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  1. Playing X COM 2 WOTC, I just did the Avenger Defense mission. Holy shit that was epic. I managed to beat without losing anyone and just taking damage to a few soldiers. However, my entire armory is basically fatigued now. The XCOM games are great, but the UI and structure of the game sometimes has me questioning what the point of the game actually is.
  2. FTL is usually dirt cheap at Steam Sales, so wait for the summer one. Let me know how much you like XCOM 2 when you start it.
  3. Check out FTL if you never did. Similar conceit to the XCOM games on a small scale.
  4. RPS

    Music hot takes

    Kacey Musgraves may be God or a god.
  5. I'm playing XCOM 2 right now. Play it WOTC. It is a fantastic game.
  6. RPS

    E3 2019

    I don't see how this is a viable business model, so I would heavily skeptical in any way to support it. It may be beneficial short term for consumers, but it is going to be awful for developers.
  7. I did not like Gungeon. Never felt like I improved.
  8. I saw. Not so hot on DLC. There would be things I would want fixed that may not be addressed in a dlc add on - aka more in depth skill trees, better UI, etc.
  9. Yvie's final lip sync and outfit was amazing. She deserved that fucking crown.
  10. Meacon

    Happy Birthday, baby boi

  11. Funnily enough, not this weekend or next because it is a long weekend and the following is my birthday weekend. June!
  12. Are the vouchers attached to your account?
  13. If I recall correctly, it was fine. When I first picked it up, you could play levels online that were not curated in the sense of Nintendo picking them, but rather curated based upon completion rate. You could decide to do super easy levels (for discussion purposes, say 50-100% of users completed the level) to medium levels (lets say 49% to 15% of users completing the level) to extra hard (less than 15% of users complete levels). It was serviceable.
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