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  1. GLOW season finale is pure joy.
  2. I'm currently reading Edward Bernays' "Propaganda", from 1928, along with accompanying essays on the changing perception of propaganda in the pre, inter and post-war years. Nothing new under the sun, just the means of distribution have changed. I echo the love for Ken Burns' Vietnam, though. The man is an absolute master at this sort of documentary, and it's among his best. It's a time period that got me interested in American political history and political life a long time ago, and I don't think many people have done a better job of exploring it than Burns. Back to GLOW, I think the only downside this series has been that it feels less of an ensemble cast. While other characters seem to get their own little sub-plot now and then, it's very much the Ruth and Debbie show. On some level I'd say that's deservedly so - not just because their story is the heart of the whole show, but because both of them put in phenomenal performances way ahead of anything they were doing in season one - but it does feel like the rest of the cast have been sidelined and not given nearly enough to work with.
  3. Episode 8 of GLOW is an absolute delight. I love this season.
  4. About four episodes into the new series of GLOW, and I'm enjoying it. It feels a bit more of a romp than series one, in a good way. It doesn't feel like there's been much in the way of character development for anyone bar Liberty Belle, with the other girls sidelined even moreso, but we'll see how that goes. That said, it's good to see Welfare Queen (I can't remember any of the characters' "shoot" names!) getting a bit more time, as she's been brilliant in both series. Bash is amazing this series too. It was probably sheer exhaustion after three very busy days as much as anything, but definitely got a bit teary-eyed at two points already;
  5. Fallout Shelter is the sort of game I should hate, just time-based "click this and wait" mobile nonsense, but I've been sinking a fair bit of time into it too. I was doing okay until everybody died.
  6. Decided to watch another movie I've been meaning to get round to since it came out, The Limehouse Golem. Absolutely loved it. Wonderfully shot and directed, brilliant atmosphere. Some bits were a tad gimmicky, but mostly excellent, and Bill Nighy is fantastic. A story very much in my area of interest, though, so may be biased in that regard.
  7. Is that a thing that a console luddite like me could figure out how to do?
  8. As good as Cockney Stalin is, the highlight for me in terms of the incongruous accents was either Zhukov or Paul Whitehouse as Mikoyan, after Beria's death, grumbling, "I'm knackered, it's been a right busy week".
  9. I finally watched The Death Of Stalin. It was brilliant. Very darkly funny (a couple of lines in particular had me in hysterics), and superbly cast. Simon Russell Beale is just revolting and detestable as Beria, Buscemi as Khruschev is inspired casting, Palin as Molotov just plays to his strengths perfectly, and Jason Isaacs Zhukov is absolutely brilliant. One of the best films I've seen in a long, long time.
  10. I'm starting to get concerned that we're a couple of months away from the North American PS4 release, we've seen the cover art, seen details of the collector's edition and so on, and still don't seem to have confirmation of a European release? Wiki lists the August release date as "worldwide", but every article I've seen on it refers to it as a North American release, and it's still not up for pre-order on Amazon or Game.
  11. https://www.rifftrax.com/space-mutiny-coasters?utm_source=RiffTrax+Mail&utm_campaign=7b1afe7f93-TheDark&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4a5519af23-7b1afe7f93-37207717&mc_cid=7b1afe7f93&mc_eid=d1705dd533 Limited edition Space Mutiny coasters.
  12. Skummy

    WWE 2K19

    I'm sure there was a way the referee could win in one of the Playstation games as well... And on Smackdown 2, if you targeted the referee and used "steal finisher" on him, you got him in a Standing Crossface.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/jun/14/stan-lee-police-probe-reports-of-elder-abuse-against-marvel-mogul Police are looking into reports of elder abuse against Stan Lee. I know people who work comic book conventions that have talked about this to some extent for years, but definitely moreso in the last year, so hopefully something comes of it.
  14. Skummy

    E3 2018

    Yeah, I was really hoping for playable Waluigi They've said not to get hopes up for too many new additions, as the focus was on making all previous characters playable - though it looks like there's one or two unannounced still, so I'm holding out hope for at least one more fun surprise. And there's always scope for DLC, I suppose.
  15. The IGN review is really not pretty - makes it sound like a glorified mobile game, and incredibly tedious. Considering "build your own Jurassic Park" seems like the most obvious game concept ever, it's amazing how mediocre the attempts at making that happen is. As a kid, I always desperately hoped that Bullfrog (objectively the greatest game developer ever ) would come up with one.
  16. I can't believe someone beat me to this.
  17. Skummy

    E3 2018

    I want to be blindsided by a new Nintendo game that they've kept completely under wraps until now, I want a reveal of a mad new character for Smash Bros, and I want confirmation that the Killer7 remaster is coming to PS4.
  18. I've found this too. In a lot of people, a suicidal urge isn't coming from a place of "I have nothing left to live for", it's coming from a place that is inherently self-destructive - and if that's the case, having more to lose is only going to make that urge stronger, if anything.
  19. Oh, Deathstalker is perfect for MST3k.
  20. Just give me a "Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina" anthology series and I'll be happy.
  21. Rewatched The Lady In The Van last night as something to put on while I did the housework - I've been reading Alan Bennett lately, so was in the mood to watch something of his, and it's the only one on Netflix. Still absolutely sublime. Brilliantly written, perfectly directed and acted. Still a tearjerker, no matter how many times I've watched or read it.
  22. I think this is part of the problem I had with it - I rewatched A New Hope recently, and I just don't recognise that Han Solo in the new movie. Han Solo in A New Hope is cantankerous, self-centred and world weary, and through the original trilogy we see him grow into a hero. But at no point in Solo do I feel like the character I'm watching could ever grow into Han Solo as we first meet him - he's too much a smug hero already, whereas in A New Hope, Han is a killer, doing business with bounty hunters and crime lords, who thinks nothing of fleecing a naïve farm boy and an old man out of their money. That in Solo we see him as a young bright-eyed hopeful hero makes it seem like A New Hope was just a bad patch for Han, and that by the time he's being all heroic in Return Of The Jedi he's just back to normal, and that completely undermines the growth of his character. What I wanted from this film was a look deeper into my favourite bits of Star Wars - and that's Mos Eisley, Jabba's palace, bounty hunters, all the horrible seedy underbelly. That's where the most interesting characters are, and where all the stories must be.
  23. It kind of feels like they're missing that point a little this series, too, or at least overstating it with the repetition of how Michael's defining trait is that he comes back. The entire premise is that Michael being the "moral" member of the family is a fallacy; he's dishonest, self-serving, and manipulative, yet thinks that he has the moral high ground. He thinks he's normal, but he's just as emotionally stunted as the rest of them. The one thing keeping Michael relatively grounded is George Michael. I don't see the pay-off, or the logical ending to Michael's story being that he leaves the family, so much as he becomes the family. Michael's destiny is to cave, and to basically either become George Sr., or take the fall for the rest of the family - it wouldn't surprise me to see the series end with Michael behind bars. If there's an emotional crux to the story, it's George Michael. It's not Michael that's the character best placed to break away from the family and live a "normal" life, it's George Michael growing up and getting out. But then, in this series, it's pretty clear that George Michael is just growing into being his dad, and behaving in the exact same way. And what is a "happy ending" for George Michael's character anyway, considering a significant part of his motivation is to hook up with his cousin?
  24. Six episodes in, I'm not sure. It's fun, but it's not what it was. The plot feels convoluted, but not in the intricately plotted, "I can't wait to see how all this unravels" way that the first couple of seasons did. The recurring jokes are good, but feel a little more heavy-handed than they used to. I remember watching the first episode of the first series, not really knowing anything about the show (I don't even remember why I bought the DVD), and barely getting ten minutes in before rushing to my brother's room to say, "you have to watch this".
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