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  1. Nintendo Megathread

    Is it that there’s more enemies to fight? Haha, I’m lost here. My wife is playing world 3 right now and doesn’t seem to have noticed, or at least she hasn’t complained.
  2. Nintendo Megathread

    I’m still not to the part of the game that has everyone so frustrated with it here I guess, because I’m still having fun with it. I finally finished Super Mario Odyssey this morning. I honestly can’t remember the last game I played all of the way through. Definitely ranks up there as one of my favorites.
  3. Music that is great

    Tove Lo.
  4. It means what it said, I’m not doing the EWR from scratch update.
  5. I should note it’s not a “this or that” type of thing. I won’t be doing the EWR update from scratch with the general consensus of people wanting to have promotions outside the realm of North America included. Anyone is welcome to take up that project though.
  6. To me it’s like adding the UFC and its fighters to the game because I like it and want to play it regardless of the fact that the game isn’t built to accommodate it. But i won’t keep harping on it. It’s just not for me.
  7. if the only way to get NJPW to work as it should is to run the events exploit a bunch of times, it’s really head scratching as to why anyone would want it in a regular stat update.
  8. Another question; can you even run an NJPW type schedule in EWR?
  9. Is the push to add NJPW solely because there are a few EWB people that regularly keep up with NJPW now? I just don’t personally see how not having NJPW in the game in 2003 is any different than not having it in the game in 2018? It’s always been there. It’s always had its own stars and foreign workers touring there. What makes it less of an accurate reflection?
  10. Do we really need another thing to make EWR out of whack?
  11. You will then have the Japanese workers floating around with inflated overness as free agents, being signed up by North American companies
  12. I’m out if promotions outside of North America are added too. I understand why people support that, but if that’s the case, TEW 2005 is freeware (and built to accommodate that.)