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  1. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    I couldn't disagree with the bolded part more. I actually thought the stats would help the argument for Kobe, but they really don't. http://www.landofbasketball.com/player_comparison/kobe_bryant_vs_lebron_james.htm . Keep in mind, LeBron still has a few quality seasons left. As for players better than Kobe: MJ, LeBron, Russell, Chamberlain, Kareem, Shaq, Oscar, Bird, Magic, Hakeem, Malone, Duncan, West... there are other guys I would place above Kobe, but I could see arguments against. Personally, I don't think Kobe is better than any of those guys up there.
  2. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    The leg actually didn't look that bad the first million times I saw it. It's when he spun around that I realized how bad it was. I was watching live, and had to turn it off. Also, how could anyone legitimately argue that Kobe is better than LeBron? I just don't get it. LeBron is so good at many things -- Kobe scores a lot. Maybe I'm subliminally biased against him, but I just don't get how some people put Bryant in the top 5 all-time. LeBron is already the best SF ever. Kobe isn't even a top 3 two-guard. ...although after typing that, I'm not sure there is a definitive #2 SG out there. Jordan is obviously #1, but after him, there are a few guys who could be #2. West, Gervin.. I'd probably have to slide Kobe into #3 spot at worst. Interesting. ...but yeah, Kobe still isn't making my top five, and probably not even a top ten.
  3. There are too many NBA people to name, sadly. Ewing, Barkley, Miller, Malone, Stockton, Nique. It's becoming less common now that more people are willing to move to chase a title.
  4. The Hustle Muscle

    Just wait until you start getting more characters, and work to level them up. It's really rewarding. If I get lucky with a drop, I'll have my first 4-star character today.
  5. The Hustle Muscle

    It helps to have FB friends who are playing too. Helps when you get unlucky in the final round of a battle. Getting close to maxing out my team. I'm running Anna "Rachnid" Eisner (F) / Benjamin Sterling (F) / Sarah "The Machine" Hamilton (F). As a lightweight, Anna attacks a ton per round, Ben breaks everyone apart, and then Sarah pierces the rest, while reducing the countdown of her allies. As I'm typing this out, I think I'll move Sarah into the lead spot so she can begin the countdown for Anna and Ben right away. Hah.
  6. The Hustle Muscle

    I was hoping that wasn't you -- they played like crap, and I won super easily. I'd recommend people try the game though. It's a really neat battle system with some fun characters.
  7. Favorite Youtube Channels

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Instantly a huge fan.
  8. The Hustle Muscle

    Has anyone else tried this "wrestling meets... tops" game? I just faced @Azazel (hopefully of EWB fame? ;)) My fiancee and I have been hooked on this game since yesterday. Only spent $5 on the initial "welcome to the game" offer, and it's been a blast.
  9. EWB Film Challenge

    Welp, so much for those plans. Busy week. Watched "Duets (2000)" and holy crap, was it terrible. 2/10.
  10. EWB Film Challenge

    I'm fairly close to a 1:1 ratio, and I'm hoping to be able to actually get there by the upcoming weekend. This has been a lot of fun.
  11. EWB Film Challenge

    Finally watched Airplane! (1980). Absolutely amazing. I laughed so much. So much creativity.
  12. EWB Film Challenge

    Two hours later, but add Expendables 3 to my list. Weakest of the three, but I don't think it's as bad as some people make it out to be. To avoid my fourth post in a row, I'll make note here that the fiancee and I will be watching Little Mermaid tonight. First time in a long time I've watched four films in a day.
  13. EWB Film Challenge

    Just finished Good Will Hunting (1997). Absolutely one of my all-time favourites now. I was always afraid it wouldn't live up to the hype, but oh my goodness, it surpassed anything I was expecting. This is why I love watching movies.
  14. EWB Film Challenge

    Adding The Expendables 1 & 2 to my list. Lots of fun.
  15. EWB Film Challenge

    Had no time to watch films Mo/Tu/We/Th, but catching up. Hoping to watch two tomorrow.