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  1. Nintendo Megathread

    I managed to get a used 3DS XL on eBay today for under $100. Any 3DS titles that are must haves for anyone who has a system on here?
  2. Nintendo Megathread

    I've got an X-Box One (really have only dicked around with Friday the 13th the past month and will probably pick up Madden), a modded Wii with Genesis, SNES and NES emulators, an X-Box 360, and an N64. And a DSi. not really make or break for me on the online multiplayer.
  3. Nintendo Megathread

    Thinking about a switch for Christmas, for those of you that have one, do you feel they are worth the investment? How delicate is the system? I have a toddler running around and can see some potential disaster there.
  4. Absolutely nothing
  5. Out of curiosity, do many of you still play yours? I've never been able to part with mine (probably because doing so with my original N64 collection made me regret that decision terribly), and always seem to come back to it. I bought a mini pc a while back and was going to turn it into basically an emulation machine, and then I remembered that my soft modded Wii already did a damn fine job of that and I could use the SNES and NES style controllers. plus I have a ton of Wii games that are just down right still fun to play. The Mario Party Games, Wii sports, Mario Kart... I still love this thing 😍 Also, weirdly enough, it was never my main console of choice - but I never have the urge to bust out my XBox 360
  6. Big Brother Thread

    Has there been a more gutless bunch of house guests? Jason had the perfect opportunity to backdoor Paul and instead he puts up Matt to get Elena out. Just useless followers this whole season.

    It's also the reason you get the warning when downloading from any site that hosts it. The false positive alerts chrome, which in turn tells you the site is unsafe.
  8. What Did You Watch Today?

    Man, I forgot how cringe-worthy Freddy vs. Jason was. Oh, and that asinine "Jason is afraid of water" thing.
  9. Big Brother Thread

    This Season has been great, lots of back and forth between alliances with head of household which makes for a more fun viewing. I hate when one side runs the house all the way through. I love/hate Paul though. He's great at getting everyone else to play his game.
  10. What Did You Watch Today?

    Rewatched The Perks of Being A Wallflower. Forgot how much I enjoyed this one.
  11. Chester Bennington suicide

    Thought this was just one of those hoaxes that float about every now and then. Pretty gutted by this news. So many of my teen and early adult years were wrapped in the music of Linkin Park. They were my brother's favorite band and he had planned to go see them in a few months.
  12. What Did You Watch Today?

    So the wife and I just binged GLOW this weekend... HOLY SHIT I WANT MORE!
  13. God yes! The last few seasons were insufferable.
  14. Kirkland's Graphics

    On your cuts I'd suggest using a feather of one or two pixels, it will give you a smoother look that doesn't seem so cut and paste. Also, try mixing in some filters. A little layer effects and some Gaussian blur would help add some depth. Taking a cut and duplicating the layer, turning the top layer black and white and then setting it to soft light or overlay on the blending mode will give you much nicer looking cuts and you can play with the opacity to get it where it looks best. just some suggestions.
  15. Bands That Don't Live Up To The Hype

    The Rolling Fucking Stones are SHIT The Beatles are garbage Fuck U2