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  1. So pumped for a 4th meeting between these two. Hoping LeBron can do something against the Warriors, but this may be the worst team he's taken to the finals since his first year there. Even if Houston had hit three of those twenty-seven misses, we'd be looking at a different outcome. Just an unbelievable streak. As for Ariza shooting threes, the dude was working his butt off on D. He's not going to go 0 for 9 that often. Anyway, I was ignorant as a kid and refused to enjoy the Bulls dynasty. I didn't allow myself to enjoy the Lakers until it was too late. (Even though I adored Shaq.) I will take the time to enjoy Curry/Thompson while I still can. The three-point shooting from those two is amazing, and I haven't seen that since that Duke player in the NCAA SNES game. As for LeBron, it's crazy how talented/intelligent that dude is.
  2. Awesome tournament, awesome graphic. I'll have to check this out.
  3. Note to self: save a little money to buy SFV for when the sale hits.
  4. Although Kiddy Kong is a krappy kharakter, I must admit that I really enjoyed my last play-through of DKC3. Definitely the weakest of the trilogy, but still a fun game. I particularly enjoy the use of the various vehicles. A nice touch.
  5. I think "Small World' by Huey Lewis and the News is an awesome album. Same with "Hard at Play". That being said, people always talk about "Sports" or "Fore!" (the latter, due to Hip to be Square.) All are good albums, but I don't think those first two get the credit they deserve. It's sad, because those two albums are what kicked HLN out of the mainstream.
  6. Good grief, James Harden is having a good year. Could they possibly win the title?
  7. I Want A New Drug, or I die?
  8. Something by Huey Lewis and the News likely.
  9. The D'Lo Brown Gauntlet Match: "Danger at the Door".

  10. As long as they don't directly compete with the NFL, this could be okay.
  11. Nope! I play the role of "radio guy who thinks anyone can do it". I drew #48 in the 50-man Rumble to Remember, and did a few comedic spots. Normally I'm a ring announcer/referee.
  12. Damn! You missed me getting the crap kicked out of me in the 50-Man Rumble to Remember the night before! And yeah -- Owens/Gordon are phenomenal. One of these days I'll make the trip to Thunder Bay.
  13. Voting for CWE in Canada as they are the only ones who tour as much as they do.
  14. I binged the latest Archie series, and I am so impressed with how good it is. I hope it has a long run. Also, the TMNT series with IDW is just so excellent. I'm in love. EDIT: I'm interested to see how Invincible #144 ends. At one point, I felt like Invincible was the best book ever written. It has fallen off quite a bit with me over the last few years, but either way. It was a heck of a journey.
  15. The ability to travel and work shows of smaller companies, plus actually attend camps and such to improve. Keep us informed! This sounds cool.

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