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  1. Andre Gomes has signed for Everton, £22 million, 5 year contract. 🥰
  2. Cutscenes that can't be skipped. I watch them if I'm playing a game for the first time, but if it's a game I've already played and completed, I'd much rather skip them and get to the gameplay.
  3. It is. They're on SEGA's approved partners list. Code was sent instantly after pre-order.
  4. Was going to wait this year before buying it but saw it at that price a few weeks ago so had to pre-order.
  5. Got the platinum trophy on all 3 games now. Sunset Vista was probably most frustrating for me on the first due to the length. Hangin' Out was a pain on the second, Piston It Away and Spaced Out too. High Time on the third was just ridiculous at times, had to just use the tornado spin over most of the gaps. Just Stormy Ascent to go now.
  6. Getting the urge to play this so much, but think I'm just going to wait for the update before I do, unless I can find it cheap enough. How does it compare to last years, better or worse?
  7. Finished my first season as Everton in 4th place, no trophies sadly. Had a transfer embargo file enabled so no players could be signed for the first season only staff. Hopefully we can push on this season and improve on 4th place.
  8. Everton, most of my family support Everton so grew up supporting them. Real Madrid, just loved watching them when I was a kid, so stayed supporting them. Groningen, girlfriend is from there so started to follow them.
  9. Everton, haven't played in awhile though.
  10. Jump from roof of the casino, call for a plane in vehicle delivery and you'll be warped into the plane, then just fly over and drop out onto the power plant.
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