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  1. Continuing the Silicon Valley discussion...
  2. For real though, I am a fan of that Smith pick and it will be amazing that the Mavs actually have a decent PG again.
  3. Easy. They suck
  4. A really great day for music between Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples and The Underside of Power by Algiers.
  5. Last I heard the Suns' unwillingness to include Booker had derailed those talks.
  6. Ron Howard will be taking over.
  7. I don't know that people wouldn't have been happy with the result they would have gotten since a lot of people seemed psyched when they were announced as the directors. Personally, a bit of a departure from the formula is a welcome thing as in order for them not to get stale and actually create a universe off of the property, they have to vary a bit.
  8. Only a little over 4 weeks away!
  9. Yeah I was actually quite looking forward to their stamp being put on a Han Solo movie.
  10. I guess maybe they assumed Lord & Miller would fall in line more than they did but how did they not expect that two comedy directors would ad-lib for comedy sake? Why hire them if that's not what you wanted them to bring to the table?
  11. Apparently the biggest disagreement was regarding bringing someone else in to help during reshoots and they balked. Still, though, why not just let them finish out the stuff they had left after shooting for 5 months? Strange.
  12. This song is way better than the first released from this album.
  13. Oh god, Weeds. How could I forget about that one? I guess House of Cards would qualify. I had some fun even through Season 4 but I haven't even gotten around to watching any of Season 5 and honestly don't really have that much of an inkling. I think it may have overstayed it's welcome, even for me.
  14. It certainly does not. Zemeckis would be a bit of an odd choice after Lord/Miller.