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  1. The rights may not belong to NBC.
  2. Red Dragon, however, I recall being pretty great.
  3. We finally watched Sorry to Bother You over the weekend. That was incredible.
  4. I’m still really digging it. It’s definitely some cooold Ianucci though. My fiancé does more cringing and worrying.
  5. That was a really solid, funny episode. And a great guest star!
  6. ...is that an actual character name in that game?
  7. If y’all haven’t listened to The Good Place: The Podcast, do so. But especially listen to the 2-part finale that covers the final episode.
  8. Kick the Can and Stick and Hoop were my jams.
  9. Netflix now let’s you turn off those menu previews and autoplaying the next episode! (Do it on a web browser in your profile settings.)
  10. It’s definitely not a laugh for every line, like his others. I’m cautiously optimistic though. They spent the first episode on a LOT of exposition, but there were peaks at where it could go.
  11. This was a tremendously good one. It both answered “Where’s the conflict if they’re going to the Good Place?” and reminded us what this series has been about all along. And that was perfect casting of a guest star. Of course, now I’m back to “Where’s the conflict?” or “What’s left to say?”, but I’m continually surprised by Schur and the whole crew and I’m excited to watch and cry next week.
  12. He’s reasonably sure he’s him.
  13. It’s supposed to be fixed in “early 2020.”
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