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  1. It's a bit silly that I only managed to make it two utterly absurd entries into this list, isn't it?
  2. Were they ever reported in anything but Breath Of The Wild? Because that had a big patch a few weeks back, which seemed to fix some of the syncing problems with the last Joy-Con. I have since had the occasional problem where there's a lag between me moving the analog stick to change direction, and it actually registering in the game, so Link has a habit of running head-first into water. Though that may be just me being terrible at the game. I don't play with the Joy-Cons disconnected nearly often enough to gauge the frequency of the problem, though I hope they have been fixed ahead of Mario Kart.
  3. TIL there's a new Micro Machines! I have nothing on pre-order at the moment, but Puyo Puyo Tetris is out this week, and I'm torn between getting it for PS4 or Switch. I have the demo on Switch, and it seems better suited for a handheld, but it's much cheaper on PS4. I'll probably buy Tekken 7 - I haven't played a Tekken game since the PS2, haven't owned once since the PS1, but it looks fun. And NJPW DLC, if it makes it to the UK release, because I'm a sucker for shiny superficial changes. I get through games so slowly, though, that I barely buy anything - the free games every month on PS+ are usually more than enough to keep me busy on top of my current backlog!
  4. TEW 2005 is the free game, not 2013, unless I missed something.
  5. Again, the stats you have listed appear to be for TEW. Many of the categories you have listed do not exist in EWR. You appear to be posting in the wrong thread.
  6. A few other comments on recent posts - though I'll reiterate that I believe @REDDRAGONB has inadvertently posted in the wrong thread, and is actually referring to the TEW update, not the EWR update. I disagree with TheWho87's assertion that no one has ever been good enough to warrant a stat of 100 in anything; it's been an awfully long time since I used it, but I would suspect that Adam Ryland's original data included a couple of 100 stats. I don't see a "100" stat in EWR (or TEW, for that matter) as representing "perfection", as it's still possible that wrestlers with 100 stats can have off nights - it just represents that they are in the absolute upper echelon of that style in the world. If the game did not intend anyone to be able to attain the "perfection" of a 100 rating, the option wouldn't be there. REDDRAGONB's comments on menace and flashiness, as I mentioned before, suggests to me that these comments are intended for the TEW update, not EWR, as menace is not rated on a sliding scale in EWR, and there is no "flashiness" stat. Moose, by the EWR definition of the "Menacing" stat likely does not warrant that box being ticked. Brock Lesnar's mat skills - again "mat skills" is a TEW stat, not EWR, don't really have any bearing on his NCAA background. Within TEW or EWR, these skills refer to how well the worker can perform in that style of pro-wrestling match, and while Lesnar's capable of a good mat-based match, a rating of 100 would be place him as the best in the world in that category, and I don't think anyone can reasonably make that argument. You reference the Strength stat but, again, that refers to TEW not EWR. This could also refer to most of your suggestions - not knowing off-hand what Lesnar's strength stat is currently or how it compares to anyone else's in the game, just saying "it should be 100" isn't helpful. The game needs to be balanced and proportionate, if you think Lesnar's strength is too low, what is that in relation to? Who in the game has higher strength stats than Lesnar, and are they deserved? I think you're massively overestimating the appeal of a decade old freeware text-based wrestling game if you think people are playing it unaware who some of the most famous names in wrestling are. I have no idea where you're going with this. You think Vince McMahon "buried" a list of some of the most famous, successful wrestlers to ever work for him in favour of an arbitrary list of names, at least two of whom you've been praising in this thread? How have any of these people "killed the wrestling business"? I really don't understand your point. Have you ever been to a wrestling training school? That will tend to get you rather further towards becoming the most popular wrestler alive than just hoping on God's will. It's a very demanding job, that requires an awful lot of commitment and hard work. Overall, try and calm down on the insults, they're not helpful and most un-Christian of you. Listen to people's advice and feedback, try and stay on topic, and make sure you're posting in the most relevant thread for your needs
  7. @REDDRAGONB - given that you have referred to "Menace" being rated out of 100, and elsewhere to a "C+ rating", I believe you are posting in the wrong thread. In EWR, "Menacing" is only measured by a single tick box, it's in TEW that it's on a sliding scale, and where stats can be given "grades" rather than numerical values.
  8. Some thoughts on the final episode;
  9. I like the opening of the new series, though it's definitely not built around the theme as strongly as it used to be, so maybe that's it - I love the stop motion work, and the visual of the doors opening to Kinga and the Skeleton Crew as if it's a big musical number, with Jonah still utterly confused by it all, it plays well with Kinga's character being fixated on ratings and trying to impress. That Har Mar Superstar is the bandleader makes it even better. The theme, as standalone piece of music, is definitely weaker, but I think the opening overall more than makes up for that.
  10. Yeah, it took me until the penultimate episode to realise that, even though I'd already noticed Nelson/Murphy/Corbett getting a music credit.
  11. Oh God, wait til you get to Carnival Of Magic!
  12. This is true not just for games, but for films, music, even books - make the physical copy something worthwhile, not just a box with a disc in it, and people will buy it. It's why so many limited editions come with artbooks or soundtrack CDs, or things to that effect, rather than just additional in-game content.
  13. I wouldn't, as EWR is specifically a North American simulator - promotions outside of North America can't really be replicated all that well in-game.
  14. Keep it as a working agreement - and Crash shouldn't be in there at all, there's absolutely no way AAA and Crash will work together (if anything, they should be "at war"). Similarly, there's nothing to suggest that AAA and WOS will work together, so having them in an alliance doesn't make a lot of sense - I'd stick with individual working agreements. If there is an alliance, it should probably be Lucha Underground and AAA, but then that raises questions of how to deal with the AAA/TNA relationship while (it looks like) Lucha Underground won't allow their contracted talent to appear on Impact. It's one of those times were real life is far more complicated than anything you can replicate on TEW, and we just don't have to wait and see how this works in practice.
  15. I'm just glad that people are getting to experience Starcrash. A friend of mine is a big fan of cheesy old sci-fi movies, and we occasionally do "bad movie nights" at his place, and Starcrash was maybe the crowning jewel of the collection.