influenced me or connected to me in any way like I did for Bowie because, for the most part, none of that is true of Prince. He just wrote the best fucking music, and I fucking loved him for it. Over the past couple of years my music listening habits have narrowed down to, really, only a handful of artists, with Bowie and Prince chief amongst them. I'll go weeks listening to nothing but Prince. I've listened to "My Name Is Prince" more than any other song in the past couple of months. He was just amazing, almost perfect. It was once said that if Prince died tomorrow, there was enough unreleased material to still bring out a new album once a year for a hundred years. Let's hope that's even a tiny way to being the truth.
  7. I like the idea of creating a conglomerate of all the aging rock bands I don't care about any more, much more efficient that way.
  8. Ronnie Corbett has died

    Genuine contender for best sketch ever.
  9. Let's remember Razorlight

    worst thing about The Bravery becoming more and more obscure & forgettable is the diminishing returns on the "honest mistake" gag.
  10. Retro Gaming Thread

    That's superb. My new wallpaper;
  11. Retro Gaming Thread

    Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 will probably be next on my list, tbf. I'm pretty great at making parks with fun themed areas, then getting bored of them and drowning dudes in panda costumes.
  12. Retro Gaming Thread

    I just started playing Railroad Tycoon 2 instead, it's cosy and familiar.
  13. Ronnie Corbett has died

    Awful, awful news. One of the greats. Light Ent's taking a pasting this year.
  14. Retro Gaming Thread

    I played ten minutes of Railroad Tycoon 3 before I got confused and scared by it being in 3D and unfamiliar. It's a 14 year old game.
  15. Retro Gaming Thread

    Seems to be Pirates! Gold, apparently, so I'd guess updated? I don't think I ever played Railroad Tycoon 3...was it noticeably better/worse than 2? I'm contemplating getting either that or one of the Rollercoaster Tycoons tonight - leaning toward Railroad 3 if it's better than 2?