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  1. If this pans out, who needs Dez?
  2. I bet <yet to be mentioned former Browns starter> has some tread on the tires.
  3. Not at all. If you look at last year, both Pittsburgh games were one special teams play away from Browns wins. Couple that with the North being down this season and there's three, maybe four divisional wins.(I AM NOT SAYING WE SWEEP THE STEELERS) We can take the Jets at home and maybe the Bucs on the road. There's five or six wins. We get the Chargers or Broncos too? There's the parade.
  4. Mayfield looks ok. 5 or 6 wins and Hue keeps his job. If we sneak a 7th, Hue gets a parade.
  5. TBF, Henry Rollins makes most things better.
  6. The entire series Revolution. Two full seasons of nothing but "I'll give you one chance; but if you fuck me.."
  7. Coleman is not a number one. If Callaway impresses, Coleman is as good as gone.
  8. When I first started two years ago, the first pokemon to spawn after my starter was a Scyther. The game crashed as I was trying to catch it and I never saw another one. Until just now.
  9. Curveballs add a couple ticks of chance to making the catch. Personally, I go clockwise and flick to just above the berry icon. Usually works for me, YMMV.
  10. TBF, the Williams is a shitbox. As for Lance, he is a........serviceable driver that probably should have went through GP2 and 3
  11. Oh absolutely. Rather this than self medicating his anxiety.

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