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  1. Favourite games on each console, then... Commodore 64: Bubble Bobble Acorn Electron: Questprobe featuring Spider-Man Sega Master System: Alex Kidd In Miracle World Sega Mega Drive: Streets of Rage 2 Sega Game Gear: Columns Nintendo Game Boy: Tetris PC: Dungeon Keeper PS1: Final Fantasy VII PS2: We Love Katamari Nintendo Gamecube: Super Smash Bros Brawl X-Box 360: Fable 2 Nintendo Wii: The Last Story Sega Dreamcast: Shenmue Nintendo DS: Bowser's Inside Story Nintendo 3DS: Bravely Default PS4: Horizon Zero Dawn (recency bias alert)
  2. Okay, Altered Beast, then.
  3. I'm going to give that "first games" thing a try...but gonna really struggle with some of these. Many will be part of a selection of games, and just going with the first one I remember. Commodore 64: Rainbow Chaser Acorn Electron: Questprobe featuring Spider-Man Sega Master System: Alex Kidd In Miracle World Sega Mega Drive: Mega Games 1 (Super Hang-On/Columns/World Cup Italia '90) Sega Game Gear: ...probably Sonic The Hedgehog? Nintendo Game Boy: Super Mario Land PC: Genuinely no idea. Skewed by how much I played PC games at a friend's place long before we had one in the house. Possibly Theme Hospital? PS1: maybe Rayman? PS2: maybe Metal Gear Solid 2? I really don't know here. Isn't it weird that I remember the really old ones vividly, but this mid-range I'm pretty hopeless... Nintendo Gamecube: Can't remember at all. Maybe Animal Crossing? X-Box 360: Sega Mega Drive Collection. Or, for a "proper" game, Fable 2. Nintendo Wii: Super Smash Bros Brawl Sega Dreamcast: Got a bunch of games in a job lot. I think Jet Set Radio was the first I played. Nintendo DS: One of the Pokemons, I think? Nintendo 3DS: Pokemon X PS4: UFC 2
  4. I just finished reading Jaron Lanier's (not a Game of Thrones character) Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. I normally wouldn't bother with anything that seemed so faddy, or had the feel of a self-help book, but I read an interview with Lanier recently on a similar topic and found it fascinating. I don't think the book really lives up to that. It makes a lot of grandiose statements, but then tends to be too glib, or comes up with inane examples, so never really puts across the significance of what he's arguing. It seems in places like it's intended as a primer, and that he would rather you go out and read all the referenced books and articles - which is fine, but left me feeling unsatisfied. He writes about how social media is destroying empathy, and I could have gladly read an entire book on that topic, but he sprints through most of it in a couple of pages. I thought that was a shame. I've now started Dave Novak's Japanoise - a potted history of the Japanese noise music scene - though, judging from the introduction, it could be quite heavy going. It's a lot drier and more academic in tone than I was expecting. Which is no bad thing, just not what I thought I was getting.
  5. Skummy

    Doctor Who

    Really, really enjoyed that. The way it was shot and directed made it stand out from previous seasons, in the best possible way, and while I was a bit cautious about the new companions when they were announced, and worried about them being too reliant on Earth-based stories, they were all fantastic. The episode was well-written enough to make me genuinely emotional about a character I'd only just met. The roll call of actors at the end of the episode made me really excited for the rest of the season. I watched it with two people - one hardcore fan who was so excited to see the new Doctor, was literally on the edge of her seat and squealing with joy when Jodie Whittaker first said, "I'm the Doctor", and a friend who had never watched Doctor Who before, and both enjoyed it a lot, so that has to count for something. I actually really like Whittaker's choice of outfit now that I've seen it outside of promo photos, particularly as they made a point of it just being a random selection of charity shop clothes thrown together, but she looked awesome in the tattered old Peter Capaldi costume, and I'm going to miss that look.
  6. Outside of NJPW, my game is roughly organised into; NJPW WWE - Face/Heel WWE 2000s - Face/Heel WWE Attitude - Face/Heel WWE Old-School - Face/Heel WCW - WCW/nWo Japan - All-Stars/Legends Europe - BritWres/EU Lucha - Rudos/Tecnicos/Legends US Indies - ECW/CHIKARA/All-Stars/Legends MMA - UFC/PRIDE/Boxers There are areas I'll tidy up in time, and add to as I have more wrestlers to fill them with. "All-Stars" just means people I haven't created a promotion for who otherwise broadly fit that category, while "Legends" covers retired and deceased wrestlers. I'll end up adding another for celebrities and oddities.
  7. I don't give a solitary shit about Harry Potter, but a decent open world RPG in that universe, that doesn't follow the plot of the books, could be fun.
  8. ha! It wouldn't be a WOS series - the only WOS guys I've got are Big Daddy, Johnny Saint, Jim Breaks and Rollerball Rocco. I've got a real hodge-podge collection of Japanese legends, WWF guys, ECW talent, early PRIDE and UFC fighters, and (for some reason) a ton of boxers. If I do anything, it'll be throwing together an insane time-spanning tournament, and seeing if Joe Frazier can beat Evander Holyfield in a barbed wire match.
  9. I'm not even entirely sure what Twitch is, but this game is making me want to buy a headset and do Twitch streams commentating on a CPU Tag/Trios tournament.
  10. Yeah, the interface is a bit tedious and counter-intuitive, but you get used to it. In the last match I played, Black Tiger ran out to help Jim Breaks, and they proceeded to double suplex Big Daddy over the top rope to the floor. This game is preposterous.
  11. And is there a way to actually search by creator? Couldn't figure it out.
  12. I struggle to line up strikes at all, but I'm enjoying playing as Minoru Suzuki. Made CM Punk tap to an armbar twenty seconds into round 2 of an MMA fight. Still finding my way with it, and spent more time last night downloading CAWs than playing the thing, but hoping that Mission Mode and the story mode thing will help attune me to it.
  13. I just got my dispatch email from Amazon to say my PS4 copy is on its way - earlier than expected, meaning it should arrive Saturday, and I'll be playing it Sunday. I am excite.
  14. El Bantero was a babyface, not really sure how best to represent his gimmick in TEW - if there's a comedy variant of "Grizzled Veteran", that would likely be best.
  15. I'm gonna mostly keep kayfabe about dual identities unless they've been acknowledged on the show. I'll also (mostly) leave stats well alone, as I'm obviously massively biased, and it'll take forever to go through them all I'll edit this post as I go along; Ages/Sizes/Nationality/Basic Stats; Gimmicks/Dispositions/Etc Tag Teams/Stables Company Stuff Additions
  16. Skummy

    WWE 2K19

    It's literally "IF THEN ELSE", about as simplistic as programming gets. There's no excuse.
  17. I'm really curious about this. I might pick one up eventually, but mostly, I can't see it doing as well as the Mini NES or SNES. I don't think there's the level of nostalgia for the PS1 that there was for the NES or SNES - less coherent brand identity, fewer games that one would instantly relate to the console, marketing focused at an older fanbase at the time, and the sad fact that early 3D ages a hell of a lot worse than good quality 2D games. I can see a lot of people getting frustrated by going back to games they remember as classics and being confronted with terrible camera controls, jerky, stilted movement and Lara Croft's weird polygonal breasts.
  18. Skummy

    'The Graps' in Music

    Aside from those already mentioned; "Johnny Kwango" by The Bevis Frond Luke Haines did a whole album about British wrestling, and referenced Kendo Nagasaki on at least one previous track ("Leeds United"). Half Man Half Biscuit also referenced Kendo from time to time.
  19. Skummy

    WWE 2K19

    I think I read somewhere that there's an "Indies" mode, where you start out wrestling on small shows and work your way up to WWE - I assume it's part of that. It's a shame all of your opponents will be the sort of dreadful generic CAW that they always are in these games, though, otherwise that could have been interesting.
  20. Remastered Katamari is absolutely the thing to make me pick up the Switch again. Being able to play Final Fantasy IX on the go is pretty special too.
  21. Sounds like European PS4 release is September 28th, if I've heard correctly.
  22. I really, really disliked it. I don't know if I'd say I hated it, as I can barely remember enough of it to say that. It felt incredibly bloated, I didn't really feel any reason to connect to most of the characters, and large swathes of it could have been cut without affecting the overall story one bit. Mostly, it just fell flat and felt oddly paced, with a lack of any real urgency. There also seemed to be a conscious effort to just scrap every dangling plot thread from the previous film, and to actively subvert every trope and convention of the series - while I'm not in with the "DISNEY IS RUINING STAR WARS" crowd, it did feel like a lot of the film felt like it made a conscious decision to cock a snook at long-term fans. It's such a minor thing, but killing Admiral Ackbar off-screen felt like a perfect example of that - killing off a minor, but recognisable and loved, character arbitrarily with no pay-off - seemed to sum up a lot of the movie to me. I don't know, I think "we beat the space Nazis, got complacent, and then a few decades later some new Nazis came along" is a more believable storyline than anything else in Star Wars... Crap attempt at satire aside, I'd somewhat agree with this - but it's a problem of Force Awakens more than a problem of The Last Jedi.
  23. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mystery-science-theater-3000-comic-book_us_5b50ed01e4b0fd5c73c378b1?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004&guccounter=1 A very weird, Joel-penned MST3K comic book is happening.
  24. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mystery-science-theater-3000-comic-book_us_5b50ed01e4b0fd5c73c378b1?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004&guccounter=1 A very weird, Joel-penned MST3K comic book is happening.
  25. Skummy

    Doctor Who

    Not that there's a lot to go on, but I'm not a fan of the trailer. Suggests a move back to more RTD-esque domestic stories, and away from high concept. Main concern coming out of that is that it'll be a weak series, and it'll just give more ammunition to the trolls to blame it on a female Doctor.
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