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  1. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    Unlikely, given that Sony won't be there. I reckon that announcement will come later this year.
  2. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    I'm quite sure it's been confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 won't have an E3 presence this year. Instead, they had a stream that revealed some new details yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdVfOeRDUTM
  3. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of The Outer Worlds. Besides that, Bethesda needs to have some surprises up its sleeve because that and Doom Eternal aren't enough to carry an entire conference.
  4. Bobfoc

    E3 2019

    I'm coming in with nothing specific that I want to see, besides the forlorn hope of some sort of Virtual Console presence on the Switch. I'll just be enjoying the ride.
  5. Bobfoc

    Wimbledon 2019

    It's really good to see her playing like this, especially on clay, which she's never been any good on before now. I hope she seizes this opportunity now.
  6. Bobfoc

    Wimbledon 2019

    It will be nice to see him back again. With Jamie Murray splitting with Bruno Soares after the French Open, it would be great to see the Murray brothers team up at Wimbledon.
  7. I didn't know there was an Oregon Trail mod.
  8. I found it hard to get into and stopped, but then I got back into it and enjoyed it. Then Red Dead Redemption 2 came out and I stopped again. I should finish it off and I don't really know why I haven't.
  9. From his brief post-fight interview, he seemed to think he'd won. I think it's poor form to interview someone immediately after they've taken so many big shots to the head.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing how Oleksandr Usyk gets on as he steps up to Heavyweight. I think he should be a big contender in the division over the next couple of years.
  11. Super Mario Odyssey is a must. Breath of the Wild is a game a lot of people really like too, and I got more out of it than I have from any other Zelda game. I'd also recommend Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which was one of the most surprisingly good games in recent years. Certain multiplatform games, like Stardew Valley and Wargroove, are ideal for the handheld format too.
  12. Although a lot of pundits thought she got very lucky with the judges' decision. Regarding Joshua, this is a big concern. Ruiz is a hard hitter, but so is Deontay Wilder, who AJ's been hoping to fight for a long time. I'm not convinced that Joshua's punch resistance is as good as it ideally would be, and so he needed to use a much better defensive strategy than he did. With this kind of approach against Wilder, I'm sure he would have suffered the same fate. In the long term, this ought to make fights against Wilder and Fury more likely. In the past, Eddie Hearn's been pricing AJ out of the market, but his bargaining power has now dropped. There's no way he could get away with pushing for a 60/40 purse split in Joshua's favour now, even if he destroys Ruiz in the probably rematch. Fights against Wilder or Fury at Wembley would still be massive, but not to the extent they would be if this hadn't happened. The fact that Joshua was talking this weekend about a unification fight with Wilder in September suggests that he never even entertained the thought that Ruiz could beat him, and that's come back to bite him, just as it did with Lennox Lewis when he saw Hasim Rahman as a stepping stone towards a showdown with Mike Tyson.
  13. Bobfoc

    Wimbledon 2019

    It's been a little under the radar, but Jo Konta has reached the Quarter-Finals of the French Open, having never previously won a match at Roland Garros. She's improving every round, which is great to see after a barren couple of years.
  14. Well done to Liverpool. I'm happy for Klopp, who's finally won a trophy for Liverpool and finally won this competition. Tottenham's run has been great, though, and I hope they win it one day.
  15. I wouldn't have guessed that Divock Origi would be the hero of this year's Champions League.
  16. I wonder how much the lack of football over the last couple of weeks has affected this match. Both teams have looked below their best.
  17. I'll have you know that some balls are quite interesting.
  18. I can't say this has been an exciting match so far. I hope we get some drama in the next thirty minutes or so.
  19. Bloody liberals and their diversity quotas.
  20. I must be a few seconds behind other people's feed.
  21. I'm not a supporter of either of these teams, but looking at the sunshine and taking in the atmosphere on the television screen, I'm still wishing I were there in person.
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