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  1. So they're franchises now? What is this shit?
  2. Europa League could be really great but they've bloated the tournament with unnecessary 5th or 6th best teams from the major domestic leagues. I'd be much more intrigued if that and the Champions League rejects were left out. The quality of play might drop but it'd be a lot more exciting to watch Gent and Basel do battle for the highest trophy they can realistically attain than Chelsea's B squad march through and crush everyone.
  3. West Ham don't have a rough schedule but that matchup to close the season against Villa could tip the scales either way.
  4. Brian Flores brought him on his staff last year but Caldwell had to step down. The Detroit tenure is bad enough but Indianapolis made him the scapegoat for a half decade of disastrous drafts and Peyton Manning's body falling apart before it was magically healed in Denver. The fact the guy made Joe Flacco the best QB in history for 2 months is a testament to how good of a coach he is.
  5. Stafford is in all honesty the least of Detroit's problems. But they absolutely should try to give the team a shot in the arm by signing a good backup (like Cam, too late there) or drafting a rookie QB early and giving them a shot to take the starting job. I feel bad for Stafford that he wound up with a franchise with zero commitment to winning who has had two of the best players in history play for them in the last 30 years and managed to convince both of them to retire early. Oh and he was the guy tasked with being the franchise savior. So anything beyond bringing them to the promised land repeatedly was going to be the sign of a failed career. It's also not his fault they fired the best coach they had in years because 9-7 wasn't good enough. And replaced him with a guy who coasted in group projects because he was surrounded by much more competent coaches in Matt Patricia.
  6. The Sex Pistols were what they were and considering 45 years later people are trying to copy everything they did (though, admittedly, less and less people) says a lot. The way their music hits makes it sounds so important, as @metalman said it sounds "absolutely huge". The nature of rock n roll being the working class music of the late 50s and most of the 60s turning into self-indulgent music for "musical elites" by the early 70s with the likes of Yes and Pink Floyd gets brought up a lot in what led to punk's rise and popularity. But I think more importantly it was the canary in the coal mine about a major societal shift away from the post-war consensus of actually caring about the working class. They were angry because they could feel the walls closing in. Sex Pistols and Anyway, I prefer The Damned and The Clash if we're picking favorites.
  7. I've loved Klopp since he first popped up on my radar at Dortmund. Such a likeable guy. Extremely skilled as a manager and clearly takes his craft seriously but also doesn't appear to take anything *too* seriously. I definitely fall for good sports personalities regardless of where they play or coach. And then Liverpool also has Milner who is definitely the type of guy I want to show up at my birthday party as a surprise guest.
  8. I would pick "American Girl" as my favorite Petty song. I don't love everything Petty made but he's got some good stuff and "American Girl" stands ahead of the rest. I'm not a big fan of Kiss but they have to be included on this list somewhere. After all, they're important. "Young Hearts Run Free" is just brilliant. What a great pop song.
  9. Somehow I don't think recouping a lost 3rd rounder was terribly high on their list of priorities.
  10. That's an upgrade from old as fuck Tom Brady.
  11. It's pretty incredible how badly Rodgers' career has been screwed by terrible front office decision-making.
  12. Peter Tosh has much better songs than "Legalize It" but it's easy to see why that song would get picked for this list. Especially it being from 1975. Springsteen does not have better songs than "Born to Run", it's a rock classic. It's one of the few songs equally revered by an artist's diehard fans as well as casual fans who only hear Springsteen in passing. Sometimes I tell myself I like "Badlands" or "Thunder Road" more, but that's not really the case. Boston are definitely one of the better arena rock style bands out there. It's not a sound I'm really into but Boston are immediately recognizable and produced some of the best music in that era.
  13. NHL fucking deserves a team like Edmonton or Toronto getting the top pick with how ridiculous this draft lottery is. Detroit got hilariously screwed.
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