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  1. Can be all yours for the modest price of £95.
  2. Two lovely goals. Jesse Lindgard seems to score belter after belter for England.
  3. Fabian Delph as England captain is bizarre. Not sure what Rob Holding has to do to get an England call-up, he's arguably been one of the most in-form English centre-halves this season. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing Sancho and Pulisic play here. Plus, George Weah's son apparently.
  4. I finally got into this yesterday and it's amazing. Josh Widdicombe counting baked beans had me in stitches. And spaghetti hoops.
  5. VAR has been confirmed for the Premier League as of next season.
  6. Latest reports are that Bayern Munich are increasingly confident of signing Aaron Ramsey on a free transfer next summer. That would be one hell of a move for him, and I have no doubt that he would excel in Germany. I'm very sad that he is leaving though. He divides opinion amongst Arsenal supporters for whatever reason, but he's a player that always gives 100% every time he steps foor on the pitch and he's been our FA Cup winning goal scorer twice. Usually doing it once gives you at least cult status at a football club, whereas with Arsenal that's obviously not enough. Andy Linighan is still my hero!
  7. Fun fact. Slavisa Jokanovic was Claudio Ranieri's first signing as Chelsea manager.
  8. Well happy to see Ranieri back in the Premier League.
  9. This is bullshit. How about investing that £5m in grassroots or something? Better yet, how about Richard Scudamore suggest that, since he’s already minted.
  10. Man, Dynasties is some fucking great television.
  11. He is arguably the single biggest influence on modern entertainment. Which is some feat.
  12. Regular Xbox One in regular 1080p. I'm pretty much a third-world citizen and Brexit hasn't even happened yet.
  13. I gave this a quick go on my brothers Xbox One X today in 4K and it's like a totally different game. It runs so smooth and is unbelievable to look at.
  14. Fair to say he left one hell of a legacy.

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