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  1. He did not. But he does have an increased craving for thick, square pizza.
  2. Doesn’t seem any more confusing than last season. Also, I reeeeeaaally liked last night’s episode. I’ve been wanting more from those characters for a long time.
  3. I don’t really have all the words right now. Maybe later. But this is significant. He was significant. He was significant to me and how I’ve changed. Mostly what I have right now is sadness. Check on your people. That’s what I’m doing.
  4. If they do it, I reeeeeaaaally hope it’s done in a way that keeps her from getting one penny.
  6. They already did one of its sequels back in the Mike years.
  7. Also, if you haven't heard, Season 12 will be 6 episodes long. Joel has said they've gone to some effort to make them "bingeable."
  8. That’s too bad. Seemed like such a nice guy.
  9. That wasn’t a problem for me at all. I saw what they were doing and it was fine.
  10. Solo had a rough start, but kept getting better as it went. It’s the worst one since the Disney purchase, but I had a decent time.
  11. Side note on the Russell thing: you should see Mike Biglia’s latest stand-up special where he talks about that. It’s fantastic.
  12. It’s a decent apology. I’m still on the fence about how I feel about it all. I mean, as he kinda references there, they were more interested in letting Tambor know that he’s supported in his efforts than supporting Jessica - someone he hurt in the first place. Plus, honestly, I still don’t buy Tambor’s account of what happened in the Transparent incidents, so I’m not sold that he’s truly making every effort anyhow.

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