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  1. These are the type of nuanced, rational, complicated conversations that are not well suited for the internet. I think often time we on EWB are pretty blessed. We have a diversity of viewpoints (which tend to be more liberal in nature), but we are a community of people who generally care about each other and who can keep each other in check and be respectful. If @Ms. Canadian Destroyer wrote a post and said "Pugs are ugly", I would have no problem rationally explaining to her why I like pugs and why I think her comments may be hurtful. The reality is that most other platforms of social media don't foster a community, are based on anonymity and are not well suited to nuanced, complex discussions. There is no consequence to crossing the lines and not being respectful of others.
  2. I am in no way condoning what Tambor did, but I always feel incredibly terrible awful for the people close to him, especially those working on projects with him. It goes without saying that the victims are the people we need to empathize and understand primarily, but there are other individuals impacted by Tambor's awful actions. For example, Jason Bateman without question probably has a great personal relationship with Tambor and probably looks up to him professionally. I have been in situations where family members have been accused of awful things and it is difficult to dissociate the thing they have alleged to do and your own personal feelings towards them. It is incredibly difficult. That is why I think it is fine for Bateman and company to fuck up, get called on their shit, to be reflective and realize "I fucked up". That is fine. They are flawed humans. It is the assholes who see the backlash, listen to the outrage and say "... nah, I was right" and refuse to apologize.
  3. RPS

    The Simpsons Thread

    I'm legitimately curious as to how many people commenting have seen the documentary.
  4. Easy solution: stop being a fan.
  5. The Vixen is not good at Drag Race but is great television.
  6. If it is Vegas and Pittsburgh, what a great finale. Not only for the Fleury vs Penguins story, but (one of) the most dominate franchise of the past 10 years versus the team in their debut year. My money would be on the Penguins.
  7. Losing first round in the playoffs.
  8. I LOVE VIXEN. It's a reality TV show. Give us drama! I think Cracker had great personality but I hate her looks.
  9. @Ms. Canadian Destroyer And @Katsuya who are you cheering for? I'm team Asia all the way.
  10. It is a super fascinating playoff year on the Western Conference final. Presumably we will have Vegas/Jets, Penguins/Bruins showdown. 2 of those teams were not even in the Playoffs last year and the Bruins were out first round.
  11. Bro, don't sleep on Coco. Also, Moana sucked.
  12. We did a 2015 tally of our favorite films: What movies in the last 3 years would break in your top 10-20 movies of all time? I am not talking about movies you may have stumbled upon that were released in 1990 or 2009 and you stumbled upon. More so, what movies that have been released in the last several years that you deem instant classics. The 3 movies I would probably add would be Tangerine, Moonlight and Coco. Since Wall-E has been released, I have had it in my top 10. But I recently rewatched Wall-E and Coco back to back and Coco is by the better of the two films. Wall-E is still excellent, but Coco (like my #1 movie Wizard of Oz) has the perfect blend of comedy, music, drama and action. I watched Moonlight a few weeks ago and it was the best shot movie I have ever seen. The 1st and 2nd act were the best portrayals of being young and queer I had ever seen. And for those who have not seen Tangerine, I strongly encourage everyone to watch it. It was filmed on iPhones and there is not a single recognizable piece of music or actor in the film. It falls two trans sex workers on Christmas eve and is a revenge story (of sorts). Probably my favorite movie of 2015 and was filmed with a budget of $100,000.
  13. I have taken a break away from buying any games on Steam. I have found that I rebuy them when they come to Switch and I have probably over 100 games I have not touched. It is actually a problem.

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