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  1. Yeah, hunter’s wagon is what I want most.
  2. I’ve been steadily leveling up as a trader and now have the medium wagon, which makes your take for deliveries a lot better. I’ve played one special Trader Free Roam event and I quite liked it - you work *with* all the other traders to defend a train full of goods against attacking NPCs. You can rack up a fair amount of goods that way.
  3. Happened to me this morning and I had trouble getting back on. But everything was fine a few minutes later.
  4. I had thought I’d found every species that you can in Red Dead Online. One of today’s challenges has taught me that, no, I have not.
  5. In Bluewater Marsh, near the northern tip of Bayou Nwa, there’s a large, muddy plain with burned out trees. One that’s tall and been split a bit down the middle has a nest of eggs up high. I tried shooting it down with my varmint rifle...only to realize I used my Bolt Action. I was then told by the game that it would have worked if I had used a Bow with small game arrows. Or a varmint rifle.
  6. I actually found duck eggs completely by accident. I can’t recall where they were. 😕
  7. Honestly, they could have just added dogs and I’d still be just as thrilled.
  8. Bounty Hunter isn’t PVP until you rank up quite a bit. So far I’m just doing the Trader stuff. Which has brought about my new favorite character: I’ve not started Collector yet (I need more gold), but that’ll be next. I’ve noticed you can actually collect the items without being a Collector. You just can’t do anything with them. So I pick it all up and hang onto ‘em. I’ve noticed some other stuff has been updated with all this: - New stranger missions. I ran into a “Thrill Seeker” who just wanted his picture taken on a cliff. There’s likely more. - Wild dogs! - There’s some new music. I noticed it when fighting enemies in an ambush. - The looting animation is faster! Also, these horse masks are amazing.
  9. It essentially means “I don’t like him and I won’t go near anything to do with him.” Or “I have no time for him.” That sort of thing. Alternatively, telling someone “That’s why I fuck(s) with you” means, “The thing you just said/did is a great example of why I like being around you.” Old man.
  10. A LOT of details on the upcoming Specialist Roles. I’m not sure where this site gets its info, but it seems legit. Some particularly interesting bits I noticed: - You can progress through roles simultaneously! - When you’re a Trader, people can raid your camp. Damn. - That bola and improved Eagle Eye sound cool. - The dog has an actual purpose! Which doesn’t matter to me, I just want a dog.
  11. I suppose all interpretations of that are true.
  12. That was totally the right move. As you get better at hunting, you’ll find how easily that can be done.
  13. And Roman Polanski won another award there. So.
  14. So it’s a screensaver with Thomas Kinkade paintings and fireflies?
  15. I don’t know. I was curious myself. I’d like to focus on Trader, but I’d also like to work on Collecter if that’s possible. The interesting thing about that trailer is it seems to indicate that these new roles entail actual missions, which I hadn’t expected. I’m all for that, but I hope it also means plenty of working on your own thing in your own time.
  16. Here’s the details on the update, coming September 10th, including a trailer and two additional reward programs. Unrelated moment from my online play: one of the free roam missions has you take out another nearby player for a bounty. Once, the very moment I entered the game I got the message “YOU HAVE BEEN MARKED FOR A BOUNTY” and some player name is after me. I immediately panic, call my horse, and get shot dead before he can get to me.
  17. That’s correct. Another selling point, if I recall correctly, is YOU CAN GET A DOG! 😃
  18. I’ve totally done that. Also, fun fact for anyone who’s seen GLOW season 3: I actually have a lot of fun playing it online, but I rarely put myself in combat situations. I mainly hunt, fish, pick herbs, and other solitary activities - while also doing the daily objectives to accumulate gold. When the updates hit, I’ll definitely spend the 32 gold to get that special club membership so I can get rewards from both of the new systems. I’m also guessing I’ll choose to be a trader. From what I understand of the three roles, that fits my preferred play style best.
  19. It really was. It deserves all the love.
  20. The other thing about Hacksaw Ridge is that so people were so willing to see a Mel Gibson film again. I can’t fuck with him, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, or their ilk.
  21. I addressed that. Clearly not to your personal satisfaction, but I’ve said my piece. Moving on. As for La La Land, it was essentially the implication of a white man teaching a black man jazz.
  22. I’ll take back cool fun Joker movie. Insert your own description. But you can easily see what I’m describing it as, that clearly differs from your own description, as it very much seems yours doesn’t include “highly problematic.” And I’m not writing off other reviews. It’s objective fact that a shit ton of reviewers are super sold on it and more will line up behind them. Of course they have, of course they are, of course they will. I’m just troubled that they don’t see the problem here and/or just don’t agree that it’s a problem. And, yes, that was my response to the applause. Industry folks often heap praise upon films that distort narratives or are in some way noticeably problematic. See Hacksaw Ridge, La La Land, or Green Book. I am genuinely not surprised that Joker’s getting the same response. And yeah, of course I see the dissenting reviews as “good” in some sense. They’re addressing inherent problems that can’t help but be there when the protagonist/point of view is a terrorist AND that same character is already oddly fetishized as being super cool by a lot of fans. The filmmakers aren’t releasing this into a vacuum. Cultural context matters. I don’t think it will inspire violence, but it does severely dampen any prevailing notion that incel and other sorts of ideology are dangerous. So yeah. I’m happy to see that addressed. And I’m especially motivated to share that here when the general thought being expressed here is that the movie looks like it’s going to be cool, intriguing, or various other things in that range of descriptors. I believe strongly that it’s something that should be addressed and when I see it largely not being noticed, I’m gonna go on about it.
  23. It does indeed have meaning in my previous point. And yes, I do share those reviews because they share a perspective similar to mine. One I had before them. Pointing out that there are some people professionally paid to go see it who then did and after made those points. And for all the discussion of intent (unreliable narrator, etc.), we’re forgetting that - as in anything - intent does not equal impact. And impact is all that counts. And when we’re talking about an impact with moral implications, that matters a great deal. So I know I’m building (if I haven’t already built) a reputation as Mr. No Fun Sees Politics in Everything and Makes Mountains Out of Molehills, but so be it. It’s an important conversation and this is the kind of thing I’ll refer to now and in the future. I get it. You don’t agree. Cool fun Joker movie is cool fun Joker movie and that’s good enough for lots of people. But I’m still disturbed by its implications and impact.
  24. Again, see previous comments for why it isn’t strictly necessary in 100% of cases to see the thing first.
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