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  1. All of these sound like made up names.
  2. I tentatively take this one back, as she's booked for 'Mania weekend. The thing that flagged me for this was Atushi Onita being booked in matches by the AI, despite being set as Retired, so this may not be the case across the board.
  3. The General Podcast Thread

    I'm keeping up with Omnibus, and it's definitely my new favourite. The episodes on Gadsby and The European Starling are both brilliant, sharing the connection of being based on the whim of one eccentric lunatic. Their inability to correctly pronounce "murmuration" in the latter got on my nerves, though. The only one that's been a bit patchy so far is "Heil Honey, I'm Home", though I think a large part of that is because they really struggle to contextualise the show - they keep talking about the American context for TV comedy, without much of a grasp on what was going on in British comedy at the time, or other British comedy shows using Nazis, or specifically Hitler, as a figure of fun over the years, so it was just a little frustrating to see them not quite explore that fully. Though the brief bit on The Fugitive being about Tommy Lee Jones as an Irish cop in love with Harrison Ford had me giggling in public, so I'll let them off.
  4. Random notes; Johnny Kidd is set to Retired, he should be Semi-Active - he had at least one match late last month You have Rhia O'Reilly contracted to SHIMMER and SHINE - she hasn't worked for either since 2016. Gideon Grey needs a boost to his Comedy skills - at present, he performs badly in Comedy matches, when in reality that's pretty much the only kind of match he works In running a UK game, both Kay Lee Ray and Clint Margera have complained about being booked in Hardcore matches - as Clint is predominantly a brawler/hardcore/deathmatch guy, and KLR is "the hardcore daredevil", that suggests their stats need tweaking to fix that You have a lot of workers with their status set to "Retired", but preferred role still set as "Wrestler". Sanity are set as the NXT Tag Team Champions - they lost the belts to Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly back in December Atsushi Onita should be retired, and his preferred role set to Personality/Road Agent Aja Kong should be set to active in the British Isles, she's working EVE in May DASH Chisako should be active in the British Isles, she's working EVE this month Jordynne Grave should be active in the British Isles, she's working multiple promotions this month Killer Kelly should be active in the British Isles, working EVE this month 17 should be retired, or best yet removed entirely. Resistance Gallery is set as a Location with a capacity of 1000 - it holds around 300, tops. It may be that you've upped its numbers for gameplay/balance reasons, though this isn't reflected in the more accurate numbers for other locations in the game. These are more subjective, as they're stats based; Meiko Satomura is currently set as 0% overness across the UK - this definitely needs changing, as she's being used as a major draw at Fight Club Pro's biggest ever show, and has been a focal point of four EVE shows, and will be a featured part of Wrestle Queendom, and headlined the UK King of Trios. Meiko's skills also need significant improvement, in my opinion - she's often in the conversation as one of the best, and most consistent wrestlers in the world today, yet outside of "Basics" and "Psychology", she doesn't have a single in-ring stat above C. I would say she deserves a significant boost to her Puroresu, Consistency, Mat Work, Chain Wrestling, Submissions, and Athleticism. Pete Dunne should have significant improvement on many of his stats too - he was in a legitimate Match of the Year contender, and is one of the most consistently great wrestlers around right now, yet you have most of his stats set as Ds across the board, including an F for Puroresu, D+ for Chain Wrestling, F+ for Submissions, and E- for Aerial - all of these need vast improvement, in my opinion. You have Dan Severn's Mat Work and Chain Wrestling at D, both should be considerably higher. His Basics you currently have at C, which could also do with a boost. Sammi Jayne's skills are far too low as well - you have all of her in-ring skills set to between F and E-, which is massively underrating her. This seems to be common across most younger UK workers in the game; Millie McKenzie's stats are far too low, and I was getting "the crowd were very vocal in their dislike of Jack Sexsmith" road agent notes, and his stats should not be anything like low enough to warrant that.
  5. MMArmy.com

    Mm, Army!
  6. You scumbag, you maggot

    Yeah, pretty much any "white person uses the N word" stuff always makes me uncomfortable. Patti Smith, John Lennon, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman...it's not really a word I want to hear coming from any of them.
  7. You scumbag, you maggot

    Yeah, I think contextually Fairytale is fine - but I do remember having a conversation with a friend of mine, who used to play in a band I was in that owed a lot to The Pogues, and he was a big fan and thinks it's one of the best songs ever written, but said that, as a gay man in his 40s, he did find it quite distressing quite how joyously rooms full of people would sing along with that line in particular. Most '90s rap is pretty much it for me. It's the sort of thing I put on while I'm getting ready to go out, and some of it is pretty inexcusable.
  8. Jim Bowen has died

    And to at-large serial killers. I can still never get my head around how Bowen was only in his 40s and 50s for the entire run of Bullseye. He seemed 70 then.
  9. Sony Megathread

    Absolute unit.
  10. Sony Megathread

    That just reminded me of a friend referring to a T-Rex as, "the big man from Jurassic Park".
  11. WWE 2K18

    Now that I know this is an option, I'm buying the game and take back everything bad I said about it
  12. Magnum Opus? More Like Magnum Nopus

    I think Metallica have long suffered from a crisis of confidence in figuring out what people expect them to be - not helped by giving themselves a name that actively pigeonholes them. St. Anger is obviously ridiculed now, and was an absolutely atrocious album, but I remember the hype for it being released - all the interviews in Kerrang! and Metal Hammer and so on, the band were talking about how it was a "return to their roots", how they listened to fans' criticisms after Load and Re-Load, and they went back to the studio to record something heavy and loud. St Anger happened because Metallica thought that's what people wanted. Load and Re-Load, while massively flawed, I find interesting just because they seem to be the last example of Metallica recording what they wanted, rather than trying to second guess their audience. It was a chance to see how the band might mature, and what they'd do left up to their own devices - something akin to Iggy Pop releasing his weird French jazz-influenced stuff, or Wino Weinrich deciding to release an acoustic album. You had interesting stuff like Marianne Faithfull's contribution to "The Memory Remains", James Hetfield exploring his country singer ambitions in "Mama Said", and so on - and I'll lump "I Disappear" in with it as a pre-St Anger Metallica song, and I think one of their most interesting singles. Since then, I just don't think that they've allowed themselves to explore, grow or experiment - which was a shame when they had Jason Newsted in the band, it's a travesty when they have a bassist and songwriter as good as Rob Trujillo at their disposal. Personally, I'd probably lean towards Ride The Lightning as their best album - "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is one of their few songs that I'd still listen to now, and feels like a perfect middle-ground between the earlier pure thrash metal and the more "sophisticated" songcraft of the Black Album, having the best elements of both. Master Of Puppets I think is pretty overrated - the title track in particular, which seems to be considered an "epic", but really just feels like a lot of Kirk Hammett guitar wankery, and very disjointed; it feels like two or three songs that have been awkwardly mashed together, rather than flowing naturally from one section to another. "...And Justice For All" has "One" on it, which is a strong contender for their best song, but otherwise I hate the record. The production of it really puts me off - the bass is practically inaudible, and for me a good bassline is at the heart of good heavy metal. It feels like a concerted effort to marginalise Jason Newsted's contribution, and it hurts the album's sound to have so little going on at the low end. The Black Album is probably their most well-rounded, though - I'd say the songs on there are the best written, and it's as good an overview of everything the band is about as anything they ever released, but I do think that some of it suffers from over-production, especially Sad But True, which could benefit from feeling a little rougher around the edges.
  13. Nintendo Megathread

    Yeah, I can't imagine them doing a dramatic teaser trailer with no gameplay footage just for a port.
  14. The General Podcast Thread

    @K, the Megafauna episode of Omnibus was brilliant - really interesting, yet genuinely funny and warm as well, actually much better and quite different to what I expected. Definitely going to dip into more of their stuff. My only criticisms was that they kept repeating that the Polar Bear was the largest ever land carnivore - it's not, it's the largest mammalian land carnivore, and I think they meant to clarify that in the first instance but never really did - and I didn't really like their summation of rewilding at the end, in which they kind of conflated it with de-extinction and missed the point a bit; though that's a pet subject of mine, it's two topics that do get lumped together sometimes, and I'm not familiar with the American context, so it may be that the two are more connected there than in Europe, it just didn't feel like they gave the concept a fair hearing. That's a minor niggle, though. I liked that they briefly discussed Island Gigantism! I co-chaired a talk on that subject once.
  15. Nintendo Megathread

    I'd obviously not been paying attention, but I hadn't actually realised that Crash Bandicoot wasn't a Playstation exclusive franchise any more. Checking Wikipedia, it turns out that's not been the case for seventeen years. Oops. Still...Crash Bandicoot in Smash to tie-in with N-Sane Trilogy getting released on Switch? That could be fun.