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  1. Are we just overlooking that this game has Tatsumi Fujinami and The Bushwhackers in it? That's Fire Pro levels of bonkers.
  2. He was, and then other things happened, and CHIKARA fired him.
  3. Chuck isn't working for CHIKARA any more.
  4. That spent an awful lot of time making shit up about facepaint extrapolating from one screenshot that didn't really support their mad theory.
  5. I've done got myself a PS4. So far...UFC 2 is fun, visually stunning, and I suck at it. Furi is bloody brilliant. PSN ID is PatchworkWR
  6. Dewey Foley is barely a writer, a consultant at best, with no prior experience - why does he warrant 80 talent?
  7. It's on Reuters
  8. I'm 90% sure that's the case, as the "behind the scenes" workings of EWR work off what number entry the worker is, so if you delete worker number 967 but create a new worker in his place, the relationship file won't "know" that it's a different person.
  9. And because I'm sure everyone's dying to see what I thought of it; Outside of the hype of OMGz A NEW STAR WAR, it was a perfectly serviceable sci-fi flick. Considerably better than the prequels and, in places, aesthetically stunning - the Imperial wrecks on the desert planet are amongst my favourite setpieces in the whole series. The story felt meandering and without any real sense of u...rgency, though. The villain was more about slapping you around the face with backstory than about serving any antagonistic purpose to the story you were actually watching, which didn't help. Meanwhile, the new protagonist characters didn't feel fleshed out *at all*, even by Star Wars standards - they were all tell and no show, and as a result it was pretty much impossible to get remotely invested in them. On top of that, when one of your central characters is a Stormtrooper who had a crisis of faith and joined the forces of good, that makes a moral quandary of having him (and everyone else) running around blindly gunning down Stormtroopers willy-nilly for the remainder of the film, now we know they're not just identikit Space Nazis. As for the returning characters, they were - inevitably - a little heavy on the nostalgia, with Han Solo in particular being a walking fan-service machine ("HE SAID TRASH COMPACTER, YOU KNOW, LIKE THAT BIT IN THE FIRST MOVIE!"), with too much in the way of dramatic reveals of familiar faces, and Solo & Chewbacca's cringeworthy first appearance. Carrie Fisher was sorely under-used, with one low-key conversation between Leia and Han carrying more emotional weight than the majority of the movie put together, with her performance being strong enough & believable enough to disguise that her sole purpose seemed to be to spout exposition. Chewbacca, also, got one convincing emotional, powerful moment utterly lacking in some of the more plausible characters. The plot, for what it was, was a near enough carbon copy of the original movie, but overall kind of worked for it, though - as I said earlier - was a little meandering and lacked focus, with little to get your teeth in to. It showed enough promise that, hopefully, when the series is able to move away from its crutches of nostalgia and fan-service, it could drastically improve. Also, BB-8 is a shockingly impractical droid. Give me that clumsy box dude any day.
  10. I watched The Force Awakens. It was okay.
  11. I just had to Google that to see if it was even a real game. Tremendous.
  12. NX will launch March 2017, with new Zelda released simultaneously on NX and Wii U.
  13. I'm a huge Prince fan, and even so, often find myself listening to this version instead of his.
  14. It's all about Lucky Meng.
  15. Bet he'd hate that.