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  1. So are you going to follow them to Vegas or look to be a fan of another California team?
  2. I liked all four but yeah, "Ascension" is the best. Vince Staples is so good. Also, add me to the list that can't wait to hear what Danny Brown does with them because he's the best.
  3. I was going to mention that earlier - I haven't heard anything about what he's asking for so the argument that he hasn't been signed yet because of what he's asking for seems disingenuous to me.
  4. Nah he's just not that good.
  5. Yeah the onus for the stigma falls more on the fans who are willing to boycott the product over him not standing for the National Anthem instead of players beating their wives. A lot of owners naturally lean conservative since they're (mostly) rich white men but they wouldn't care if fans didn't care as much. I do think the effect of those fans is largely overstated but it's enough that the owners feel worried about it.
  6. That's very possible, I honestly just chalk it up to me being a Matthew Vaughn fanboy more than anything, really.
  7. I'm an episode behind but yeah, Legion is amazing. It will easily be in my Top 5 by the end of the year.
  8. It's a tad overrated but it's not bad. Does not hold a candle to First Class in terms of full-team X-Men movies, though. I do agree that Singer should be done with the franchise though, he's overstayed his welcome by a lot.
  9. I never pick Louisville to go far because every year I do they end up busting my bracket. Glad that my fear was justified this season!
  10. DiMarco went to Buffalo. Kyle Juszczyk went to San Fran.
  11. Never root for the Dark Side, guys. Jeez.
  12. Alan Sepinwall and/or Chris Ryan from The Ringer, really. If either (or both) give their seal of approval I generally won't be disappointed.
  13. Yes they still have Prosise, meaning Rawls might end up being the odd man out since they drafted Prosise in the 3rd round last year.
  14. And it's also his prerogative when to sit players and when not to. It sucks for fans but he has a team to run, with the objective of winning a championship and not placating to fans. That's the risk fans will run when buying tickets for games in March. And honestly, any Spurs fan should be more prepared than anybody else for the possibility of team resting players since Popovich does it all the time.