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  1. The latest Ducktales episode ended soooo sad.
  2. Really enjoying Sharp Objects so far! Amy Adams is amazing as usual!
  3. Really, really enjoyed the start of season 3 of Attack on Titan! Really curious about everything that'll happen.
  4. Did anyone here watch the first episode of Who Is America? ? Is it worth watching?
  5. So hyped for next week's episode of MHA!!!! PLUS ULTRA!!!!
  6. AoT starts again this weekend!
  7. Any atlanta fans? How's schroder?
  8. It really sucks for DeMar, he'll drop 50 on the raptors next season
  9. Kawhi is just so freaking weird, if he sits out the year again, that'll be such bullshit. Is his uncle as weird as he is? Because his uncle is his agent right? This is truly some of the weirdest shit I've seen since fully following the NBA.
  10. Are you happy with this trade?
  11. I wonder how DeRozan will perform under Pop! And maybe Toronto are betting on the same thing Presti did with PG. DeMar is pissed off, at least that's what is being reported. They also say that the Raptors told him he wouldn't be drafted during the Summer League.
  12. Leonard to Toronto and Derozan to the spurs!?!?!?!?!
  13. Preacher is good this year

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