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  1. 1. Jessica Jones 2. The Daily Show 3. Parks and Rec 4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 5. Other Space 6. Last Week Tonight 7. Master of None 8. The Nightly Show 9. Better Call Saul 10. Veep 11. QI 12. Daredevil 13. Community 14. With Bob and David 15. Silicon Valley
  2. I'm really hoping this means you stopped after IV.
  3. I feel like they've either got to go outside the show for an established comedian with a clear point of view, a la Amy Poehler, or give it to a relative unknown from within who has the smarts and the chops.
  4. Yeah, I dig it so far. Not perfect, but there's enough good pieces that it has potential. Quite the behind-the-scenes pedigree too.
  5. More than anything Martin Short killed it in that segment. The man is the most natural show business entertainer alive.
  6. Some of you know that I work at a place called Geek Bar in Chicago. We actually had a candlelight vigil all weekend in honor of Nimoy. It was really quite wonderful to see people come in, watch some Trek, share some memories, and have intensely personal moments while lighting a candle. He certainly deserves that level of respect.
  7. I am so fucking all in with this show. That opening sequence of present-day Saul was so depressing and beautiful.
  8. I've been hate-watching this for the last season plus, but I really liked that episode. It makes me hopeful (perhaps wrongfully) that there will be an overall shift in returning to what made the first couple of seasons good.
  9. Not that it matters much, but I don't think Planes was a Pixar film.
  10. I just mean I was super impressed with Birdman's editing.
  11. Speaking of Birdman and its editing, how was it not nominated for that? (Yes, because the rules are made up and the points don't matter.)