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  1. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    did anyone need evading arrest to complete their Antonio Brown’s Descent into Madness bingo?
  2. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    But Back to the Future 1 was also set in the past
  3. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    I’m wearing a Dak to the Future shirt right now
  4. Exactly, can get your degree later, get your money now, because it might not be there next year. Jadaveon Clowney’s cousin committed to Ole Miss. His name is Demon
  5. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    So did the Broncos, boom roasted
  6. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    “With former Tigers Draft Pick Patrick Mahomes advancing to the super bowl, the Detroit Tigers have drafted more Super Bowl Starting QB's than the Detroit Lions have.”
  7. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    I don’t exactly trust Kyle Shanahan with any lead
  8. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    yeah this game is booty
  9. Maxx

    NFL 2019

  10. Additionally... 1. Each and every person involved has to eat a baseball. It can be boiled or fried and served with rice, or lo mein 2. New awards are given out like biggest cheater, least creative cheater and guy who did the worst while still cheating. This takes place during an 8 hour awards show, attendance is mandatory. It’s hosted by James Corden and the musical guest is Pitbull he performs the song Greenlight 4 times. 3. Alex Cora Is banned from purchasing Big League Chew for the rest of his life. 4. The Dodgers just get to be world champions this year. Like we do the whole season as usual but at the end regardless of who wins, the Dodgers get to be champions. 5. Jose Altuve has to play shirtless for the rest of his career. 6. The players can never opt out of their contracts. They must all remain on their cheating teams until they retire.
  11. It’s a bad look to keep him around. Hinch was involved, fired. Cora was involved, fired. Reportedly players were heavily involved, and while yes they got immunity, Beltran isn’t a player anymore. He’s a manager and every other manager involved got canned. It’s not great optics to be like oh this was player driven, but the managers have all been fired, but this guy who was a player during this player driven scheme is a-okay to keep managing. Beltran’s niece is tweeting that players like Bregman and Altuve were wearing devices that could get buzzed by the hallway video guys. So maaaybe giving players immunity wasn’t the best idea
  12. Maxx

    NFL 2019

    Amused to learn Chargers fans think Phillip Rivers is a Hall of Famer
  13. I’m not going to let you disrespect Cardale like that.
  14. Burrow has a very Brady-ish demeanor, I’m very interested to see how he does in the NFL
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