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  1. livid

    The 2018 Music Thread

    Pleasantly surprised this isn't awful!
  2. With the Lance Armstrong defense. "I have passed hundreds of tests without a positive sample" Like...ok? That doesn't mean you didn't take something to get popped for it now, conveniently coming off of an ACL tear...
  3. This looks amazing!
  4. The Sixers and Bryan Colangelo have agreed to part ways.
  5. Honestly, the hate he gets makes me love Draymond even more. Like, I get that he's a dick but we haven't had one of those in the NBA in a bit.
  6. It was never a prequel series, it's just a different version of the story.
  7. Both of these look really good!
  8. How Did This Get Made was super fun live! Related: Hurricane Heist is an awful movie.
  9. I don't even have a problem with Kanye, I just haven't found the album particularly engaging.
  10. And a lot better than the Kanye album.
  11. Yeah it's a fun show but I'm wary of it continuing without Riggs. Apparently the new character will be his brother so it's still "Riggs and Murtaugh" but I'm still not sure how I feel about that.
  12. They will because I have a hard time believing it still won't make a bunch of money overseas. Saw it last night. It was fine but nothing particularly great about it other than Donald Glover's charisma.
  13. What is Bryan Colangelo doing?
  14. Roseanne has also now been dropped by her agency, ICM Partners.
  15. I love this in part because she basically took a flamethrower to what the networks were planning the next couple years. I can't imagine they'll be as willing to jump in on the right-leaning stuff as much as they were the day they saw the ratings the Roseanne reboot was getting.

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