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  1. Really looking forward to their mixtape next month.
  2. I think the people that argue that super teams are ruining the NBA need to take a look at NBA history a little closer. They're nothing new and parity isn't something that has ever really existed in the league. Nevermind the fact that shaming a player like Durant for leaving OKC to a place he'd rather play is hypocritical because it's not a standard you hold yourself to so why hold him to it? If you don't like your job situation, find a new one. Why can't athletes do the same?
  3. I want Golden State to win all the way. I would like to see Durant's decision to leave OKC justified because I've always liked him and would like to see him get the thing that's alluded him to this point, even if it is by joining a team like the Warriors. It doesn't hurt that I just enjoy the way they play basketball.
  4. Actually, I read that it wasn't script issues but that another project got greenlit so it caused scheduling conflicts. He left Gambit because he didn't like the script, though.
  5. It's not bad but unless you can get movie tickets cheap (we can get them $5 on certain days), you're probably best off waiting to stream it.
  6. Yeah when Scott decided he wanted to do Covenant it got scrapped. Apparently there isn't even a script for it so it wasn't very far along at the time anyways.
  7. I didn't mind Covenant. Granted I'm not a huge fan of the Alien franchise so I don't hold it very precious but I thought it was fine. Between that and The Martian, I'm just glad he's competently directing movies again because he has been a bit of a mess the past 10 years.
  8. I love Tom Hardy but Ruben Fleischer directing worries me. He's just been doing random network sitcoms since Gangster Squad...
  9. Does it though? Based on how he played last year, I'm not really convinced.
  10. This season hasn't been *terrible* but I don't know if it's just that my patience for 22 episode season is waning or what but it's hard not to feel like they're just spinning their wheels for 80% of the season. Which can work if what they're doing is interesting but it's been paced fairly poorly to me and ultimately the filler hasn't been as entertaining as in year's past. I'll probably be back next season (it usually takes me awhile to actually decide to drop something), I'm just frustrated by this season. Either way, the show is dire need of a shakeup structurally.
  11. They also said that about Supergirl and look what happened. There are built-in ways for them to be able to change their mind later if they choose.
  12. To an extent, yes. It's just honestly surprising considering how many people are fond of KAT. That and it's a bit odd to blame it on being in a small market when Giannis is 2nd Team All-NBA. At the end of the day it's mostly arbitrary because it's based on people's opinions, just odd that KAT fell victim to it than anybody else, though I guess the one thing every single player chosen has in common is that their team made the playoffs.
  13. Don't give them any ideas.
  14. That shouldn't really affect sportswriters.
  15. I think I'm about done with the series for awhile, depending on what happens in the finale. This episode wasn't bad but I have a feeling it won't matter in a week.