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  1. Unfortunately it's the last of them for a bit, unless something new bombs. Which seems likely but still, it's dumb that they didn't schedule the second half at all.
  2. Archer, on the other hand, is still fantastic. Heh, I just noticed I have Luke Cage on there twice. Uhhh, not even sure what would take its place at the moment.
  3. Thanks for keeping this open @GoGo Yubari! 1. BoJack Horseman 2. Stranger Things 3. Game of Thrones 4. Daredevil 5. Atlanta 6. Archer 7. The Night Of 8. Silicon Valley 9. The Flash 10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 11. Mr. Robot 12. Westworld 13. Luke Cage 14. Agents of SHIELD 15. Luke Cage Instead of an honorable mentions, I'll just lament the shows that I never got around to watching that I really should: Better Call Saul, You're the Worst, The Americans, Quarry, Berlin Station - all of which I've heard good things but do not have the time to watch them like I used to. I need to correct a couple of those sooner than later.
  4. Another year, another surprising playoff run. Can I make it all the way to the championship again this year?
  5. Do it, it's good. Suicide Squad wasn't quite as bad the reviews implied but it's definitely disjointed and feels like too many hands in the cookie jar. I think if they scaled it back a bit, it could have been a much better movie but I didn't hate it.
  6. Devontae Booker, RB, Broncos @damshow
  7. Chandler Catanzaro, K, Cardinals @Lint
  8. The Night Of was really good. At times slow in pace it ends up paying off because it helps build the tone and atmosphere. Without it I'm not sure that the finale would have been as good so what seemed strange at first ended up working out in the end. It will be interesting to see if HBO wants to do more because they may be a little gun shy after True Detective season 2 but I find it hard to believe they won't at least try.
  9. Raiders defense @damshow
  10. Jared Cook, TE, Packers @Lint
  11. Jimmy G, QB, Patriots @damshow
  12. Laquon Treadwell, WR, Vikings @Lint
  13. Hey, they're fantastic if you're an NCAA team in 2011! And I mean, they're not the greatest but none of them are Master of the Butt Fumble so ya' know, don't chuckle too hard.