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  1. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    What are the odds for a Port to the Switch?
  2. Don't fake your own death. It's not cool.

  3. Nintendo Megathread

    I was hoping for a new Mario Party or Super Smash Bros., but Mario Tennis and Donkey Kong will hold me over!
  4. Nintendo Megathread

    My run of good luck in picking up used copies at my local GameStop continues, picked up Super Mario Odyssey for $43.99!
  5. What Did You Watch Today?

    So, The Shape of Water is kind of beautiful.
  6. What Did You Watch Today?

    Finally got around to seeing The Great Gatsby - holy shit that soundtrack. WTF were they thinking? Nothing screams 1920's NYC like Jay Z and Beyonce. Probably the most absurd soundtrack I have ever seen.
  7. Nintendo Megathread

    Picked up Has Been Heroes, RBI Baseball and a set of racing wheels for the joy cons with a buy 2 used Get One Free coupon from GameStop. looking at the reviews for RBI Baseball, and literally everything RGT 85 complains about I see as a positive. No commentary - Great! I get so sick of hearing the same sound bytes over and over and usually wish there was an option to turn it off. No Instant Replay - I click through them 90% of the time anyway. i played one game and ended up getting destroyed by the AI, but overall I thought the streamlined presentation was a breath of fresh air. looking to pick up Mario Odyssey or Zelda next payday.
  8. Nintendo Megathread

    Not that I can see
  9. Nintendo Megathread

    Is there a list anywhere of eshop exclusive titles? I like having the physical cartridge and box art because I'm an old fart like that, so I was wondering which games I would have to purchase digitally.
  10. Nintendo Megathread

    Been having a blast with Mario Kart. Even got the wife into it, and she ended up loving it even though she’s not a fan of racing games. Just picked up Mario + Rabbids, Arms and Just Dance 17 at GameStop with their buy 2 Get 1 Free preowned deal.
  11. Nintendo Megathread

    I almost got a Wii U for $75 a couple days ago just to add it to my collection, but the seller unloaded it on someone else before I could get it. That's the cheapest one I've found, everything online is sky high.
  12. Dawkins needs to be switched to face then. - Remove Bray Wyatt as Rowan's manager - Lana's contract should allow her to be pushed as a manager as well. - Rename The Shining Stars to The Colons. - Change Montez Ford's gimmick to Cocky (Cocky) Also, what are your feelings on the roster usage settings by the way? My personal taste is that they are too restrictive and should only be used sparingly. For instance if Nigel McGuinness is set to a roster usage of Color Commentator - you can't use him as an authority figure, or personality down the road which I can see WWE doing. Likewise, with Lana and Zelena Vega set to in ring only, you can't make them managers. Without setting everyone to specific roles it gives you a lot more freedom.
  13. Thanks, I actually typed face by accident. He is a face in the update right now.
  14. WWE: Smackdown: - Change Aiden English's gimmick to something like lackey (he's Rusev's sidekick) or arrogant, he hasn't been a Comedy Throwback since Gotch was fired. - Set Bobby Roode's Brand Split to Smackdown, change his gimmick to Cocky (Cocky) - Change Chad Gable's disposition to heel. - Change Charlotte Flair's disposition to face. Set her gimmick to Cocky. - Remove Chris Jericho from WWE, add him to a short term deal with NJPW as he is facing Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom - Change Dolph Ziggler's gimmick to Pretentious (Weasel) - Change Fandango's gimmick to Law Enforcer (Comedy) - Change Luke Harper's disposition to heel and change his gimmick to Bad Ass (Brute) - Change Jey Uso's disposition to face, set his gimmick to Cocky - Change Jimmy Uso's disposition to face, set his gimmick to Cocky - Change Jinder Mahal's gimmick to Foreigner (Cocky) - Remove JBL from Smackdown, he is no longer with the brand (not sure if he has a Legend's Deal) - Change Kane's disposition to Heel. Move him to the RAW Brand. - Change Kofi Kingston's gimmick to Comic Relief - Change Konnor's disposition to Face (The Ascension have been trying to gain the "friendship" of The Fashion Police on The Fashion File) - Set his gimmick to Mysterious (Weird) - Set Liv Morgan's Brand Split to Smackdown - Set Maria Kanellis' Brnd Split to Smackdown - Change Mike Kanellis' gimmick to Obnoxious - Change Mojo Rawley's disposition to heel (he turned on Ryder recently), change his gimmick to Man on a Mission or Cocky - Change Erik Rowan's gimmick to Bad Ass (Brute) - Change Runy Riot's Brand Split to Smackdown, change her name to Ruby Riott - Rusev - Remove Lana as Manager and set Aiden English instead - Change Sarah Logan's gimmick to Bad Ass (Cocky) - Change Shelton Benjamin's disposition to heel, change his gimmick to legitimate athlete - Tamina Snuka - Set Lana as manager - Change Tyler Breeze's gimmick to Law Enforcer (Comedy) - Change Viktor's disposition to Face and set his gimmick to Mysterious (Weird) - Change Xavier Wood's gimmick to Comic Relief Belts: - Rename the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to WWE Championship RAW: - Change Alexa Bliss's gimmick to Egomaniac (Cocky) - Change Bo Dallas's gimmick to lackey (Realistic) - Set Booker T's Brand Split to RAW - Change Curtis Axel's gimmick to lackey (Realistic) - Change Drew Gulak's gimmick to Annoying (Realistic) - Change Elias' gimmick to Loner (Cocky) - Change Finn Balor's gimmick to Demon (Weird) to match up better - Change Jason Jordan's gimmick to Family Tradition (Legit) - Set Jojo's Brand Split to RAW - Change Matt Hardy's gimmick to Weirdo (Gimmicky) - Maybe remove Neville's brand split position until his situation with WWE is sorted - Set Paul Heyman's Brand Split to RAW - Change Sonya Deville's gimmick to legitimate athlete or MM Fighter - Set Triple H's brand split to RAW Teams: - Activate Harper and Rowan, rename them The Bludgeon Brothers - Add Rusev and Aiden English - Add Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable - Split The Hype Bros. Stables: - Add The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan) WWE NXT: - Change Andrade Almas' disposition to heel. Set Rosita as his manager. Change his gimmick to Old School Heel. - Change Drew McIntyre's gimmick to Old School Face or Man on a Mission - Change Eric Young's disposition to heel. Set his gimmick to Bad Ass or Crazy - Change Hideo Itami's disposition to heel. - Change Rosita's NXT ringname from Zolita Vega to "Zelina Vega" and change her disposition to heel. Set her push as manager (and change her contract to allow for non inring roles) - Change Angelo Dawkin's disposition to face - Change Nigel McGuinness' disposition to face, change his gimmick to staff member - Change Nikki Cross' disposition to heel, set her gimmick to weirdo (realistic) - Change Oney Lorcan's gimmick to Old School Heel - Change Otis Dozovic's disposition to face, set his gimmick to old school face - Change Riddick Moss to heel - Change Roderick Strong's disposition to face, change his gimmick to old school face or wrestling machine - Change Shayna Blayzer's gimmick to Bad Ass or MMA Fighter - Change Tommaso Ciampa's disposition to heel, set his gimmick to bad ass - Change Tyler Bate's disposition to face, set his gimmick to old school face - Change Velveteen Dream's disposition to heel and his gimmick to Flamboyant - Change Rosita's name to "Zelina Vega" - set her to heel, and make her contract allow for manager push. Old School Heel should work as gimmick. Belts: Kairi Sane should be set as Mae Young Classic winner Quite a few people need their momentum looked at as well, if you want me to go more in depth, I'll have a look and give you person by person details.