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  1. Tom Waits & Peter Murphy - Holiday Season/Christmas Sucks
  2. I have a Djembe player in my band, I am told it takes many years of training. Have fun.
  3. I don't fawn over Cornell, as much as I do Soundgarden as a whole. I only recently (very, very recently) heard Cornells own stuff, but it is pretty good. Sometimes I'd agree that Cornell is misplaced in Audioslave, but those are only very rare moments. I think he can work well there and makes up the better part of the 'supergroup', but then I'm biased ← I agree with you on Audioslave (sidenote: check out Species 8472's cover of Shadow On The Sun, it's in a Celtic folk style and absolutely fantastic), but I find Cornell's solo material to be even better than Soundgarden, and count Euphoria Morning among my top 10 albums of all time.
  4. On the Sebastian Bach front, I love the guy to bits, and think he has great presence, a great 80s rock and roll lifestyle and a fantastic voice, but he just outright sucks as a writer. None of his solo stuff matches anything he did with Skid Row, Kid Wikkid or Madam X, all bands in which he didn't do the majority of the songwriting. As for Cradle Of Filth, even to people who don't enjoy the music, Dani has an absolutely amazing voice and if he wasn't a posh midget he'd probably be higher in my list, but as it is I find it hard to take him entirely seriously.
  5. Jeff Buckley. Jeff Buckley. Jeff Buckley. No one else comes close. I was tempted to say Morrissey, but even he falls miles behind. Buckley was everything a frontman should be. He had the most amazing voice of any singer ever, he could sing almost any style of music (folk, blues, metal, punk, world...), he had a fantastic connection with the crowd, he had a brilliant sense of humour and wasn't afraid to poke fun at himself or any of his heroes or contempories (listen to any of his impressions of Morrissey, Tom Waits or Robert Plant), he had a mysterious quality and whilst it seemed like he was pouring his heart out with every performance, no one ever really figured out what made him tick, eveyr word he spoke or sang just dripped with sensuality and he was drop-dead gorgeous to top it all off. No one comes close.
  6. Skummy


    KMFDM are superb in every way, and I can't choose many songs to recommend, but I do suggest their cover of "My Michelle" by Guns & Roses.
  7. My findings in the CRY charity shop today: Juliana Hatfield CD (can't remember the name) - £2 Fields Of The Nephilim tape (again, can't remember name) - 50p The Mission - Children (tape) - 50p Muse - Plug-In Baby (tape) - 50p The Macc Lads - Greatest Hits CD - £2 I rock!
  8. I haven't heard them do that, but I have heard them murder TNT (one of the few AC/DC songs I like). Ugh.
  9. I'm in The Sonic Demonics (a temporary name), we play Misfits-esque horror rock for the most part, with some other random stuff thrown in. Stevie Dream (me): Vocals CC "The Kid" Neptune: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Mistress Mary Decadence: Djembe, Bass, Drums, Misc. Percussion, Vocals Dr. Carl Longjohn: Didgeridoo, Sampling, Bass, Vocals, Misc. Percussion Simon Gascoyne: Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Vocals Fiona: Drums I've been in a couple of other bands, namely Fully Air Conditioned Inside (a "progressive-freeform-world-folk-cabaret-disco-metal" band, basically the same band as above, only minus Fiona and playing a random mess of noise instead of actual songs), 56 Tears (generic garage rock), Screamin' Tom Violence & The Crybabies (even more generic garage rock), Stevie Dream & The Toxic Death Minstrels (bad hair metal), Coathanger Abortion (very bad death metal) and Summer Insomnia (electronic trippy psychadelic folk randomness).
  10. How dare you!!! Karen O = Goddess
  11. I went through a massive phase of loving nothing but female-fronted bands, so I'll make a little (read: probably quite large) list of decent-to-great bands with female singers. Within Temptation - Only just getting any real recognition, but they are the prototype that Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Evanescense et all were built around. Listen to "Enter", it blows anything by most other bands out of the water. No Doubt The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Tsunami Bomb Nightwish Lacuna Coil My Ruin Jack Off Jill Scarling Scary Bitches Future Bible Heroes The Chubbies After Forever This Mortal Coil Lydia Lunch Breeders Siouxsie & The Banshees The Creatures Horrorpops Lullacry That's off the top of my head, I could probably think of many more. There's plenty of damn good female-fronted bands out there.
  12. I can't stand either band, to be honest, although I have to admit that Sevendust's version of Hurt is pretty good. That just might be my cover version fetish, though...
  13. Skummy

    Joy Division

    Joy Division are a superb band, and far superior to New Order. You've started out with a couple of great songs in Love Will Tear Us Apart and Dead Souls, which are the main two I would have recommended. Other than that, look out for Isolation, Ceremony or Shadowplay. Ceremony and Shadowplay follow the same kind of style as Love Will Tear Us Apart, whilst Isolation is a darker, slower affair.
  14. Skummy

    Joey Sucks

    Cheers > M*A*S*H > Happy Days
  15. The original "Broken" by Seether is horrible. He really showed that he needed Amy Lee to make the song good. ← You must be listening to a different song to me, because even with Amy Lee (who is far from beautiful, even to my goth-loving eyes), it's far from sounding "good".
  16. As I'm currently listening to the Beautiful South and eagerly awaiting their new covers album, I was wondering if anyone here had any opinion on them...any fans in here? Personally I absolutely adore them, and I think Paul Heaton's one of the most under-rated lyricists of all time, although that may just be because I come from Hull....what do you you lot think of them?
  17. Skummy

    Top 10 Cash :p

    That could have been anyone...Social Distortion? The Mavericks? Frank Zappa? Siobhan Fahey? George Canyon? Blondie? Tito & The Tarantulas? Dwight Yoakam? Elvis Costello? Dick Dale? A little more information could come in handy.
  18. Skummy

    Top 10 Cash :p

    Not meaning to drag this into a NIN discussion, but that's a beautiful song, the acoustic version even moreso, but saying he *always* sounds like he's going to cry is a bit much, he's not exactly weeping his way through Head Like A Hole, Physical or Starfuckers Inc., is he?
  19. Skummy

    Top 10 Cash :p

    Because there's way more emotion and meaning to it. His voice is more than enough to make it better in my mind. ← I half agree with you there, although I'm still undecided on which version I prefer. Personally, I think Johnny Cash sings it with *less* emotion than Trent Reznor, but somehow makes that work. Whereas Reznor sings "I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel" as if he's about to break down and cry, Cash sings it as a matter of fact statement, as if it's nothing unusual, and saying that he's accepted the state he's in. Personally I find which version I prefer depends on the situation, though. I'm not going to list my favourite Johnny Cash songs, because it's an impossible task.
  20. Fleetwood Mac - The Chain The Cure - Lovecats Devin Townsend - Bad Devil Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting Off the top of my head, those are all pretty good.
  21. I suggest Rain Dogs next, tis most superb
  22. 10. What's He Building In There? 9. Get Behind The Mule 8. Alice 7. House Where Nobody Lives 6. The Piano Has Been Drinking 5. Ol' 55 4. Rain Dogs 3. Heart-Attack And Vine 2. I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You 1. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
  23. Skummy

    Country music...

    Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, The Highwaymen...that's the extent of my country knowledge, but I likey it all.
  24. Skummy

    Help A Benji Out

    *owns 6 Tom Waits albums* Anyway....STUCK MOJO! The first decent rap-rock band ever.
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