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  1. Kotaku says its coming to PS4 as well
  2. Maxx

    NFL 2018

    Or in our league a free agent
  3. This movie has my heart
  4. The league is off to a strong start with its #1 overall pick now signing with the NFL.
  5. Maxx

    NFL 2018

    Down goes McCoy, it’s Sanchize time for Washington
  6. Maxx

    NFL 2018

    Not surprising considering the shit storm it would kick up and we have no idea how long he'll be suspended for.
  7. I appreciate Trey Burton's contribution to HC's points against number.
  8. Maxx

    NFL 2018

    I’d rather NFL investigators interview him.
  9. So if Alabama loses, who gets screwed over so they can have their legally mandated playoff spot this year?
  10. Oh I will absolutely go to a game in Dallas if it actually happens. I have to think they will be using the Cotton Bowl or SMU’s stadium. If they resurrect the LA X-Treme my allegiances will be tested, gotta keep supporting my boys, even if they will be sans Tommy Maddox
  11. Maxx

    NFL 2018

    Probably so. Afterall, you only get 6 games if there's nothing but an unreliable witness who tried to get people to lie on her behalf and the police decline to file chargers and the investigator the league hires recommends no suspension. You know, real crimes. Can't wait until we find out the league knew about it and did nothing.

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