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  1. RuPaul's Drag Race

    I actually thought after that last episode that Kennedy deserved to win over Trixie. She killed it.
  2. RuPaul's Drag Race

    @Ms. Canadian Destroyer did you watch? Shangela was robbed. Trixie is a great drag queen but not great at Drag Race. Trixie was the one I wanted to win the least.
  3. Lip Sync For Your Life

    A hostile force invades where you live. They tell you that you will be in trouble, unless you lip sync for your life. You need to pick a song to that you know all the lyrics to and you need to lip sync the song OR ELSE you die. What song you sing?
  4. Nintendo Megathread

    I actually didn't mind this in the game because I found I was OP with overwatch. Nintendo nindies event Tuesday.
  5. This show actually deeply impacted me in a way that I did not think it would. As some of you are aware, I am in the process of adopting three wee ones. I am a gay guy, but I would describe myself as not an obvious feminine person and a lot of that comes down to working in "formal' profession where I wear a suit all day and there are expectations about my behavior. And this probably seems absurd from me, given my posts on here. But I do feel probably that a lot of my life, I am acting restrained. So I binge watched this season in 6 days. And watching Jonathan and how comfortable with himself was a revelation. I was just like "oh, right... it is okay to be a bit flamboyant and effeminate! Maybe I need to loosen up a bit". It is nice to have the media tell you "hey, look... you can be be a healthy mix of masculine and feminine and you can be well rounded". Also I dislike Antoni.
  6. General Gaming Thread

    I finished Steamworld Dig 2. That game was a lot shorter than I anticipated.
  7. Overwatch thread

    I'm a healer. Fuck you.
  8. Overwatch thread

    I tested her out in the PTR. I feel like she will get a nerf before she goes live. Who do you main Maxx, DFF?
  9. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Ben is insufferable.
  10. General Gaming Thread

    The second tag on the game is sexual content.
  11. General Gaming Thread

    No but I want to buy it. Name?
  12. General Gaming Thread

    Which is your game again?
  13. General Gaming Thread

    I'm a huge indie game fan... any overlooked gems I may have missed?
  14. General Gaming Thread

    Broforce is super fun. Underrated gem. That end game was so hard though.
  15. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Episode 3 of Drag Race All Stars is up there with Phi Phi getting sent home by Alyssa. I am a huge Kennedy fan and watching her get in that bus and drive that bus over Milk was great. Also, Ben is a terrible lip syncer and her run way looks are not great. I think she does one thing very good but is underwhelming everywhere else.