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  1. It would be crazy and everything sounds like it's what he (and of course all the Ottawa fans) want. But no way Melnyk is going to match what other teams are willing to offer. Heck if he's open to Montreal with Molson's deep pockets he would get more money from them. Granted they already have 1 aging, expensive, and increasingly injury-prone defenseman...
  2. 5 Finals in a row is unbelievable. It hasn't happened in over 50 years. You can argue LeBron making 8 in a row is more impressive, and had he stuck around in Miami the Heat would have likely made some more as a team. But, as they say, if it didn't happen it didn't happen. What I find most amazing about this run is, like Jordan's Bulls, there are multiple teams that in any other era would be winning a title or two that are just getting crushed by them. Chicago had the Knicks, Magic, Blazers, Pacers, Sonics, and Jazz that all didn't accomplish what they could have. The Cavs would have been 3 or 4 time champions without the Warriors getting in their way. Houston or OKC might have a title as well.
  3. It had closure, which was nice. Some problems, but most of it is definitely chalked up to them rushing everything.
  4. I saw that bit about Team GB. Their fans were going wild, very cool for them.
  5. Franchises that fall back on past glories and the people from those past glories who are still hanging on to the organization rarely do well.
  6. Only the Mets would have a player step in a hole and have a catastrophic, potentially career-ending ankle injury. The curse for them is very real, but with some of the worst ownershipn in the sport it just adds up. I feel for everyone who treks out to Queens to watch them play. If you're looking for the American League version of the Mets then do I have a suggestion for you!
  7. I'll be plopped in front of the TV with the fiancee without any technology near me. I usually go right to bed after, but I'll be poking my head in here at the latest on Monday night.
  8. Callaway is probably managing his last game for the Mets today.
  9. Milwaukee can definitely stretch the series, and Durant's health is a huge question mark since I don't know exactly what they do about Giannis without him. But you can't defend the Warriors from three since their range is so good. If you defend them from the range where they have a 1/3 chance of making a shot you are opening up way too much of the court. Kerr can make the game-to-game adjustments to contain Giannis, assuming Durant plays. Otherwise we could get an upset, but I doubt it. Curry and Klay will have to recreate the 2016 Finals for that to happen.
  10. Yeah Chris Long's work in this world is a lot bigger than making plays on a football field.
  11. Jets saw the trainwreck the Giants had become and said "We gotta one-up them!"
  12. I'm old enough to remember when Boston was an underdog city with past glories that had fallen on hard times. The Pats first Super Bowl win and the Red Sox in '03 and '04 were massive babyfaces. They stuck it to the man! And then... they became the man. I wish my city was so fortunate.
  13. Pros: David Backes finally gets to play in the Cup Final Cons: Literally everything else about the Bruins Also, San Jose-St. Louis feels like it's going 7.
  14. Yeah Tuuka Rask has just been lights out. Hopefully the long layoff between now and the start of the Cup finals makes him lose some of that momentum.
  15. The Warriors are something like 25-1 in games where Durant doesn't play.
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