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  1. I have definitely not added this to my vocabulary.
  2. Maybe this doesn’t belong here, but The Athletic (a US sports news agency) seems to be signing up all the top British journalists, including David Ornstein from BBC as well as Daniel Taylor and Amy Lawrence from the Guardian. Big shakeup in journo land.
  3. Arsenal have completed the signing of Jimmy Saville.
  4. Kieran Trippier is reportedly travelling to Madrid to have a medical with Atletico ahead of a £20m move. Sky are saying Spurs have been offered Angel Correa as part of the deal.
  5. Don't worry, Steve Bruce will definitely save you. Rondon is joining Benitez in China.
  6. We've finished Kim's Convenience and now have no idea what to do with our lives.
  7. Off the back of that, Josh Kroenke turned up to where Arsenal are based in LA wearing a Rams t-shirt. We all know where their priorities lie.
  8. Liam Mk2


    Never seen anything like that in cricket before. Insane.
  9. They’re saying what Barcelona have paid is £72m short of his buyout.
  10. Atletico are disputing this, they say that Barcelona didn’t actually meet the buyout clause. This transfer will probably be a bit messy.
  11. Reports are saying Spurs are throwing more money at St. Etienne than us for this centre-half of theirs.
  12. Really disappointing behaviour to be honest. One of our longest-serving players.
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