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  1. Mimi Imfurst has to be the most annoying contestant to ever appear on the show.
  2. I am rewatching the old seasons. Season 2 was so good. Even though everyone was a bit rough around the edges, it worked. I thought Tyra was overrated and Raven deserved to win. The jump from season 2 to 3 is huge. The fashion, production values and challenges are bigger and bolder. But like the first four out of the season I have no recollection of them existing. I am pumped for All Stars 4. Not a single dud on the cast and so many great personalities.
  3. My top song was RuPaul Call Me Mother. Second was This is What You Came For by Rihanna and Calvin Harris. Third was Los Ageless by St. Vincent. Four was Green Light by Lorde. Fifth was Hangout at the Gallows by Father John Misty. I don't know how to make that graphic, but my music listening is weird.
  4. Jigglypuff is definitely a character that is not great when you first play, but if you get the knack of Pound and Rollout, he is great. Sing and Rest are also very good.
  5. I main Jiggly. I think he is great!
  6. Given your intent, Ollie's list is great. But the Witness is a revelation.
  7. what are you looking for in an indie game?
  8. The Binding of Isaac and Risk of Rain are great rogue like. I am a believer that Isaac is one of the greatest games ever. Spelunky is also one people recommend but I never connected to. Ditto Enter the Gungeon. Nuclear Throne is a great rogue like but I hear it sucks on PS4. The Witness is amazing. Complex puzzle game. Shovel Knight is a great take on Mega Man like platformers. I am not a fan. Super Meat Boy is a super tough platformer. I am not a fan but others are. Undertale is a bullet hell meets RPG. Great story. Broforce is a great contra throwback. Pyre is a 3 v 3 basketball monster game. I recommend. Stardew Valley is a great farming sim.
  9. We watched Despicable Me this weekend and my husband was Gru and me the Minions according to my kids. So I am Rose Minion.
  10. I made my list forgetting my better half got Spiderman this week. It looks fun and arcadey.
  11. I think BOTW just handles the limitation better. It is up front about why you are restricted and it makes sense. If you jump off island in the sky, you die. Someone has something to get you off the island, you just need to do four tasks. With Origins, I was walking around for 5 minutes and all of the sudden I am being warped back to where I started. I was praising RDR2 more so for it being completely reactive. It seems like everything in the world matters, from what you to do to what other people do.

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