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  1. XBOX Megathread

    Anyone else playing Friday the 13th?
  2. Star Trek Discovery

    Never knew Dwight Schrute was abducted by Klingons.
  3. What kind of music do you like?

    Country music. Yes, Country! Really like Country tunes.
  4. EWB Fantasy Basketball 2017!

    Lars's Bold Team is says lol
  5. EWB Fantasy Basketball 2017!

    I've logged in on EPSN but can't find my team name
  6. General Television Thread

    Guys! The new Ducktales started out fun but I'm getting annoyed by the fact that Webby seems to be the lead character. Almost no Scrooge. I kinda did like the last episode with the throwback to stuff from an old video tape I used to watch all the time with a particular DuckTales episode.
  7. Comic Book Films & TV

    Thanks guys! I might watch it after I've finished up Oz!
  8. General Television Thread

    Anyone else going to watch Mindhunter here?
  9. EWB Fantasy Basketball 2017!

    Sorry, I was asleep. My final pick will be Derrick Rose! @Pooker
  10. FIFA 18

    How do I get an grounded assist? It is the last one I need for all my daily objectives
  11. EWB Fantasy Basketball 2017!

    I'll take Steven Adams!
  12. The Anime Thread

    So with no more My Hero Academia episodes, I've decided to continue in the manga and holy shit. Can't wait for season 3.
  13. Comic Book Films & TV

    Is Gotham worth watching?
  14. Star Trek Discovery

    Best episode so far!
  15. EWB Fantasy Basketball 2017!

    Dario Saric! @Pooker