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  1. Detective Pikachu is fun and my son loves it. Not sure why the critics are panning it.
  2. My little guy LOVES Yoshi's Crafted World. He'd played Super Mario Party with us a few times, but at 3, the controls for some of the mini games meant he couldn't understand them. Using a single joycon was a bit hard for him, but after putting a set in the grips, he's really gotten the hang of it with Yoshi, and he has to beat me to the finish line of every level. He also loves the Gumball machine rounds and getting the costumes.
  3. iDOL

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    The body is just so off putting, and they eyes just freak me the hell out. I hope Puma dropped some good sponsorship money for those kicks. https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/2/18527476/sonic-live-action-cgi-redesign-sega-paramount-director-fan-edits
  4. Just picked up Yoshi's Crafted World, and there goes any plan of being productive for the rest of the weekend.
  5. I have a question for those who have seen the movie And
  6. Fuck, can’t wait to see it again!
  7. iDOL

    Stephen King

    Yes, that’s it.
  8. iDOL

    Stephen King

    How does everyone feel about Stephen King and his novels? For me personally, I think he can build a story well when he wants to, but when it comes to the big reveal/resolution it’s almost always a let down or laughably bad. I think he’s one of the few authors I’d rather see the film adaptation over reading his book. Just the sheer size of IT made me say nope, I think it would be a less daunting task to read the entire New Testament! Stand By Me, Carrie, Shawshank Redemption and It were all such enjoyable films that I’ve never sought out the novels. Then there’s books that were so uninteresting to read like The Gunslinger and a book about aliens that I can’t even remember the name of. I read the entirety of Revival, one of his newer novels and it had great themes on religion, existentialism, traumatic life events, and substance abuse, but holy hell the big reveal was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read: Am I alone in feeling like I’m probably going to steer clear of his stuff in the future?
  9. I’ve never seen The Increedible Hulk and don’t feel like I’ve ever missed out as Ruffalo is great in the role.
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