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  1. I think Metallica have long suffered from a crisis of confidence in figuring out what people expect them to be - not helped by giving themselves a name that actively pigeonholes them. St. Anger is obviously ridiculed now, and was an absolutely atrocious album, but I remember the hype for it being released - all the interviews in Kerrang! and Metal Hammer and so on, the band were talking about how it was a "return to their roots", how they listened to fans' criticisms after Load and Re-Load, and they went back to the studio to record something heavy and loud. St Anger happened because Metallica thought that's what people wanted. Load and Re-Load, while massively flawed, I find interesting just because they seem to be the last example of Metallica recording what they wanted, rather than trying to second guess their audience. It was a chance to see how the band might mature, and what they'd do left up to their own devices - something akin to Iggy Pop releasing his weird French jazz-influenced stuff, or Wino Weinrich deciding to release an acoustic album. You had interesting stuff like Marianne Faithfull's contribution to "The Memory Remains", James Hetfield exploring his country singer ambitions in "Mama Said", and so on - and I'll lump "I Disappear" in with it as a pre-St Anger Metallica song, and I think one of their most interesting singles. Since then, I just don't think that they've allowed themselves to explore, grow or experiment - which was a shame when they had Jason Newsted in the band, it's a travesty when they have a bassist and songwriter as good as Rob Trujillo at their disposal. Personally, I'd probably lean towards Ride The Lightning as their best album - "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is one of their few songs that I'd still listen to now, and feels like a perfect middle-ground between the earlier pure thrash metal and the more "sophisticated" songcraft of the Black Album, having the best elements of both. Master Of Puppets I think is pretty overrated - the title track in particular, which seems to be considered an "epic", but really just feels like a lot of Kirk Hammett guitar wankery, and very disjointed; it feels like two or three songs that have been awkwardly mashed together, rather than flowing naturally from one section to another. "...And Justice For All" has "One" on it, which is a strong contender for their best song, but otherwise I hate the record. The production of it really puts me off - the bass is practically inaudible, and for me a good bassline is at the heart of good heavy metal. It feels like a concerted effort to marginalise Jason Newsted's contribution, and it hurts the album's sound to have so little going on at the low end. The Black Album is probably their most well-rounded, though - I'd say the songs on there are the best written, and it's as good an overview of everything the band is about as anything they ever released, but I do think that some of it suffers from over-production, especially Sad But True, which could benefit from feeling a little rougher around the edges.
  2. Yeah, I can't imagine them doing a dramatic teaser trailer with no gameplay footage just for a port.
  3. @K, the Megafauna episode of Omnibus was brilliant - really interesting, yet genuinely funny and warm as well, actually much better and quite different to what I expected. Definitely going to dip into more of their stuff. My only criticisms was that they kept repeating that the Polar Bear was the largest ever land carnivore - it's not, it's the largest mammalian land carnivore, and I think they meant to clarify that in the first instance but never really did - and I didn't really like their summation of rewilding at the end, in which they kind of conflated it with de-extinction and missed the point a bit; though that's a pet subject of mine, it's two topics that do get lumped together sometimes, and I'm not familiar with the American context, so it may be that the two are more connected there than in Europe, it just didn't feel like they gave the concept a fair hearing. That's a minor niggle, though. I liked that they briefly discussed Island Gigantism! I co-chaired a talk on that subject once.
  4. I'd obviously not been paying attention, but I hadn't actually realised that Crash Bandicoot wasn't a Playstation exclusive franchise any more. Checking Wikipedia, it turns out that's not been the case for seventeen years. Oops. Still...Crash Bandicoot in Smash to tie-in with N-Sane Trilogy getting released on Switch? That could be fun.
  5. Yes! Some of the most fun new additions to Smash Bros have been ones that completely turn the dynamic of how the game works on its head, or add a unique twist. In theory, he'd be able to jump by dropping his backpack - maybe the backpack could offer him other abilities, and could be discarded and picked back up later, so you had to make tactical decisions as to when jumping was more useful than whatever else he could do. Maybe there could be key access points for him to tunnel around each level instead of jumping. Just spitballing stuff - it's a game, and a character, I love, so getting him in Smash Bros would make me happy, as much as I don't expect him to make the cut. I want a good single player mode back, too - like the bonkers story mode from the Wii version.
  6. It must be a new Smash game, not a port, right? You don't do a dramatic teaser trailer with no gameplay footage for a port. Mental that it's out this year - even by Nintendo standards, that's been kept under wraps, unless it is just a glorified Wii U port. The Squid Kids/Inklings weren't in the Wii U version, were they? So even if it is a port, it's an updated one. Any other ideas for new characters? Now that the franchise has been opened up so much to third party characters, it could be anyone really, I suppose! I wonder if we'll see tweaks to Link and Mario to reflect Breath Of The Wild and Odyssey - maybe having a Cappy version of Mario? Disappointed that Captain Toad is just getting a port rather than a sequel, even if it is coming with new content. It was an absolute gem on the Wii U, and I think a game that would have rightly been considered a classic had it been released on a better received console, so while it's good that more people will get the opportunity to play it, I was hoping for a whole new game, and the possibility of it creating a franchise. Captain Toad in Smash Bros, maybe?!
  7. It's genuinely superb, one of my favourite things that ever happened in wrestling. Father Stone's slow count is amazing, and IIRC he gets in a "no, I'm fine" before he leaves. That video went (sort of) viral at the time, but there were so many other great bits on the show that got overlooked - the ring announcer wore an "I Shot JR" shirt, and my favourite joke of the entire show was that they had at least one match where everyone involved used "Ghost Town" as their entrance music.
  8. Likewise. Was genuinely surprised that "Good Luck, Father Ted" was the first episode - the whole trip to the fair, Dougal being interviewed in Ted's place on TV, and everything around Father Jack, felt like setpieces concocted around characters and ideas that the audience would already be expected to know and understand. Out of context, I'd never have guessed it was the first one. It's definitely up there as one of the best sitcoms ever, I don't think there's a bad episode. I'm really appreciating what a brilliant character Bishop Brennan is now, too. And, of course, this is all brings me to the greatest night in the history of Irish wrestling;
  9. Kirby demo was fun enough, and the new "Friend" ability is cute - though I'm not really sure it brings all that much to the table, and feels a bit too much of a gimmick for gimmick's sake. I'm glad its otherwise a more conventional Kirby game rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, though, and I'm sure the gimmick could lend itself to some pretty fiendish puzzles later on. I just want a sequel to Epic Yarn, though
  10. I'm going to keep watching it because it's just mindless, really. It's not a bad little show to stick on while I'm making dinner, if nothing else.
  11. Keeping up my pattern of watching old comedy shows rather than committing to anything new, Father Ted has been my "switch my brain off" viewing over the past few days. The main thing that struck me, watching series one, is just how fully-formed it is right out of the gate. There's no awkward growing pains early on where the characters aren't quite what they would grow into, or where the writing overly forces the point to get their personality traits across. It all just works straight away. It must take tremendous confidence in your abilities as a writer to do an episode like the one where they think Father Jack is dead in your first series, not knowing how the audience will respond to the characters yet. Still laugh like a lunatic at Jack calling rabbits, "hairy Japanese bastards".
  12. Nice one - I mostly only listen to podcasts on flights to and from London now, so that's pretty much perfect uninterrupted listening.
  13. Definitely keen to check out the Megafauna and European Starling episodes, sound right up my street. Roughly how long is each? I tend to get put off by any podcast that goes much longer than an hour.
  14. I have no idea if I like the Joel McHale show or not. I like Joel McHale, and I like Paul Feig, but I think I've maybe only actually laughed at this show once? It just feels very shallow and disingenuous. It's like Harry Hill's TV Burp if it forgot to be fun.
  15. Skummy

    lmao Die Hard 6

    Surely Die Hard is the Die Hard prequel? McClane is just a cop before that. That's the point.
  16. On MST3K, Shout Factory now have a channel on Amazon Prime that includes a bunch of classic episodes - I wonder if that might have something to do with it?
  17. I played the Expendabros spin-off, that was great fun.
  18. My favourite thing about Goodnight Sweetheart is that someone walked into a boardroom and pitched, "Nicholas Lyndhurst, Time-Travelling Bigamist?", and someone said "yes".
  19. On a similar note, I prefer the De La Soul collab version of TSAK to the original.
    1. Benji


      Yo @Skummy, what's the feed URL so I can add it to my listening?

      EDIT: Never mind, realised I could get it myself. For others wanting it:


  20. I read that as "Jesus is Janet Hubert" and thought blimey, that's a turn-up for the books.
  21. Spent the better part of an hour hunting the big T-Rex fucker in the first area, had him limping and then he "left the area". Like, right in front of me, just fucking disappeared off the map. What a prick. I then head off to the squadron leader bloke for my next mission...and it's to kill that fucker. Fuck this gay world.
  22. Pro Wrestling EVE updates: - Addy Starr is on the roster, but currently set to Retired Wrestler. She's competed at both their shows this year, so should be set to Active or Semi-Active. She also currently has her gimmick set to Old School Heel despite being a Face, should probably be set to Old School Face until she's spent enough time back to flesh out what her character is this time around. - Alex Windsor hasn't appeared for EVE since last May. - Alpha Female hasn't appeared for EVE since last August. - Amarah's gimmick is currently set to Old School Heel (cocky); she does a Voodoo gimmick. Maybe "Savage (Gimmicky)" or "Savage (Crazy)" would be most appropriate out of your gimmick set. - Candyfloss should be a babyface, with a more suitable gimmick - maybe "Young Lion (Wholesome)"; her gimmick is that she's from the Candy Kingdom and full of sugar and energy, but also that she's ridiculously young. Something between Young Lion and Fun Babyface, though couldn't find anything in your gimmicks that's ideal. - Charlie Morgan should be a babyface, with a suitable gimmick. I don't think you have a Tomboy gimmick in your data, which is her gimmick on the most basic level. Otherwise either "Franchise Player" to reflect her role as The Ace Of EVE, or else she's nicknamed "Fearless", though I don't think you have the Daredevil gimmick either. - Debbie Sharp should probably be removed from EVE - she hasn't wrestled anywhere since late last year for personal reasons, so should be set to On Hiatus. If she is to stay in EVE, she should be a babyface with a suitable gimmick. - Emi Sakura should be a babyface with a Legend gimmick. - Erin Angel should be a babyface with a Wholesome Old School Face gimmick, and shouldn't be managed by Jetta. - Jayla Dark hasn't appeared for EVE since October. - Jinny's gimmick should be Arrogant or Spoiled Brat - Jokey hasn't appeared for EVE since last August. - Kasey Owens should be a babyface with a more suitable gimmick - Kay Lee Ray should be a babyface with an appropriate gimmick for a Daredevil type. - Laura Di Matteo should be a babyface with No Gimmick Needed. - Leah Owens should be a babyface with a Throwback gimmick - Livvii Grace should be a babyface with an Old School Face gimmick - Marc Parry should probably be removed - Paz has only refereed for them once in the last year - Martina should be a Face, with a more appropriate gimmick - Nina Samuels' gimmick should be Arrogant - Rhia O'Reilly should be a babyface with appropriate gimmick - Sammii Jayne should be managed by Jetta - Shanna should be removed - she hasn't appeared for EVE since last May - Viper should be a babyface with more appropriate gimmick. - Power structure should have Dann Read and Emily Read as owner and booker, or vice-versa, but not Rhia O'Reilly as booker. I would suggest potentially including setting Emily as the owner and head booker, so that XWA can be set as active with Dann as the owner and booker, and have both promotions running with a working relationship - and with London Lucha League if they're to be set as active. - Add Jamie Hayter as a heel. - Add Millie McKenzie as a babyface - Charlie Morgan should be set as in a relationship - Tom Scarborough should be signed to EVE as a referee - Alpha Female should have a starting injury - she's currently out following neck surgery - Heather Honeybadger should have a starting absence of a month or two, as she's currently recovering from a bone marrow transplant - There should be a Pro Wrestling EVE Dojo, owned by EVE, opened February 2018 with head trainer Rhia O'Reilly, only female trainees.
  23. His family have stated that he died from lung and kidney cancer. That he was still touring and performing as late as November while going through that is fucking mental.
  24. I watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? last night, for the first time in many, many years. Just had a sudden urge to watch it out of nowhere. As a kid, I was never really into Disney, but was a big-time Looney Tunes fans, and just generally a nerd for animation - I used to watch Tony Robinson's Toon Show, which was all about the history and context of classic cartoons, which I found fascinating, so the main thing that blew my mind over Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was that they managed to get Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse sharing screen time. That was just the biggest, coolest thing to me at the time - and it's still impressive now. Watching it now, aside from that element, and the nods to classic cartoons all over the place, the main thing that struck me is just how well it holds up. It's not just how well the cartoon characters interact with real people (which has never been bettered, in my opinion), but how they interact with the real scenery and props around them - the physical effects are extraordinary. It's also just a beautiful film; even in the scenes with no cartoon characters, the world they inhabit is so brilliantly constructed, and the whole film has such a strong visual identity. Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd are both fantastic in it too, of course.
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