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  1. Star Trek Discovery

    Ahahaha, their undershirts are red
  2. Star Trek Discovery

    Yeah, I had to do this too . Man, imagine if one was dropped during the early seasons of The Next Generation... Data: Fucking. A vulgar yet colorful metaphor, often used in instances of frustration or excitement, also used to describe the casual act of copula-- Picard: Thank you, Mr Data, we are aware of what 'fucking' means.
  3. Star Trek TV

    Just rewatched the DS9 episode "Songs of Mogh". That ending, when Worf says to (not)Kurn, "I have no family," and walks away...all the feels .

  5. Crusader Kings II

    OR you were a little sociopathetic bastard that likes hurting small animals, and your death is a mercy
  6. Crusader Kings II

  7. The Star Wars Thread

    Apparently the introduction of the Porg have created a photoshop battle:
  8. The Star Wars Thread

    Well, I'm sure Rey can lend a hand
  9. The Star Wars Thread

    This does not bode well for Leia .
  10. The Star Wars Thread

    Just leaving this here:
  11. The Anime Thread

    It's apparently a three-part remake of the show, so...recaps AND something new, maybe.