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  1. I think that's the thing - yeah, on paper all those thing read well, but the execution of getting there (for me, personally) has been sloppy and unconvincing. The show isn't anywhere near as emotionally engaging as it has been, their art of storytelling has fallen by the wayside as they work through ticking the boxes in order to wrap up the story.
  2. ...yeah, that was baffling and not for me
  3. WJEBFHOBEQRNOUBEQRNIOBTNITBNJGR BNOIEBFQNOIBERQ NO'IEF nioerniorbenionjfe kj vrvbjrwve LAMELAAAAAA jnwenevwn;vewn;vewnkvwe'vweopewvopevwkln'evnkl'vewmnpvewnfonioinvrnorvnrv3
  4. ahhh massive congrats to all the Liverpool fans on here, that was fucking fantastic, fuck off Suarez
  5. Hm, I was thinking this, but, here's my probs incoherent take on it.
  6. I need to process and maybe watch again - but I think I’m...underwhelmed?
  7. na just properly prepping to score a rabona in the CL final
  8. Already seen. Already cried. My poor baby.
  9. That's a brilliant achievement, he's fantastic to watch. I find it interesting that there was this big emphasis and a lot of coverage on the importance of full backs / wing backs in the last few years in the Prem, but Liverpool seem to be the only team in the top 6 with real quality on both flanks. I always felt we were at our best a few years ago when we had Walker and Rose in their prime tearing teams up. I've particularly felt that this season our full backs have been so weak, and as they're usually the spare men, it's massively letting us down. Then you see what Trent and Roberston are doing for Liverpool and it really compounds that point for me.
  10. Yeah bang on, there's also no way we're having the same conversation if it was a male character that we'd watched grow up losing their virginity at 18.
  11. She's just been drafted in to do a re-write on the new Bond as well. She's fucking incredible.
  12. Currently loving The Chronicles of Sabrina, it's totally come into it's own and is now part-filling that gap that Buffy left in my heart. Also enjoying The Tick as something super light and picked up The Sopranos again in season 3, which is, obviously, just incredible. Also for the UK folks, has anyone watched Stath Lets Flats on 4? It's fucking hilarious.
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