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  1. Started watching Parks and Rec, currently half way through S2 and it’s wonderful.
  2. Latest talk is that Chelsea will likely sign Ben Chilwell from Leicester this summer and he will be replaced by Kieran Tierney leaving Arsenal with Bukayo Saka to play full-back I guess.
  3. Sky Sports are saying Udinese have offered Matty Longstaff a huge 5-year contract to join them in the summer.
  4. There’s an AMA session over on Reddit with a new executive producer of the WWE games. Will be interesting to see, perhaps the next WWE game will have a lot more fan input. Speaking of, I already saw that a creator, Defract I think, has been contacted by 2K to be involved with some creation ideas.
  5. I'm guessing they're taking place at the clubs grounds with no fans?
  6. Manchester United are suing Sega and SI for infringing it’s trademark in the Football Manager games. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/may/22/manchester-united-sues-football-manager-makers-over-use-of-name Basically, they don't like seeing the word Manchester United with a pretend badge next to it and want money. Also sounds like they're complaining about being able to add custom graphics. So they don't like people seeing the correct badge next to their name if they're not getting paid.
  7. It's funny, because my Fulham supporting buddy often brings up that goal as it is never mentioned alongside the Rooney's / Shearer's etc. I'm in complete agreement though, it was absolutely outstanding. All in one swift motion too without the ball hitting the ground and as you say, on his weaker foot.
  8. Get out. Now. First of all, people often attribute that touch to being an accident. If it was an accident, how did he know exactly where the ball was going when he turned around? Secondly, I don't understand how he was over-rated. People point to his goal-scoring but Dennis Bergkamp was never a goal-scorer but he was a scorer of great goals and he was the type of player you would pay money to watch. I would compare him to someone like Gianfranco Zola, he was a "striker" but he wasn't a goalscorer but he was incredible to watch with the ball at his feet.
  9. The wife and I watched all of Hollywood today on Netflix, and it was pretty darned good.
  10. Started a game with Everton on the mobile version. First transfer window budgets off. Within a few weeks, Michael Keane gets a 4 month injury and Yerry Mina gets a 3 month lay-off. Leaving me with Mason Holgate and some kid called Jarrad. Perfect. First game went well.
  11. I miss being able to actually play proper FM. I can only play FM Mobile at the moment.
  12. I watched the Lemon of Troy episode the other week from season six and it really is peak Simpsons. It's clever, witty and so many subtle jokes in there. The first eight seasons or so are genuinely outstanding but the quality really does start to dip after that point.
  13. F is for Family is so good. When is the next season due to be released?
  14. Nigel Pearson has been hard done by there.
  15. Three FC Köln players tested positive for coronavirus after returning to training last week. None were showing any symptoms and are now self-isolating for 14 days. A reminder that football is not returning anytime soon. I don’t see how it can be possible.
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