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  1. And finished the series. While not my favorite, I did enjoy the show overall. I'm excited and ready for the Defenders. Any word when that is coming out? September?
  2. Fuck! In our living room area we have my computer and the TV. The wife was playing Mass Effect, she's a couple hours/plot missions ahead. My headphones were off and by chance I heard a pretty damn big spoiler
  3. I never watched Samurai Jack back when it was originally on. Is it pretty good?
  4. I think 5 was my favorite thus far. Things are starting to pick up!
  5. I'm still super excited! Gonna be re-watching season 6 after I'm done Iron Fist.
  6. This game is testing me..... 2-1....likely gonna be 2-2....first: shitty Yas top. Then: Toxic Rengar/Draven Edit: We did lose that one. So I queued up for game 5....decided to go back to ol'faithful Leona. And we proceeded to shit kick them. 2-1-18, and only an A-. But that doesn't matter, I am back in plat! First time in Plat: Got it in September/October. Second time in Plat: Got it in August Third time in Plat: Got there in March (and that's after playing flex for the first two or so months) Woo! Now I can raise my flex up to gold and then focus on trying to get higher in plat.
  7. 2-0! 1 of the next 3 (Was almost 1-1...because that game was so bad)
  8. Optimism is.....interesting.
  9. Jeeze....I've been in Gold 1 for awhile. But! Now I am in a promo for plat! In March! Edit: 1-0....Just need to win 2 out of the next 4.
  10. I think you'd really enjoy Oxenfree! It's short, can be completed in 1-2 sittings....but the story is neat and the characters are delightful.
  11. Tweeted a poorly worked question to a hockey blogger. Now my phone is blowing up with people calling me dumb
  12. This is my favorite post.
  13. I'd be surprised if they didn't.
  14. Just beat the game. Took longer than I expected (about 32 hours). Good game (got kinda stale near the end, open world fatigue) with a fantastic story.
  15. Horizon Zero dawn.....the mission "Deep Secrets of The Earth" Damn.