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  1. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    Hooray it’s not the Eagles!
  2. Battlehawks and Roughnecks already showing votes of no confidence in their assigned QBs by drafting backups early
  3. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    Had we kicked a field goal in the situation where you have to be brain dead not to kick a field goal, we wouldn’t have needed that conversion at all.
  4. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    And this idiocy led to the Jets scoring two TDs in the last 2:30 of the half. This is laughably bad
  5. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    Well it was nice during the first two weeks when the Cowboys had some interesting play calling going on. Now we’re making extremely stupid decisions. Running on 3rd and 11, and then going for it on 4th and 2 in the second quarter when it’s 7-3. Clearly it’s big brain time.
  6. Did not think I would be getting carried by a defense this year, but here we are
  7. The new Are You Afraid of the Dark? is off to a good start. Kept the theme the same and has the vibe. Hard to judge it against episodes of the original series as this one is a mini-series with one story throughout, not a bunch of stand alones. But it does a good job of fleshing out this new Midnight Society. The villain looks like the guy from Panic at the Disco, and there was a daaaaawg
  8. I’m real busy for most of the rest of this month, so I am happy to do this but won’t start a draft until like the last week of October. If you wanna bail, I understand but trust me, you won’t miss not participating in the first month of the NBA season. And come April, it definitely won’t feel like you missed anything
  9. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    There literally hasn’t been a successful coach under Synder’s tenure, it’s completely to act like that’s somehow an indictment of Shanahan’s abilities.
  10. Partial list. Landry Jones obviously, Connor Cook was on there, as was Joe Callahan. So slightly better than the AAFL in the sense that they haven’t washed out entirely yet
  11. The league owns all the teams, so it can do that. With this talent pool it’s extremely important to make sure every team has what passes for a decent QB.
  12. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    Beginning to think the Browns won’t be making the playoffs
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