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  1. Uuuuuggghhh. PSN is down, affecting pretty much anything done on a PlayStation.
  2. To be fair, I’ve always been pretty selective with my tastes. Currently, I have RDR 2 (who doesn’t though), Hitman 1&2, a few smaller indie games (did y’all hear I liked Witness? ), some Jackbox games, GTA V, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. And I’ve yet to even touch Horizon because...I’m not motivated? And I’ve surprisingly found I wasn’t *that* into GTA. I enjoy watching the AH Let’s Plays, but actually playing is like...too loud and busy. That may actually be what keeps me away from so many games: too loud and busy. It’s how I feel about pretty much every FPS, Smash Bros., a bunch of fighting games, etc. etc. RDR 2 actually can have a zen-like quality to it when you’re just wandering the map, hunting, picking herbs, finding treasure, etc. - punctuated by the occasional gunfight. (And the campaign story is just too damn good.) Hitman is a very focused, take all the time you need thing. The Witness is a similar feel, but with cool scenery and puzzles. And on and on. The one cool announcement was indeed Gamepass, but I just have a PS4. So.
  3. So this was just about the shittest E3 possible, huh? There’s not one game I imagine I’ll buy.
  4. Maaaan, NOTHING that’s been announced appeals to me yet - save for MAYBE Watch Dogs Legion. I have reservations though, having heard the previous two are just okay at best. The vast majority of games just look like a knock-off of 12 or so games that came before, whether through story, gameplay, concept, or aesthetic. Watch Dogs is by no means immune here, but at least it has lofty goals and - perhaps more importantly - some kind of sense of humor. Just a fuckload of self-serious shit out there.
  5. I knew someone had to have figured that out. I’d still love for Rockstar to open it up. All you need is to list it as a fast travel location.
  6. I reeeeeaaaaaally want them to make Guarma accessible online and in single-player free roam. Such a waste to be there just briefly.
  7. No, you definitely failed us.
  8. The epilogue’s a bit long, but the final mission for that is excellent.
  9. It’s really not that bad. Just mute other players. Every once in a while, I do get attacked, but you really suffer no penalty. Just press charges, then parley.
  10. Honestly, what made the campaign so good was the characters and story. I wouldn’t want them to modify any of that one bit. And if you’re just looking for stuff like additional weapons for running around and doing your own thing, you may as well just do it in the online version.
  11. I haven’t checked, but I doubt it.
  12. That’s possibly the best standalone episode.
  13. It’s been sitting on my shelf since I got my PS4 in December. I really should try it.
  14. We’ve only watched one episode, but it was delightful.
  15. It’s so good. I need season 2 to stream in the US ASAP!
  16. They may have already gone SLIGHTLY in that direction with the addition of the Ancient Tomahawk. (Which I haven’t found yet, despite unlocking it in GTA 5.) Also those suits of armor. There’s other stuff they set up on the single player campaign too, like having a house get hit by a meteor or a goddamn robot come to life.
  17. Agreed. Just a great movie in general.
  18. I second What Remains of Edith Finch.
  19. It’s definitely one of the toughest to watch. I’ll be curious to see how you feel about things from here.
  20. So we’ve finished The Witness, Gone Home, and What Remains of Edith Finch. We liked or loved all 3 (probably Witness, Edith, Gone Home, from best to worst.) Now we’re looking for more. Anyone have any feedback on the following games? Obduction The Unfinished Swan Firewatch Thomas Was Alone The Sexy Brutale The Talos Principle Stories are good, puzzles are slightly better, a combo is best. Extra points for games that’ll give us more overall playtime. Thoughts?
  21. Yes, yes, yes. Barry is phenomenal.
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