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  1. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    NFC East teams shouldn’t be allowed to play each other this is bad
  2. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    Well that was a pretty terrible call on the Pats no TD, but those were two terrible phantom tripping calls when they played the Cowboys so fuck em
  3. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    Ya’ll ever heard of Meacon’s favorite player, Drew Lock?
  4. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    So the 49ers look really average against the leagues better teams, not sure I would trust them in the playoffs
  5. I’m going to be so pissed if somehow it’s a vintage Drew Brees performance against the goddamn 49ers of all team. Unless he keeps throwing TDs to Cook. Oh a dirty hit on Cook may have knocked him out of the game
  6. They did it man, the crazy fucks did it. I’m just happy summer baseball games are finally on the menu
  7. Pulling for Baylor, though I half expect them to get passed over even if they win.
  8. I’m confused how Utah got ranked so high with that schedule and that USC loss.
  9. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    It’s impossible for them to win the division, they got eliminated from playoff contention last week
  10. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    People really overrate the Jerry Jones puppet shit. Stephen and Will McClay have way more control over the team these days and routinely, and correctly, overrule Jerry. If Urban Meyer wants to draft a guy or sign a guy, Jerry isn’t going to get in the way. And Jerry isn’t going to do something like rush out and sign Antonio Brown and not consult anyone. That’s just not how it happens anymore. The problem is that after Parcells, he hired guys who aren’t good enough to clash with what he wants anyways. Wade Phillips was happy to be getting paid and Jason Garrett is a painfully average coach who brings nothing original to the table. The major barrier for success a coach for the Cowboys will face is whether or not they can get the team to respect and fear them. No one was worried Jason Garrett would be cutting someone for underperforming, because they knew Jerry wouldn’t pull the trigger on that. But no one doubted Jimmy Johnson would cut them, and no one, aside from maybe TO, doubted Parcells would either. Urban Meyer seems like he has the right amount of asshole in him to be able to inspire that.
  11. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    I hate Cowboys fans. The amount of people I’m seeing dismissing Urban Meyer or Lincoln Riley as guys who would turn into “Garrett 2.0, a good offensive mind who can’t do anything else” is infuriating. Jason Garrett is not a good offensive mind. His play calling was shitty and uninspired and he got stripped of offensive play calling duties a couple years into his head coaching stint.
  12. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    He should be shitcanned because the team has obviously quit on him. But he won’t be, we’ll finish out this wet fart of a season and not renew his contract all so Jerry can claim he didn’t fire him.
  13. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    I’m sure we’ll be turning into a Super Bowl contender any second now. Just going to spend the rest of the season wondering if it will be the 49ers or the Seahawks that blow us out of the fucking water after we stumbled ass backwards into the playoffs Really glad that after Maher sucked last week, we brought in kickers, signed none of them, and trotted out Maher to suck some more
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