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  1. Whack-A-Mole world champion, IIRC
  2. After that episode, I can't even...
  3. Thanks for taking over, and nice work man. Thread is now pinned at the top of the forum
  4. Mosr likely the file is corrupted
  5. Apparently Google has a problem with the Arsenic Editor and is also flagging them as malware.
  6. tougie stopped making them in June 2004, and nobody has continued with them since.
  7. I have reuploaded all of the downloads to the server which you can access via the file archive links at the bottom of the homepage. I will leave this version of the site up until Togg completes the conversion to his History of Pro Wrestling site.
  8. About 7 gigs total. Never used Github. What would that entail? I was also pondering maybe making torrents of the files.
  9. I'm working with Togg over at GDS to get the files up on his Home of Pro Wrestling site. The way the Mod Squad is only releasing their mods on the Wrestling Nexus site kind of made it not worth continuing the TEW 2016 section on EWW anyway and Togg has permission to host their mods on his site.
  10. Closed the site down today as Google still persisted with the error message. I have all of the mods backed up on my PC, and may eventually reupload them as an archive. But for now, the website is done.
  11. Not sure what is going on with the site, appears it may have been hacked and malware installed. I am backing up the mods I have on the site right now, but if push comes to shove and I can't get the error addressed, I will probably pull the plug on the whole project.
  12. Look through this thread and use the search feature, the majority of those are in here already.
  13. That Riddick Moss cut is already on July a few pages back.
  14. Had an idea for the new Cruiserweight Championship - much like the Women's Title - a replica of the WWE Championshio with a different strap (Color of the Cruiserweight Classic Show), silver plates and the bottom reads "World Cruiserweight Champion" Also created a WWE Trios Championship for SmackDown in my game and figured I'd share for others to use.