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  1. I feel like the conversation around QBs has become either "he's the worst" or "he's the best", there's little to no acknowledgement of the inbetween that a lot of them fall into. Byproduct of the hyperbolic internet, I guess.
  2. Or whatever the fuck a Billiken is.
  3. It's a Netflix anthology series of animated shorts that cover sci fi, fantasy, horror, etc. that's produced by David Fincher and Tim Miller (Deadpool).
  4. livid

    Music hot takes

    New rap isn't shit, you just got old.
  5. I believe the Hulk movie rights are still owned by Universal.
  6. Dolphins send Ryan Tannehill and 2019 6th round pick to Titans for 4th round pick in 2020 and 7th round pick in 2019.
  7. James Gunn will return to Disney to direct Guardians 3 after he finishes Suicide Squad 2 for DC.
  8. But nah, Kaepernick never had a point.
  9. 49ers sign Jason Verrett, who could be a really valuable addition if he can stay healthy.
  10. I enjoyed Triple Frontier. It definitely doesn't fold out how you would expect it to.
  11. Is that supposed to be the Tyrell Williams news? lol Not bad. Pretty crowded backfield now but that's also pretty cheap so why not!?
  12. Almost surprising he wasn't chosen for Captain Marvel given how many movies he and Larson have worked on together.
  13. Don't you tell me what jokes are!
  14. At least it wasn't weeks later like @Lineker!

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