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  1. It took me a few listens to really get into it, but I'm there now and I can feel it being on repeat for a long time
  2. New Haim and Phoebe Bridges albums are both so great.
  3. Much like with Gone To The Wind, it could be temporary while they figure out the best way to present those episodes, while educating its audience. I watched Kind Hearts and Coronets at the cinema last year, which came with a disclaimer and trigger waring about racist language, while not altering the original film, presented as is for historical accuracy, but also very much acknowledging its problematic scene and why it is wrong. This is a bad take.
  4. I wish teams advanced to further rounds, that's what I want.
  5. Can't wait for Ndombele to be great for someone else
  6. Up until the Pen, I thought Dier was excellent last night. Also felt that pen was soft. Jon Moss was shocking last night, how he didn't book Lamela was a mystery. I thought we were really good in the first half, then sat back too much in the second. And we only made two subs...why? Son and Kane were dead by the end. Mourinho spent all week hyping up Ndombele and didn't even give him any minutes. I just don't get it.
  7. I got 11 and fluffed a few I knew. Thank God football is back tomorrow.
  8. I dug Ad Astra, it kind of ditched a bit of subtlety towards the end, but I found it pretty refreshing for a film of that size to tell the story it eventually tells. Would've thought it's definitely a film that benefits from being seen in the cinema, it's beautifully shot.
  9. oh it's so good. A bit more of an undertaking, to the point of having not finished it yet, but Ken Burns' The Vietnam War is fantastic from what I've seen so far.
  10. Have you done The Jinx?
  11. Jimmy

    Better Call Saul

    I watched the first season upon release and have just caught up with the rest during and lockdown and wow. I might be being unfair on Breaking Bad, which I'm now genuinely tempted to re-watch, but I think Better Call Saul is the better show. Which is no disrespect to BB, more about how much I've enjoyed this show. The personal stakes and the character development are insanely well done, especially in the knowledge of the fates of a bunch of the main players. I never thought I could be as invested as I am. I'm about to start Succession tomorrow, but until I do, I think this is the best thing currently on TV.
  12. Yeah I've done both of them, I was basically doing them in chronological order, but I skipped one cos I just really fancied watching Princess Mononoke and Spirted Away. They're both great though!
  13. Was underwhelmed by the first two; think the rhythm is kind of off, definitely hasn't found its footing. Happy to give it a go off the back of the casting, but not holding out for massive improvements.
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