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  1. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    We have officially signed a player omg not a drill
  2. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    wow, this transfer window is nuts
  3. I'm picking up the a pace a little now. I just finished The Pearl by John Steinbeck, which was a treat to read after reading something as dense as White Teeth. I've always loved Steinbeck's style (Grapes of Wrath is my favourite) and The Pearl is simplistic, incredibly effective and has a great ever-present feeling of foreboding running through it. It's nice to break things up occasionally with a nice 90 page novel. Anyway, moving onto My Bloody Project next!
  4. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    But like, surely that's all he can do? You can't up wages across the board without being about to finance it. That's what the new stadium is for, as far as I understand. The cap is supposedly £100,000, which is what Kane and Lloris are on.
  5. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    But there's a structure in place for a reason, because it's sustainable. Until we build the new stadium, we can't pay that much more. Also, it's not like he'd be breaking the structure for one player, with the quality of our current squad, it'd snowball. There's no way Levy's not increasing it out of stubborn reluctance or whatever, it's probably because we can't. I love Danny Rose and, in the past, been a fan of his honesty in interviews, but it's a pretty dickish interview to get and is obviously very, very poor on his part. Plus he gave the exclusive to the Sun. I think Poch will be fuming - but I'd also hate to lose him.
  6. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    wtf is Danny Rose doing
  7. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    SPURSY GK: Foster, Fabianski DEF: Walker, Trippier, Bellerin, Davies, Dawson MID: Eriksen, De Bryune, Mane, Fabregas, Townsend FW: Benteke, Gray, Giroud
  8. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    I promise nothing
  9. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    yay thanks gang
  10. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    Ah, thought it was at 6 tonight, which I could've probably made work. Pretty doubtful for 6:30 but will work on a list either way.
  11. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    I think I had Eriksen, De Bruyne, Mane & Walker? Probably can't do Weds though
  12. Game of Thrones

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH that was the shit, crazy that we're getting stuff of this scale on television - I'm absolutely loving the pace of this series because it feels like we've had all the necessary build up over the past six seasons.
  13. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

  14. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    I tried that - wasn't letting me click on who I wanted. So dumb.