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  1. "It's only awkward if you fucking him too"
  2. Check out Body Talk. It is great. Pitchfork is mainly for indie rock, electronic, hip hop and pop. They tend to underrate pop punk and emo. There readers are only interested in pop punk or emo albums that are attempting to crossover.
  3. My kids actually dislike them..
  4. Controllers suck for small kids. Wii motes rule. My 3 year old can play Wii. My 5 and 7 year old can play Switch games.
  5. Breath of The Wild, the Walking Dead Season 1, the Binding of Isaac, Overwatch and Slay the Spire.
  6. Missed that. JFN is a treasure.
  7. I have played Papers Please, Rocket League, Burnout 3 Takedown, Overwatch, Gears of War 2, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, Smash Bros Melee, Spelunky, Call of Duty 4: MW, Wii Sports, Guitar Hero, Left 4 Dead, Mario Kart 8, Fortnite, GTA IV, Marjora's Mask, The Sims, Resident Evil 4, Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, Portal 2, Halo, GTA V, Half Life 2, BOTW and Minecraft while I have also watched my better half play Dead Space, God of War, and the Last of Us. Broad thoughts: I think this list is more of a discussion point for games in the 21st century, rather than a definitive list of the best games. They have opted to pick the most known of the games in a franchise. For example, why the Sims and the not the superior sequel? Why the original Halo? Why that entry in the COD? Left 4 Dead over Left 4 Dead 2? Probably because those are the most experienced versions of the game rather than them being the best of that offering. Best is such a nebulous term for a game list. With music, the basis by which we assess music is by auditory enjoyment. There is no analog in music. I could have a game on the list because of sound design, story, game-play, atmosphere or a combination of all three. It seems weird to rank the games in order from 1-50. It almost should be an unranked list. How does one compare Portal 2 to Wii Sports? Related to above, it is weird to have Minecraft above BOTW or Portal 2. Not saying it is wrong. Just feels strange. Minecraft is probably more "fun" than BOTW or Portal 2, but is it a better experience? Not a rhetorical question, just me asking. Only one Mario platform? Where the fuck is Galaxy? Walking Dead Season 1 belongs on the list. Of the list, I think that the two games I would remove having known enough about the games is Last of Us and Skyrim. I have never enjoyed the gameplay of the Naughty Dog Uncharted/Last of Us style. I played an hour of Uncharted 1 and thought the game play sucked. I watched my better half play Last of Us and thought it was immensely overrated. On the flipside, I think the Skyrim games encapsulate every problem with open world games - lots to do, nothing is fun, and lacks any worthwhile depth. I know this is controversial! Indie games are shafted on the list. I don't believe Spelunky ultimately belongs there, but how the fuck is the Witness or FTL not included here?
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/sep/19/50-best-video-games-of-the-21st-century Thoughts?
  9. I am meh on Radiohead, but In Rainbow is great.
  10. RPS


    My daughter is playing Ultra Sun and she has caught so many Pokemon and she will ask "who is this ones name?" I know the original 151, but some of them I am like "fuck if I know"
  11. Cannot mess with my head. Also, our lists are completely different, but lots of overlap. The Strokes, Arcade Fire and Janelle Monae I strongly considered putting in those respected years. Also, it is interesting to me that your first half of the century trends more rock and the second half more pop and definitely more female focused, which is definitely true of my list as well. I think the 2000s will be remembered as rock musics last gasp of ongoing relevance. Consider this - would a debut album by a rock band break anyone's top 10 list for this decade? Maybe, but highly unlikely. I can't even think of a new rock band who has come around this decade. The big and notable releases in the rock world were from bands who came to relevance a decade ago. On the flip side, our current decade will definitely be remembered as the time period by which pop, r&b and hip hop really began to become lauded over rock music. Rock music is irrelevant. House and electronic music are dirty words because it got appropriated. Really, the most culturally relevant genres are pop, r&B and hip hop.
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