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  1. So, I'm Hordeside on Bloodsail Buccaneers...might be getting a guild together with some old friends.
  2. Mick

    NFL 2019

    I wonder if the two are related
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    NFL 2019

    Fantasy football owners:
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    The Create-a-Demo Thread

    Alright, here's what I came up with for my Demo: ....OHHHHHHH, music, right
  6. December 23, 1995: Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers This was my first NFL game, and the only reason I really got to see it was because my dad was a Lions fan. They got their ass totally kicked by Detroit, 37-10. The only real notable thing about this was that it was then-Head Coach Sam Wyche's last game with the team (he would be replaced by Tony Dungy the next season). We left sometime in the fourth quarter . February 11, 1996: New York Rangers at Tampa Bay Lightning First, and thus far only NHL game, the Lightning got their ass kicked 6-2 😕 . Nothing notable except that the game was played at the Thunderdome, today popularly known as Tropicanna Field (yeah, the Lightning played hockey there originally ) December 28, 1997: Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lions-Bucs 2, Electric Boogaloo! Except this time, it was not only the last NFL game being played at Houlihan's Stadium (Formerly Tampa Stadium), it was an NFC Wild Card game, the first Bucs playoff game since 1982. It was a Christmas present from my dad, and this time around the Bucs came out on top. I saw future Hall of Famers Barry Sanders, Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp (not to mention Tony Dungy), as well as other Bucs mainstays Mike Alstott, Warrick Dunn and Trent Dilfer. April 23, 1999: Seattle Mariners at Tampa Bay Devil Rays First MLB game....well, it's the '99 Rays, they won (somehow ) and yeah....on the plus side I got to see Edgar Martinez, Ken Griffey Jr, Jay Buhner, Jose Canseco, Fred McGriff and Wade Boggs play. Rays won the game. Notable for watching Griffey bean Raymond, the Devil Rays mascot, and also for a hilarious incident involving a foul ball. See, the Trop had, at the time, an Outback Steakhouse kiosk, and my brother got a Bloomin' Onion. WELL, he happened to get it just as Edgar Martinez was up to bat, smacking a foul ball right at us. We watched the ball, looked at the food...yeah. It missed, but still. April 11, 2004: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Devil Rays For a few years, we'd watch baesball on Easter Sunday and wonder just what kind of an asshole went to a ball game on Easter. SO THERE WE WERE AT THE BALL GAME ON EASTER SUNDAY... Rays won 10-1. Notable players for the Rays was Carl Crawford and Tino Martinez, while the Orilioles had Javy Lopez, Miguel Tejada and Rafael Palmerio. That's it
  7. Well, that's because it's not technically an image, it's a link. All that shit after jpg can be deleted; basically it resizes it. So, next time just open image in new tab/window, check the url to see if it ends in an image format. If it does, you're good. If not, you gotta get creative. Windows does have a tool called "Snipping Tool" that lets you take selected screenshots of whatever you want. Like that
  8. Regardless of your skill level, each item you make at a forge as a base value that will always remain the same. Fortify (and your skill in general) affects the improvement to it. The only real point to crafting an item over using one you get off a corpse would be getting the skill point for making it. Although really, you can reach a certain point where it pretty much doesn't matter what you're wearing due to an armor cap, and thus, armor becomes mainly a question of vanity. It basically works like this: Max out Smithing, Enchanting and Alchemy. Enchant gear with "Fortify Alchemy" Put on enchanted gear, craft a couple "Fortify Enchant" potions. Get new gear to put better Fortify Alchemy enchants on and Fortify Smithing Craft better Fortify Enchant potions and Fortify Smithing potions. Craft your armor set. Drink Fortify Smithing potion, upgrade. Drink Fortify Enchanting, apply enchants.
  9. Zeroing in on 100 years, then this happened:
  10. So, Humble Bumble will let you get CK2 and every expansion for $15. You can also get the base game and five expansions for $1.
  11. Killed Ulfric with Soul Tear
  12. Took my trousers off, Told me to cough.
  13. Nope. You fail the quest.
  14. Yeah, yeah, I got it. Ninja-style, right. COME OUT, YOU OLD BASTARD!

  15. TBF it can seem like quite a chore. Honestly, so many characters I make I delibriately avoid setting the main story in motion mainly due to the fact that once you kill the first dragon, you have to deal with the random dragon attacks and what not, and that can just be a fucking annoyance and a half. Not to mention there's just so much you can do outside of the main story. Last night, I had possibly the worst quest ever. Got it from Vilkas. "One of Whiterun's citizens has been kidnapped! You must save them!" "FEAR NOT, FAIR YSOLDA, I, THE GREAT DRAGONBORN THORIM FIRE-STONE SHALL RESCUE YOU AND--" **RESCUE NAZEEM** "....Mother fucker."
  16. Basically, you join the Dawnguard, rescue Serana, and from there you go to the vampire castle, where Serana's daddy makes the offer to turn you. You can say yes or no. If you take the offer, then you do the vampire side. Decline, and you're with the Dawnguard.
  17. Just finished up Dawnguard for the first time. At first I thought it was kind of neat, but then it just became tedious, between the Soul Cairn and the Forgotten Vale. The fight against Harkon was somewhat underwhelming, although I chalk this up as: Having the best possibly enchant for Fortify Archery on my gear Having 85 Archery Inadvertently getting off a sneak attack with Auriel's Bow (He was speaking and I didn't realize he was in combat yet ) Not sure if I'll do Dawnguard again on any future playthroughs,. TBH. Come to think of it, I probably have to because I went the Dawnguard route, so I'll have to see what the Vampire route is.
  18. TMW you one-shot a dragon.
  19. What could go wrong
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