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  1. Goddamnit @Dan ROH Hitman Reigns....forget the B-League, you may be heading our way. Mostly because if the B's have 100% retention, I don't want to mess that up and ya'll have your fun rivalries and such.
  2. Fuck Batman is a pretty good tagline for DC's film and television offerings since Nolan left.
  3. We may have it for A-League for the first time ever as well. The only wildcard really is @Dan
  4. I always forget about the incredible numbers Barkley has put up in his NFL career so far. What a worthy inclusion.
  5. Already poking around doing draft research and @Meacxico will probably be amused to learn ESPN is ranking Pat Mahomes higher than Matt Ryan
  6. Yes, there will be much shunting later.
  7. FANTASY FOOTBALL SEASON IS ALMOST UPON US! Welcome back ladies and gents. In just two short weeks we will embark on the 8th season of EWB B-League Football and the 14th Season of EWB A-League Football! Let us now take this time to find out who is coming back and who will bring great shame on their house by not returning. @HC gather your troops! @LL. @DMN @The Chiksrara Special @Lineker @Cactus Drags @damsher hatfield @Lowerdeck @IceLint @Plubby @livid @Dan I will also take this time to mention that for the A-League at least, roster changes are coming. My campaign to Make Free Agency Useful Again, will be in full swing this coming season, as I hack down our bloated rosters, so that Free Agency isn't stripped clean of useful players after week 1. That means a shorter draft, so some of you can delight in that fact. Regardless of length, the draft will still begin on August 1st! Now who's in?
  8. The Mets should be forced to trade deGrom, they are doing him dirty this season.
  9. Correa injured, Gleyber injured. Okay, guess I need to pick up an SS. Hmmm let me drop a center fielder, I can slot Mitch Haniger in there and then I'll pick up Tim Anderson. THE NEXT DAY Mitch Haniger, Day to Day. Tim Anderson, Day to Day
  10. He was having an absolutely monster year before he got hurt, so that injury must really be scaring teams off. I figure Kerr will scheme around whatever his limitations may be.
  11. I’m pretty sure as of this hour there’s only one super team.
  12. LeBron determines when he sends him and his son packing.
  13. Hire a well respected GM who has built championship teams, hire the coach who just won the Stanley Cup, luck out in the draft and get two top 10 players outside of the top 10?

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