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  1. Event Logo Request

    none of the images are showing.
  2. Which ones have you read?

    Yup, to get my art degree, I had to sit through all sorts of math, science, history, English and specialized classes like Latin American and Canadian studies that I felt like the actual stuff I wanted to learn about took a backseat. Oh and Spanish that I failed twice haha
  3. Once I get a minute I will upload this to ewwarehouse via ftp
  4. Just auto book NXT then. Honestly, NXT works better as a brand in EWR
  5. First post updated with 2000+ picture pack
  6. nGo/Organic cuts added to the first post.
  7. Yeah you are safe to do that, I only discarded them so they wouldn't open in Russoa play through and wreak havoc on free agency
  8. Loading Screen set for the EWR 2K16 Skin also added to the first post.
  9. First post updated with EWR 2K16 Skin.
  10. First post updated with custom EWR Logos for Fantasy, Japanese and Real World feds.
  11. So, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to step away from the computer and EWR/TEW a lot more - especially with a baby on the way and with so much to do in preparing for that. So, before I do I've decided to go through my troves of finished/unreleased and in progress projects that will never be finished, and release them here for anyone to use as they see fit. There are scenarios, Logo packs, Graphics, Worker Images and even Skins that I'll be posting in here so check back. TEW 2013 Scenario - 2000 "Pyro and Ballyhoo" This is an updated version of NWAvsWWF's January 2000 scenario that I updated for Vince Russo that he used on his short lived Let's Play TEW youtube series. It's not perfect, but WCW and WWF should be complete. It also has a custom picture pack and logo set. Download Links: Data GFX, PICS, LOGOS iDOL's Custom EWR Logos (Fantasy, Japan and Real World) This logo packs includes custom logos for all of EWR's fantasy promotions, Japanese feds and the promotions included in the latest LEAN EWR data. I believe they should link up perfectly if you place them in your logos folder, but you may need to go into the editor for a couple of the real world logos. Download Links: Logos iDOL's EWR 2K16 Skin This custom skin for EWR is based on the look of the graphics for WWE's 2K game series. Download Links: Skin iDOL'S EWR 2K16 Load Screen Pack 1 This Load Screen Pack comes with the following workers: Alex Bliss, Asuka, Charlotte, Paige, Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella, Bayley, Brie Bella, Becky Lynch and Naomi. Download Links: Screens iDOL's Organic Worker Images (EWR or TEW) 518 worker images - covers WWE, NXT, TNA and ROH. Good for replacing outdated images in Bill's pack. Download Links: Workers iDOL's Organic Worker Images 2009 (EWR or TEW) 505 images for an abandoned 2009 project I was working on. Includes the majority of the WWE roster with agers for a few of the workers. Download Links: Workers ROH on COMET Show Banners Here are some ROH on COMET show banners I created for a diary that never got off the ground. Feel free to use them if you like.            nGo Worker Cuts (From Magazine Scans) Pack #1 Here is a pack of cuts using the nGo/Organic style. Download Links: Workers 2000 + Grunge Picture Pack This is a 170 image pack I started for a 2000 mod that never fully got underway. There is a Photoshop Template included if anyone likes it enough to make more images. Download Links: Workers Check back as more content gets added to this post...
  12. New Years Resolutions 2016

    1.) Spend less time on EWB and playing EWR./TEW 2.) Finally lose the weight I've been struggling to keep off for 10 years now 3.) Get more organized around the house with chores and the office space. 4.) Find more freelancing jobs 5.) Be a good dad when the baby boy gets here.
  13. WWE 2K16

    Reinstalled the game and everything is working now! Love that you can actually change more than the colors of the tights when it comes to the superstars looks now. Downloaded a couple logos and got tights pretty similar to Dolph's current look. still prefer the button mashing style of kicking out over the meter, but I'll get used to it
  14. WWE 2K16

    It alerted me that the game was fully downloaded and I hit the X-Box button to access it. I'm going to have to check because that sounds plausible.