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  1. Him telling people he'll stuck his foot in their asses, never gets old. Anyway. halfway through Southland, really enjoying that show!
  2. I agree with all of those, but not the community one, he's portraying an elf. And if they really wanted to, just leave out those 45 seconds. The rest of the episode is so good.
  3. So I was scrolling through Netflix and I saw that community was missing the dungeons and dragon episode, is that because of the dark elf being portrayed by Chang? So that means the sunny lethal weapon will be gone too and Dwight Christmas down the line in the Office.
  4. Anyone here watched Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated? Such a good show!
  5. Monkey D. Lars

    The Flash

    So the guy who plays Ralph has been fired because of old tweets, now people want the actress who plays Caitlin to be fired because of her undermining the actress who plays Iris. Sorry, lazy to look up there names.
  6. Compared to other Ghibli films it was such a dud! And that's kind of all I remember too
  7. I bet you cried during Grave of the Fireflies! https://letterboxd.com/larziej/list/ranked-studio-ghibli/ these are the ones I've seen.
  8. Have you watched Grave of the Fireflies yet Jim? You should do a double watch with first the heavy hitter Grave of the Fireflies, followed up by the other Ghibli film from the same year, Totoro!
  9. It's Always Sunny has been renewed!
  10. Should have watched Do the Right Thing much earlier, but damn what a powerful film, loved seeing all those great actors, the message is amazing. Still troublesome to be honest that a film from the back end of the 80's is still relevant today.
  11. Glad you liked it! I liked it too! I think they are also rebooting the Wolfman with Ryan Gosling.
  12. I really enjoyed Justified's ending! Glad I rewatched the show earlier this year!
  13. Rewatching Hunter x Hunter again, also collected every volume so far. Hopefully Togashi will finish the story someday! Still the best out there. Love every character and the way their power system works. Chimera Ant arc is a must watch for every one. Such good story telling.
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