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  1. Gaaahhh! I need them to say when it’s coming to PS4!
  2. Not yet, but we’ll be watching soon. I’m excited!
  3. Also, I keep forgetting to share this here. These good boys. Also, yes, my horse is named CP Munk.
  4. I always skin, since it gives you room to carry a lot more in your horse.
  5. That’s definitely the first time I’ve heard someone call it boring.
  6. Girlfriend and I have been doing a slow rewatch of the first three seasons, timed to end just before the final season starts at the end of September. We just finished season one and good grief every episode is still amazing after 3-4 viewings. She’s also introduced me to The Good Place Podcast (hosted by Mark Evan Jackson a.k.a. Shawn.) We listen together as we do a puzzle and it’s a super insightful listen.
  7. That is such obvious bait and it will absolutely work on me.
  8. Y’all got no taste. That scene was phenomenal.
  9. We finished it last night. I loved that this season leaned harder into horror and gore, borrowing a lot from John Carpenter and David Cronenberg.
  10. In online, I find mooseseseseses about 75% of the time in the far NE corner of the map, north of Brandywine Drop, just south of that waterfall, north of those train tracks, just on the east side of that water. Earlier today, I was hunting not far north of Owanjila at night. I hear howling and the map gets red at the edge. So wolves are coming, cool. I’m used to quickly taking down all two or three pretty quick. There was EIGHT. EIGHT GODDAMN WOLVES. I survived just fine, but definitely got bucked then bit a couple of times before I killed them all. The eight skinned carcasses ended up all lined up in the light of day and it was quite a sight.
  11. I absolutely loathe smoking, but banning its depiction is way over the top.
  12. I liked it a whoooooole lot more than that. Cynthia Erivo especially. Just a great pulp/caper movie.
  13. 2. 1 mid-credits, 1 after. Definitely stay for both.
  14. Lou would be a fantastic winner. Though I don’t think anyone has made me laugh more than Paul. He has a VERY specific sort of dry humor that I love.
  15. The only new comedy show I’m anticipating is Sunnyside. It’s created by and stars Kal Penn working with immigrants. And it’s co-produced by Mike Schur. It could end up being like Abby’s (just okay, but I support it), but it has potential. Otherwise I’m just looking forward to returning shows like The Good Place.
  16. Oh, I am all for that switch.
  17. Rockstar has really taken some good anti-griefing measures too. It’s not foolproof, but waaaaay better than the beta.
  18. It’s probably recency bias but I have to say RDR 2. Phenomenal story and performances, beautiful design and art direction, ridiculously fun game play, and an endlessly immersive world. Now that I’ve given the online version a go, it’s become an almost zen-like experience to hunt, fish, and pick plants.
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