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  1. Songs that "Disco"?

    It took far too long for this to show up. Shame, EWB.
  2. Pretty sure sarahah was created by a guy who didn't have the balls to tell a woman that he was interested.

  3. I like my jokes like I like my women. Flat.

  4. Formula One 2017

    TBF, Stewart-Haas only switched to Ford this season. They were a Chevrolet team from 2004.
  5. Formula One 2017

    Jesus that thing is hideous.
  6. 2017 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Myles Garrett has a sprained foot and the ride never ends.
  7. Random Music Thoughts

    Sign of the Times is one of those songs that is going to make Top 40 "forever" playlists and there isn't anything that we can do about it.
  8. Is this some sort of game to you?

  9. How to improve your sport

  10. All day long the poor guy's been watching helicopters and tomato sauce.

  11. I will never get bingo.

    1. StupidSexyFlanders


      Not with that attitude.

    2. Broken Cloyd

      Broken Cloyd

      Get bingo or "get" bingo?

    3. Benji


      You sunk my battleship.

  12. How to improve your sport

    Without her, NASCAR loses a sizeable chunk of its new core audience of millennials and other assorted types who don't give a shit. Same reason Massa is still in F1.
  13. How to improve your sport

    Baseball 10 run mercy rule after the seventh inning. Ninety second at bat clock. After that, the batter is awarded first base. After twelve innings, PK style home run challenge. NFL Swipe NCAA overtime rules. NASCAR Fire Brian France Revert scoring to 2003 rules. Eliminate 40% of the "cookie cutter" tracks and replace them with road courses and short tracks. Hockey & Soccer Full game Multiball/puck! F1 Doesn't matter. MWL.
  14. 2017 NFL Off-Season Thread

    What. The fuck. Is Chicago doing?? @New Year New Srar!