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  1. Doctor Who

    Yes, coming out of one of the best episodes they've ever written, let's all invent situations in which we'll be hypothetically disappointed. For fuck's sake. This is why we can't have nice things.
  2. The MST3K Thread

    That is absolutely inspired casting, I love it.
  3. As it's an annual one-off that - as far as I know - is not promoted by any one company, I think the only way to replicate it accurately in TEW would be as a tribute show, though it's been so long since I touched that feature that I'm not sure quite how it works in the editor to make it the right sort of size/pick the right talent etc.
  4. Doctor Who

    That was extraordinary. A classic episode full of what makes Doctor Who great, while being entirely unlike any episode we've ever seen before, and playing to Capaldi's strengths beautifully. Utterly incredible. A justification for the continued existence of the BBC right there.
  5. Doctor Who

    Spoiler I loved that episode. Had no idea going in that it was going to be such a significant one, was expecting a bit of a fun romp! The basic premise felt to me like Doctor Who Does Neverwhere, which is no bad thing. I don't dislike Clara as much as most, but she wasn't the best companion at all. She's had an interesting arc this series, though, which all came to a head here - she convinced herself, despite everything, that the Doctor always wins, and that he always wins by being reckless and believing he's going to win. Last week, we saw the Doctor emphatically not win. Every other episode, we've seen examples of his failings - whether that's his failure to eliminate the Daleks, or his failure to save multiple people throughout the series, or the entire Zygon peace treaty, but Clara still believes it, and behaves recklessly, as she's become more and more like the Doctor. And it costs her, as we've known all series that it would. I actually think Jenna Louise Coleman did a great job in her closing scene, as melodramatic and drawn out as it was, the tone was right, and it felt like a genuine emotional farewell for a character that - while not hugely liked by a lot of people - has been a significant part of the current run. Her final scene was probably her best. But, and I know I always bang on about how great an actor Capaldi is, what took Coleman pages and pages of hurried, frantic emotive dialogue to put across, he managed with red eyes, a wobbly lip and a whispered "...Clara". He lends the role a gravitas it hasn't had in New Who and, frankly, is probably a better actor than the show deserves.  I do think that's Clara legitimately "dead", though wouldn't be surprised if we see Coleman again in a cameo, as a Zygon replica, in a flashback, hallucination or whatever.   I'm curious who the "they" Me was talking about were - my first thought was the Time Lords, but the constant mentioning of Hybrids throughout this series, and the Confession Dial, reminded me that the last time we saw Missy she was trying to parlay with the Daleks. I'm rather expecting a Time Lord/Dalek alliance.  
  6. The MST3K Thread

    Trace was my favourite Mad, and Kevin my favourite Tom Servo. I think Mike was a "better" host, in terms of being a more well-rounded performer, but that Joel's sleepy, slightly off-kilter performance was more likeable to me personally. Everyone who has ever brought anything to the table has added to the product in one way or another, while not being the same as their predecessor. Joel has made a very good case for why that's a good thing, and why it should continue to be a good thing. I absolutely think that the former cast should make appearances and cameos, and I'm sure many of them will. If it gets picked up for another season anywhere, maybe even more of them will pop up in the future. But a nostalgia run for thirty and forty-somethings who watched it more than fifteen or twenty years ago would have a limited shelf life compared to a new series in much the same spirit aimed at being exactly that, a new series, not a greatest hits show remembering how great it was. 
  7. The MST3K Thread

    Ah, fair enough. I remember an interview with him a few months back where he said he'd be open to a new season with a new cast, rather than just bringing it back. I expect a lot of people will be disappointed with that, but it probably makes more sense if he wants this to be a long-term project rather than the nostalgia trip most people seem to want. It would be a mistake not to have familiar faces pop up, though, and it's really going to depend on who they get to host and write the thing.
  8. The MST3K Thread

    Especially given that Joel wants it to be in front of a live audience, I would be very surprised if we don't at least get cameos from some of the original line-up. Shame that Mike's not involved, though, he's fantastically funny and it would have been nice to get him and Joel riffing together even just once to tie the whole thing together. Curious if they have any of the original group in as writers, though, if he doesn't want them in front of camera?  Interested to see how much of a story element it will have, if any, too to explain Joel being back (presumably) on the Satellite of Love?
  9. Doctor Who

    Absolutely. This series has felt "his" in a way that the last one never did. The monologue was fantastic, and showed how phenomenal Capaldi just is as an actor - in big impassioned speeches like that one he always looks like he could start crying, but that you're not supposed to notice it, if that makes sense? I felt this episode was maybe a little weaker than the last - if only for the gimmicky way they dealt with Clara trying to exert control over the Zygon, and the general "her personality is so strong and so good that it can counteract the evil double's evilness" has been done to death with different monsters, and is particularly grating when Clara has very little personality to speak of. I like Osgood, but it seems the majority of Doctor Who writers can only write one kind of "strong" female character, and that's to go from likeable to smarmy in seconds. Osgood definitely ended up teetering in that area in a way she hasn't before, for me. Though, speaking of strong female characters, I thought Kate was fantastic in this episode, and loved the "five rounds rapid" callback. Nice touch.
  10. Doctor Who

    Speaking of "subtle as a bag of hammers", I liked the Doctor's line about how the Zygons couldn't take the UK because people already live there, and they'd think they were trying to steal their benefits.
  11. Doctor Who

    I enjoyed that one - this has been one of the best series of "New Who" so far for me - but it did feel a little disjointed, between characters being dotted all over the world, and just the pacing seeming a bit off from one scene to the next. The premise is good, though, always love a "who can you trust" kind of story - I was a little disappointed that they explained very early on exactly how and when Clara became a Zygon, I would have loved that to have been a question mark hanging over the episode, and potentially hanging over the whole series.  Also, I love Osgood. I shouldn't, because she's such a ludicrous fan-service character, but I bloody love her. She's just genuinely endearing, and I could get behind her as the new companion post-Clara so long as they keep her as she is, and don't turn her into some super-important/super-mysterious being that's the most significant factor in the universe, as Moffat tends to love doing to every single new companion. She should just be there as a slightly awestruck audience proxy getting dragged along on adventures by the Doctor. I'm really curious about the next episode. I'm kind of dreading it, because this episode ended on such a "well, they can't possibly go through with that" cliffhanger (everyone doomed, the Doctor's plane about to get shout of the sky), and that usually means a clusterfuck explanation in the first five minutes and then move on to something entirely different. But even when you get past that bit...then what? What's the "happy ending" to this story?
  12. The Access file is the database. Go into TEW 2013, set up a new database called whatever you want to call it, and then extract the Access file into the folder that creates, overwriting the existing file.
  13. Doctor Who

    I also think Clara's going to die at the end of this series - just as the Doctor's starting to admit that he cares about her.  Definitely seems like Me is going to end up being, in some way, the Big Bad of this series now, or at least have a hand in it. Interesting that they suggested Jack returning, too.  Fantastic episode, in any case. Handled well, the character of the Doctor as a lonely immortal can make for far more suspenseful and potentially scary and heartbreaking storytelling than any number of interstellar baddies.
  14. Mistic 2.0/Mistico I/Myzteziz should have a Hatred relationship with Alberto El Patron. Eddie Kingston should have a Dating relationship with Mia Yim. Shawn Hernandez should no longer be under contract to Lucha Underground. Brian Cage should be active in Mexico.    
  15. Disney buy LucasFilm, new Star Wars.

    Of course, they could have slapped "NEW STAR WARS" on any old rubbish and people would have still gone to see it. You need the nostalgia. I'm just worried that it's not going to be very good, with a lot of hand-waving BUT LOOKIT, WE'VE GOT HAN SOLO to distract people from that. I'll go and see it, and probably nerd out at the requisite points and whatever, but I don't know if it's going to be a good film.