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  1. My #1 is surprising but the rest not as much. The Toxic Avenger TOOL Nine Inch Nails Mt. Joy Tame Impala Interestingly the only one of those artists to have a song in my Top 5 are Mt. Joy's "Silver Lining".
  2. livid

    NFL 2019

    I feel like a lot of Carolina's success is in spite of him, not because of him. He's not bad but I wouldn't go out of my way to hire him if I were a GM.
  3. Offering a contract to Jon Bon Jovi is a bold strategy...
  4. livid

    The Irishman

    I thought it was great. Didn't feel like 3.5 hours at all. Only paused once really almost exactly halfway to pee and that was it. I'm looking forward to watching it again.
  5. livid

    NFL 2019

    Looking at his contract structure, it's really not that bad after next season if they really wanted to cut bait. They would eat some dead money but they can still get from under it if they really need/want to. Ideally they'd want to stick it out until at least 2021 where savings would be even greater but not impossible to move on before then. Though I am curious if they talk about restructuring so they can sign Ramsey. The bigger issue, like you said though, is that they did this while also sacrificing other assets that could help them ease the blow that it may make on the organization by being hampered by the deal.
  6. livid

    NFL 2019

    Yes. Yes they are! Last night was great too because I invited all my friends (Packers fans) over. I was not humble.
  7. livid

    Best OST

    Really just generally Ramin Djawadi is a genius
  8. Another update: John Turturro is Carmine Falcone
  9. livid

    NFL 2019

    Carlisle Loyd always wraps a sweater around his neck too
  10. Ahh yes the internet in 2019. It's so fun isn't it?
  11. livid

    Sneaky Pete

    English I think but you may be a better judge of that lol
  12. This show keeps getting better and better, though. This week's episode was fantastic.
  13. livid

    Sneaky Pete

    It's a fun show! You will be happy to know it ends well. They probably knew going into the third season that it was going to end.
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