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  1. Benjamin Mendy has finished the season with a Premier League and World Cup winners medal. He played 403 minutes in 8 games over both competitions. What a life.
  2. This is part of my issue. It's convenience more than anything. All I have to do is switch the channel.
  3. To be fair to Lloris, we shouldn't joke. He's clearly suffering from concussion.
  4. I knew they had taken the Spanish games from Sky but had no idea they had nicked Serie A. I'm still a snob though, I must prefer my football viewing in real HD broadcast via satellite, and in recent years, Ultra HD. So all this football being here there and everywhere sucks.
  5. Not sure if he's carrying an injury or anything, but the Croatian goalkeeper is utter garbage. The fact he barely attempts a dive says to me that he may be injured, if that is the case, surely you have to play one of your other goalkeepers? Hahahahaha. Spurs man trying to bottle it. In his DNA.
  6. The way it's heading, you will need more than just a BT and Sky subscription. Amazon are now in the mix. Fast forward 4-5 years from now and who knows how many different providers will be involved in some way. It is one of the main reasons that illegal streaming is so high at the moment. I obviously pay full BT and Sky Sports prices so that I can only watch official UK televised Arsenal matches.
  7. Totally. It's still just so bizarre to me and I am still convinced that one day the bubble will burst. It can't be sustainable long-term.
  8. The fact that West Ham United can spend almost £50m on a player is insane. In perspective, the team that finished in the same position in Germany last season was Hannover. Their record signing is €9m.
  9. After Arsenal's 8-0 win over Boreham Wood, Unai Emery took the players back to London Colney for an extra training session. @Spainanite, what is this?! What is happening at our club?!
  10. The next goal cryptically mentioned in the previous tweet.
  11. I'm getting totally mixed up. It's been a long day. I meant Austrian. On both occasions.

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