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  1. This song is also amazing and also super instrumental to the development of dance and house music. How audacious. She was an icon. Have you heard Donna Summers compilation The Dance Collection? It compiles all her twelve inches around that time and it is just 50 minutes of bliss.
  2. I Feel Love is my second favorite song of all time. It is transcendent. A lot of Donna Summers early records, in particular I Feel Love, are the birthplace of dance music as we know it today. I have posted this before, but house music (and really all dance music post 1977) was influenced by its origins. House music is short for bathhouse music. Bathhouses are saunas where gay men go to fuck. What we know of today is house music was created so people can fuck. Donna Summers and other artists (disco, house, Hi NRG artists) were the sounds of the bathhouse. It was performative; you needed to be able to fuck so it had to be repetitive, it needed a groove, and the vocals and singing was not the focal point but persistent. It needed to feel dirty and it needed to sound raw. Your lyrics needed to gravitate towards irony. Donna Summers can sing that she feels love, but everyone else wanted sex. Love was fine. Release was key and the goal. Get your audience off.
  3. my grandpa had an snes while he was getting chemo and would call me and my brother to come over to beat levels for him.
  4. RPS

    Random Music Thoughts

    I try not to think about it a lot because it is incredibly sad. I am probably a lot like other people in this thread that music is integral to my life and has shaped me. I probably have listened to Michael Jackson's Thriller 500 times in my life and I will likely never listen to it again.
  5. RPS

    Random Music Thoughts

    I literally made the same post 3 times, got finicky with what I was writing and deleted it. I loved Michael Jackson. I thought he was the greatest of all time. Finding Neverland was released and I have never gone out of my way to listen to him since. I don't think about his albums or his songs. I blacked them out in my mind. Thriller was my second favorite album of all time. I used to listen to it front to back. Now, it is a distant memory. There is no need to lionize Michael Jackson or Thriller. There are hundreds of thousands of great singers, song-writers, musicians, rappers, etc. Michael Jackson was a very good one. But he molested children. My mind will never separate Michael Jackson the artist from the the terrible things he did. It was not even a distinct choice I made where I announced loudly "I will never listen to Michael Jackson's music ever again". His songs stopped being added to my playlist. I skipped his albums. I hear the songs sometimes in public, but I fade out. Perhaps others can separate the music from the awful things he did. I don't think everyone else has to forget Michael Jackson's music. It is excellent and unparalleled. I just cannot listen to him any longer. It is not even about not supporting his legacy or providing his estate with money. I could torrent the albums and listen to them. But I will not. I don't think every artist who does something bad needs to be canceled or exiled from my memory. It is not all or nothing. But I just cannot unlearn the things I know about Michael Jackson.
  6. Does anyone know anything about Switch save files? My original Switch is not recognizing the SD card reader anymore. Every SD card is not readable. This happened after I dropped my Switch back in March. It is out of warranty. Nintendo says it is 100$ to ship to them to send, but I will 100% lose my save data which I do not want. I am going to buy a Switch lite and use my original Switch as docked for my kids. But I have questions: Can I share my profile and games across two Switches? I presume yes. Can I share save files across multiple Switches (aka, can I have my save file on a game like BOTW and play on my Switch Lite and Switch)? If I cannot share my save files across multiple Switches, does that mean I could have my profile across two Switches playing different games with different save files? Can I be playing the same profile on two Switches at the same time?
  7. I don't think it is one or the other, I think it would be a combination of more crunch, smaller scope on games, and more expensive games. I also do not believe it would be a "bit more", but probably a 10$ or 20$ increase. There are also lots more negatives that would likely be a result - less games being made, less types of certain games being made (mainly, online games that require some much infrastructure to keep going), potentially less risk taking from publishers who prioritize surefire successes. I have no issue with monetizing games after they released. However, the content and the method of monetizing that content should be ethical.
  8. I agree, but I also think that that games are incredibly expensive and time consuming to create and maintain and that if people want games to be free of micro-transactions, they should expect potential negative consequences - the costs of games will go down, the scope of games will diminish, the people who make games will be paid less and work more, etc. I am okay with that, but I don't think most people are.
  9. That seems like negligent advice.
  10. I have played Overwatch since day 1 and have never had an issue with the loot boxes. There are so many interesting and cool skins that there is no need to have every one or even one exact skin. Even so, you obtain gold for duplicate skins and you can buy the skins you want with that gold. Never put a dollar into the game and never considered doing it.
  11. My partner used to play the Lord of the Rings Mordor games. The voice acting was fine, but they would reuse the same lines over and over again and it was so incredibly comical from an outsider's perspective watching him play that game. All of the sudden, you would hear 'YOU THOUGHT YOU GOT ME, BUT I AM NOT DEAD' in this high pitched orcish voice. I am sure the game is fine, but the voice acting was so over the top it killed the game for me.
  12. RPS

    The 2020 Music Thread

    What has everyone's favorite albums of the year been? My top 5 are Jeff Rosenstock - NO DREAM, Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia, Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters, Perfume Genius - Set My Heart on Fire Immediately and Lady Gaga - Chromatica. All 5 have been outstanding albums.
  13. I watched Us last night. I have so many thoughts about this movie. Jordan Peele is an exceptional director. Sign me up for whatever he releases next. Us as a movie was so fascinating. I was fascinated by how they handled privilege and the idea of American myth making. 5/5 film for me.
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