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  1. Villa aren't fucking around are they
  2. It was a nice to have a smaller scale Spider-Man film that was actually all about Spider-Man. Like, instead of being all end-of-the-world, it was nice it was more like the end-of-his-world. I'd like to see way more of that in the MCU. I don't think it was outstanding, or game-changing, but definitely refreshing and a nice watch.
  3. Second comes right after first.
  4. I meant, more financially, than size of the club as such. Yeah, I can't help but feel for £70 mil, there's someone else out there. I imagine we might go back to Le Celso depending on what happens with Eriksen? I don't think it's crazy we don't wanna pay £70 mil for him - out of the two, I'd much rather have Ndombele, who is a player I'm really excited about. I've heard the idea of Eriksen to Madrid in exchange for Dani Cellabos + 30/40 mil, which would be interesting. Scared by our lack of links to a new right back.
  5. Think it was pretty clear that a good side was going to punish our defensive frailties, but I thought we were excellent for the most of the second half and were obviously so close to getting a draw. Pen was crazy soft. Ellen White was so unlucky with that second goal. But definitely lost our heads after the sending off, stopped doing all the things that were clearly working. The standard of football we were playing was so much better than four years ago, though. Plenty of positives to take. Also, while it is totally what you do to win games and see 'em out, it was a shame to see the Americans throwing themselves to the floor and play-acting in the last fifteen mins, in which was otherwise a really great game. The USA are clearly a better team and obvs far more street-wise. Was quite happy to see Nikita Parris have a go when they were fucking around in the corner, though.
  6. Hm, torn on this one. He is obviously a player that Poch wants, but £70mil is a huge amount for a player, especially for a club like us. Even more so considering we actually just spent real money on an actual footballer.
  7. Why are Newcastle selling?
  8. I've heard we're close - some saying it could be tomorrow / thursday?
  9. If Benfica are holding out for what 100 mil for Joao Felix, surely Dias isn't avail for £35 mil? Haven't watched much of him, but heard he's very promising.
  10. hahahaha klopp in the plane
  11. We were great last night. Just can't get over how good Lucy Bronze is. Surely Nikita's off penalty duties now? Very excited to see how he match up against the US or France. That was the match of the tournament for me and was absolutely gutted for Japan, who played the Dutch off the park in the second half. They were so technical and totally deserved a win, really felt for the player who hit the bar.
  12. what's a signing? obvs wont get excited until Poch's arm is round him, but he's so exactly what we need, this would be great
  13. the new Kate Tempest album is well worth checking out, she's so incredibly talented
  14. Chernobyl totally lives up to the hype, doesn't it? Devastating.
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