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  1. Finished Bodily Harm, which really picked up in the last fifty pages as it all tied together, but that didn't overly alter my indifference towards it. I've decided to stay on the Margaret Atwood train and finally jump into The Blind Assassin. I'm about 75 pages in and it's intriguing and very well written - it hasn't grabbed me like Alias Grace had at this point, but there's already enough in place for me.
  2. I've done incredibly poorly this year - found my time of the tube spent reading Sight & Sound instead of novels. That said, I've nearly finished Bodily Harm by Margaret Atwood, which I started ages ago, but have only picked back up recently. Atwood is one of my favourite writers - Alias Grace & Handmaid's Tale are personal favourites - but this one is a little middle of the park, hardly a page-turner, even if there's something interesting going on. I always read more in the summer, so looking forward to picking up a lot more novels over the next few months - I've got a few that Liam bought me at Christmas to read, and a bunch of stuff that's been sitting on my shelf for months, including the 2nd half of Jamaica Inn.
  3. Tammy Abraham looks half decent doesn't he.
  4. You'd hope that the success of Wonder Woman will encourage DC to continue to work with exciting directors like Patty Jenkins and start giving more talent a chance in the future.
  5. An Erik Lamela rabona wins us the Champions League.
  6. Yay. Think we've been really good so far - there's some really encouraging passing football, Lookman & Solanke look to make things happen in the final third and Calvert Lewin has been really well placed. Think Onomah's been a class above in centre mid and Tamori's been really vital at the back. Hope they can keep this up!
  7. This team has reached a World Cup final, though. That should do some of them wonders, especially if they win.
  8. Yep, who've also had a great tournament. Yeah, I'd be excited as an Everton fan. Kenny, particularly, has looked quality. Lookman looks like a very good buy, too. I just can't help but think these players deserve a chance - a few don't look quite ready yet, but there's a lot of talent in there. Winning it would be so good for their mentality, too.
  9. I honestly think that's a ridiculous 2nd yellow. They even have video technology to look at shit like that and they didn't use it.
  10. I've watched the last couple of U20's games and it's been really great - we play really nice football and we're also composed. Kenny, Calvert-Lewin, Tamori, Walker Peters, Dowell, Lookman and Onomah have all been excellent and Ojo made a ridiculous difference today. Solanke is also totally growing into his role and looks a prospect. I hope these players get a proper look in next year at their clubs. I'd love to see Onomah played in his proper position for Spurs, he's been real good in the Dembele role - and was also hugely unlucky in getting sent off for dribbling past an opponent. It was ridiculous.
  11. BREAKING: Liverpool have apologised to Southampton for a "misunderstanding regarding Virgil van Dijk" and ended their interest in the player
  12. no danger of that ever happening
  13. Oh, it's not like I think it's amazing or anything, I just really like what it represents and I had a really fun time watching it, which has definitely influenced the way I talk about it. Mostly, I'm just excited because it should make a really positive change in the film industry which I think will result in some really great films getting made in the near future.
  14. Liverpool's new away kit is vile.
  15. Yes man, definitely! I'm so excited for the kids I teach to watch it. A couple of them name-checked Catwoman as their favourite character when they went to see the Lego Batman a while back just because she's a girl who holds her own. I'm so excited for the younger generation to see this character; a woman, who embraces her emotions, and absolutely leads the way and is a total badass. The film also perfectly uses the fish out of water premise to highlight how ridiculous the treatment of women was in the second world war - which obviously translates just as well to modern day parallels. It's got some brilliant ideas in there. I'd love to know what your nieces think, you should definitely take them, or just tag along with your sister if not!