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  1. love the outfit. I see people bitching about Bunny Day eggs and stuff, but I legit just crafted all the items with the eggs and cashed it in for like 20K bells, so I am not mad. Also, the balloons are cute, so I gave them to a bunch of villagers. My villagers so far are Boots (muscle gay Alligator), Apple (YASS QWEEN), Clyde (aloof horse, but cute), Frita (I hate her), and Merengue (make up and outfit on point).
  2. My kids literally only care when people are being hit in the movies. So long as there is hitting in the movies we are good.
  3. Update: We put on the Avengers for the kids. They loved it. My daughter (7) was lovely and kept saying Thor had the Force when he would bring his hammer to himself.
  4. RPS

    The 2020 Music Thread

    Dua Lipa. Holy shit. Pop excellence.
  5. none of the late avenger movies? or just the 1st?
  6. I'm just finishing the Star Wars trilogy with my 5 and 7 year. Being couped up, I want to show them some Marvel movies. But there are so many, my kids will not be able to watch them all and some are probably just not good or age appropriate. So EWB, tell me: what are the 8 best Marvel movies to watch with my kids. I have seen a few Marvel movies, but I'm pretty open on what we watch. So what are the 8 best, age appropriate Marvel movies to watch with my kids?
  7. No. It is a stand alone VR headset with it's own store front from Oculus. Games are limited and it very much reminds me of early PC gaming on DOS. There is no BOTW or God of War or Read Dead, but bite sized experiences. It is comparable to the cellphone VR experiences available now. It is very much on par with what your phone could produce power wise for the games. That being said, it is a great bite sized experience. I play it for 40 mins to an hour and I'm good.
  8. I did not do a search of it, but damn the Leftovers is a great fucking series.
  9. Oculus Go is great. I paid $200, no wires or nothing. It lacks power, but it is great for an hour escape.
  10. Picking up an Oculus Go was a great idea now that I'm restricting my going out.
  11. RPS

    The 2020 Music Thread

    Nicolas Jaar has a new album on the 28th. The first single is incredible.
  12. RPS

    The 2020 Music Thread

    Lady Gaga's return to music and music videos is so welcomed.
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