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  1. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if Cousins uses the last 10 games of the regular season as a preseason. Warriors finish with 55 wins or so, and don't have the top seed.
  2. This is an extremely odd trade for all parties involved.
  3. I'd be all "Wow the Warriors are in trouble this year" but they're 100% coasting until March or April. Don't want anyone to get hurt before then.
  4. It was a Tanner for Tanner deal as the Reds sent back Tanner Rainey.
  5. The price for Realmuto is going to drop. Marlins started high knowing they had a full 3 months to get a deal done. The suitors will drop in number as catchers get signed, but there will still be multiple teams with holes at the position.
  6. Our GM was denying it yesterday and wouldn't comment on Hyde specifically, but chances are it was just a matter of it getting leaked before things had been finalized, i.e. signed.
  7. Who is? Most of my Eagles friends talk about how Frank Reich was the real brains of the operation. DeFilippo went from the hottest next HC candidate to fired by Mike Zimmer (who always fires OC, btw) in 10 months.
  8. I keep thinking about this and there has to be something up with Syndergaard. Otherwise you wouldn't be entertaining offers that would wind up as a downgrade unless you know his arm is a ticking time bomb. This is just a comically bad contract for a guy over 30 who has been on the decline but he does work well in the leadoff spot since he consistently gets long at-bats. Just they're ending as outs instead of hits now. It's an expensive price to pay for something you probably can get elsewhere, but whatever. The Phillies said "stupid with money" and I'm glad to see they're sticking with the plan.
  9. Need a grayscale option on my TV when the Seahawks wear these jerseys.
  10. Yeah the thing with Baines is it means a ton of guys who've had that small, vocal lobby over the past decade or two (Dale Murphy, Lou Whittaker come to mind) are certainly getting in over the next few years.
  11. The regular season is mostly meaningless in the NHL and NBA because of this. If 82 games aren't enough to determine that team A is better than team B, then what's the point? The only upshot of it is that it gives middle-of-the-road teams something to play for and fans something to care for in the last quarter of the season whereas in MLB and NFL you don't have this since the teams know they're already out. Also, the NHL has had a 16-team playoff field forever, even when the league was at 21 teams. That idea is ridiculous to me.
  12. I think the player's union would have some issue with playing games for the top pick. It's essentially risking injury for not a trophy. A proposal I heard once (and really like) is an FA Cup-style tournament with all the professional hockey teams in the US and Canada, not just in the NHL. Obviously some challenges to sort out since AHL and ECHL teams are mostly affiliated with NHL teams, but it would give a more open elimination tournament format to entertain fans and sell additional tickets/TV revenue. I think if done right it could be a fun annual thing, especially since if it's single-elimination there will probably always be an AHL team or two that sneaks deep into the tournament.
  13. Harold Baines and Lee Smith have been elected to the Hall of Fame by the Today's Game committee. There are fair arguments against Baines, but this is long overdue for Lee Smith.
  14. I figured we'd play a close game with KC and lose since KC had the best player out there in Mahomes. I did not expect for the defeat to feel so crushing. Eric Weddle officially played his way out of being on the team next year today.
  15. Bold strategy, trusting Spurs in a do-or-die game (for you, at least).
  16. It was fortunately very minor per reports. Never like to see that headline especially on the same day a couple baseball players died in a car crash.
  17. Yeah an inevitable end. Curious if they go the acquiring a veteran route (Bridgewater, Flacco, Winston) or given the cap ramifications of releasing Bortles just tie everything to a rookie QB on a rookie deal.
  18. Derrick Henry with the ol' 40+ point fantasy game. Not bad for a guy who in most leagues is a flex option or RB3.
  19. The real legacy of Ron Hextall is that he lucked into Nolan Patrick and might have done enough damage where they luck into Jack Hughes.
  20. A guy on the last year of his deal is never fetching a huge return.
  21. Goldschmidt being traded to St. Louis Ahhhh @Meacon beat me to it
  22. My team is so fucked now that I've lost both Hunt and Sanders.
  23. Yeah I think they'd have a tough time selling Totems for obvious reasons. Someone along the way was suggesting Kraken as a name which is like Toronto Raptors except the whole Kraken meme came and went while Jurassic Park is still inexplicably popular.
  24. I maintain the Celtics found something suspect when they first looked at him and tried to trade the pick, and for some reason the Sixers doctors never picked up on it. It's a real shame if he can't get right, it's definitely affected him mentally too.
  25. That's an interesting hire. I think there's a lot he can do there and he might turn the offense into something that saves Clay Helton's job.

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