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  1. Finn Balor is set to heel and should be face.
  2. WWE Needs the Following Teams to be active on the main roster: Enzo & Cass (Need boost in experience) The Vaudevillains (Need a boost in experience) American Alpha (Need a major boost in experience) Breezango Lana is a heel (currently set to face) Carmella is a face (currently set to heel) Paige is a face (currently set to heel) Maybe add the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic as a Tournament Title held in October? Updated pics:
  3. Bob Backlund needs to be added to WWE and should have manager set as his favored role. Set him to manage Darren Young. You can delete Randy Orton's starting injury, or atleast make it so that he is available by SummerSlam as he has been announced to be facing Lesnar. Mick Foley needs to be added to the WWE Roster
  4. Please use the search feature before requesting. That's about the fifth time that Nia Jaxx cut has been requested.
  5. What is Marvel's deal with replacing iconic characters with women lately? If you want strong female characters... Um create them? I have no interest in reading about female Wolverine, Female Thor, or Female Ironman! What the hell is wrong with creating entirely different characters?
  6. He was always fun to watch and 42 is way too young. Such a shame.
  7. No "confirmed" sources yet, but TMZ reported that he was rushed to the hospital and it was a dire situation.
  8. Maybe tts that guy?
  9. It really is a shame, being just south of the River from Ontario, The Hip has a massive following here. Got to see them play a couple years back and it was one of the best concerts I've been to.
  10. Family Guy American Dad Friends Robot Chicken Seinfeld
  11. Definitely better without the green
  12. I think the background of where you have their names would work better in the solid blue, it's too busy as it is now.
  13. I've been toying with these for a redesign
  14. I've never been so pissed at the ending of a TV show. I've slept on it and I'm still pissed.