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  1. It's almost like they got an upgrade when Stefanski left.
  2. If anything RBs are going to become less important schematically as teams embrace analytics more and more. It's a tough scenario for RBs who are really talented but also really interchangeable with the rarest of exceptions.
  3. Our generation in 50 years will shake their fists at younger ballplayers and talk about how back in our day a real ballplayer wouldn't be afraid to piss on his own hands to get better at baseball.
  4. Eli might miss out on a few ballots but he'll get in the Hall of Fame at some point. His career totals and 2 Super Bowls will push him over the edge. You can't attribute his career record entirely to him, but you can attribute those 2 Super Bowl wins over Brady to him.
  5. Yeah the NFL is (and this is never used lightly) work. You can still just go out and play the game in college and live your life outside it. In the NFL you get basically 1 day off during the season and even then there's a level of competition where you might want to do some homework on that day off. It's easy to see why guys like staying in school, despite the big financial risks for a lot of them.
  6. If you stop Bonds' and Clemens' careers before they're suspected of using PEDs (I think 96 for Clemens and 98 for Bonds) they're Hall of Fame locks. So without PEDs their career totals aren't as great, Bonds probably has a little above 500 HRs and Clemens might have been done by the end of the 90s with around 250 career wins a slightly higher career ERA than what he finished with. But those are still definite Hall of Fame numbers. While I openly support all steroids guys who are good enough going in you can't say the same for someone like Sosa or McGwire who while both would have had good careers their career numbers as a whole were dramatically enhanced by PEDs.
  7. Yeah the Rockies blew this one. The difference between him and Stanton is the Yankees had a perfect landing spot, but I'd doubt they want to take on Arenado's salary in addition to everything else they have now.
  8. Caldwell would be a great hire for the Eagles since they're still looking for an OC.
  9. D'Eriq King is transferring to Miami. That should make their games pretty fun to watch.
  10. After the TV broadcast went off the air in 2013 I drove directly to the store to pick up the Ravens Super Bowl champions shirt. There was quite a line. Big time party atmosphere. That experience was worth the stupid pricetag.
  11. The exclamation point. Patrick Mahomes is such a joy to watch.
  12. Chiefs just took the Titans chew the clock strategy, used it, and went up 2 possessions. Bieniemy is just so savvy.
  13. That run to end the first half by Mahomes was just astounding.
  14. Cheating remains 100% worth it for players since the reward of more money outweighs the risk of maybe getting caught and getting a slap on the wrist.
  15. Yeah the Astros will probably drop total wins by like 10 at most. That's a significant number when looking at the effect of their sign-stealing operation, but less so when looking at whether they can still contend this year.
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