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  1. Darwin Thompson, RB, Chiefs @The Chiksrara Special
  2. Josh Gordon, WR, Patriots 🤷‍♂️ @damsher hatfield
  3. Teams are uploaded so you can set your rosters. would you guys like me to add one more bench spot so everyone can pick up an extra defense, given that college has two bye weeks?
  4. Courtland Sutton, WR, Broncos @caMeron esposiTo Forbes
  5. Everyone knows HC was salivating over Kyler Murray and I crushed his dreams!
  6. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    I can help rule out if it was 1998 real quick because I was at that Cowboys/Giants game in Jersey. That one was a Monday night game where Deion Sanders returned a punt and an interception for touchdowns and the Cowboys won 31-7. Ring any bells?
  7. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    Jeff Garcia always came off as super unlikeable in interviews. He seemed like a real douche when he had no business acting like one
  8. Well, first of all there aren’t team names yet despite their draft coming up in October. But he is just signing with the league itself to be drafted in said draft. XFL owns all the teams
  9. Hey @LL. you remember that time Tommy Maddox was in the XFL and then signed with the Steelers? This is like that, but in reverse.
  10. Lamar Miller, RB, Texans he said, unenthusiastically. @Plubby
  11. From Steelers QB to XFL Legend! It's a reverse Tommy Maddox
  12. Cloudy ends things where he started them, in Arkansas, with the Razorbacks Defense
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