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  1. "And then the Orioles lost to the Yankees for the 100th consecutive game in a row, remarkable!"
  2. Gonna put pajama boy to bed.
  3. Don’t want your dumb team here either
  4. Yelich continues to absolutely murder the Cardinals. He's homered in every game against them this season.
  5. After Serial my conclusion was that even if he was guilty, he didn't get a fair trial and shouldn't be in jail. But see that they've now finally run DNA tests and none of the samples they collected from the body matched Syed makes a pretty compelling case for his innocence. The fact that Jay has once again changed his story adds to it. The idea of him being guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is getting destroyed, that's for sure.
  6. Signed Randall Cobb, signed George Iloka, traded for Robert Quinn, so I really have no idea what you're talking about. We didn't have glaring holes, Cobb replaces Beasley, Iloka upgrades the safety position and Robert Quinn is a big upgrade to the pass rush. Witten returns to help with TE depth, and Travis Fredrick is coming back to re-solidify the offensive line. Our biggest needs are now like, another defensive tackle, and a backup running back. Realistically what exactly were you hoping they do that they didn't do? Quarterback, sorted. Running back, sorted. Wide Receivers, sorted. Offensive line, sorted. Pass Rush, sorted. Linebackers, fucking awesomely sorted. Corners, sorted. Safety, finally upgraded. So again, what move did you want them to make that they actually could do, realistically? Odds are they are going to draft a defensive tackle, a tight end, a backup running back, a defensive back and another rotational pass rusher. All depth moves, because once again, we don't have glaring holes.
  7. Well we got halfway there.
  8. Theaters are now adding more show times to meet demands for Endgame. The theater I'm going to has 24 on Saturday, another one nearby has 42 across all formats, just on Saturday.
  9. First fantasy baseball and now this silly idea, stop trying to co-opt my things!
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