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  1. RPS

    The 2019 Music Thread

    The new Chemical Brothers album is fucking amazing.
  2. Yes mama. That is fucking awful.
  3. Stealth your way past some of the battles as there are easier ones past. Upgrade your stealth guns. If you kill someone in one turn and they are not in another enemy's circle, you remain undisturbed. Find enemies that walk around the map and ice them in one turn.
  4. Cool. There are a few cool twists that impact gameplay that are not expected.
  5. I played on baby-baby mode. They are releasing DLC in June. My guess is that the DLC and/or a sequel would improve the skill tree and flush the game out a bit. How much do you know regarding the story?
  6. Big fan of this game. I am at level 27 (?). Early on I tended to not understand the stealth aspect of it. Once you do, you realize that it is best to upgrade silent weapons and to tend towards upgrades valuing stealth and critical hits.
  7. I do not believe if Rey was going to be a Skywalker, they would indicate it so blatantly in the title.
  8. I do not love Baba is You. It is fine. I don't think it is clever so much as designed in a very particular way. It at times feels very linear and forced for a puzzle game. I absolutely did not like being hard locked to certain rules.
  9. RPS

    The 2019 Music Thread

    This Life by Vampire Weekend is extraordinary.
  10. RPS

    The 2019 Music Thread

    Wow. I feel old. I saw them tour off Banquet and it was a great live show.
  11. Too young. My youngest just wants to hold the buttons and press them and she is 2.
  12. Kirby is the best game to get your kids into gaming.
  13. Those were certainly some judging choices. Silky belonged in the bottom 2. Brooke/Yvie should have been safe. Scarlett should have been top.
  14. RPS

    The 2019 Music Thread

    Ariana Grande's new album was great. So was the CHAI album. The Powder mixtape Powder in Space is fucking excellent too.
  15. Reasons for 3DS Cheaper (both system and games) You get access to not only 3DS games, but DS games Deeper 1st and 2nd party Nintendo catalogue Excels in niche genres (JRPGs, puzzle games) 3DS is more durable Reasons for Switch Better tech, meaning games look and run better Has an incredible line-up of indie games; Has an interesting line-up of third party titles (some with questionable quality) Nothing on 3DS is anywhere near the quality of Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 and Breath of the Wild (I know you say you never cared for Zelda, but BOTW is amazing) Switch is hot right now and you may regret buying a handheld console nobody is talking or playing anymore. Nintendo's first and second party studios are going to crank out Switch games because they no longer have to spread between a handheld and traditional console. Switch is hot and as a result, a lot of great games go on sale. I personally feel like a 3DS is a bad investment, but that is because I have not played mine since I got my Switch.
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