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  1. TV Shows With Complete Arcs

    Arguably, Mad Men fits the bill. You just have to take it as an existential overall arc - which was pretty much the intention. Lady Dynamite might also fit this. It appears to have ended early (it’s still unclear why), but there’s a meta-narrative across both seasons that wrapped up nicely.
  2. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    The Defenders was good, but several shows that have gone by should have been ranked higher.
  3. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    That’s fantastic.
  4. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    Veep had a great year. I’m still bummed that Julia Louis-Dreyfus got diagnosed with breast cancer. I don’t know what’s happened since then. Last Week Tonight is still must-watch for me. Can’t wait for it to be back next month. Master of None was alright. The Thanksgiving episode was stellar, but the rest fell into some old romance tropes that should have disappeared years ago. Now that his assault allegation has come out, it kinda makes more sense. I won’t be going forward with that one.
  5. General Television Thread

    Goddammit. Lady Dynamite has been cancelled.
  6. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    None of those shows interest me.
  7. General Movie Thread

    I want nothing to do with that movie. P.T. Barnum was a first class piece of shit.
  8. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    Only if Luke constantly tells Danny to shut up.
  9. General Movie Thread

    Get Out, Ladybird, and The Shape of Water are the best 3 there by miles. As much I loved The Post, it’s mostly a matter of the narrative. Three Billboards? I’m just not sure right now. Still thinking on it. It’s wonderfully made in many ways. I’m mostly thinking over the why. I’d say those are probably the most deserving films so far.
  10. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    Iron Fist was terrible from the moment a white guy was gonna be some martial arts badass thing, trained by - you know the rest. And yes, I know the original dude was white. Don’t care. Also Danny Rand is the most pretentious doof I’ve ever seen. At least Defenders largely treated him as such.
  11. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    Hooray for Lady Dynamite! I have no excuse for not seeing Insecure yet.
  12. General Movie Thread

    The year-long passes were at a deeper discount too. But I know a lot of people jumping on the regular ol’ monthly pass like me.
  13. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    Yeah, the flipside to having so much good TV is you’ll never be able to watch it all.
  14. EWB's Top 50 TV Shows of 2017: The Results

    I only vaguely recall it now, but I seem to remember Titus doing something in the second season along the lines of performing a traditionally Asian bit. I may be misremembering by now.
  15. What Did You Watch Today?

    The Post is a great movie. But I have a soft spot for press vs. government films. It’s definitely flawed, but I like it. Streep and Bob Odenkirk are particularly great. And The Shape of Water is goddamn phenomenal. One of the best this year. Top 3 at least, if not higher.