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  1. I cannot look past Dennis Bergkamp whenever I get asked this question. Simply outstanding to watch, not a goal scorer but a scorer of great goals and some of his assists were breathtaking. He was worth the price of a match ticket all by himself.
  2. Brighton scored a perfectly good goal in the last minute of extra-time and it’s ruled out for offside. This whole no VAR at non-PL grounds is ridiculous. Damages the integrity of the competition for starters. One of the daftest rulings the FA have made.
  3. No badges, no faces? Didn't happen.
  4. Terrible draw for us really. Really wanted a Santi reunion.
  5. Good start here. It’s amazing that when we play our four best players we look like a much more cohesive unit going forward.
  6. Didn’t see the game, but fuck United. Mon the Arsenal. Emery really has turned us around in some of these bigger games, especially at home. We’re actually winning...!
  7. Ranieri looking utterly baffled to have landed a job at a big European club.
  8. When’s Mourinho coming back? Can Mourinho come back? It was more fun then.
  9. Looks like he was also set to be in the new Tarantino movie as well.
  10. Luke Perry of Beverly Hills 90210 fame has died after having a stroke. What a bad news day for entertainment related deaths.
  11. Is this only in regards to goals, or anywhere on the pitch? Someone I was chatting to a while ago said they were going to make any contact with the arm deemed handball and I thought it was daft and you might get more and more players deliberately aiming for the arms in and around the penalty area.
  12. Fucking shit news this.

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