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  1. I'm curious - who here has access to Showtime's streaming service?
  2. .
  3. I haven't seen them. Is it just the 4 episodes, or are there more?
  4. It goes 1. Last Crusade 2. Raiders (GIANT GAP) 3. Temple 4. Crystal Skull The last two are pretty interchangeable.
  5. I'm super glad about this. I'm in the minority that thought Season 4 was really brilliant, and I'd love to know where it goes next.
  6. Welp. Nevermind. Tickets start at $50.
  7. Yeah, that series looks incredible.
  8. Yup! I should be buying tickets for the Chicago shows tomorrow.
  9. Finally finished the season. I'm immensely satisfied with what they pulled off. My favorites were probably The Time Travelers and Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II. I also love how much Doug McClure showed up.
  10. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II is a sublime episode. Everything about it is wonderful.
  11. Maybe 9 1/2 Weeks? Been a while since I've seen it. A Dangerous Method also contains some of this, though it's not entirely about that.
  12. I really, really liked Episode 3. Much better pacing and organic quality to the riffing and far fewer "bad movie is bad" jokes, which are my least favorite kind. Great episode. Also, I just realized that the end credits music after The Love Theme on each episode is made up of original songs from old episodes, redone by The Skeleton Crew. This one had the Wild Rebels jingle and Livin' in Deep 13 (or whatever that's called.) Great touch.
  13. Just came here to say I'm finally all caught up. Goddammit, I love this show.
  14. Watching Episode 2. Crazy as the movie is, the riffing is too thick. I wish they had let more moments breathe the way they did in Episode 1.