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  1. 100% this. I have a friend who worked on the live action Beauty & The Beast as a costume designer. The Beast was originally going to be live action, and she'd worked on the costume and physical effects for months. One day, someone in a boardroom decided that he should be CGI instead, and my friend's entire department were sacked with zero notice. That's exactly the sort of thing that will happen here.
  2. It looks fucking terrible, and at least a decade out of date. Which is pretty in line with Sonic as a franchise, really. I saw all the Tweets and jokes about it and figured, "how bad could it be?", and it's even worse. I thought it would be a trainwreck, but it's not even that, it's so paint-by-numbers lazy kids movie wrapped in dated '90s "Attitude". It's fucking dull. Jim Carrey's performance just made me shake my head, because it's Jim Carrey doing the schtick that had got old twenty years ago and that, by and large, he hasn't done since. I don't understand how this movie is happening in 2019.
  3. Went to see Jawbreaker on Saturday. They fucking killed. Amazing gig.
  4. I think the "Rise Of Skywalker" will refer to Leia, some grand final gesture from her. Though LD's prediction is probably closer to the mark. Definitely sounds like the Emperor's laugh at the end, huh? I give no shits about any of the new trilogy leads, though, given how inconsistently they've been written for the past two movies, so *shrugs*.
  5. I concur. Blitzball is fucking preposterous. A game where you'd think the whole selling point of it being underwater would be the ability to move in three dimensions but, no, you can only move on one plane. So what's the point? It's stupid. Final Fantasy X is stupid. Rewarding drudgery rather than skill or exploration/curiosity in an RPG is stupid.
  6. Offshore sounds great, definitely going to check that out. I'm currently reading "Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire" by Akala, and it's absolutely brilliant. I, to my shame, didn't know Akala's work until very recently, and it's a wonderful mix of sociology and biography. The first couple of chapters were interesting but "tell me something I don't know", and then the third goes into the public perception of black athletes, and constructs of blackness and whiteness, and I was just absolutely gripped. Phenomenal stuff.
  7. I disagree about Velveteen Dream being a heel. If you look at his matches on Cagematch, he routinely teams with the likes of Ricochet, Aleister Black and and Matt Riddle (all faces) against the Undisputed Era and Tomasso Ciampa (all heels). He's clearly booked as a babyface.
  8. I didn't realise "Look Who's Back" was a book - there's a film adaptation on Netflix, in a kind of Borat-y unscripted style, and it's fucking chilling in places.
  9. Skummy

    R.I.P Hal Blaine

    Hal Blaine has passed away - the greatest drummer in pop music, and someone whose music you have absolutely heard even if you have never heard his name. Most famously, and iconically, he played the opening drumbeat on The Ronettes' Be My Baby. The greatest intro of all time. But he played on some of the greatest, and some of the most famous, songs ever recorded. This list is far from complete, and is just a litany of hits;
  10. I think the reason The Fix didn't work is because it was trying to adapt the whole panel show format to a US audience (and allow Jimmy Carr to break the US market), and so fell into this weird hinterland between a panel show and a kind of Daily Show series of monologues. As much as being a quiz/game is a conceit in most of these shows, even by those standards they didn't do enough to keep up the pretense.
  11. Super hyped for Mario Maker 2. I never got to play around with the original nearly enough, as it was my girlfriend's console, and by the time it came out on 3DS I'd more or less given up on using mine. The Switch is a pretty perfect set-up for that kind of game.
  12. The Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack is an absolute classic. One of my last ever DJ sets, for half an hour I just played a mix of songs from that OST.
  13. Star Wars Episode IX: Spare Me Your Space Age Techno-Babble, Atilla The Hun
  14. I'm not sure how best to handle the Kris Wolf situation - she's still going to be wrestling until April. Some people might want to book her as part of her "farewell tour" in March, but it might just be easier to set her as retired and leave it up to the player's discretion if they'd prefer to change that. As she's retired due to long-term effects from concussions, sadly it would be worth reducing her head condition as well.
  15. Search is ongoing as of this morning. Word is that it's being treated as a recovery mission more than a rescue mission now, though the local paper mentions the possibility that they were picked up by a passing ship and not made contact - though after several days, that seems unlikely. Lots of armchair amateur detectives locally and on social media shouting about how they should be searching specific islands, or searching certain islands on foot, with no clue as to the geography of the Channel Islands. People have become fixated on Burhou, as there were flares sighted from approximately that island, but it's near inaccessible, and only a few hundred metres long. If they managed to land there, or even near enough to reach it by liferaft, it's a miracle.
  16. The only Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I've read is "Dear Ijeawele", which I bought for my cousin, and that was nice. I've been meaning to read some of her proper books, so might check that one out. I've been pretty slow with my reading so far this year, only on book number two of the year. The first was Stephen Fry's Heroes, which I thought was a vast improvement over Mythos, though I'm still not really entirely sure what the point of it all is. I'm currently reading a biography of Hergé, the author of Tintin, and while there are some really interesting tidbits in there, it's way too quick to hand-wave and make excuses for his early fascist sympathies, and to excuse the more problematic aspects of the series.
  17. That sort of light aircraft is flown really often down here, one of my colleagues has a pilot's license and has flown colleagues to the UK in a not dissimilar plane. It's a surprise that they were flying a reasonably long distance in it, but it doesn't strike me as that out of the ordinary. Part of the appeal is that it's easier to travel at your own schedule, rather than relying on airlines, and airports clearing larger planes to land etc. Apparently flares were sent up, but I'm not sure at what time. Water temperature is likely around 9C at the moment, but waters around any of the smaller Channel Islands are choppy as hell.
  18. Channel Island Air Search have been out since the early hours, and Guernsey's lifeboat crew are superb, so fingers crossed it's not quite as bad as it sounds.
  19. On Pratchett, I'd recommend starting with either Guards! Guards! or Mort, his style is well established by then, but they're still early enough in the series that they'll feel introductory.
  20. Really curious to know your thoughts on Titus Groan. It's one of my favourite books, but Peake's style can be a little esoteric.
  21. Skummy

    Doctor Who

    I liked the New Year episode. It lacked focus in places, the idea of the Dalek as a mythological entity sort of felt unexplored (and downplayed the Daleks' ability by having it canonically be defeated by medieval humans) and a tad too Steven Moffat-y, and it feels like Dalek biology is rewritten every series, but overall it was pretty good. I'm always impressed when they managed to make Daleks - particularly a lone Dalek - actually seem like a threat again.
  22. I like that Genadi's attempt to argue my point that his stance is elitist was to shrug off the suggestion that editing is literally something anyone can do, and that the Mod Squad aren't in any kind of position of privilege for doing it, as "cringeworthy". Utterly lacking in self-awareness. I don't recall him ever posting on here, but he's got such an insane grudge against this place, to the point that he sees me having been a long-time poster on here as evidence of being part of some grand anti-Genadi plot. He's arguing that there's nothing wrong with the Mod Squad having their own board to post their mods, while criticising EWB for posting mods here and not on GDS, seemingly without recognising the contradiction, and is adamant that there were mods only being posted in "secret forums" on here, which I 100% don't recall ever having been a thing.
  23. Genadi's mods were probably amongst my favourite, and I've praised them on here in the past. I've made a point in all my criticism of their methods on GDS that I have used their mods, and think they're of good quality. But I know they have an inflated sense of importance coupled with a bizarre persecution complex about this, and it's all adding up to them carrying themselves like elitist dicks right now, particularly when the majority of users voted in favour of the change to the rules. And I know they're reading this thread, hi guys.
  24. Adam has said that he wants mod making to be an easier, more streamlined process in TEW 2020, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that pans out and I'm hopeful that it'll result in some good stuff. One thing that, for a variety of reasons, I don't think was taken advantage of enough in '16 was the ability to import data. That should have lead to much more collaborative working, and a whole rethink of how modding worked, and I'm hoping 2020 will expand on that.
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