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  1. I don't have time to Google this shit. Assume Pichu is barely legal and Sonic has aged twenty years.
  2. 😧 It is weird to rank the humans, so here is my list of Smash characters that I would smash from most smashable to least: Bowser Pikachu Squirtle King Dede Kirby Donkey Kong Yoshi Jigglypuff PacMan King K Krool Ridley ROB Greninja Lucario Ganondorf Bowser Jr. Ivysaur Falco Mewtwo Fox Meta Knight Pichu Diddy Kong Charizard Sonic Mr. Game and Watch Wolf
  3. I'm old. Don't shame me for not knowing how Twitter works.
  4. It should be a Nintendo dating sim featuring all the characters in Smash Bros. You should also be able to have the characters procreate and make babies that look like a combination of the two characters. Like for example, what if Kirby and Princess Peach got married and had three babies?
  5. Truthfully, Season 4 would be my number two answer. I believe Breaking Bad is the greatest TV show that has ever aired. I just think the bleakness and hopelessness of the characters is riveting TV. Up until the last season, there was this manic energy to each character. In season 5, you know the entire season that this is not ending well for these characters you have grown to care about. It's great. To piggyback on GoGo, in terms of a comedy I would have to say Girls Season 1. I am not a huge fan of the later seasons but I think the first season is such a great satire of being young and privileged in the 21st century.
  6. Damages Season 2. The first season of Damages was really good. They tried to recreate the magic but the writing was absolute dog shit. The villain joins the good guys for zero reason. Season 6 Walking Dead. The show was not great up until this point. But it became nonsensical and forced this season. The walker horde, Jesse storyline, the deaths of new characters we barely know. Awful.
  7. @iAmRockyFeller you are a good guy.
  8. Great deception board games? Have the Resistance.
  9. it's funny because I see it critiqued for both being so conventionally Star Wars and that it deviated too much from convention. I thought it was a mix of new and old. I loved the risks and chances they took with cinematography. it felt really new in the way it was shot. as a movie, it was too long and there were some really bizarre comedy bits (Luke milking the creature, drinking it and having a green milk moustache was fucking surreal and bizarre). but the rey/kylo bits, the imagery, the set pieces and the cinematography was peak Star Wars. just should have cut 30 minutes from the front half.
  10. can someone please succinctly tell me why they disliked the last Jedi. I had two issues with the movie - some of the humor was very non Star Wars and it was a little bloated. but i can't see why someone would hate the movie.

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