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  1. Pattinson or Hammer are the only choices.
  2. Bumping this since I forgot about it and 3 is amazing but also: May 2021
  3. Rick & Morty will be back in November.
  4. If they're not good at making the show without the source material for 13 episodes, what exactly makes you think they'd be good at doing it for 20?
  5. Which begs the question: why the hell would Drew Lock want to learn from Flacco anyways?
  6. I've actually been thinking recently that big things like Endgame and Game of Thrones, etc should maybe get their own spoilers threads so people that have seen it can talk without multiple pages of just spoiler boxes. Just a thought.
  7. Seahawks also cut Doug Baldwin and Kam Chancellor with failed physical designations. Both are pretty much retired at this point so the move saved them $9M.
  8. Just because mock drafts had him in the 1st doesn't mean that everybody thought that he was worth it, they just knew that a team dumb enough like the Giants would take him in the 1st. Also, nobody outright compared him to Tebow, I just said the situation was similar.
  9. It's Tim Tebow all over again. Except at least people liked Tebow.
  10. Well the Knicks don't.
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