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  1. I noticed my two MASTERS historical mods are on the website but can you get my Wrestling at WAR mod on there as well? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByamGL9VUka_V01pemNhM01menc
  2. As a Cleveland fan... Red Right 88 [Video] The Drive [Video] The Fumble [Video] The Shot [Video] The Decision [Video] The Catch [Video] The Curse of Rocky Colavito The Bug Game [Video] which of course led to the Indians blowing a 3-1 lead in the ALCS. Ten Cent Beer Night And yes, all of this revolves around one city for you Europeans which may not be familiar...
  3. Football Mogul 2012 is free to download, and all versions after that you would pay $35 for offer NO significant improvement, so do not do it. The AI is horrible, and isn't worth the money for the updated rosters by any means. Your best bet is to buy a pair of dice a run a league that way.
  4. None are just very good in my opinion, you asked a question, I answered, I can be more specific with what I don't like about them, if you want? Yes, you could, instead of being an asshole, such as suggesting he try using just one larger "C" to act as the capital letters for each word and moving "arolina" on top of "lash" to square the logo more. Or maybe suggesting he put the text in some sort of shape to give it more definition. Or suggesting he stick to just one font type, using only italics or bold or emphasize the difference in words. Or maybe using a larger stroke which is commonly seen in more logos as opposed to just a 3-5pt stroke.
  5. Just downloaded and am off to a 50-1 start. Super Rare Nikki Bella was such a clutch grab.
  6. Great game between the Cavs and Rockets. I hope this is the Finals matchup we get over Cavs/Warriors.
  7. Everytime I look at the logo i want to adjust my screen to turn down the level of red. It's like the orange is trying so hard to be red but just can't reach it's potential. Very disappointed in the change.
  8. So Casino was fucking great. A little long, but well worth it. Sharon Stone did an absolutely phenomenal job as Ginger, and when she starts going downhill she definitely turns Pacino into a complete victim of love. I kind of felt bad for Pacino's character to in that all he wanted to do was run the casino with no problem, and just keep the status quo, but at the same time he wouldn't be in the position he was in if it wasn't for the heavy amounts of illicit activity he was committing, as well as the crimes that go in hand with his New York mob-lifestyle. Pesci was great too, but god damn was his character fucking brutal. The violence was pretty heavy, but I like that it tried to hammer in the fact that the life these guys live is super fucked up and in the end they are shitty people. Killing Them Softly, on the other hand, didn't have me invested at all. I enjoy movies that don't really clue you into what's really happening until deeper into the movie, because the payoff should be part of the experience, but this one just did not do it for me. It just kind of felt like the whole premise was: alright these two fuckheads are gonna rob Ray Liotta and try to frame him, but you can't feel bad for Liotta because he's just a scumbag too. After that, Brad Pitt is gonna be hired to hunt them down by some guy named Dillon (who I never figured out was), and you're gonna watch him kill these guys in super slow-motion and then he's gonna say that everyone in America fights to survive and fuck unity; but where did this whole unity theme come into play earlier? It was clearly already every man for themselves. The only parts I really enjoyed were the Gandolfini scenes, and how they eerily spoke to his eventual death in real life. I'll probably end up watching it again though, because I'm sure I missed some stuff that puts it all together better. Just borrowed the Godfather trilogy from my roommate, so I'm gonna look to finish those up next, but with those comments said, what's next for me EWB?
  9. Lesnar's return in 2012 has to be one of the top 5 pops of all time

  10. I'm gonna give it some more time but I'm debating just buying one of the older ones on PSN, or maybe an HD remaster of X. Never really played 7 all too much because I was a little too young, but 9 was my shizz.
  11. It just kind of seems like a lot of auto-battling and no real thought-process is involved.
  12. So I picked up FFXIII on the cheap because I'm a big fan of the series, but this whole you control one character and its all real-time not turn-based isn't my whole thing. Should I stick with it?
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