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  1. Mick

    The Sims

    26 is a hell of a thing to try. It's a pain on the Sims 3 as it is. IDK, I might give Sims 4 another shot eventually. I just wish it had the damn CAS .
  2. Edit: even though it's Jaime's, the investigation didn't reveal anything
  3. Kill Stannis, she inherits Dragonstone, kill her, Mountain gets Dragonstone
  4. Methinks a 'hunting accident' might be in order, For the Good of the Realm™
  5. Because the fan base sucks, that's why. For reasons that are too numerous and time consuming to list, but it basically starts with Greedo shooting first, and from there everything has been RUINED FOREVER!!! So, fuck 'em. I went to Disney Hollywood Studios in January of '18, looking at all the Star Wars stuff, and when I watched my 4 and 3 year old nephews run up and hug BB-8 in complete jubilation, it made me realize Star Wars wasn't mine anymore. It belongs to everyone.
  6. Remember kids, it's not gay if you're from Dorne!
  7. Hey you. You're finally awake. 

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    2. Sand



    3. Paton


      I am Imperial scum. Punish me, daddy.

    4. Sand


      I only punish Thalmor subs oWo.

  8. Mick

    The Irishman

    That one part when young Mr. Burns rams him repeatedly though....ouch . *begins to laugh*
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