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  1. You should give the Office another go! I always love to watch it!
  2. Luckily for me, there is so much catching up to do for me
  3. Anyone else reading Dr. Stone? Going to watch the first episode of the anime today! Never thought it was going to be animated already!
  4. Last Action Hero by far!
  5. I think I just wanted to like it that much but most episodes are such a drag to get through, at least for me! I like the original much more! But! Anyone still watching the new DuckTales? I love how they are building their world. Negaduck? DAAAMN!
  6. Season 1 of the Twilight Zone reboot was sooooo bad!
  7. What we do in the shadows was amazing again! Wesley Snipes on Skype? The daywalker lol
  8. AoT is almost on the air again!
  9. Mob Psycho Season 2 was great. Sad the show ended, now I'm collecting the manga!
  10. My high hopes for the Twilight Zone thus far has not been met! And, anyone else watching What We Do in the Shadows? I like it!
  11. NOHO HANK IS BACK! Great premiere for season 2 of Barry!
  12. 3 - 0 Tadic with 2 assists and 1 goal, why did Southhampton let him go? 3 - 1 . hopefully ajax will pull through Bow down for that freekick Madrid!
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