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    Well, season three took a turn from what we are used to. I liked it. Everything looked really slick and stylistic too.
  2. Do these game passes include the rest of the season for free? Or simply during that time? Isn't there like, no games at the moment?
  3. Really want to play CM01/02 but my MacBook won’t let me play it and FM20 won’t run without killing the machine. FM20 Mobile it is.
  4. I only just signed up to ESPN+ last week to catch some Championship football and NHL.
  5. Poor old Liverpool aren’t going to win the league officially...
  6. Mikel Arteta has tested positive for Covid-19. So I really can’t see this weekends games going ahead.
  7. The NBA have suspended the season.
  8. He said it, I’m taking it as a statement of intent!
  9. Floyd Mayweather has expressed an interest in buying Newcastle United.
  10. Question for Spurs fans. What's your assessment on Mourinho so far?
  11. Weird seeing a Dario Cueto cameo in the latest season of Curb.
  12. One of those "oh shit, I'm one of the old people" moments hit me when I was watching a bit of the Blackburn/Arsenal youth cup game, and finding out that Shaun Wright-Phillips' son was playing for Blackburn.
  13. 'The Last of Us' Series in the Works at HBO From 'Chernobyl' Creator Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann Yes. Please.
  14. Eagle vs. Shark is f’in excellent. I love it. We watched Fighting with my Family last night. It was ok. Felt a bit rushed.
  15. Managed to play about 10 minutes of the demo and holy fuck this game is good.
  16. I could post all the Dennis Bergkamp videos available on YouTube but instead I’ll only post this one. We Arsenal fans were royally spoilt by him.
  17. Wait, does @Liam know he's been rumbled?
  18. Didn't even get an England cap. Crap player.
  19. In fairness, I never said that the tackle was fair or unfair, just pointed out that he’d been taken out of the game. Reiss Nelson played really well today, glad to see him getting more chances to impress.
  20. Well, some Pompey player has completely taken Torriera out of the game.
  21. Really like the look of our attack tonight. Looks like Nelson and Martinelli on the flanks with Willock in the number 10 role with Nketiah up front. Plus a debut for Mari at the back. Intrigued to see how he gets on as I'm fairly positive he'll be signed permanently in the summer and there's every possibility that we'll be starting William Saliba alongside him next season.
  22. It's outrageous how many chips Carlos Vela has scored in his career. Wish he'd stayed at Arsenal a while longer as he's such a good player to watch.
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