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  1. I'll add you later today Ellis! Anyway, bought Super Smash! and Mario Party.
  2. Lars Kuyt

    The Flash

    This episode made me really look forward about what is going to happen next!!!
  3. Super Saiyan Blue Gogetta will be CANON!!!!!
  4. I got the switch too! Just tell me your friend code Ellis! I NEED TO TRADE SOME POKEMON
  5. Just finished the Office again, time to start it again!
  6. If we draw germany we will win our group. We just defeated France
  7. Those last 5 minutes of this season's its always sunny finale is just damn incredible.
  8. Just watched that game, and damn he was good. Will it be a sign of things to come? or was it just a one night thing? Anyway he deserved the moment!
  9. Lars Kuyt

    The Flash

    Sherlock Wells, Schway 😆
  10. Anyone else glad they stuck with Black Clover? Sooo good right now!
  11. I started following the NBA around 2011, so OKC was young and I just started watching them lol. No no, that only applies to Timberwolve fans! Anyway, can't wait for the season to start!
  12. So the nba.tv site is doing weird for me, hopefully they have it fixed when OKC plays Golden State. Hopefully we'll have a decent season, I bet were are not that great until Roberson and Westbrook are back. But it could be a fun year for us!
  13. It's always sunny is still so DAMN GOOOD
  14. #CancelSouthPark Wondering what they are up to?

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