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  1. Yeah I'm glad I got the TV on in time to see the anthems.
  2. I think a lot of the Cam leaving Carolina talk is baseless. Everyone assumes because they can move on from him this off-season they will, but Kyle Allen is trash and I doubt Will Grier will be much more. Give Cam as much time off as needed to get healthy and get him back out there with CMAC and see what happens.
  3. Watch out or the Hall of Fame might add a "Disgruntled Fans Wing" and the Mets organization will just cut out the middle man and move there.
  4. Those are nice but at the same time not as nice as they maybe could have been.
  5. The Bears should be like the Ravens with Lamar and have zero contact with him until you draft him to the surprise of everyone. Catch all the other teams off guard.
  6. Hernandez has a higher WAR in his peak years but Mattingly's career numbers peg him above all the normal HoF metrics (he's at like 134 on the Hall of Fame Monitor which James ranks as a virtual lock) whereas Hernandez is below HoF on all those metrics. The thing that voters used to hold against a guy like Mattingly (longevity) is increasingly less of an issue since people are increasingly aware of the dreaded "compilers".
  7. Tua's expected to start throwing in March so he may not deal with that feared draft slide.
  8. Yeah I think it's definitely Schilling's turn. Walker, maybe (hopefully) Rolen. Jeter is obviously going to be close to or unanimous. And, hey, maybe the voters will finally get their heads out of their asses and induct at the least Bonds and Clemens! Don Mattingly and Lou Whitaker out of the Veterans Committee since they can't be trusted to induct Marvin Miller despite his enormous, lasting influence on the game.
  9. I found it interesting that going off Bill James' model both Giambi and Soriano are likely HOFers. Personally I'm just excited for Mike Francesa to now have to answer legitimate calls about Jason Giambi after years of immediately hanging up at "Jason".
  10. Yeah I think long-term having Mack is huge given how quickly a team can turnover a roster. It's like Denver with Von Miller or the Texans with JJ Watt. You have a generational centerpiece. Raiders loading up on talent is great for them too, and avoiding a massive Mack deal can help them spend that money elsewhere.
  11. The guy the Raiders drafted with the first pick they got for Mack currently has more sacks than Mack. Correction: They got Josh Jacobs with the pick who has been great. But Mack's lineup replacement I believe has more sacks than him.
  12. They said the injury affected him, but who can tell?
  13. That 49ers TD with 0 seconds left had them cover the -10 spread and has to go down as one of the baddest beats ever.
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