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  1. Ha, Heavy Metal is wild - it's one of my friends favourite films and she did a screening of it underneath a pub for her birthday. I'd say that's definitely the way to watch it - with like thirty other people slowly getting drunk.
  2. Jimmy

    The 2019 Music Thread

    Yep, that's the one! I would totally recommend it - seeing her on Wednesday, very excited.
  3. Just watched the first part of Leaving Neverland. Fucking hell, it's such a difficult watch - horrific to think there are so many people defending Michael Jackson. I guess I need to see the second half before completely drawing all conclusions but yeah, it's really affecting and sickening stuff so far. On the complete other end of the spectrum, Monday nights on the BBC are like the golden age of time - This Time With Alan Partridge and Fleabag are both phenomenal.
  4. For me, I just wish the film was as inspired as this moment. It totally landed and is the one genuine standout scene for me. I thought it was decent, fun to watch, but like GoGo, definitely lacking. Like, it just felt all very standard and not as inventive or as defining as it could've been. I still had a good time, but I definitely was hoping for more I guess. I thought Brie Larson was great. A few lil themes and stuff I did like.
  5. not a pen for me, but what a result & congrats to all the united fans, a proper crazy turnaround!
  6. Faces Places wasn't on release here till September 2018.
  7. 1. Shoplifters 2. Cold War 3. Infinity War 4. If Beale Street Could Talk 5. BlacKkKlansman 6. The Favourite 7. Into The Spiderverse 8. Peterloo 9. You Were Never Really Here 10. Burning Missed some big films so far this year - been waiting ages to see Roma in the cinema. Would also love to see Burning and was stupid enough to miss The Rider when I had a chance to see that in the cinema.
  8. Jimmy

    The 2019 Music Thread

    the new Self Esteem album is an absolute banger
  9. I thought we were awful and just about deserved a draw. Playing five at the back is baffling when we don't have the full backs to make use of the extra space - Trippier is truly terrible. Cannot wait to have Dele back & we desperately need a central midfielder, as if we were playing Danny Rose as a holding midfield player by the end.
  10. I would argue film us all about emotion - so if people relate and love the movie, for whatever personal reason, be it because they have a connection with what they see on screen, or have that feeling of being represented and seen for the first time in a huge blockbuster, than that's not 'shine' that's just the sign of a great movie. It's also totally okay to realise that people didn't have that deep personal connection and that takes some of the enjoyment away. Hope that sort of made sense. For me, the thing I loved, and then was a little let down by, in Black Panther is how you totally understand where Michael B. Jordan is coming from - and it was such an interesting conflict on screen and to have as an audience member. Then, I'm assuming because of the confines of a Marvel film, they had to up his villainy, instead of maintaining a conflict where you empathise with the villain.
  11. I can't see it working unless they drastically alter the type of shows they fund. The endless period pieces they fund are fine and find their audience, but in terms of breaking global audiences, it's going to have to start funding more stuff like Fleabag and Killing Eve and invest in more exciting voices and vary up their content, I'd have thought.
  12. I am convinced Mike Dean or someone's said something to him to spark that reaction. He's walking away from it - and clearly something is said to make his lose shit like that. Wouldn't surprise me, especially because Mike Dean loves to make it all about him. I mean, you can't excuse that kinda behaviour completely, but I'd be shocked if it wasn't that consider the way he's walking away. Doesn't change the fact we didn't do enough to win, though.
  13. Thanks for the lovely comments mate! Yeah, we're actually looking into putting subtitles on that video. It was intentional though, she talks real fast, cos it's not all about what she's saying, we just wanted her to represent a normal teenage girl & a lot of em talk fast. Also, woo, we got a Vimeo staff pick, which has taken us from 3,000 views to 23,000 in 36 hours!

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