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  1. Fuckin coddle him why don’t you
  2. Shame Warhawk won’t be around to celebrate with us
  3. Palm Springs on Hulu was really enjoyable
  4. MCD- Avisail Garcia, OF, Brewers9to5- Kolten Wong, 2B, CardinalsSrar- Yandy Diaz, 1B/3B, Rays Teams are set up, check for accuracy, report issues. Then start telling me who you have that's decided to opt out for the season. If they are coming back you can just put them on IR.
  5. I can do that. Someone help me assemble a list of all the players who have opted out so far that have been picked. I’ll give people who have lost someone a week to pick up a replacement in free agency, then expand the benches and everyone can fill theirs.
  6. I could but again, given that it’s in flux that’s hard to coordinate. We could have more guys drop out in the middle of that draft for instance.
  7. So, I’m gonna try to knock this out and get the rosters up today. That gives everyone time to adjust based on who won’t be playing this season. Not an ideal season at all, I’m open to suggestions about what to do to deal with the players opting out. But since that’s kind of in flux right now it’s difficult to do anything.
  8. Let’s talk about potatoes more.
  9. damshow knows what’s up. His wife is a lucky lady!
  10. So bubble players got gift bags that included lots of snacks and somehow that got turned into “OMG look at how poorly they are being fed!” As if the resort with a ridiculous amount of restaurants and tons of experience catering massive multi-day events just said “nah fuck those NBA players they can just live on skittles and peanuts”
  11. I HOPE COLLEGE ATHLETES ARE FORCED TO PLAY SPORTS AND RISK GETTING INFECTED WHILE GETTING PAID NOTHING FOR THESE RISKS. Please kindly shut up about dumb punishments that should be doled out to schools smart enough to cancel their seasons.
  12. Also let’s not lose sight of the fact that the Washington Football Team sucks and Dwayne Haskins is a bust
  13. He won’t, silly to assume he will but play on.
  14. I’m disappointed in you Lineker, I expected so much. This must be how you feel about the Texans every year.
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