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  1. Check it out. Think you would enjoy it. I already have a copy of it on Steam and got a free copy on Humble Bundle monthly. Let me know and I'll DM it to you.
  2. @Meacon do you have Slay the Spire for PC?
  3. RPS

    Music hot takes

    Did you listen to her newest one? It is really good too.
  4. What song would you lip sync too?
  5. RPS

    Music hot takes

    You would love Ariana Grande.
  6. 1 and 2 have local coop, as well.
  7. That is sometimes a good thing. There are lots of classic gaming types that need to return to the fold, especially in the indie world. So many Metroidvania/Roguelites.
  8. RPS

    The 2019 Music Thread

    India Jordan's EP DONT STP MY LV is a really great listen. Techno music that almost borders onto house.
  9. I never found the games enjoyable. I was always a Nintendo kid, but I just never understood how someone spent so much time playing Sonic games. The graphics were always great, though.
  10. I actually thought about listing Tetris, haha. To me, the visual aesthetic is super important in a game and Tetris aesthetic has always been a blah for me.
  11. Sure lots of people would. Depends on what your criteria for best game is. Tetris has no story. If you value story in a game, Tetris is not your game. If you value a simple game loop that is easy to understand, but difficult to master, I cannot think of a better game than Tetris. Games are an experience that requires you to engage with them. Being intuitive and accessible are hugely significant factors for me in determining what is the best.
  12. RPS

    Music hot takes

    I think there are the indisputable hits that are iconic and crack the zeitgeist - like Hey Jude or Billie Jean or I Will Always Love You. Songs that will exist forever and are transcendent. But there are those type of songs that exists for people who follow other genres. Like every punk fan has heard Blitzkrieg Bop and it is iconic for them. Every rock fan can probably hum the lyrics to Seven Nation Army. Every person who is into dance music probably knows Sandstorm. It is still an impressive feat, but it is still incredible that people listen to Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You every single year.
  13. Name a game as intuitive, accessible and fun as Tetris. If I gave my daughter Tetris, she would learn the game in 5 minutes.
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