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  1. Yeah episode 1 was a great reminder of just how bad of an actor Morrison is.
  2. The Clippers sold for an ungodly amount of money because they were in LA, so that won't be happening.
  3. Have you picked a team and if not can we pick your team?
  4. Now talk about the Mavericks
  5. And the Knicks took the guy I didn't want the Mavs to take
  6. Well lets see, your jump is based on nothing besides the notion that anything that isn't Lord and Miller is suddenly some grimdark sad sack movie, and my jump isn't a jump at all, its you either misunderstanding me or refusing to believe that reports were they were *HEAVILY* ad-libbing and improvising. Not just a few unscripted moments here and there, they were having entire "improv days" And I've agree completely, they were probably the wrong choice from the get-go, but Disney must not have foreseen how much they would be going off script. Poor research on their part, I'd say. But again, odds are people would have not been happy with a Lord and Miller Han Solo movie if it turned out the way it's alleged to have been going. Poor performances, way too much comedy, weak action scenes. Pretty sure we have a few Star Wars movies that show that formula isn't a winning one. If it was someone besides Kasdan writing the script, I'd probably fall more in the middle of the debate. But I'll side with the guy who helped craft the character and his script over the guys who made the Jump Street movies. (movies that I enjoy, but do not show me that they have a better idea of the tone of Star Wars or the character of Han Solo than Lawrence Kasdan)
  7. I mean, there's no indication that the script was grimdark, it just struck a more serious tone than what Lord and Miller were doing. You also can't expect every actor to be able to improvise well, so if that's what they were doing, then they weren't getting the best performances they could get. They got Lawrence Kasdan to write a script about one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe, its entirely understandable and should have been entirely expected that they would want to stick to that script. Again, why do you are you jumping to the conclusion that it's going to be some super serious grimdark thing? There wasn't any indication of that. Seems like they didn't want Lord and Miller going off script as much as they were, and didn't want it skewing towards a comedy as much as it was. These seem like really valid concerns, given the situation.
  8. Yeah, it was probably a bad fit from the beginning. But again, which movie would you have actually preferred? Because I guarantee you people would have hated the film if it skewed heavily towards comedy. If it comes down to it, I'd rather watch the Solo movie scripted by the guy heavily involved in crafting Han Solo, and I suspect most people ultimately would feel the same.
  9. From what I'm reading it was Kennedy and Kasdan that had problems with what Lord and Miller were doing. They were going off script, having the cast ad-lib and improvise and that's not what Kennedy wanted, understandably so. The only person who has done more to craft the Han Solo character than Lawrence Kasdan is George Lucas. He could have done anything he wanted within the Star Wars universe and he chose to write this script. I would much rather watch a film about Han Solo that sticks close to a Lawrence Kasdan script than a movie about Han Solo that was heavily ad-libed and pieced together by two comedy directors.
  10. They're going to make Star Wars movies the way they make Marvel movies. There's a blueprint for how its done and they stick to it, and churn them out. I'd say that system is kind of essential to pulling off the movie a year plan, and thus far it's been working.
  11. Probably don't want to infect your team with that much Knick.
  12. "Hi Ryan, are you excited to play in San Diego?" "DON'T TALK TO ME ALRIGHT!? KNOCK IT OFF!"
  13. I'm reading It, figured I'd should finally knock it out prior to the new movie being released.
  15. The Rams now have a uniform that reflects how much of a mess they are This is the kind of uniform I would use in Madden for EWBFL games where I just picked different parts at random.