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  1. I could get behind Kimbo Slice vs. Actual Robot.
  2. In no particular order... David Bowie Scott Walker Tom Waits Boredoms The Lucksmiths But if you asked me tomorrow, I'd give you an entirely different list, I'm sure.
  3. Top Gear

    The amount of comments saying "It's not Top Gear without the original line-up!". I got bored of picking random old Top Gear presenters to cite in response, but it was good fun pretending to be outraged at the lack of Tiff Needell for a little while.
  4. Which ones have you read?

    The Communist Manifesto. The Odyssey. The Iliad.   More than anything, that's just made me realise that - as far as I can remember - I've never read bloody Frankenstein or Heart of Darkness! Even the two Greek ones there I read in primary school because I was such a massive Greek mythology nerd. Being not much of an academic type, but a big reader, my reading has always been pretty all over the place, but there's so much stuff on there I've never heard of, even within the field I tried to study at college.  
  5. Ironically, Billy Gibbons is the only member of ZZ Top without a gibbon.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Benji


      And Frank Beard is the only member of ZZ Top who struggles to speak frankly.

    3. TLHobo


      Dusty Hill is the only member named after some topography.

    4. GA!


      Ironically, none of ZZ Top have torsos.

  6. Sir Terry Wogan has died.

    Apparently he was the only presenter who turned up to Buzzcocks with no written notes or script, just got there, tweaked a few of the jokes that had been written for them, and then ad-libbed the whole thing.
  7. Sir Terry Wogan has died.

    Tel Hugely important broadcaster, and how ubiquitous he was for so many years, and how much he was associated with quite safe "light entertainment" kind of makes you forget that he was very much his own man with his own voice, and of a type we're unlikely to see much of again. The most soothing voice for breakfast radio ever, and I'll always fondly remember his breakfast show keeping me somewhat sane when doing opening shifts at a petrol station for a few years. Anyone who can get away with using the line "...she'd never been taken up the Oxo Tower before" at 9am on Radio 2 is okay by me.
  8. David Bowie has passed away.

    A friend of mine, who performs as The Storybeast, is one of the biggest Bowie fans I've ever met. He recorded this lovely tribute;
  9. General Gaming Thread

    Video Game Jeremy Corbyn must love that.
  10. SOUSA

    Happy Birthday, dude.
  11. Going back to his point of there only being footage, photos or any evidence of one match out of the hundreds he's supposedly had... So nobody who ever worked with him, or was even in the crowd for any of his matches has, at any point over the past 10+ years, come forward and said that they remember seeing him wrestle? No one took a single photo? His name didn't appear or any websites, results pages, or anything like that during that time? I have wrestled, discounting Battle Royals, three matches. There are photos of all of them. There's video footage of all of them - not easily obtainable, but I have it. I could point to it if someone thought I hadn't done it. As for results and so on; There's a website run by a guy in South Africa. It posts results from all over the world. It posts title changes from CIWW shows whenever they happen. No one in CIWW has ever interacted with whoever runs the site, never given them the information, nothing. We stumbled on it by mistake. And it's not the only time we've seen something like that. But no one anywhere, not even Sprules himself, has a shred of evidence of him having ever worked more than one match.
  12. Fair point. My favourite part of his AMA was him saying that he wanted to "cross paths" with Jake Roberts again to see how he would react to them "both being clean now". Despite the fact that, in the timeline Sprules was pushing through the whole AMA, he became an alcoholic after he became a wrestler, not while he was training with Jake. And, of course, it's hilarious because even if Sprules ever had trained with Jake, he wouldn't have a fucking clue he was. Honestly, I just like poking fun at the guy because if I didn't, I'd fucking hate him, unhealthily so. It pisses me off that here's this guy, humblebragging his way out of all the bullshit he's done and said - some of it actually costing (admittedly gullible) people money and harming reputations - and never learning a fucking thing from his mistakes, yet people know who he is. The match with Cage Tyler (weirdly the only match out of the "hundreds" he's had that there's any evidence of anywhere on the internet) is a fucking joke, yet thousands of people have seen it. Yet there are countless people working in wrestling, and in other creative industries, pouring their heart out, breaking their bodies and emptying their bank accounts to try and live a dream that he's content to sit back and pretend he's done rather than putting in a single ounce of work yet, even if it's for the wrong reasons, it's that fucker that people have heard of.
  13. Bringing it a little back round to EWB memories - I posted this earlier in the thread, and just assumed that it was typical Sprules "I know wrestlers in real life, honest" routine. But when he did his AMA on Reddit, it turns out he claimed to have been trained by Jake Roberts and Paul Bearer. Even ignoring the dubious nature of Jake's "training" in the UK, if you were going to bullshit that you'd been trained by anyone...Paul Bearer? Also, on his AMA (and elsewhere on Reddit), he would at one point say that he hasn't worked in wrestling for years, and then in a post half an hour later about booking say, "well nowadays, I do this...". Can't even keep his own bullshit straight.
  14. It wasn't (on second viewing, anyway, I enjoyed it at the time), but he's not even talking about their match against each other. He's disputing Jim Ross' argument that WWE have no better wrestlers than those two - which is obviously an arguable statement, but he's doing it by spouting nonsensical "THEY CAN'T TELL A STORY, THEY'VE NEVER DRAWN A DIME" arguments like he's Ole fucking Anderson.