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  1. While a jump seems highly possible, I could just as easily see them taking their time with it. The show is ultimately about him as a person, not necessarily him as a lawyer. There would be plenty of room for him to transform in the time he's not practicing law. And for that matter, I could also see him finding a sleazy loophole to let him practice before the suspension is actually done. Maybe doing most of the work while someone else who's licensed is his avatar and technically the one practicing. Or perhaps he finds a way to start practicing as Saul Goodman while Jimmy McGill is still suspended. The point being that Gilligan and Gould have taken some pretty unexpected turns down other paths before and taken more time than you'd think. The possibilities remain wide open.
  2. Huh. I don't know I feel about that.
  3. I'd say Season 4 was the most cohesive. Certainly my favorite. I'd love that structure again, if they have a good way of doing it.
  4. I'm curious - who here has access to Showtime's streaming service?
  5. .
  6. I haven't seen them. Is it just the 4 episodes, or are there more?
  7. It goes 1. Last Crusade 2. Raiders (GIANT GAP) 3. Temple 4. Crystal Skull The last two are pretty interchangeable.
  8. I'm super glad about this. I'm in the minority that thought Season 4 was really brilliant, and I'd love to know where it goes next.
  9. Welp. Nevermind. Tickets start at $50.
  10. Yeah, that series looks incredible.
  11. Yup! I should be buying tickets for the Chicago shows tomorrow.
  12. Finally finished the season. I'm immensely satisfied with what they pulled off. My favorites were probably The Time Travelers and Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II. I also love how much Doug McClure showed up.
  13. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II is a sublime episode. Everything about it is wonderful.
  14. Maybe 9 1/2 Weeks? Been a while since I've seen it. A Dangerous Method also contains some of this, though it's not entirely about that.