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  1. The Anime Thread

    Just finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Damn, I'm going to watch this again in 2018/
  2. The Flash

    Really liked the last episode. Even if I was again greatly annoyed by Iris.
  3. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2017: The Voting Thread

    Damn, I just realised I'm way behind on new stuff.
  4. EWB Fantasy Basketball 2017!

    I totally forgot about this! Sorry @Benjamin
  5. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    I'm ready for an OKC - Warriors play off series!
  6. General Television Thread

    I just realised that Keller from Oz is the lead in Happy!
  7. Comic Book Films & TV

    The Flash:
  8. FIFA 18

    Packed Dybala. When I've sold him I could get a long way towards Rui Costa or buy vd Sar the 89 one. What should I do?
  9. FIFA 18

    Well, I've finally got myself the Super Lig Quaresma!
  10. General Television Thread

    12 minutes of Creed greatness.
  11. Pokémon

    I'll be joining this fun too!
  12. The Anime Thread

  13. The Anime Thread

    Dragon Ball Super:
  14. The Anime Thread

    Just watched episode 110 of Dragon Ball Super and I loved.