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  1. I unlocked Sonic, Bayonetta, and the Punch Out dude last night. Went through Classic mode and committed accidental suicide when it came time to unlock Bowser
  2. Anyone else having trouble with the Smash update? Every time I try, it just says paused and won’t progress. I’ve tried restarting twice, completely powered off, manually closed out of the game, restarted my internet - nothing is working edit: turns out Fort Night and Rocket League decided to auto update first
  3. Just picked up my preorder of Smash after work had me there for a 16 hour shift. Have a ton of freelance projects that should occupy the next four days, but I want to try this out soo bad.
  4. iDOL

    WWE 2K19

    I hate the pinfall system. Submission system too. It's the one thing I wish was either button mashing or based on stamina.
  5. Sold my entire n64 collection when I went to college and immediately regretted it. It’s taken a few years to get back what I had. And I still haven’t been able to get legit copies of the Mario games
  6. I just hate not having a physical copy of a game I purchase. Fair enough if a game is digital only, I’ll deal, but I like collecting and trading - and if I’ve learned anything with the N64, the Nintendo only titles keep their worth many years later.
  7. Didn’t realize the Mario Tennis and Smash console bundles are digital downloads. Totally kills the appeal for me.
  8. iDOL

    WWE 2K19

    Yeah, the ridiculous Kevin Owens one where he whips you toward the ropes only to spin you around and kick you in the gut was spammed about 30 times in one match. What are these assholes trying to achieve with that? It can’t be fun to play like that
  9. iDOL

    WWE 2K19

    Is there any way to filter out so that you don’t play against people’s shitty CAWs online?
  10. iDOL

    WWE 2K19

    Got this for under $30 on Black Friday and just got a chance to play a few matches. I downloaded a decent Eli Drake CAW and used him against Lars Sullivan at Takeover. Sullivan absolutely mauled me from the opening bell, and I managed to get lucky and hit a stored signature move outside the ring and beat the ten count to get the cheap win. Thought that was quite realistic 😆
  11. Kind of confused with the Let’s Go Pikachu/Lets Go Evie games... are they like the main games on the handhelds or are they heavily tied into Pokémon Go? Thinking about getting my wife her own Switch and one of the games (would be her first Pokémon experience) but I’m hesitant if it isn’t like the games I’ve played on the handhelds. Would there be any benefit to me getting Evie and her Pikachu? Could we trade Pokémon?
  12. Anyone interested in the LA Noire port, it’s $9.99 at GameStop today
  13. Hereditary was not at all what I was expecting, but totally enjoyed it. Toni Collette’s performance is incredible.
  14. Don't leave Forky!

    1. The Banshee Fork

      The Banshee Fork

      I'm still here....just gonna hang out in the Dome I think.

    2. iDOL


      I’m with you on that

  15. Hopefully Netflix isn’t far behind

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