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  1. HBO cancelled it.
  2. It was definitely capitulation for ratings.
  3. Party Down is a good pick. Maybe it's an unfair judgement of the channel, but I don't see how Starz makes the decision to cancel anything - until recently, perhaps. They do have a few notable programs now. Since it was mentioned, Community really did need to end - despite the fact that I actually loved Season 6. That said, I would still be all over a movie, especially if they can get nearly everyone to do it, right down to Hickey, Elroy, and Frankie (especially Frankie.) I'd even love to see Chevy Chase do a flashback scene or three.
  4. SNL's more of a show that goes in fits and starts, due to its format. That said, I was pretty upset with the decision to have Trump host this last season. And (like much of TV) they need to find a way to put a greater focus on digital/streaming content.
  5. The Dana Carvey Show. Hardly anyone realized it at the time, but it had a STELLAR cast and writers, including Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, Dino Stamatopoulos, Louis CK, and more. It was mostly a victim of timeslot (they were on early in the evening line-up, but their material was pretty mature.)
  6. There were some good episodes along the way, but the overall arc just got more and more sloppy, leading to what I found to be an unsatisfying finale. However, if they hadn't let Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) walk, things could have gone much better all the way to the end.
  7. All of that is why it should have firmly ended after the premiere episode of Season 6. Everything that needed to be done was done.
  8. Ditto Walking Dead. The first two seasons were actually fairly intriguing. As soon as The Governor was introduced my interest rapidly declined as it became outright misery porn. The other obvious answer is House. It's been said around here before, but it should have ended with the special two-hour episode that kicked off Season 6 (featuring Lin Manuel-Miranda!)
  9. *throws bunny in the trash, where such a filthy item belongs* Seriously, that thing is diseased by the time it gets to the kid.
  10. I gotta say that the truly wonderful, critical trick of this show is not simply that it borrows the artifice of its 80s sci-fi/fantasy inspirations, but that it learned critical lessons in why those films were so beloved. They all have three-dimensional emotional cores, born of endearing characters with meaningful relationships that get put through the wringer and come out stronger. To see this show operate so skillfully on both a superficial and complex level makes it uniquely rewarding and a real stand-out.
  11. I could talk about the philosophy behind what makes a movie truly "bad" or a "good bad" movie, etc. but I'll cut to the chase and say that I feel Con Air is one for me. We're riffing it on Tuesday, and the process of writing on it has just awakened me to how much I find the movie very, very watchable, despite the fact that it betrays a pretty terrible worldview. But that's probably not really in the spirit of this thread. I really dig movies like Time Chasers for their heartfelt effort - and perhaps even noble intention - that somehow amount to a clumsy, inexplicable Jackson Pollock of a film experience.
  12. So is this show pretty popular around here? Not so much? It's presently tied with Lady Dynamite for my pick for Best Show of 2016.
  13. And I love that mug. I cannot wait to drink coffee from a spaghetti ball.
  14. What it do, baby bEWB?

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  15. I need to find a reason to post here now and again. I went to the MST3K Reunion Show in Minneapolis. I met Beez McKeever and talked to her for a few minutes. She (somehow) was even more lovely and genuine in person than I had expected. Meeting fans from across the country was cool too. I backed the Kickstarter and am slowly going through my rewards. I am unreasonably excited for the new Netflix series, especially with that writing room and Joel at the helm. And Jonah Ray more than proved himself as a worthy new host back at the reunion. Great time to be a movie riffing fan.