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  1. The big problem with talent in the NBA is that there are a ton of great players but only so many superstars. That's generally the case in any sport, but basketball is a sport where a superstar can actually carry a team to victory. More teams won't fix that because there's only so many superstars around at one time, but the talent is still there where you're not gonna take away from the rest of the league.
  2. That's gonna be a bit one-sided.
  3. The talent pool keeps getting deeper in basketball and the sport's popularity keeps growing, I wager expansion will be on the radar pretty soon.
  4. I'm surprised they found a way to keep him. I'm surprised they found a way to keep him.
  5. It wouldn't matter given how their entire rotation imploded, but letting Murphy go to a division rival for free is just an egregious decision usually reserved for teams like the Orioles.
  6. Clippers will never move, the league loves having 2 NY teams and 2 LA teams. I mean, Clippers will move to their own arena probably in Inglewood but they're never leaving LA county. I honestly find it silly since Anaheim would be a perfect home for them to stay in the same TV market while creating their own actual identity. Sacramento was the big contender to move to Seattle, but they were able to rob Sacramento taxpayers and stayed home. At this point I expect Seattle to get a hockey team before a basketball team. I don't even know who in the NBA is at risk of relocation anymore. Just about everyone has state-of-the-art arenas or are getting them in the near future.
  7. All the joke teams in the NBA have loyal fans that post in this thread regularly.
  8. Ainge is so weird about all these picks. I know Auerbach always stockpiled picks as well and rarely dealt them, since you get the longest tenure of a star player that way, but Ainge has been so freaking bad at drafting.
  9. Smith is basically a guy designed for the current NBA. Can be your leading assist man and your leading scorer every night out.
  10. It's a good chance for him to clear his head of whatever is causing his approach at the plate to be so messed up.
  11. He should have won the Conn Smythe in 09.
  12. Monk and Collins will be the guys in those slideshows in 5 years "Can you believe X amount of teams passed on these guys?!"
  13. Zee Frenchman who cannot shoot zee ball
  14. Ron Howard is a steady hand studio guy so that's that. Given the circumstances, which haven't left me optimistic for this movie, someone like Howard is a safe choice to guide it to shore.
  15. Woj bomb that Indiana and Boston are deep in trade talks. Maybe Pacers wanted Tatum.