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  1. But maybe he considers Twisted Sister and Def Leppard to be classics? Since when did "classic rock" become a genre in itself? They're both rock bands, and if the listener considers the songs to be classics, then surely that makes them classic rock? The term is entirely subjective and I hate it being used as if it were a genre. And Boogey, Oasis the best British band ever? I know it's only your opinion but...Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, The Beatles, The Smiths, The Cure...I could go on and on for hours with bands that are both musically and lyrically superior and don't have to resort to ripping off Slade, the Beatles and T-Rex for every single riff.
  2. Weren't there a couple of Feeder songs on the first game? I know Sweet 16 was on one of them...
  3. Probably You Are The Quarry by the Almighty Mozzer, but possibly not. If not it'll be an obscure second-hand thing, but I don't know what. I don't plan what CDs I want, I buy on a whim.
  4. If Radiohead are rock, then Bowie damn sure is. Besides, I know this is a whole other debate, but what constitutes rock music?
  5. Google is your friend. And I happen to like Johnny Solinger. Not as much as Bach, but he's still pretty good.
  6. Shadow Of The Vampire - 8.5/10 Delightfully camp vampire-based black comedy brilliance. Nosferatu + Eddie Izzard + John Malkovich = MASTERPIECE
  7. I was having a discussion with my friend yesterday about happy upbeat type songs that are actually about heroin. This is what we got: Lou Reed - "Perfect Day" (It was the charity version of this that got us started) Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Under The Bridge" Rolling Stones - "Brown Sugar" The Las - "There She Goes" Any other ideas?
  8. Yeah, the rest is just trivial, especially those albums that Pink Floyd made before it that were better, oh and definitely all of Syd Barrett's far superior solo material. Trivial.
  9. Squancho beat me to the Pixies, as I expected, so I'll throw in the SINGLE most important musician EVER, in my opinion, who I am shocked and appaled that no one's mentioned. David Bowie, anyone?
  10. There is SO much wrong with that post that I don't even know where to begin... If you're going to check out Black Sabbath, then look for N.I.B., Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabbra Cadabra, War Pigs, Heaven And Hell and Headless Cross. And if you're going to look for Ozzy's solo stuff, you can do a lot better than Crazy Train. Check out Mr. Crowley, Perry Mason, Gets Me Through or No More Tears. Personally, if you're in a metal mood then I suggest Dragonforce, Dream Theater, Rush, The Cult and White Zombie.
  11. Hmm...it's not bad, but I think the red X has become a bit of a cliché lately.
  12. Skummy

    Sonic Youth

    I like them. They aren't one of my favourite bands or anything but I do enjoy listening to them, and thanks to one of my friends having a near infinite knowledge of music, I love their version of Personality Crisis by the New York Dolls.
  13. Ani DiFranco - "Gravel"...you don't come much cooler than that Jeff Buckley - "Grace" Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - "Please Don't Touch" T-Rex - "20th Century Boy"
  14. This is going to be bloody difficult. # - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea A Life Less Ordinary Breakfast Club Clockwork Orange Dr. Strangelove Edward Scissorhands First Blood Girl, Interupted Hideaway Identity Jacob's Ladder K - no idea, sorry Leaving Las Vegas Monty Python And The Quest For The Holy Grail Nosferatu Omen Pulp Fiction Quadrophenia Rocky Shadow Of The Vampire This Is Spinal Tap Unbreakable Vampires (So bad, it's good) Wayne's World 2 X-Men Yojimbo Zentropa
  15. It's a good idea, but the wrong bands to do it. The bands they've chosen are pop-punk nonsense that's only going to appeal to kids and a few adults, not enough to sway the voters at all. And Billy Bragg with Less Than Jake....why, Billy, why?! You can make more of a political statement on your own than the rest of the bands on this album combined!
  16. Jeff Buckley - Grace - There is no excuse for not owning this. Everyone should own at least one Jeff Buckley album, so you may as well start with the original. The greatest voice you'll ever hear, beautiful lyrics, amazing cover versions, more musical diversity than anyone else you can think of...possibly the greatest solo musician who ever lived. The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead - It has There Is A Light That Never Goes Out on it, that's more than enough to qualify it for this list. Add in the greatness of Bigmouth Strikes Again and Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others and it's a definite keeper. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Rock Art & The X-Ray Style - Any of the Mescaleros albums could have gone on here, but this one just edged out the other two because of the title track. If you ever need proof that there's creativity and new ideas left in music, and not going in the same direction as the likes of Godspeed! You Black Emperor and their ilk, then pick this album up, as well as the other two. Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls - Greatest covers album ever. Even better than RATM's Renegades. An absolutely beautiful version of Raining Blood, a great Enjoy The Silence and a fantastic I Don't Like Mondays. Not to mention the weirdness of Heart Of Gold and the sheer empowered sexuality of Real Men. Buy it. Now. The Alarm - In The Poppyfields - Any of their albums could be up here, but this one gets it for proving that age is just a number by being arguably their best ever album, 20+ years after their commercial prime. The Cure - Greatest Hits - The Cure. 'nuff said. Jerry Cantrell - Degradation Trip - Incredibly dark, heavy-as-hell melodic metal. Worth a place in any rock fan's collection.
  17. Meh. As I said, I'm Skumfrog and that's my opinion. I love the Final Fantasy games and 7 is by far the best of them all. Other games come close (Metal Gear Solid 2, Secret Of Monkey Island, Streets Of Rage 2, Alex Kidd In Miracle World), but FF7 still stands tall as my favourite game ever.
  18. I keep trying to quote the post about FFVII making a good movie and I can't, it quotes something by Jook instead... Anyways, FFVII would NOT make a good film. Final Fantasy 7 is the greatest computer game of all time and has a storyline that is, in my opinion, preferable to most films and TV series and even a lot of books. The problem is, FFVII is too long. It would take in excess of 20 movies to fit in the entirety of the game's storyline and I, for one, would hate to see an "abridged" version if such a film was ever made. Personally, I think Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman would work well as a movie if both authors had some kind of a role in the creation of it and if they got a good director...Tim Burton, anyone? I'm Skumfrog, and that's my opinion.
  19. Skummy

    Bright Eyes

    I only discovered them recently, whilst looking for Art Garfunkel's Bright Eyes, and checked them out just because I liked the song titles. The Calendar Hung Itself is good, as is Lover You Don't Have To Love, but my personal favourite so far has to be It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends.
  20. Skummy

    Modest Mouse.

    I hadn't heard of them until a few days ago, and only know one other person who has, so I can't comment on their "legions of fans", but I like 'em. I think what I heard was some quite old stuff, but it's all good.
  21. Mad Season - Above Quite awesome.
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