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  1. Hmm had a weird bug last night where the incoming rookie class was very old. Aaron Judge was in it, at age 38. Some of the half star players were age 64. Really hoping that’s not a recurring bug, because it’s going to be very annoying to have to manually fix every year
  2. No no, @Meacon say “Hi People!” is still drafting for himself
  3. First match I tried playing froze during entrances, so off to a strong start
  4. CJ Cron, 1B, Tigers Andrew Heaney, SP, Angels for Srar Brian Anderson, 3B/OF, Marlinsfor Niner @Mx. Canadian Destroyer
  5. Is this finally in a playable state or am I better off just picking up 2K19? edit: is free on Xbox temporarily, so I’ll go see how bad it is
  6. Can you fill out the draft card on the first page and send it to me? Will make this easier for me
  7. Mallex Smith, OF, Mariners for niner @Your Mom's Side Chick
  8. Ross Stripling, RP, Dodgers for Cloudy @Meacon say “Hi People!”
  9. Noodles retired at 35, the first 300 game winner in USBL history. 320-177 with a career 2.75 era, 10 pitcher of the year awards, 4 league MVPs and two World Series titles. Hats off to Noodles
  10. Amed Rosario, SS, Mets @El Tiburon
  11. Maxx- Jake Odorizzi, SP, Twins Berober- Luke Weaver, SP, Diamondbacks DMN- German Marquez, SP, Rockies Elvis Andrus, SS, Rangers Berober- Byron Buxton, OF, Twins Maxx- Scott Kingery, IF/OF, Phillies @damsher hatfield
  12. Kris Davis, OF, Athletics @damsher hatfield
  13. Don't trust anyone? Lance McCullers Jr., SP, Astros @Lowerdeck
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