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  1. He doesn't have shit on Tyrek Lannister
  2. Well, I do live in the Superior state . Trolls be slow .
  3. With my ears. Why, what are you guys doing?
  4. When you start in 769 and are deciding who to invade:
  5. We've got to move these refrigerators, 
    We've got to move these color TVs...

  6. So what happens if other studios follow suit? Death of the theater industry?
  7. So, this is what would have happened in 1997 had DOA Crush won the King of the Ring: I mean, how can I not appoint this guy to the Kingsguard?!
  8. So we're becoming bosses in Shadowlands.
  9. The one thing that abbots me with this game is that if you don't sit on the Iron Throne, everything goes tits up. You're hot a king, you're a babysitter.
  10. 8403. A blonde Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne, Essos looks okay. Non_Essoi capital for a Baratheon held Storm's End... Do tell.
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