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  1. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic XBOX Megathread   

    Just upgraded to XBOX One - if anyone wants to hit up Madden, add me jlace001
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  2. Tove iDOL added a topic in The Scott McFly Memorial Lounge   

    So, I'm going to be a Dad...
    The wife and I found out today via pee stick that she is about 1-2 weeks pregnant. Haven't told any of the family yet as I'd like to wait a little further down the road to make sure everything is OK. Pretty excited and scared at the same time. Mostly concerned with the millions of things that can go wrong health wise for her and the baby during these nine months. Any words of wisdom from the EWB dads?
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  3. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic Wrestler Picture Requests   

    The pic of the two bearded guys is far too small to look good on a background.
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  4. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic General Television Thread   

    Anyone watching Scream on MTV? Its been pretty enjoyable so far and picking up.
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  5. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic If you could re-experience an album for the first time, what album would it be?   

    Spice Girls. What a magical time 5th grade was.
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  6. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic Custom Belt Request Thread   

    Potentially working on an iDOM related project so I had a go at a few more of these.

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  7. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic TEW13 Real World Update: July 2015   

    Then appreciate the one that stays up to date and don't ruin it for everyone else...
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  8. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic TEW13 Real World Update: July 2015   

    shit like this is totally unnecessary. You're not helping at all with comments like this. Don't like the mod? There are two others over at GDS. Or just try and make your own and you will learn very quickly that's it's not so easy. Next person that makes a post like this in this thread is going to get a warning if they don't have actual constructive criticism and suggestions for changes.
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  9. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic brenchill's 2015 EWR Picture Pack   

    If you put them all together in one folder on your pc and then zip that folder you can upload the zipped folder to mediafire.
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  10. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic EWWAREHOUSE.INFO   

    Forgot to pay the bill, doing so now
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  11. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic Kirkland's Graphics   

    The arrows should be facing opposite. Looks like you're saying Paige is Nikki and Nikki is Page.
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  12. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic The Job Thread   

    Then I get to see them in prison! :w00t:
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  13. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic What Did You Watch Today?   

  14. Tove iDOL added a post in a topic The Pet Thread   

    My pug is scared to death of balloons.
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  15. Tove iDOL added a topic in Movies & TV   

    Digitizing your VHS/DVD and BluRay collections
    Has anyone gone through the painstaking task of doing this? We cut cable a long time ago, and rely solely on streaming in the house to suit our entertainment needs. Sling TV has proved to be a cost effective way to manage to have a good number of live cable channels for just $20 a month (getting my ESPN fix), Hulu Plus allows me to keep up with other shows like RAW and Smackdown each week, and we have Netflix as well. So by hooking up our Roku to the living room television, we already have a good amount of entertainment options, not to mention WWE Network.
    About 6 months ago I looked at the pile of DVDs on the shelf and started looking into digitizing them so that I could have local access to stream them to my television - freeing up a ton of room in my living room and making a nice convenient digital library with all my movies just a click of the button away in the process.
    I've found that Plex and its apps are a fantastic solution for this. You install Plex server on a machine in your house, connect a drive with all of your movie files on it (I purchased a 2 TB external drive to rip the movies to), and Plex takes care of all the meta data and artwork. Plex has apps for Roku, iPhone, X-Box 360 and a ton of other devices. 
    So basically, you get a Netflix like interface of all your own media. It's pretty sweet. 




    I've found that for ripping the movie files from disc, the best software is:
    Make MKV Handbrake Freemake Video Converter (Can convert to a ton of different file formats)
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