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  1. What Did You Watch Today?

    Into the first three episodes of The Deuce - everything's building up nicely so far & some of the acting work is outstanding. It's always nice to see some Wire alumni playing against type, too.
  2. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Sissoko was actually great last night. He's still not consistently great, and he definitely set the bar low last year, but he's been alright this season.
  3. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Amazing result, fantastic performance, both keepers made amazing saves, chuffed with that!
  4. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Great half. Such a weird half - Eriksen's been so poor, Winks has been excellent, 1-1 definitely fair. A ridiculous foul from Serge, and now he's on a yellow and we kind've know he can't be trusted yet. I thought we've done really well so far. On another note, Modric is just so good. Like, head and shoulders above every player on the pitch.
  5. FIFA 18

    What are squad battles? I'm confused by them.
  6. Just a little update - we had our World Premiere at the BFI to a sold out audience on Thursday and it went down a treat. Through this film we're finally getting in the room with the right people and talking about taking things to the next step. Thanks again to everyone here who has supported us with all of our projects - here's a pic of the team at the festival!
  7. What Did You Watch Today?

    I've watched 42 features in the last three and a half week at the London Film Festival. I've managed to see some incredible stuff - highlights included: Wonderstruck Loveless Call Me By Your Name Promised Land A Fantastic Woman Foxtrot Beach Rats The Shape of Water Custody The Florida Project Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri A bunch of these will get general releases, because there's some big films in there, but would really encourage seeking out some of the stuff on that list when they come out that you might not've heard of.
  8. Premier League 2017/18

    De Bruyne is on another fucking level oh my
  9. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    Can play today / this even before 10:30 anyone else?
  10. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 18 Xbox One Pro Club

    could play tonight, I think? Otherwise, potentially Friday! Way more free after this week.
  11. The England thread

    Yeah, Alli's not a creative midfielder as such, either. He's more of a foward these days - he can do the something out of nothing - but he's not as much of a creator. Eriksen is the player who makes Spurs tick creatively, and when he's not playing, Winks has stepped up recently. I honestly think Winks is the answer if he continues the way he's going. He's great with the ball and his instinct is to pass forwards or drive forwards.
  12. General Television Thread

    Of course you would think that.
  13. The England thread

    Winks is excellent, super pleased for him to get his call-up. I think he'll play a big role this season and offers something none of our other midfields do (Spurs & England), he's exactly the sort of player we're missing and it makes sense that Southgate would want to see him amongst the group at the moment. Adam hit the nail on the head either way. For me, Winks makes a better partner for either Dier or Henderson, than they currently do as a partnership (if that makes sense). Also, assuming that lots of people haven't watched Winks play, or are going off his stats, he's a great prospect. His first instinct is to pass forward, he makes brilliant driving runs with the ball and is deceivingly strong for his size. He's always the first sub to come on for us and started a bunch of games - and would've started more if it wasn't for a horrible ankle injury - Poch rates him hugely. So, as a summary, yay.
  14. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    Also a nice big win, 30 points between Trippier & Davies alone.
  15. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    In hope of finding a striking alternative (Gray had been quite poor so far until he got me 8 points on my bench last week) I got rid of Benteke and brought in Niasse, just in case that fairy tale continues.