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  1. Nevermind. They looked great in the win of Indiana last night. They look like an actual team under Budenholzer.
  2. livid

    The 2018 Music Thread

    New Cloud Nothings is great, as expected.
  3. livid

    NFL 2018

    It would be a prorated amount of that salary now anyways and the pick wouldn't be very high. A team like New England or even Philly would definitely pay that price but he'd have to want to leave to begin with and that doesn't seem very likely.
  4. livid

    NFL 2018

    Arizona would be paying his dead cap hit, not the team acquiring him. I don't think he wants to leave though so it's a little moot.
  5. livid

    NFL 2018

    Lauletta isn't the immediate backup because they want a more seasoned guy to be the guy to go in if Eli gets hurt. If they're punting on the season at 1-7 they would start Lauletta to see if he's worth keeping around or not.
  6. Meet the new Bucks, same as the old Bucks. Glad to get the win but blowing a lead doesn't exactly scream "different team!"
  7. Checking out The Glitch Mob tonight mostly because it's at the newest venue in town and I'm really curious to check it out. Buddy of mine owed me some money too so he bought my ticket so basically going for free.
  8. Honestly, I've just been waiting to find a place to post this song.
  9. livid

    NFL 2018

    The Week 7 SNF game has been flexed out from 49ers/Rams to Chiefs/Bengals. Not surprising but still sucks since I can really only watch the 49ers if they're on national TV.
  10. I hate that I'm getting my hopes up for this.
  11. The show has a really good, really large ensemble but any time a great show loses a main cast member it sucks.
  12. He never really has. But now that the defense is...not good, he's on the field running for his life more.

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