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  1. I thought it was a crock of shit to be honest.
  2. People laughed at the idea of a quadruple, but they came pretty close. To beat that Liverpool team to the league title on its own takes something special. But hey, bankrolled by infinite dirty money
  3. It is looking more and more unlikely that Mkhitaryan will be involved in the final due to security concerns. Fucking disgraceful that any player should miss a final due to fears over their safety, genuinely disgraceful.
  4. On the subject of season 8 of Game of Thrones. 500,000 demand series eight remake
  5. Arsenal have already released a fairly strong statement criticising UEFA for this shitshow. Not sure if Chelsea have yet or not.
  6. Wife introduced me to Flight of the Conchords shortly after we watched Eagle vs. Shark. Jemaine Clement is my new favourite TV person. Not sure how I let this one slip under the radar, my sister used to watch it a lot but I never really paid attention.
  7. And fuck it, even if you didn't get tickets it would be worth the trip.
  8. West Brom have always been fucking useless.
  9. Apparently Griezmann is due to tell Atlético Madrid that he wants to join Barcelona this summer.
  10. The wife and I binge-watched Dead to Me on Netflix over a couple of days. Very good show, some pretty dark comedy in there and I fully recommend a watch if you haven’t already.
  11. I'm fairly sure that "leaked" document was fake. It was littered with spelling and grammatical errors. Plus, the rumour of GM mode returning has happened I think almost every year since it was removed. I honestly wouldn't hold your breath. Said document (spoilered for size): As well as the grammatical errors, the date is also wrong at the top.
  12. This photo captured the moment well.
  13. That Leicester kit is basically Chelsea's old kit.
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