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  1. A Natural by Ross Raisin is something I think you'd enjoy if you haven't read it already.
  2. Don't bother. It's not very good.
  3. Did one of the SBC's and got a mega pack - got TOTW Mandzukic, OTW Alison and De Gea. Mental. Then opened a rare mega pack and top rated player was 82. Wild.
  4. Yeah, I've totally re-discovered my love for comics lately. Or, at least, been willing to put my money where my mouth is. I'm three volumes into Saga, one volume into Monstress and one volume into Paper Girls which are all insanely good. Also really dug volume zero of Spider-Gwen (as Eddie was saying) and went back and read the first volume of Transmetropolitan, which is something I've wanted to read since I loved Fell: Feral City. Just need to keep saving up so I can buy the next volumes of stuff - there's a decent second hand shop in London for comics, so might pop by there today.
  5. It's a nice mix of both. First and foremost, it's a thriller (I guess?), but it's interwoven with a strong sense of humour. It's by the Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who wrote Fleabag, which is definitely more of a proper comedy and is also incredible. I think what's great about it, is it feels so fresh, it almost doesn't feel like it's classifiable, it's a spy show, elements of thriller, comedy, drama, plenty of sexual tension. It's really strong from what I've seen - and a really nice example of Britain talent re-defining what television can be.
  6. first two eps are very good, haven't seen more than that, but seen some negativity around the finale please give killing eve a try because i've done 4 eps of that and it's so good man
  7. Got a few eps of Season 2 left & enjoying it as much as the first. Some proper good shit in there 😏 Also into the first two episodes of Maniac. Definitely doesn't feel like something I could binge, but it stands out nicely amongst the other stuff Netflix has produced - definitely helps that it's grounded by two acting heavyweights. Overwhelmed by the amount of good TV at the moment. Anyone watching Killing Eve? It's fucking great.
  8. Lots of of good stuff in the cinema at the moment / coming out soon. Cold War is extraordinary, a heart-breaking story spanning over a decade squeezed into ninety minutes, it left me in an emotional daze. The cinematography is out of this world - so worth catching. Didn't think much of Yardie. It messy, rushed, under-developed. The acting was predictably great, as is usually the case when an actor directs, and the design and costumes are excellent, but the story missed its emotional beats for me. Crazy Rich Asians was super charming, felt fresh and felt like it had something to say. It suffers from conforming rigidly to a blockbuster format but it gets a pass because it's so likeable and the last few scenes deliver the goods. The Miseducation of Cameron Post rocks and is well worth seeing. Chloe Mortez definitely gives a career-best performance in a film that finds the perfect tonal balance, allowing it to be fun, satirical and heart-breaking. It's a compassionate and empathetic character study and someone needs to give Desiree Akhavan more money to make more good shit. Hoping to catch a bunch of stuff over the next few weeks - The Rider, Faces, Places, Climax and the new MIA doc all look great.
  9. Watched the first episode of Bodyguard on BBC which was excellent. The BBC seems to have a really strong Autumn slate, with Killing Eve coming out tomorrow and a new series penned by Sally Wainwright coming in the next few months. Also been watching The Vietnam War by Ken Burns, which has made its way onto Netflix. It's really dense, but that's what sets it apart. It's obviously harrowing, but the in-depth history combined with personal accounts makes for great viewing. So excited for new BoJack and also very happy to see The Deuce is back.
  10. Last Exit to Brooklyn is one of my favourites. It's proper fucked up. Well worth ya time. The film adaptation also holds up quite well, I'd say. It's got nothing on the back, but it definitely captures the atmosphere and seediness but it loses some of the depth.
  11. I just watched it and thought it was great. I was really caught off guard by the depth and breadth of the story - it had a real atmosphere to it and it got under my skin. And that pie scene is extraordinary. I'd heard about it and it exceeded all expectations, it's heart-breaking. To say nothing happens in that scene is crazy to me. But I can totally see how it's divisive film.
  12. But it was working in the first half. United were, by far, the better team in the first half. We barely had a sniff, although I thought we should've had a pen. We just sorted ourselves out in the second half and were wonderful. Poch handled Lucas' integration so well and it looks like we've got a real player there, he offers us something different being lightning quick and having that low centre of gravity. Really wonderful result, love our team.
  13. that was an awful game of football and a fucking terrible pen
  14. I definitely think we could've done with centre midfield player or potentially a left back. I'm totally behind not buying for the sake of it - and ecstatic about the lack of players leaving - but I don't believe there wasn't a few targets we wanted. Like, we clearly wanted Grealish, so I'm disappointed that didn't happen. I really hope Onomah gets a shot in centre midfrield this season, especially with question marks over Dembele, Wanyama and Winks' fitness. A fully fit Harry Winks would be great too. That said, I think the lack of central midfield signing (something I felt we could do with) might suggest that Eriksen is going to play deeper this season, which is something we started to see more last year. That's potentially very exciting as it allows a spot for Lucas or Lamlea to play up top with Alli, Son & Kane.
  15. Yeah, I really rate Marco Silva and a bunch of those signings looks really decent. Still kinda can't get my head around us not signing anyone. Really hoping a few youngsters, especially Onomah, get a chance to impress this year. We've still got a great starting XI and I think Lucas will have a big impact this season. I also think Aurier will be better this year & of course I'm backing Lamela to score at least 15 in the league and have a stormer. Like I have for the last five years.

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