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  1. I just watched that Morbius trailer and it was unbelievably shit.
  2. Roma got a two week run in 70 mm at one of our local independent cinemas and I super regret not seeing that.
  3. Old white men got a hard-on for Marty getting the band back together.
  4. Can’t yet say for Little Women, but those other two are two of the year’s best.
  5. It’s almost like the voting body is predominantly white and male.
  6. I do wanna check out that trailer when I can, but Leto is absolutely a prick.
  7. Arjen made a pretty good list to start with. It’s just a problem the Oscars (and many award shows) have always had. It’s becoming more glaring over the years as we’ve heard more public discussion about it. (“We” meaning white people - POC have seen it from the start.) To add to Arjen’s list, there are several great performances in Parasite, I previously listed Ana de Armas, and Taika gave a great performance in Jojo Rabbit. Plus, I’ve heard great things about Queen & Slim. I’m sure there’s more I’m not thinking of right now. Plus, of the actors who actually were nominated, I’d imagine only a few were as deserving as, say, Ana de Armas or some of the others.
  8. Also, I see no nominations for Booksmart and it deserves several.
  9. Unsurprising, but still ridiculous, that no women were nominated for directing and only 2 POC were nominated out of all 4 acting categories. Ana de Armas is a particularly glaring omission. On the positive end, Parasite and Jojo Rabbit got several deserved nominations. Taika should’ve gotten a directing nomination though.
  10. I would give it a shot, but not while two of the judges are rapey Robin Thicke and anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy.
  11. Oh, I highly recommend that one. Very good watch.
  12. That season finale of Mandalorian was fucking golden.
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