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  1. So, I'm going to be a Dad...

    I work the midnight shift, I'm screwed lol
  2. So, I'm going to be a Dad...

    Went for the ultrasound the other day, pretty surreal experience. Still can't believe how much my life is bound to change in the next few months. Everything is going good, and they confirmed that it's going to be a boy! Pretty psyched. We settled on Gunner Thomas for the name.
  3. EWR November 2015 Update - LEAN Version

    True, but I would personally still prefer to add only those that have competed in the US/Mexico/Canada
  4. EWR November 2015 Update - LEAN Version

    The original data only had Japanese workers in it that actually competed in the US. Is there any reason the newer updates include all of these Japanese promotion's rosters? I don't think it is needed personally, and I would delete the guys who don't work the US. That's what I'm doing with the update I'm creating anyway.
  5. Watertown, NY is a pretty big shit hole but has some notable people: Two founding members of Blue Oyser Cult (Don't Fear the Reaper) Richard Grieco of 21 Jump Street/ Night at the Roxbury Fame Viggo Mortensen of Lord of the Rings Fame Arthur Shawcross - Serial Killer Savanna Samson - Porn Star Maggie Rizer - Model Oh, and it's the home of the world famous Little Trees Air Fresheners...

    The site has been updated for the most part for the first time regularly since April. I've added Paige_Turner to the team and he's volunteered to help out with the site maintenance so the updates are added regularly once again.
  7. XBOX Megathread

    Am I the only one who hates the new UI/navigation with the latest update? The old one with the side scrolling tiles was way better. This one is almost too minimalistic. Took me 20 minutes to figure out that the hasbro game pack I bought required me to push the start\menu key from the home screen if I wanted to play anything other than monopoly

    It's not infected, make an exception for your virus scanner
  9. AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    Oh My God, I can't deal with the feels after tonight's episode 
  10. LEAN Version of EWR October 2015 Update

    The only thing with overhauling staff like you suggest with "WWE Production Staff" is that you're going to end up with other companies eventually hiring them and it will be strange. I don't really see the problem with having more production staff than is necessary, those fired from WWE can be hired elsewhere. I'm working on an EWR Mod from scratch in similar nature, and I looked more toward the original EWR stats for inspiration.
  11. Yeah, didn't he say he owned the rights to Sin Cara right after he got released and claimed he would be using it in Mexico, then he became Mysteziz.
  12. Update them yourself?
  13. WiP - EWB EWR Update

    If this comes into fruition, I'll happily create a skin to update the look of EWR as well as redo the logos and banners.