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  1. Everything that could have regressed in Philly did. They'll likely bounce back next year. Granted, even after this week they'll be 2 back in a division that looks more and more like it'll be won by an 8-8 team. And New Orleans are 100% Super Bowl favorites right now.
  2. Maryland really should have won that game against Ohio State. I almost feel like the selection committee should treat that as a loss (the polls seem to have done something like this). They've had so many close calls against bad teams this year. Even beating Michigan they'll need Georgia, Wazzu, and Oklahoma to lose. And even then I wouldn't be stunned if an undefeated UCF somehow found a way in. Meanwhile, the nightmare scenario is still in play if Bama loses to Georgia in the SEC championship. Also, Army is ranked for the first time since the 1st Clinton administration.
  3. His kids are mostly running the show now, so there was a lot of assumption that they'd go with Brady Anderson since he's an ass-kisser and hangs out with John Angelos as if they were friends. That didn't happen. Sure sounds like Brady actually wound up with a demotion of some kind from where he was a season ago.
  4. That Alex Smith injury is awful. Given his age I'm extremely worried it'll be a career-ender. Fortunately, if you can use that word, it was his leg and not his ankle. So assuming the bones heal nicely he shouldn't have any real long-term issues. Lamar Jackson played pretty well today. He's lethal on the ground. Sometimes he throws the ball poorly, but he seems capable of reading a defense which our incumbent QB hasn't been able to do for 11 seasons.
  5. Watching this MD-Ohio State game. Man, Urban handles tight games about as well as a 14 year old playing Madden who accidentally unplugs the console in the 3rd quarter.
  6. The Orioles finally have a GM and it's a great hire! I know we jumped into the awful timeline when the Cubs won the World Series, but if that's the timeline required for the Orioles to make sound baseball moves I could get used to it.
  7. Depending on the year voters treat MVP like that. Wow did you lose a bet and have to spend the offseason saying you like Boston?
  8. Mike Trout has now been runner up 4 times. He's won 2 MVPs. He's been in the league for 8 seasons. I think that's a pretty good track record.
  9. It's an upgrade. But another team wearing red and blue is boring. They had teal, why can't they go back to teal?
  10. Some asshat voted for Scherzer to deprive deGrom of the unanimous win.
  11. He didn't even get a full season after losing the best player in school history. It's a no shit decision, but I figured it would take another year or two. I'd certainly bet on them trying to get Brohm to come over from Purdue.
  12. I would've taken that too, expecting the Saints to eke out a 24-17 win or something.
  13. Philly is definitely one of those few markets I could see Butler committing to long term. Big market, big fanbase, good young core. Lot going for it.
  14. Those are fair points. I'd say in regards to the Wiggins piece you can package that, but it's hard. There are some really dumb and kneejerk GMs out there, so it would all be taking a chance. Adding Saric and Covington is also taking a chance albeit a bit differently. Wolves were always in a bit of a no-win situation.

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