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  1. Wenger has been appointed FIFA's chief of global football development.
  2. We finished watching the End of the F***ing World last night and I have to say, it's really fucking good.
  3. It’s probably not Liverpool’s year.
  4. I’m loving Galatasaray’s midfield and attack tonight being made up of mostly players that failed to make an impact at lower Premier League sides.
  5. This new handball rule is madness. If that doesn’t hit Abraham’s arm, it hits his side. We have VAR, have the referees decide if it’s deliberate or not.
  6. THIS CHELSEA GAME IS FUCKING BONKERS. Didn’t mean to type in all capitals. Realised after I’d finished and can’t be arsed to correct. Capitals are possibly warranted anyway.
  7. Really felt bad for Son to be honest. Although that being said, that’s why those snide trips on players can still be dangerous.
  8. That is a genuine work of art. Amazing.
  9. Roma have decided against giving Jack Rodwell a contract.
  10. It is totally ruining it for the match-going fan, for sure. It took a couple of minutes for them to rule out our “winner” and even then nothing is communicated as to say why. It’s fucking nonsense.
  11. Atmosphere level - toxic. I’ve watched this about 5 times and still don’t know what these VAR referees have seen. They need to do a post-match write up of decisions they’ve made to be honest. Because they need to explain that shit to me.
  12. Unai Emery has said that freezing Mesut Ozil out of the Arsenal team has been a joint decision with both he and senior management at the club. I get that they want him off the wage bill, but for fuck sake.
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