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  1. I love Kate Bush, but Wuthering Heights is silly. Impressive, interesting, but far from her best work. It feels like the artist distilled to her purest form, which is rarely what you actually want, you want some outside, guiding influences. Undeniably unique, though. "Holidays In The Sun" was written after the Pistols were booked to play in Jersey, but were banned from performing and ended up stuck on the ferry. It's a decent song, but don't really know why it's made this list alongside two other Pistols tracks. "Uptown Top Ranking" is lovely. I can't really explain why, but I love it. I first became aware of it through the very odd Black Box Recorder cover version. Fela Kuti is an absolute genius. One of the best.
  2. "Young Hearts Run Free" is one of my favourite songs ever. I would put it alongside "Be My Baby" as one of the greatest bits of pop music ever recorded, just an absolute masterpiece. There's been a lot of other stuff on here lately that I like, but don't have much to say about. I bloody love Jonathan Richman, though.
  3. He had a new album out this year!
  4. Sparks are one of my all-time favourite bands; I love a band who, when you hear them, you immediately know who it is. And you're never going to mistake Sparks for someone else. I can't even be a hipster fan and point to all the better songs in their back catalogue, because "This Town..." fucking bangs. "Only Women Bleed" is a song I first knew from the Tori Amos cover, but grew to know the original more as I became a bigger fan of this era of Alice Cooper. Bizarrely, it's one of the only songs my Gran ever owned, alongside a few Shadows singles. I have no idea how that came about. "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet" is a song I know from a later version, where Tom Waits' voice is added to the mix alongside Gavin Bryars' orchestration and the original found recording. It's gorgeous. I once thought I was having a complete mental breakdown, because I was lying awake in a chalet at Butlins, and someone in the next chalet started playing this song at such extreme volume that it sounded like it was coming from inside my room. The noise was just surrounding me, to the point that I couldn't tell where it was coming from. Even though Gavin Bryars was performing that weekend, it felt like such a bizarrely incongruous song to just be blaring out in the middle of the night, I couldn't comprehend that someone would be doing that. Drugs were maybe involved too, it might have been the last weekend before I got clean. I don't think I've listened to the song since. I love Burning Spear. I used to reflexively hate reggae, because I associated it with a lot of incredibly dull pot-smoking hippies and surfers I knew who worshipped Bob Marley, and none of that ever did anything for me. I remember criticising an interminably awful, all-white local reggae band on a local music forum about 15 years ago, and their defence basically being, "reggae is music to chill out and smoke a spliff on the beach too, how can you not like it?". A massive misreading of what I might find interesting, and of what reggae is about. I gradually started to realise how much great stuff there was within the genre that went completely overlooked by the people who had put me off it, and Burning Spear was one of the first acts I got massively into. Marcus Garvey probably isn't their best song, but definitely their most well known, and arguably their most important - musically, but also culturally, as I've seen it credited for bringing Garvey's name back to prominence.
  5. Piss Factory is great, though I prefer the Swarf Sisters version that's mentioned. Tom Waits is one of my all-time favourites; while a lot of my love for him comes from later than this (Rain Dogs is probably my all-time favourite album), Heart of Saturday Night is just lovely. Early Tom Waits is very much stereotyped (with good reason, admittedly) as songs about drinking by a drunk. Most of them are a bit mournful and self-pitying because of it, whereas Heart of Saturday Night is almost the exact opposite of that, a rare example of him getting upbeat at this time. Jonathan Richman does a great version of it, and in a lot of ways it almost feels more of a Richman song than a Waits one already - it's a very 1950s "the world is our oyster" song.
  6. 100%! I love Jacques Brel, love Alex Harvey, and it's a perfect combination of the two. Scott Walker is one of my favourite artists ever, but his Brel covers tend to be over-produced and a bit too crooner-y - the increasing desperation and insanity in Harvey's voice is perfect for Brel. His version of "Delilah" is superb for similar reasons. Another great list for me, really - Jolene is superb, and 20th Century Boy is (as I think I've mentioned before) my favourite T-Rex song.
  7. yeah, that's a run of songs right up my street! Crazy Horses is an absolute banger. All The Young Dudes is something that, even knowing the most famous version was recorded by Mott The Hoople, I still 100% think of as a Bowie song. There are plenty of other versions, but it just drips early '70s Bowie. Obviously he wrote it, but I think his style permeates it even beyond that. A wonderful song, by an underrated band. The New York Dolls tend to get credit for what came after, rather than what they actually did at the time, and in many ways it's understandable. But Personality Crisis is a song at least as good as anything by anyone they influenced. Ballroom Blitz is much more on to the novelty, goofy side of British glam rock than anything we've seen before (even Slade!), but it's great fun. Love The Damned's version too.
  8. That's actually the biggest alarm bell ringing for me when I watch that trailer. Especially with no footage, it feels more like a wishlist than a game in development.
  9. That first Roxy Music album is fantastic. I wrote them off for years as being a bit of glossy style over substance wank, until someone introduced me to stuff like Virginia Plain and Do The Strand, and even weirder tracks like 2HB, Ladytron, and Every Dream Home A Heartache. I don't think anyone has ever really truly found that balance of weird and experimental with stylish and poppy as well as they did.
  10. "Virtual Basement Wrestling" sounds like something seedy you'd see advertised in the back of an Apter mag.
  11. I think I mentioned the first time Beefheart came up, but I hung out with the drummer, John French, after seeing the Magic Band live a few years back. Since they reformed, he alternates between drumming and doing lead vocals, as he has a pretty spot-on Beefheart impression. I've met a few old rock star types that have been really strung out and basically so burned out on drink and drugs that you can't get a coherent sentence out of them. When I had the opportunity to meet Drumbo, I was pretty convinced that anyone who had been with Captain Beefheart on-and-off since he was a teenager would be much the same, and almost backed out of it. When I first saw him, he shook my hand really firmly and held eye contact for a long time and I thought, "Oh fuck, here we go". Then everything else he said was just like chatting to a kid after their band has played their first ever gig; he wanted to know how I thought the gig went, what my favourite songs were, and was really apologetic that they didn't get to play the set he wanted, so I found myself telling one of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band what I used to tell young bands I booked - the audience don't know what you meant to play, they only know what you did play, so don't worry about it. Yoshimi, the drummer from Boredoms (and also inspiration for Flaming Lips' "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots"), had told him earlier that day that he was her favourite drummer, and he was just genuinely gleeful about it, he told me and then just went "HOW COOL IS THAT?!".
  12. We're getting in to some stuff I absolutely love - Faust are one of my favourite bands, and I'm surprised not to have already seen a couple of other Krautrock tracks make the list; though I wouldn't complain with them being here broadly representative of the genre, and then Kraftwerk popping up later. Krautrock at its best was always intensive repetition with minor variations, and that's exactly what's going on here, without the more mechanical feel of later Faust, or Neu!. Silver Machine is fantastic - Lemmy's contributions to Hawkwind always had a bit of a grungy, messy feel that made them a bit more rough around the edges and "heavier" than some of the more hippy-ish tracks they were doing around the same time. Silver Machine is a weird song - sort of Steppenwolf through a sci-fi filter - but has become such a classic that you almost overlook the oddness of it all. Big Star are just lovely. They feel like a precursor of '80s/'90s indie rock more than a '70s rock band, and it's unsurprising that they're a major influence on the likes of R.E.M., just wonderful music. I've already talked about my love of Captain Beefheart before, just fantastic stuff. This song has a groove to it that I adore.
  13. I literally just bought Spider-Man, so let's hope it's not that. I miss the days of getting a couple of quirky indie titles with the monthly games, though - I have a monthly data limit, and a 40GB+ major title massively eats into that.
  14. I would probably go with the WWE name in cases like that, just for clarity; it saves people having to second-guess what names people might be under. If it's the only name he's ever used in wrestling, it makes sense. Given that he's a Performance Center guy anyway, it might be worth setting him as a Dojo graduate for the WWE, so it would make more sense for him to debut there under that name anyway.
  15. Random things I've spotted scrolling through: And then I think you edited/re-sorted the sheet while I was reading it, so I lost my place
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