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  1. Yeah, Gina’s the most expendable, but I always loved having her around. Just another great comedy instrument in the writers’ tool belt.
  2. Did they fucking see Apocalypse?
  3. The other thing to remember is that’s pretty much what the real GLOW looked like.
  4. But seriously. Pick literally any other character. Joker’s the most over-saturating dude of all. And his stans are the absolute worst.
  5. How ‘bout we stop making movies about the Joker for, saaaay, twenty years?
  6. That and “Nothing Shattered” are both great.
  7. It was quintessential wrestling. Lots of character and story with a bit of wrestling thrown in. Just depends how you like your wrestling.
  8. My girlfriend and I just finished Season 2, and yeah, we loved that episode. The whole season, really.
  9. Also, if one historical inconsistency kills your love of the Back to the Future films, have I got news for you.
  10. I actually saw that trailer in a consumer feedback thing. I might actually want to see it.
  11. I prefer my implication.
  12. “I’m Sorry”, title of your sex tape - Get. Out.
  13. I also love Pimento, Bill, Doug Judy, and more.

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