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  1. General Movie Thread

    The Safdie brothers (Good Time) are remaking 48 Hrs. with Jerrod Carmichael attached. I still need to see Good Time but have heard good things. Carmichael is great though so it's nice to hear him get a decent film project.
  2. General Television Thread

    Ahh I thought maybe the Mr Robot thing suggested you might have Amazon as Justified and Sneaky Pete are both on there.
  3. General Television Thread

    @tristy Are you familiar with our Lords & Saviors, Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder? Mr. Robot is a good one though, it's really rebounded again in season 3. I would also suggest Sneaky Pete if you have already watched Justified. Even if you haven't because it's good on it's own but it definitely fills the Justified hole in your heart after you finish that.
  4. General Movie Thread

    This looks really good.
  5. Official Rap Thread (Reprise)

    Brockhampton days are back @LittleDaniel
  6. The Star Wars Thread

    I actually agree, though to a lesser extent with The Force Awakens. It's not bad but I'm really only interested in The Last Jedi because Rian Johnson's directing.
  7. 2017 MLB Thread

    I think he just wanted to go by his given first name so he could rep his heritage, etc.
  8. 2017 MLB Thread

    He went by Mike before and yeah, likely Harper gets more money.
  9. General Television Thread

    The plan is to apparently do movie specials periodically. They want to a full on Halloween one next.
  10. General Television Thread

    Yeah I loved it but it just made me miss the show that much more!
  11. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Also. he becomes tradeable again just before the trade deadline so they could package him and Amir Johnson if they go after anybody with a larger salary at the deadline. Now I await to see if the Bucks overpay for DeAndre Jordan or wait until there are no viable alternatives for the Clippers.
  12. 2017 MLB Thread

  13. Official Rap Thread (Reprise)

    Wayyyyy better than the first song released for this album. The chorus isn't great, though.
  14. General Movie Thread

    Oh I get that but with how homogenized Hollywood is these days, I'm willing to see where it goes even it ends up being bad. At least it's something different.
  15. General Movie Thread

    It makes sense. Sony's desperate to get something out of that franchise after increasingly disappointing box office results and he has the clout of a guy who chose them over every other studio courting him so why not see what you get out of it? I think the surprising thing is that he was even interested. He's talked about wanting to do a sci fi movie for awhile but I figured it'd be something wholly his own.