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  1. That was immensely satisfying. Plenty of closure, and just enough loose ends to keep things going for another season.
  2. I wish there were legitimate ways of catching up on the recent seasons of Better Call Saul, Atlanta, Always Sunny, and Archer before the deadline. I think those are the only 4 I've not seen and would want to see - likely even giving a spot to one or more of them, based on past seasons/hype. I've got a preliminary list and I need to whittle it down.
  3. I think that's perfectly reasonable, and more or less the way the show is meant to be taken in. I actually kind of wish I had not heard the various fan theories early on so that I could be more surprised as things happen.
  4. I can decipher it for the most part, but it does stay one step ahead of me, so to speak. I can always determine enough of what's going on to keep track, but there's always more that keeps me wondering.
  5. Building on a point I made last week, given a piece of info from this week's episode:
  6. Actually, the more I think about it, I remember liking more KTMA episodes than not. Though that's probably due to both lowered expectations and having only seen a few. I think the ones I remember liking on some level were Phase IV, Hangar 18, and Superdome. But again, they pretty much have to be judged in an entirely different manner than the main series. They're just three local comics lazily improvising as they watch a random obscure movie for the first time. I do recall liking Josh Weinstein more after watching those episodes, given that anything he says MUST be his own idea in the moment.
  7. I saw. I have not watched them yet. The KTMA episodes are, for obvious reasons, VERY hit and miss. But that is a seriously cool reward, particularly in terms of just owning a piece of history.
  8. Man, The Kayfabe Thread could be such an unrepentant, joyful shot in the arm. Don't monkey it up!

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. C-MIL


      Give the Lucha Underground thread a chance. A lot of it is us trying to piece together the weird mythology they're building and sharing theories. Also dorking out over killer pro wrestling.

    3. fhqwhjosh


      I would genuinely love to, but I don't have reliable access to Lucha Underground. I've wanted to watch it for quite some time now.

    4. Fly the W!

      Fly the W!

      I'd like to myself but I really soured on Lucha Underground. I think it was that match where Star was bleeding all over that pushed me over the edge into quitting

  9. I'll give 'em a shot. I don't know 'em all.
  10. Most importantly, NYPD Blue.
  11. He was. And Jason Mantzoukas continues to be wonderful.
  12. Help me out here. (Episode 8 spoilers.)
  13. RE: Episode 7 spoilers