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  1. RPS

    Survivor Rewatch

    I liked Bi for the domestic violence stuff. episode 2 was good but i felt Jessica's story was untold.
  2. RPS

    Survivor Rewatch

    I watched episode 1. I was a big fan of Natalie, Mike, John, Bi, Davies, Elizabeth and Lyrsa.
  3. you played pc before?
  4. RPS

    Survivor Rewatch

    @Ms. Canadian Destroyer are you watching the new season and did you apply to be on 39.
  5. been busy daddying ill send this tonight.
  6. I can't answer the question as I cannot remember, so I'll pose a different one. Favorite game from each console/handheld you ever owned. Switch: Into the Breach PS4: Until Dawn 3DS: Pokemon Sun WiiU: Super Mario 3D World PS3: Tokyo Jungle Wii: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gamecube: Pikmin 2 PS2: WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain N64: Mario 64 Sega Saturn: Dragon Force Gameboy: Pokemon Blue SNES: Yoshi's Island NES: Mario 3 PC: The Binding of Isaac
  7. Got 7 Days to Die for the PC in the Humble Bundle but I already got it. Free to a good home.
  8. I want to see a Star is Born very badly.
  9. I loved my WiiU. Just needed more game support. The Switch had amazing indie support. That is what the WiiU needed.
  10. My husband loved it. As a wrestling fan, I did not enjoy it. I felt as though it was not a real wrestling show. The episode as presented kind of represented what a wrestling show may look like, but it just missed the mark.
  11. it is. I bought it on PC but it's so much better on Switch. Because the stakes are so high, it's nice to boot it up, do one mission and quit. You can technically do it on the PC, but so much easier to do on Switch.
  12. Into The Breach is great. I'm a big fan.
  13. Saints Row 3 was the most well received and the best games of the bunch, so probably just went with the one they thought would sell the most.

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