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  1. Shit, just picked up Splatoon 2 for $40 at the local used/retro shop, should have gotten this much sooner!
  2. Yeah, had a lot of reservations going in (not being sold on the casting, not really being too attached to the character) but damn, that was fun. Soundtrack is great too.
  3. A solo Black Widow movie is the thing of dreams. Lovely, lovely dreams.
  4. Is this really a complaint? What the hell are people expecting?
  5. Fighting With My Family is so cringe worthy when it comes to inaccuracies and the actual in ring stuff at times. They totally glossed over that Paige was NXT Women’s champion and the fact that the whole reason she was called up to lead the Divas Division/Start the Revolution was because of the work she put in at NXT.
  6. Am I in the minority in thinking Black Panther is just an okay movie? I’ve seen it three times now, and the pacing is pretty terrible.
  7. You would be hard pressed to find anyone even playing 2010 anymore.
  8. Here is the pdf file of Derek B's Mod Guide in case you wanted it. Forky pointed out that I hadn't actually linked to it in my post before: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9d8tyo3d4nja8sa/DerekB_Mod_Guide.pdf/file
  9. Holy Shit, Aquaman was a complete mess.
  10. iDOL

    WWE 2K19

    Fucking logo/image limit
  11. iDOL

    NFL 2018

    This game couldn’t be any duller
  12. Alita Battle Angel is going to BOMB so hard.
  13. The organic pics were actually a total changeover for the new TEW 2016 version. I included them in the pic pack here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cdn798h58ri6mo1/012004_RA(PICS).zip And yeah, feel free to use anything from the data and graphics/pics I modeled the logos, events and broadcaster graphics after the C-Verse so they look pretty good in game.
  14. @Gabriel - Not sure if you know, as I saw you posting in the TEW graphics thread, but the picture pack I included with the 2004 mod uses an organic background and includes multiple agers for workers.
  15. iDOL

    WWE 2K19

    Oh God, the submission matches using the button pressing method have made me rage quit so many times. I used three finishing submissions and each time got to a hair away from submitting someone only to have them power out, and then later, easily beat me with a non finisher submission. The towers are far too difficult to enjoy, I’ve given up on them.

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