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  1. Just finished The Light Between Oceans. really tugged on the heart strings and touched upon a lot of elements of relationships and family, especially how the lack of communication or the inability to communicate can ultimately lead to life shattering decisions that effect many people, some very innocent in their roles.
  2. Might have to take a mental health day after that Cowboys loss last night :(


  3. This is Us hits you right in the feels, man.
  4. Anyone play Minecraft on XBoxOne? Would really like to try a multiplayer game
  5. Had an awesome match vs Roman Reigns playing as AJ Styles. But man, this commentary is probably the worst of any WWE game ever made. I wish they'd just scrap it for background music instead
  6. I long for the days of button mashing to kick out of pins. This mini game thing sucks hard 😡
  7. What time have the main events been going on at? All these prelims kill me.
  8. I love you! can the downloaded CAWs be deleted after setting the attire?
  9. Picked up Madden 17 for Christmas. My God, the new kicking controls are infuriating!
  10. Why don't they let you import the gear of a CAW to a regular worker in the game? There are some incredible Zigglers and AJ Styles in community creations with updated attires, but I'd much rather use the real workers than the CAWs. when you import, none of the logos or designs come with them.
  11. Google flags the arsenic files as malware because of a false positive in the code.
  12. Whack-A-Mole world champion, IIRC
  13. After that episode, I can't even...
  14. Thanks for taking over, and nice work man. Thread is now pinned at the top of the forum