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  1. Can't wait. Only 3 more Super Bowls until the real football kicks off!
  2. Wanna try some caucasian
    for your birthday

    1. caucasianheat


      What, like steak tartare?

  3. Montreal has so many question marks. Is Galchenyuk going to become a top center? Is Drouin? Where are the defenders with the ability to skate the puck out of trouble? I just see a team that thinks they're a lot closer than they are and who keep shuffling pieces around sort of haphazardly. Price really feels like the only sure thing they've got for what they're trying to do. Marleau's contract came in pretty high but I don't think Toronto would have done it if they weren't totally comfortable. He's a pretty significant upgrade on Matthews' wing (most likely). That line couldn't really be called Toronto's top group last year - I think that changes now. Marleau is an iron man and is much better equipped to play tough minutes than was Zach Hyman. Watching Washington get dismantled without having actually won the Cup is pretty interesting. Kuznetsvov bent them over by using the threat of the KHL. They had to give Johansson away for a song, couldn't negotiate with Alzner or Williams or Shattenkirk, lost Schmidt to expansion, and they're not out of the woods yet. Burakovsky and Grubauer need new contracts and they've got to budget for a hefty John Carlson raise a year from now. I think they're still a good team but wonder if they'll need this year to refocus and make a new plan.
  4. I'm using it for the first time this season as they offered it free with my wireless account. On Demand is available instantly unless the game is blacked out in your region, in which case it's a 48 hour wait. This has not changed, the score is shown right next to the 'Watch' icon.
  5. Kid could've backchecked harder on that OT winner...
  6. Green Ranger's phone is probably blowing up right now.
  7. GeneralFanager rolled out a neat tool for wasting time running a mock expansion draft. Should be fun to tinker with as rosters settle and the date gets closer. http://www.generalfanager.com/teams/expansion
  8. Lou Lamoriello is the new GM in Toronto
  9. Damn, home run for Calgary. Boston gets a nice bounty of picks but no player they get with them is likely to be as good as Hamilton is/will be.
  10. Sharks tweeted out a photo from the draft table, shows that Columbus and Toronto may have switched picks in the first. (... or they're testing the board and nothing has happened. One of those two )
  11. Really intrigued to see how 3v3 and coach's challenge shake the games up next year. I think the league would likely expand in the West first to even it at 16 teams for each conference, but who knows. Vegas is on everybody's mind obviously and Seattle has some hurdles to jump yet. But Houston is an interesting destination in that they had an AHL team up until an arena contract dispute two years ago and business analysts have pegged it as a strong market for expansion. Nobody's really talking about them. From what I read the other week, the city of Phoenix told the Coyotes that they would welcome them back if the Glendale arrangement falls through. Short of ownership dropping out again, I think the plan is to stay in Arizona at all costs.
  12. I just finished the series about a week ago and my compulsion was immediately to start over because I don't want it to be finished. I'll probably end up watching it all again. Season 2 feels like the most self-contained of the 5 because of how heavy they go into the dock worker stuff and the fact that some of those characters and details are sort of meaningfully done with at season's end. I'm pretty confident Season 4 is the best episode run of any show I've ever seen.

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