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  1. Thought this was just one of those hoaxes that float about every now and then. Pretty gutted by this news. So many of my teen and early adult years were wrapped in the music of Linkin Park. They were my brother's favorite band and he had planned to go see them in a few months.
  2. So the wife and I just binged GLOW this weekend... HOLY SHIT I WANT MORE!
  3. God yes! The last few seasons were insufferable.
  4. On your cuts I'd suggest using a feather of one or two pixels, it will give you a smoother look that doesn't seem so cut and paste. Also, try mixing in some filters. A little layer effects and some Gaussian blur would help add some depth. Taking a cut and duplicating the layer, turning the top layer black and white and then setting it to soft light or overlay on the blending mode will give you much nicer looking cuts and you can play with the opacity to get it where it looks best. just some suggestions.
  5. The Rolling Fucking Stones are SHIT The Beatles are garbage Fuck U2
  6. A Who compatible update would be amazing!
  7. That was so unexpected and bad ass. I legitimately felt my blood boil at the double cross thinking we were heading into another "Negan always wins" swerve, but the episode came together so awesome after that. Great Finale.
  8. They also only sent the fixed copies to people who actually complained so they're more rare of a cartridge.
  9. I did see a video about the No Mercy Fix. I remember my old No Mercy game would do that random wipe and get rid of all my saves and I'd get so frustrated not knowing what happened.
  10. So, after kicking myself in the butt for selling my collection about 12 years ago (Holy shit I'm old) super cheap in a yardsale, I've been trying to reassemble an N64 collection. Does anyone else collect? I picked up the Atomic Orange N64 Console a few years back super cheap on ebay for like $35. So far I've picked up some of the games I liked for pretty cheap: WCW/nWo World Tour, WCW/nWo Revenge, WWF WrestleMania 2000, Turok, Kobe Bryant's Courtside, a couple of Star Wars games, Rayman 2, Waveracer, Cruisin USA, and a few others. Can't believe how expensive some of these titles are going to be to get again. A lot of the Mario titles run from $20 - $80! I'd like to pick up all of the wrestling games including the Japanese ones I've never played. Any tips on where to find the best deals? I've hit the local game shops and I'm going to keep my eyes open for yard sales and thrift stores. Seems like more people from our generation are trying to collect now and the prices are going up. I also just discovered the Universal Game Cases and The Cover Project, so I think I may order some of them and print the covers to make my collection look nice.
  11. Just watched the first episode of Legion and I'm still wondering WTF I just watched...
  12. New Impact Wrestling Logo