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  1. Will the Marlins implement exclamation mark pinstripes into their uniforms?
  2. Wow Brees & Peterson on the same team, it's like every 2009 fantasy champion.
  3. Yeah Montreal got shafted with their first round matchup due to the playoff format, winner of that series was a safe bet to make the conference finals. Heck, under more normal formatting they both could have reasonably met there. I think we get Anaheim and St. Louis advancing out west. I probably shouldn't count out Nashville with the way they dismantled Chicago, but ah well. Anaheim is my pick to make out of the west.
  4. Rondo doesn't show up unless the game is nationally televised.
  5. Rondo getting hurt is a pretty big loss for Chicago as well.
  6. Outside of Game 3 the Hawks were just manhandled the whole series too. Such a shocker, as much as the first round lends itself to shock upsets this was doubly so since it was a lopsided sweep. If they lost in 6 or 7 you could have chalked it up to bad luck, but they were just listless for most of the series. Maybe Rinne is about to go on one of those special goalie runs where he takes his team to the Conference Finals or further.
  7. And the Blackhawks get swept.
  8. Ballgame, Pacers imploded. 3 days until Paul George begins lobbying for a trade.
  9. At least Cincy comes here to close the year instead of the Ravens going there. I like how we lobbied hard to not have a bye after the London game and then the NFL was like "okay, but it's gonna be your toughest home game of the year".
  10. Future Patriot draft steal Reuben Foster.
  11. They cleaned house, the entire front office is basically gone. Jack Eichel spoke up and now everyone got sent packing.
  12. For the Pens there is no way to replace Letang, so the defense has looked shaky as a result. Pens will always have the best player on the ice in Crosby. I don't think Ottawa is making it to the conference finals, but I would argue Karlsson is a good enough player to get them there. NY has been very shaky on defense and basically bailed out in game 1 by MTL just not putting together good offense. Radulov made some awful decisions in game 4 and helped swing that game NY's way. Also the Rangers really, finally put the right kind of offensive pressure on Price and the Habs defense. That and TOR-WAS have easily been the best series of the first round.
  13. It doesn't help the Caps when literally every interview involves asking them about their legacy as the ultimate chokers. Even if they're not thinking about it, the media is making them think about it. Shocked that the Blackhawks are basically toast, doubly so the Wild. Thinking we're looking at Anaheim-St. Louis and Pittsburgh-Montreal as our conference finals.
  14. To many of us in keeper leagues: It's Austin Meadows time!
  15. My Facebook timeline right now: "Oh god it's happening again"