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  1. Ugh, seems so needless (hopefully I'm wrong?) but I'll obvs end up giving it a chance.
  2. Been reading some great stuff over the last year or so. I've absolutely loved Paper Girls, which is one of the best things I've read in the last few years. I've just got the last volume to go, but it's so beautifully done and the art is amazing. I'm still only half way through Saga, but that's totally lived up to the hype. Similarly, I thought Sabrina was mind-blowingly good. I love stuff that captures deep-rooted paranoia, it's perfectly paced, I loved it. Now having a read of Snotgirl, which is fun, if not completely gripping me right now. I've heard good stuff about Skyward and Gideon Falls, so got both of those lined up. Trying to expand the amount I read, especially for research for stuff to potentially adapt. I saw Jupiter's Legacy is getting a TV adaptation, so ordered that too. Just waiting patiently for the next volume of Monstress and gonna pick up the new Umbrella Academy when it's out. Comics are great ain't they
  3. Been getting into podcasts more recently. Only ever really listened to How Did This Get Made and Pip's podcast occasioanlly. The Pip ep with Joseph Gilgun is brilliant. Then back-tracked to his ones with Steven Knight and Mark Millar and got a lot out of them. Does anyone listen to any good fiction ones? Was interested in giving it a go. Also open to any recommendations for any film / literature / comic book-y stuff. Or just anything that's standout great.
  4. For me, Hacksaw Ridge was problematic because its a film about a pacifist and yet still manages to glorify the war and be all 'MERICA. Each to their own on it, though.
  5. The second is even better. Just finished season 4 of The Sopranos which is, obviously, outstanding. Every episode is just insanely good; there's so much going on, so much texture and so much depth. Also, is anyone watching Stath Lets Flats? Season 2 is even better than Season 1, it's the funniest shit on TV. Also getting round to GLOW and it's great. Oh, got the finale of Eastbound and Down left to do. That was also great.
  6. Oh man, the long passages of Hiro talking to the Librarian about the origins of language are...uh...a bit of a slog aren't they?
  7. A filmmaker friend of mine who I've met at a few film festivals, who recently directed a block of Sex Education, got the Loki directing gig which is totally fucking cool as shit.
  8. I'm more excited for this than any Star Wars film. Werner Herzog!!!
  9. Yeah I've got that sitting on my shelf courtesy of you. I've seen the film, so I think that's the reason I've stupidly put it off, but I'm gonna get to it! Yeah it was a really fun read. I would say it's not a book I think about often, but sometimes love to have something like that to break up reading longer books. Yeah, I'm only about 75 pages in so far and there's something about it so far I'm really enjoying. But there's a lot of detail that doesn't always feel absolutely necessary. I'll make sure to let you know where I settle on it.
  10. Recently finished All The Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy, which was my first of his books that I'd read. I obviously know his stuff quite well from film adaptations, but I got a lot out of this, it's really beautifully written, and to an extent, falls into a sort-of similar territory as a lot of John Steinbeck's stuff that I absolutely love. Gonna crack on the The Border Trilogy over the next 6 months. Also read The Power, a little while after all the hype had died down. Really dug it - it's not life-changing, but had some really cool ideas in it and it read so quick. Also, in the last few months, finished Convenience Woman, My Sister's A Serial Killer, Bastard Out of Carolina and Year of the Flood. Absolutely loved the last last two. The first two were easy, breezy reads, but not 100% for me. Now moved onto Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, which I've been wanting to get round to for a while. Target for the year was 24 books. Including Graphic Novels, I'm currently at 21. Without, I'm on 15. Hoping to hit 24 novels by the end of the year.
  11. I think it's more Spider-Verse really found that word of mouth audience because it was genuinely great. That Oscar win will have 100% brought a new audience, and also some added authenticity or an urgency to watch for some skeptical viewers. No way that movie makes anywhere near as much if people aren't raving about it being the best Spider-Man film produced, which they were. There was huge critical, you have to watch this hype around it that Sony didn't achieve with Garfield's Spider-Man or Venom. Obviously 1$b means more. But the two ain't mutually exclusive.
  12. Bombed critically, though. I feel like Sony overlook shit like that. People keep coming back to Marvel because they generally deliver good movies. Their last version of Spider-Man didn't take off, because amongst other things, they just didn't make very good films. I thought Venom was terrible, too. It might make a bunch of money the first time around, because it has the advantage of being new and being a property people have heard of it, but they'd have to make massive improvements to increase the return on that because people will remember it just wasn't very good. Obviously, adding Tom Holland's Spider-Man in would give it a huge financial boost, but the quality of the film needs to be good if they want to actually get people to come back in the same way Marvel do.
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