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  1. Not sure what you have seen and can access, but: The Good Place Brooklyn Nine Nine Barry Veep Fleabag Russian Doll (Also a drama.)
  2. Accidentally killing people when trying to be kind is a Red Dead staple.
  3. It is very good. You do not need to read the book.
  4. Usually it will immediately give the “WITNESS” banner up top, along with the crime (horse/vehicle theft) when you do something like that. I wonder if it happened at all there. I’ve definitely gotten on the wrong horse, but that helps me realize immediately.
  5. Rocketman is fucking incredible. Best movie I’ve seen this year and I can’t imagine anything topping it. Every other biopic from here on out should take note.
  6. Oh yeah, dead eye for sure. I forget that it’s much more efficient in single player. And once you can mark targets it’s even better.
  7. If I can, I hide in cover and take them out slowly. Otherwise, yeah, see if you can ride around. Once you’ve got powerful weaponry it gets easier.
  8. Same. It was very satisfying. And I say donate money and food to the camp every once in a while. Especially money, as those camp funds can be used to get some extremely useful upgrades.
  9. That’s about right. The earliest bit is probably the most tedious.
  10. Oh, I’ve found my preferred spawn location. (It might be that one?) It’s just not worth it if you’re doing it for the money. Cougars are where it’s at for that, since you can keep stacking them. But when I’m already in the area and just feel like it, I’ll still hunt grizzlies.
  11. Man, cougars fucked me up way more. And panthers, which are more or less the same. I was in the swamps of Lakay or somesuch once when I heard an animal roar I’d not heard before. I looked around, saw nothing, got attacked by something I still didn’t see, and died. I now know that noise to be a panther. Motherfuckers are sneaky and vicious. I actually spent a few days obsessed with hunting grizzlies. Once I figured out where to find them, I’d hang around to find one in pristine condition. After multiple tries, I got a clean kill for a perfect pelt. For whatever reason, I think it only got me 50 cents more than a perfect elk pelt. That seems so strange, given that grizzlies are way more rare and will, you know, maul you to death.
  12. Batman. Prince rocked that shit.
  13. Absolutely. If there’s a side mission or some such available, do that before moving on with the main story. And do all the hunting, fishing, herb picking, etc. you can. So long as you enjoy it. I certainly did.
  14. Uuuuuggghhh. PSN is down, affecting pretty much anything done on a PlayStation.
  15. To be fair, I’ve always been pretty selective with my tastes. Currently, I have RDR 2 (who doesn’t though), Hitman 1&2, a few smaller indie games (did y’all hear I liked Witness? ), some Jackbox games, GTA V, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. And I’ve yet to even touch Horizon because...I’m not motivated? And I’ve surprisingly found I wasn’t *that* into GTA. I enjoy watching the AH Let’s Plays, but actually playing is like...too loud and busy. That may actually be what keeps me away from so many games: too loud and busy. It’s how I feel about pretty much every FPS, Smash Bros., a bunch of fighting games, etc. etc. RDR 2 actually can have a zen-like quality to it when you’re just wandering the map, hunting, picking herbs, finding treasure, etc. - punctuated by the occasional gunfight. (And the campaign story is just too damn good.) Hitman is a very focused, take all the time you need thing. The Witness is a similar feel, but with cool scenery and puzzles. And on and on. The one cool announcement was indeed Gamepass, but I just have a PS4. So.
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