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  1. 01. BoJack Horseman 02. Barry 03. The Boys 04. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 05. The Rookie 06. South Park 07. My Hero Academia 08. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 09. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 10. The Deuce 11. Stranger Things 12. 9-1-1 13. The Unicorn 14. Seal Team 15. Attack on Titan Not yet caught up with One Piece, so that one might pop in next year!
  2. Watched all the episodes in a day. Great season so far! Might be rewatching the show when the final batch has been released! One of my favorite shows.
  3. Anyone caught up with the manga? It is so good right now!!!!!!
  4. MHA starts again this friday!
  5. Anyone seen the latest episode of IASIP? Great stuff!
  6. There is going to be a Office Podcast with Angela and Jenna! Can't wait to listen to those! They are going to talk about 1 episode each week in the order of the show!
  7. Which did you lot like better Hercules or Xena?
  8. Monster Madness has returned too!
  9. First episode of The Unicorn was decent! Always love Walton Goggins so I'll be following this show!
  10. THe latest Ducktales episode had a freaking DBZ REFERENCE!!! OVER 9000!!!!!!!
  11. Fuck One Piece, making me cry over a damn ship!
  12. The Boys is fucking amazing.
  13. We are almost at another epic fight in Black Clover!!!!!
  14. I didn;t find it that bad, and anyone I spoke too was entertained by it too.
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