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  1. iDOL

    NFL 2019

    Kellen Moore seems competent running the offense. He’s actually letting Dak... be a mobile quarterback instead of making him stay in the pocket and eat sacks. Weird.
  2. iDOL

    XBOX Megathread

    Got Madden. Might be able to play it in a week after the updates finish. I friggin hate this generation of gaming for this reason
  3. Make your own Fire Emblem thread, nerds!
  4. My three year old loves playing with us!
  5. Picked up a few games over the week. Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly combo was $20 at WalMart, and I picked up used copies of LEGO Harry Potter Collection and Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Does anyone know if the spaceship toy accessories are essential to gameplay?
  6. iDOL

    NFL 2019

    Really liked Benson when he was with the Bengals, that’s a shame.
  7. You can also just press print screen on your keyboard and then crop the actual webpage stuff out. (it won't be high res obviously)
  8. I picked up a cheap stylus this morning and I’m hoping to dive into making a few courses. Maybe that will change my opinion of it.
  9. It’s a fun game, but the online aspect is terrible. I can never find matches
  10. I am so sick of switches and doors at this point it isn't even funny I'm even more annoyed with the levels that require ultra hard super precise jumps with enemies blocking your way or ones that involve popping out of a tube only to have an enemy immediately drop on you. It's rare to find a level that fits the mold of something that seems like it could be an actual Super Mario Bros. level.
  11. Picked up New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Couldn’t take playing another shitty SMM2 level.
  12. Is New Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe worth the price tag? I thought maybe I’d be able to scratch the Mario itch with SMM2 but the majority of the levels I’ve played are needlessly over complicated and difficult for the sake of it and not true to the style of the real games.
  13. If you are using photoshop open the image and click image on the navigation bar>mode>rgb should be checked. If it is in CMYK it will make it look strange
  14. The beginning with the fair/house of mirrors had potential and truly felt creepy. The whole deal with the under people was just ridiculous and I lost interest with their moaning and awful voices. I HATED Cabin in the Woods and that seems to be universally loved on the board, so I guess I have a different taste in horror This review kind of hits on what I was trying to get across better: Us feels like a high school senior trying really hard to pull all the symbolism out of The Great Gatsby so they can put a cute two-line metaphor into an essay. "The increasingly vapid and spoiled American is blind to the sufferings of the people they've stepped on to get to where they are today. When finally confronted with this fact, it's like looking at a distorted version of yourself, but your reflection is the suppressed, angry, concealed version of you". Metaphor achieved. The metaphor isn't necessarily bad, but the component pieces (the dopplegangers living underfoot, the double-edge scissors) feel forced. Unlike Get Out (which I loved), where the symbolism feels ever-present and the emotions arise organically, Us feels more like checking boxes from scene to scene.
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