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  1. start giving Erik Lamela the respect he deserves!! When fit, he's weirdly really good for me. You just gotta show him a bit of love. I did start an FM game this year - with Spurs as well - also ended up with Ruben Dias. But man, Harry Kane misses so many one on one chances, it's completely killed me results wise. I just can't figure out how to get the best out of him, despite my team making a bunch of changes. Kinda nice to hear they've patched finishing. I also bought Bruno Fernandes and Atal, and made Lo Celso permanent. Similarly, sold Eriksen to United for 90m because PSG never came in for him and Liverpool took Toby. But just can't sustain big interest - or I don't want to because I'm too worried about losing my life to this silly game.
  2. I wish I loved JoJo, but I felt a little underwhelmed, I'm disappointed Scarlett is nominated for Best Supporting Actress over Shuzhen Zhao. In general, the shut out of The Farewell is majorly disappointing. Little Women is fantastic and if it was directed by an esteemed male director then their name would already be in the process of being etched on the trophy. Some wonderful films and performances got recognised, but it was another awful year for nominations and another example of the film industry's inability to close the chasm between those (old white men) at the top of the industry and the rest. As I've gotten older, I've become less and less invested in award shows (although lol gimme an oscar one day pls). Hopefully one day we can level the playing field but it's so far off.
  3. I've scored as many direct goals from corners as TAA has
  4. as if i couldn't get the ipswich / spurs one before my time etc etc
  5. I fear Parrott will leave under Jose. It's a tricky one, because he's so young at 17, but he really looked the part in pre season and I'd really like to see him get more minutes, especially with Kane out. I guess we'll learn a little more tomorrow with Jose's selection against Boro, but he came out and said yesterday he's too young to be considered a Kane replacement. Which is probably, and to an extent is definitely protecting him against over hype - but he hasn't signed a new long term contract and I know German teams are very interested.
  6. Force Majeure is an incredible piece of cinema. Have you seen any of Ruben Ostland's other films? The Square (which might still be on Netflix?) is also excellent, as are some of the short films he's made, which are really inventive and fun. Rashomon is great, I need to get back on watching more Kurosawa.
  7. What did you think of Saga? I love it. Others that cross over are Where'd You Go, Bernadette? And My Sister Is A Serial Killer. I think we've already chatted about Snow Crash, haven't we? Good effort on 80 books though, jesus. Here's mine - https://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/16345820, which includes quite a lot of graphic novels that pad the numbers.
  8. Little Women is beautifully realised. Lovely stuff. Greta and the cast absolutely smashed it.
  9. 1st is Carlos Gil, right? edit: whoops sorry RE
  10. Marriage Story is one of my favourites of the year; so clever and beautifully executed. Knives Out is just super fun. Really taps into making use of an established cast, picking a tone and making sure everyone is operating on the same level. It never veers too far into spoof, it's tonally perfect and makes for a great time in the cinema. Like Marriage Story, I'm trying to make an effort to see more Netflix releases I actually want to see (I've still never seen Roma), so I watched I Lost My Body, which was an inventive and evocative french animation that was acclaimed at Cannes. There's some truly stunning imagery in there, although I felt the story started to lose a little momentum, even within its 80 minute running time. That said, the ending is incredibly satisfying. Likewise, I finally got round to Meyerowitz Stories while on this Netflix binge. I think Marriage Story is Baumbach's best work, but he's one of the best for dissecting family dynamics. He utilises his cast, and as said above, it's always great to see Adam Sandler deciding he wants to do good work. Formally, I didn't love the ending, it felt like a big departure from the rest of the film and kinda jarring, but saying that, I also enjoyed the little snippets - mini epilogues.
  11. We should make Lo Celso permanent, as it financially makes sense, but Jose doesn't seem to like him in spite of him being absolute quality.
  12. One of the worst games I've ever watched.
  13. Hm, been processing the last few episodes. Ultimately peaked with 4, 5 & 6 for me. I loved the slow build, the world-building, the pacing. I found myself less invested with the emergence and prominence of Dr. Manhattan. Ultimately, if anything, I felt that detracted from the characters and narrative that I found myself investing in, especially because I was specifically enjoying the experience of having Dr. Manhattan on the peripherals on the story. When it started to lean too hard into Watchmen folklore, I found myself a little more disconnected, and a little less willing to go with its story. That might be on me, though. Still, a good piece of television. Not fully satisfied by the direction the last few episodes took, but ultimately happy to have gone on the journey.
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