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  1. I also love Pimento, Bill, Doug Judy, and more.
  2. I’ve realized the description comes from “a source”, according to that Sun article. So, perhaps that particular part will wind up an unfair judgement. That said, it’s still a matter of representation.
  3. Going by their own description, that’s absolutely the joke.
  4. It wouldn’t be. They shouldn’t be making a gay person into a joke at all.
  5. More accurately, no one is explicitly allowed or disallowed from playing anyone. But I feel this reflects poorly on Jack, the director, the producers, and the writers.
  6. No. It’s about what roles have been traditionally offered to and cast with queer people vs. straight people. Especially if this is meant to be such a momtentous first, cast someone with the lived experience to do justice to the role. Add to that the camp, etc. description and you have a powder keg of misrepresentation ready to blow, only making things more difficult for queer folks.
  7. Bake Off and Brooklyn 99, lately. Also the Hunting Homeless People for Sport series and Rolling Naked in a Pile of Money.
  8. I just cannot at all get interested in the story of rich white people doing rich while people things.
  9. Speaking of Walking Dead, after a promising first 2 seasons, pretty much everything after was garbage.
  10. The Wire, season 4. Breaking Bad, season 5. Westworld, season 1. The Good Place...both seasons, really. Community, season 3. Thr Simpsons, season 8.
  11. The final 2 seasons of House - except for season 6 premiere. The show started off good enough, then became stellar in seasons 4 & 5, had a BEAUTIFUL opener for season 6 that really should have been the series finale. And then there was just nothing worthwhile to do from there forward. They lost Lisa Edelstein (stupidly refused to pay her what she was worth, actually) and everything started screaming downhill to an obnoxious, contrived finale.
  12. Yeah, The Florida Project deserved so much more attention.
  13. Watching Evils of the Night, basically a mid-80s horror soft porn with 30 year olds playing teenagers and a tacked-on alien plot featuring Julie Newmar, John Carradine, Tina Louise, Neville Brand, and Aldo Ray. Good lord.
  14. If anything, I think TLJ may be my favorite of all of them.

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