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  1. That season finale of Mandalorian was fucking golden.
  2. If you play today through Thursday, you get a bunch of holiday related gifts (e.g. candy, thyme big game, etc.) and can get a Krampus variation of the double-barreled shotgun.
  3. I didn’t hate it, but I definitely had the same problems with it that it sounds like you had. Certainly the worst of anything IV-IX.
  4. Ah. It’s actually not nearly as bad as that, other than in that specific region.
  5. It’s also temporary, ya doof. And the saloon piano players are playing Christmas Carols! Best of all, the update apparently made Cripps like my dog!
  6. It’s pretty great. Plus there’s a Christmas tree at my camp and a wreath on my moonshine shack. There’s supposedly holiday-themed Showdowns, but I haven’t tried them out.
  7. Well, I already bought the bar, so oh well. No biggie though. It’s fun. I’m sure the band will be too. I still get the occasional asshole coming after me, but I just let them kill me so I can press charges and parley immediately. I also report them, but that’s not as critical. That first part keeps you on track. Engaging only makes things worse.
  8. I started the Moonshiner role yesterday and it is pretty damn good. The approach to it is sort of a blend of the bounty hunter and trader roles, with the possibility for more customization and (friendly!) interaction with other players. It’s actually got some story missions attached to it too, which I’m really digging.
  9. The Moonshiner update is now live. I haven’t started yet, because they ALSO added The Outlaw Pass 2. When you buy that, you get a ton of stuff over time, relatively easily and even get your gold back. But buying both is 65 gold bars and I had about 50. So I’m building my gold back up to be a Moonshiner too.
  10. I think you’re gonna dig the epilogue. And personally, I loved that last mission you did.
  11. It’s pretty good. My fiancée and I ran out of steam on it though.
  12. The 2016 movie is way better than it gets credit for. For me, this one could be great too, but it’s got to have a heavy dose of comedy. That’s what the concept has always been: busting ghosts and comedy. There’s still every chance that there’s gonna be plenty of laughs here. This trailer may have just been “okay, here’s the basic premise.”
  13. Yeah, I’ve got high hopes for this.
  14. It’s got great potential. Hopefully they can nail the comedy too though. That’s critical.
  15. Oh, doing the bounty hunting is easy enough, no matter what. It’s just not my preferred thing to do.
  16. ”Bond. Exciting and new.”
  17. I’ve thankfully topped out both my Trader and Collector stuff and banked a bunch of money, gold, and those blue tokens. Bounty Hunter a lot less so, just because it’s not my favorite. I’m gonna be sooooo into this one.
  18. A new Frontier Pursuits role is being introduced on December 13th - Moonshiner.
  19. Picked up several titles on the Sony sale. Spider-Man (with all DLC), Nathan Drake Collection (Uncharted 1-3), Uncharted 4, Jackbox Party Pack 6, and Until Dawn, all for about $85 total.
  20. The LEGO Movie 2 was really fun. I remember hearing pretty meh things and I don’t see why. The songs were especially great.
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