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  1. Because everyone is dying to load up a Barcelona save with the addition of Martin Braithwaite.
  2. They should be criticising van Dijk for being a bit shit last night to be honest.
  3. And he'll sit on the bench for the rest of the season.
  4. Arsene Wenger proposes changes to offside law Makes perfect sense, I see no reason why this won't be ratified.
  5. Dortmund/PSG today has the potential to be pretty damned good. Just realised that I'm older than Julian Nagelsmann. Yuck.
  6. We watched Uncut Gems at the weekend and I still feel as though the movie is still playing. It doesn't stop. I don't recall a scene that was really a "breather". Adam Sandler was really, really good. The ending as well was especially good.
  7. Wonder if this means 5th place will get the 4th CL spot. Sheffield United currently occupy 5th...
  8. Liam Mk2

    Music that is awful

    Hey @How The Cloud Stole Christ, a song called Country Boy by Aaron Lewis came up on my Spotify. You should check it out.
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