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  1. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    0-12 Planning on going to this.
  2. RIP Jim Nabors

    I had always hoped that this would happen again.
  3. Fuck Auburn.

    1. SantaCarlito


      Yeah and fuck Magenta too. Stupid colors can't decide what they want to be. Just be brown or red or pink already and stop confusing me......Oh, you were talking about something else weren't you?

  4. Formula One 2017

    Did Glock choose to stay out or did Toyota make him stay out at Brazil?
  5. 2017 NFL Season Thread

  6. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    https://deadspin.com/man-united-exploit-teenage-boner-for-victory-1819662779 WHO OK'D THIS HEADLINE???
  7. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Joe Thomas is out with a left arm injury. 10,363 consecutive snaps. We have nothing left to give to the football gods.
  8. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    For fucks fucked fucking sake:
  9. Formula One 2017

    ESPN is a shit channel now, but people know where on the dial it is. Compare that to NBCSN which is down with TNA channels.
  10. Formula One 2017

    F1 to ESPN starting next year. http://www.espn.com/f1/story/_/id/20912083/espn-secures-us-formula-one-rights-2018
  11. Tom Petty Has Passed

  12. Favorite TV Show themes

  13. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    The Factory of Sadness is open for business.
  14. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Cleveland Browns. 2017 NFL Preseason champions.