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  1. New Switch Pokeymans, then.
  2. I'm guessing they're doing more Solo films, if only because...
  3. That's pretty cool, never heard it before. Can definitely see how people could mistake it for early Sabbath. I always point to the album "Satori" by Flower Travellin' Band as the best album Black Sabbath never recorded; They were also, as far as anyone can tell, the first band to cover Sabbath - their second album features a cover of the song "Black Sabbath", released the same year as the original version. My favourite "non-existent Black Sabbath songs" factoid, though, is that North American releases of Sabbath albums used to have phantom tracks. If a song was deemed "too long", it would be split in two, or given two titles, on the track listing, as the label were worried that the record-buying public would be put off by an album only having 8 tracks - so on the original US release of Paranoid, War Pigs was named "War Pigs/Luke's Wall", and Fairies Wear Boots was "Jack The Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots". Similarly, Master of Reality was upped from 8 tracks to 11, though I think the practice stopped there. Apparently it baffled UK amateur record collectors who had yet to get their hands on a North American release, as it appeared that there were these mysterious extra tracks that only the Americans were getting.
  4. Skummy

    The Sims

    And what's the Sim up to?
  5. I wasn't particularly interested on paper, but the reviews make it sound like it might be worth checking out after all. I finally got around to watching The Last Jedi last weekend, and really didn't think all that much of it.
  6. You can add them in the Editor, then import them during your game. There's an "Import Data" button in the Options menu.
  7. Skummy

    The 2018 Music Thread

    I'm absolutely in love with Juliana Hatfield's new album of Olivia Newton-John covers. It's just perfect summery indie-pop, and practically all I've been listening to for the past week or so. Most of them are reasonably straight covers - which is fine, as the songcraft behind every single track becomes apparent just hearing what was overproduced cheesy pop in a more stripped down indie rock style. It never feels like there's a drop of irony or detachment to it, though, every single song is covered in earnest, and it's wonderful. "Magic" is probably the standout track to me, but the two singles are great fun too; I love that she makes Physical song like it could be a swaggering cock rock brag - if you'd never heard the original, I doubt it's what you'd imagine on hearing this cover.
  8. I haven't watched the edited season 4, but I really enjoyed it - a lot more than season 3, which really goes downhill when it becomes clear they're getting cancelled and they just try and wrap up all the loose ends. As much as it's an ensemble comedy, I love the Rashomon approach to telling the same story from multiple angles, and think that it's a logical next step to Arrested Development's style of storytelling that relies so heavily on callbacks, references and background gags, particularly with the assumption that season 4 was designed to be binge watched. It's the only TV show I can think of that feels like it was specifically designed to take into account a change in viewing habits, assumed that you would binge it all in one or two sittings, rather than still following the formula of writing as if people are watching an episode a week. Plus, season 4 gave us mariachi Sound of Silence, and "I'm here, I'm queer, now I'm over here", so it's objectively great.
  9. The Angry Birds knock-off free with PS+ this month is an awful, hacky, terrible game, and I can't stop playing it.
  10. Skummy

    WWE 2K18

    I skipped 2k18, and don't feel like I missed out at all. The only other games I'd missed out on before that, since Smackdown 1 (and having gone back and played Attitude and Warzone after the fact), were ones where I hadn't owned the console (never owned a PS3, only briefly owned an Xbox 360) - and in the case of any of the PS3 games, my ex-girlfriend owned them, so I played them at her place. I've not even played 2k18 once, and I've had no desire to. At this point, I can't see myself buying a WWE game ever again without a significant change.
  11. Have you ever seen a Bigfoot?

    1. Mad Jack Frost

      Mad Jack Frost

      Would you rather have a hand made out of ham or an armpit that dispenses suncream?

    2. Benji


      No, because I have a rock that keeps Bigfoot away.

  12. I can't believe I've ever encountered Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring. It was described as Herring "outdoing Stewart Lee in his ability to keep a joke going long beyond the punchline". It's the longest running snooker podcast of all time, in which Richard Herring The Comedian commentates a game of snooker played by himself, against himself, with meditations on the mental health crisis that led him to do such a thing in the first place. He claims that he'll only stop when an episode gets exactly zero downloads. It sounds like the best, worst idea ever. Completely devoted to Omnibus now. Even in the patchier episodes, there's always something to make me smile, and I now find John Roderick's voice about the most soothing sound in the world. I may branch out into exploring his other projects purely for that. And, of course, the pinnacle of the podcast form, in which Richard Herring finally gets to "interview" Brian Blessed. It is extraordinary.
  13. I don't really mind white voice actors portraying non-white characters or vice-versa, unless there's a slew of voice actors of colour not getting work that I'm unfamiliar with that needs to be addressed, but white voice actors doing ethnic stereotype voices like Apu's should be a thing of the past. But appealing to a cost-based argument doesn't really work in terms of The Simpsons - the show costs an insane amount to produce, and several voice actors have already taken voluntary pay cuts because for years FOX have been saying that the cost to produce a single episode is unsustainable under their current business model. The amount of money that long-term Simpsons voice actors make is insane.
  14. The Peter Sellers point is crucial - it's not Hank Azaria "doing an Indian voice", it's Hank Azaria doing a stereotypical, racist caricature of an Indian accent. Certainly around where I grew up, it was the voice people would put on to make fun of people of Indian or Pakistani heritage. What's upsetting is that the writers - and Matt Groening in particular - haven't even pretended to engage with it. They've just completely hand-waved the entire issue away (even while Hank Azaria has admitted fault, and a wish to make amends), and used it as ammunition for the "Political Correctness Gone Mad" brigade, and just used the South Park "they make fun of everyone!" non-excuse, rather than joining the conversation.
  15. A Bit Of Fry And Laurie and Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV being on Netflix now has pretty much killed any chance of me ever watching anything else again.
  16. Ah, Ryan Guggs. Not just players', but team names too. I was always a fan of Loods and Shoffueld Weds. Is Rayman Legends the same one that was on the Wii U? Because I was really disappointed with that, though for free I'll gladly give it another whirl. I don't think I ever enjoyed a Rayman game beyond the first one, though, and that might just be nostalgia talking.
  17. I got a ton of gameplay out of PS1 demo discs - plenty of demos long enough and substantial enough that I never felt the need to buy the full game. Probably why they stopped making them. And then there were Net Yaroze games! Terra Incognita! Halcyon days. Bravely Default's demo on the 3DS was a really fun idea, in that it was a self-contained little story to get you used to the gameplay mechanics and the feel of the game, but not give away any of the story, or result you in having to play the same bit over again once you bought the full game. And completion of the demo awarded you items and bonuses for the full game, too. No reason more games can't offer something like that.
  18. Still ploughing on with this - have managed to get myself kitted out in mostly Zorah Magdaros gear, slowly replacing it with other bits and pieces as I get them. The Zorah Magdaros version of the dual blades are practically game-breakingly good at this stage. Still feeling a tad repetitive, though - I've not followed up on the big investigation to see where the story goes, but it's all feeling a bit samey at this point, just hunting stronger versions of monsters I've already hunted a dozen times. I don't know how much more game there is left, or if it really moves on from this point all that much, though. Capture missions still suck.
  19. Skummy

    The 2018 Music Thread

    It had somehow passed me by that Prince's original version of Nothing Compares 2 U has finally been released - it's brilliant, feels wholly a Prince classic, rather than the fairly sappy overwrought live versions that came out after Sinead O'Connor made it a hit. With the weight of a full Revolution-era production behind it, this could have easily ended up amongst his best work - which just shows how astonishingly good he really was, that he could record a song like this and think nothing of just handing it to someone else instead, because he had more than enough to go round.
  20. Skummy

    The Punk Thread

    While Albini did produce In Utero, his "version" of the album is quite different to that which was released - the album was remastered to make it more commercially viable after he'd produced it, and the label got in an entirely different producer (a guy who had worked on REM's "Automatic For The People") to work on Heart Shaped Box and All Apologies to make them more commercial and radio-friendly. Albini's versions sound far more typically Steve Albini - drums high in the mix, less focus on vocals, very rough around the edges. The Albini versions are out there - a deluxe reissue had the Albini mixes of Heart Shaped Box and All Apologies included as bonus tracks, and in the early '00s the entire Albini version was released by mistake when the wrong master tape was used on a re-release. To confuse matters even more, a few years back they released a new Steve Albini mix of the album as well.
  21. I suppose you have to look at it in the context of the time - McFarlane had been involved in founding Image Comics only a year or so previously, with the whole ethos of Image being that creators would own their work, rather than the publisher owning it; McFarlane felt he had been screwed over and not paid fairly by Marvel for his work on Spider-Man, and a lot of the writers he brought in early on in Spawn's run shared that ethos - Alan Moore wrote Spawn #8, Neil Gaiman collaborated on #9, and then Dave Sim on #10. It's basically Sim, and to a lesser extent McFarlane, using the comic book to put forward their ethos - the house, wife and kids depicted at the end are McFarlane's house and family. It's arguably a bit spiteful, very preachy, and - as you say - probably far too early in a character's existence to be getting that meta, but it's not all that out of place for the culture at the time. The irony of it all is that both Sim and Gaiman ended up in legal wrangles with McFarlane years later over ownership of parts of their respective stories anyway.
  22. Has anyone watched the first Quintet show yet? I'm watching it now, and bloody love it, though some of the rules seem a bit arbitrary.
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