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  1. Dr. Mario and Mewtwo -- then I've unlocked everybody. Eeeeee.
  2. I had this trouble last night downloading Splatoon 2, but once I reset my router, it seemed to work. Mine was likely a local issue though. Good luck! Also, my wife discovered the World of Light game mode last night, and she was thrilled to learn her favourite/main character was the only one to survive. She'll play through the game and only use that one character. Super fun.
  3. Ended up picking up a Switch last night and initially my wife wasn't super gung-ho about it. As I went to make the purchase, she started getting into it more, which was exciting. We played a little bit last night, she unlocked Ness, failed to unlock Zelda, and we had fun. It was a good time.
  4. Text doesn't really matter. Focus on the draw numbers (regarding rating) and push numbers (likelihood of winning). Dr. B is listed as a "main eventer" because he's your top guy when you start, but he isn't really a main eventer in the grand scheme of things. That being said, the card position will change, but again, other than organizational purposes, doesn't really matter.
  5. You can promote them, but it requires tokens to do so.
  6. And their IVs are a minimum 10/10/10.
  7. Feraligatr is one of my all-time favourite starters. Now that I think of it? He may be number one.
  8. When just playing through the game, IV/EV stuff doesn't really matter. Just make sure you're leveled up enough, and you'll be fine.
  9. I'll keep sending you gifts. <3.
  10. My brother-in-law, wife, and I are thinking about replaying the entire series beginning with the very first generation. Super looking forward to it. As for Pokémon Go, I finally got my Registeel. Wife needs one now though. I'm 1-1 and she is 0-2.
  11. Every year, you get a token. Play every day for 30 days? Token. Sometimes they do random giveaways too.
  12. Toxic/Protect that mofo.
  13. I drive 100+km to work everyday. If I catch something at my home, and trade it with someone at work, I get the candy bonus. A friend of mine is an airline assistant and will catch some stuff in Japan and then trade it when she's back in Canada. Best way to earn those badges.
  14. I've been playing this since the beginning. I actually did my own version of the G1 Climax for the 1980 wrestlers, and have been planning a sequel for 1981. I've posted the results on their official forums. :)
  15. You confuse me with someone who never sends gifts?! Unless they send gifts to you but not me. :O
  16. Baddar = #1 on my friends list right now. Super solid. Move to Canada.
  17. Might be me! I've been sending you all gifts daily. <3.
  18. I'd assume people would just be happy you're helping them. We are going out in our small city in hopes people will join us.
  19. Great work! No legendaries for me yet. Waiting to see what happens. Just learned there is a limit of 20 gifts per day. Doh.
  20. ...considering I am currently trying to level up my Magikarp, I appreciate the headsup. Hahahahaha.
  21. I also redownloaded this recently after not playing for over a year. I think I'm back in for the foreseeable future. My number is 1480 5876 5279 for anyone that didn't already post their friend code here.
  22. So pumped for a 4th meeting between these two. Hoping LeBron can do something against the Warriors, but this may be the worst team he's taken to the finals since his first year there. Even if Houston had hit three of those twenty-seven misses, we'd be looking at a different outcome. Just an unbelievable streak. As for Ariza shooting threes, the dude was working his butt off on D. He's not going to go 0 for 9 that often. Anyway, I was ignorant as a kid and refused to enjoy the Bulls dynasty. I didn't allow myself to enjoy the Lakers until it was too late. (Even though I adored Shaq.) I will take the time to enjoy Curry/Thompson while I still can. The three-point shooting from those two is amazing, and I haven't seen that since that Duke player in the NCAA SNES game. As for LeBron, it's crazy how talented/intelligent that dude is.
  23. Awesome tournament, awesome graphic. I'll have to check this out.
  24. Note to self: save a little money to buy SFV for when the sale hits.

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