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  1. Can't lie, I enjoyed beating @damsher hatfield with his team's own QB!
  2. livid

    NFL 2019

    I also wouldn't say that the Saints season is fucked. The NFC South is a shit show and they could do a hell of a lot worse than Teddy Bridgewater. He didn't look particularly great but probably wasn't super prepared and the Rams defense is pretty good.
  3. livid

    NFL 2019

    For sure. A lot of them are rich so of course they'd side with the guy that's all for benefitting the rich.
  4. I mean, their defense is usually sought after!
  5. livid

    NFL 2019

    He is the starter but obviously they needed a backup now/some insurance if Minshew also gets hurt. Kinda bummed they didn't take CJ Beathard off the 49ers hands though!
  6. @Lineker and I burnin' the house down with our high scoring match-up! ...with Lamar Jackson on my bench
  7. IT 2 is good but wayyyyyyy too long. They definitely didn't need a large chunk of the second act. The adult cast is great but Hader definitely stands out.
  8. livid

    NFL 2019

    I have Robbie Gould and AB on a team and named it Goulden Brown Crackers.
  9. livid

    NFL 2019

    I was thinking the same thing earlier actually
  10. livid

    NFL 2019

    Well this is a crazy stat...
  11. livid

    NFL 2019

    He certainly did for Zeke...
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