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  1. I’m the opposite. I’ve started over two times, each with the idea of playing honorably only to realize that my Arthur Morgan is an evil SOB
  2. For Active Areas I look at their career on cagematch (where it lists the promotions they worked) and activate those areas
  3. There is a Super Mario Maker 2 update coming that will allow the creation of “worlds” with multiple levels. Hopefully this gets some decent level designers putting out “games” in the spirit of the actual Mario games. Might give it another try.
  4. My son’s birthday was today. I think he was more impressed with the party they threw for him on Animal Crossing than his real life one.
  5. I feel like the path and landscaping tools are a game changer, and the real game is actually just starting
  6. KK Slider is finally coming!
  7. This game is cool Finally talked my son into going through his hoard of bugs and fish. Kept one of each and started reorganizing his zoo
  8. My son (he’s almost 4) and I are making a carnival/fair on our island. He loves this game so much we’ve had to institute some rules on screen time for the first time ever. When we aren’t playing he wants to watch YouTube videos for tips and tricks. He’s also obsessed with catching bugs and fish and stacking them outside of his house. About 1/4 of the island is taken up by rows of his own private “zoo”
  9. Ah didn't realize that - I know the islands you get a Nook Ticket to go to are random, but I thought maybe by visiting a player's island perhaps in the opposite hemisphere would give you different types of fish and bugs. Already knew about creating Tarantula Islands, but I'm so bad at actually catching them that I end up going for the giant moths on the trees and catching only a few spiders 😆
  10. does anyone have an island that spawns sharks?
  11. I enjoyed Episodes 2 and 3 for what they were, but Phantom Menace is not at all a good movie. It's being rumored that the follow up to Solo may be folded into the Obi-Wan Disney + Series from a couple articles I've read. I agree though, I want to see it followed up.
  12. Under the stay at home order, the wife and I have embarked on watching all of the Star Wars films in chronological order (I'd only seen episodes 4-6 years ago) and we've watched Episodes 1-3 and Solo: A Star Wars Story so far. Holy shit, I never really believed that The Phantom Menace could be as bad as people said. It's sooooo boring, and Jar Jar Binks is as obnoxious as people claimed. Terrible. Two hours of bickering about trade routes. And how ineffective was Darth Maul? Anyway, I enjoyed both Episodes 2 and 3 that followed. I was expecting Solo to be terrible based on reviews and social media posts I'd seen, but I didn't mind it and feel like fans will be missing out if they don't follow up with a sequel seeing as how it ended.
  13. Yeah, tons of fun. Bought a physical copy for my wife on amazon, but was sent an alert saying to expect delays. So I bought Animal Crossing Digitally for her launch morning and low and behold the physical comes a few hours later. So I kept it for myself and we have both been putting in the hours. Such a relaxing time killer.
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