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  1. I know several people who watch that and love it, but I just don’t see the appeal.
  2. So is it strictly “choose a match and play it” or are there any other modes? Championships? Story? Etc.
  3. I got to try it out at King of Trios. It looks and runs great. The controls are extremely simple (two buttons), but I’d need more time with it to know if I like that or not. The creator mode on PC is SUPER in-depth too. They’ve said it will come to consoles once they’ve added everything to the PC version that they want. I’m not sure if that just means maintenance patches or more features. My two biggest questions are if the console versions will have creator mode and some kind of story/career/championship mode.
  4. Yep. I have it and like it, if only for the ability to play in the background, eliminate ads, and download whatever I want to watch offline. It’s great for commuting and air travel.
  5. Actually, the one that felt out of place for me was Brent. On one hand, I LOVE that they have a character that can display the most common types of terrible, but on the other it feels “too real”, so to speak. It’s a tough balancing act. There’s also the possibility that he’s being used to show that even a douche like him CAN improve, which could be pretty satisfying.
  6. That said, I loved the one-off character. You know the one. Also, Derek was hilarious. And generally speaking, I love that this season will have pretty much every recurring character (except maybe Trevor?) featured.
  7. Patton Oswalt was right! It’s all one universe!
  8. Watching that collection is a trip. The first several seasons, Alex starts the show with actually explaining the basic rules. And the tech is hideous.
  9. Welp. I encountered one of the zombies people have seen. Only I saw it in the Heartlands. While I was returning on a resupply mission, I was ALMOST back to camp when I saw a white blip on the map. It was a Mutt not far from me. Usually, following these mutts will lead you to either collectibles or an ambush. This time, it led to a woman’s corpse. I looted her, but got nothing. Then I realized she had that same shriveled skin and glowing eyes. There’s no way this isn’t leading to a Halloween zombie event.
  10. No, no. DO visit. At least once. It should be experienced.
  11. This is a really excellent point I hadn’t considered. I know Microsoft had developed a very specific controller for better accessibility, VR likely inherently opens things up to a few more people, and the Wii probably created a lower barrier to entry - but does anyone recall specific games designed to be more inclusive of people with disabilities?
  12. Rockstar could be leading to a Halloween season zombie event for RDO.
  13. The upcoming DLC has a Trojan War theme.
  14. No idea. I only found out earlier that you can replay it at a higher difficulty.
  15. Did a Legendary Bounty, and HOO BOY, that was hard. Pretty fun though.
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