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  1. Better
  2. For added realism, if it's early 90s WCW, you might want to get the color of the ropes changed .
  3. coc dungeontexterior01
  4. Seriously, fuck this match
  5. Local Woman Ruins Everything:
  6. Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard! Vampire hunters or something. In the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself!

    1. Benji


      One day I will side with the Dawnguard on that quest :shifty:

    2. Mick


      With Sexy Results!

  7. Just remember, it'll take a while once you fire up a new game or neighborhood, but it's usually a one-time type deal
  8. He's in it for the money, not the science! Fuck you, Bill. You only wish that as a meteorologist, you could get your hands on fucking corporate sponsors. SERIOUSLY.
  9. This movie creeps me the fuck out, and I haven't even seen the whole thing! The deaths are pretty gruesome, nightmarish even. I guess if I were a more conservative person, I'd be calling for the movie to be banned, that's how creeped out I am by it . Anyway... Howard the Duck (1986) Ok, Duck Boobs. There, happy? It also features three actors that either won or would be nominated for an Oscar (Tim Robbins, David Paymer and Jeffery Jones, though the less said about Jones the better ), an absolutely amazing panty shot of Lea Thompson's ass, and was probably the best thing to happen to the city of Cleveland in the 80s before Major League. Twister (1996) Great when it came out, pretty shit these days with a largely forgettable cast that had good talent but was vastly underused, and some characters didn't even need to be in the film, they were just...there.
  10. The aftermath of delivering Baalgruf's message to Ulfric while dressed in Imperial Armor:
  11. That's what make's it fun! *Perfectly logical explanation* ONLY SCUM THINKS THAT WAY, KILL HIM!
  12. It's a forum elimination game. Generally, there's two sides; Town and Mafia, and two phases, day and night. At night, the mafia decides to kill one town member (all mafia members usually know each other). During the day, everyone votes to lynch one person, and it's revealed if it's town or mafia. There's a super majority of town, and it ends when the last mafia member is dead, or mafia outnumbers town. You can see more by googling "Mafia Game" and checking out the wikis for it.
  13. Uhhh...
  14. So, I decided my latest character would be a Claymore: