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  1. The disrespect Dak gets is unreal at this point.
  2. Can't wait to see how wild the numbers are.
  3. We Got This Covered is trash, they just make shit up.
  4. When their Amazon deal was announced it would allow them to go up to 6 total seasons of it but Nolan seemed to back off on the idea that they have a specific amount of seasons in mind so they may be looking to wrap it up sooner than later.
  5. I am not overly familiar with the games but I enjoy Westworld more than most so I will definitely check it out. I didn't see another TV writer/producer attached so I'm curious if Joy and Nolan are meant to be running the whole thing or if they'll be supervising. If it is wholly their's, I would imagine Westworld will end sooner than later, which may be for the best. As much as I enjoy it, even I'm not sure how much story is actually left there.
  6. I would love for the 49ers to go all in and get him, extension or not.
  7. Not quite a done deal I guess but close it seems? I'm guessing they're trying to hammer out the money more than anything.
  8. They actually lose the accrued season if they're not there by the start of training camp so they wouldn't be eligible for unrestricted free agency or the franchise tag until a year after they normally would have. So in Cook's case, instead of being a UFA in 2021, it would be in 2022. Restricted free agents have very little leverage in the NFL. Because if the Vikings slap a 1st or 2nd rd tender on Cook whoever signs him (and the Vikings decline to match it) would have to give up that type of pick and that is likely not happening. But I also don't blame him for saying he's going to sit some things out until he has a contract because of COVID-19. Doesn't make sense to risk it if you don't have to.
  9. Just because they voted against it doesn't mean they don't want to play, they probably just wanted a different format.
  10. Yeah they absolutely crushed this one. I was a little worried when El-P said this was their most sample-heavy album but it might be their best production yet.
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