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  1. Ruki

    NHL 2020

    You're losing another captain. Stop having captains!
  2. Ruki

    NHL 2020

    The new Taro Tsujimoto!
  3. Ruki

    NHL 2020

    The PK Trade? Win win. Devils get really good, really fast (They just need a goalie), and Nashville frees up a lot of space to pick up Duchene and to re-sign Ellis. The Leafs trade? Ehh... I don't like it, but it was needed. Really needed to get him off the books. And it's come out that we will be re-signing Kappy and Johnsson for 3-4 years at Patty's cap hit. As long as Marner comes in at under 10, I'm happy. 9.5 for 3, 4, or 6-8 years. The Canucks trade? What the hell are they doing. They should not be giving up first round picks. They aren't that good yet.
  4. So, Team Fight Tactics is coming out this week. I managed to play a handful of games on the PBE last night (trying to log back in, 24 hour wait).... it's actually a lot of fun. Also, in general, I've taken a break from League. I went almost a month without playing a game, and playing about 4 in the past week to try out the new Morde and Yuumi. The break is nice.
  5. I admit to HATING that they killed Fitz last season, just to go save his space body this season. But that episode? That was worth it.
  6. Ruki

    XBOX Megathread

    The animation and the feel of the impact in Battlechasers: Nightwar is AWESOME. I'm just a bit into it... but it's a turn based RPG with a pretty cool setting. I suggest checking it out! It's on the Xbox Gamepass PC. (Should I just start a separate thread for the Xbox PC stuff?)
  7. PLayed a game and won. Time to retire.
  8. I just downloaded it... it's literally just The Resistance. And that's awesome!
  9. Ruki

    XBOX Megathread

    The 1 month game pass is the $1 one. It just converts your whole subscription. For me, I had no gold, and 3 months of game pass expiring in July. I bought a year of gold and then the $1 Ultimate, and now I have Ultimate until September 2020.
  10. Ruki

    XBOX Megathread

    I noticed that, but it only had the Xbox version, not PC. Not that big of a deal at the end of the day.
  11. Ruki

    XBOX Megathread

    Something the Gamepass on PC (and probably console) needs is a way to create a playlist or something. Like, I want a list of RPGs I want to play but may not be in the mood for, or something quick I can play while killing time.
  12. Man, that was such a fun game.
  13. Ruki

    NHL 2020

    100% Hughes 1st and Kakko 2nd. Also! Change the title to '19-20 NHL Season'! Really hoping the Leafs start making some moves (apparently Zaitsev has value?)... and really hoping they get the Marner contract under 9.5. After that? I'd consider letting people offersheet him and taking the four 1sts and the cap-space. But after all these huge contracts get signed, people are gonna change their tune about Nylander's deal.
  14. I own it, have barely played it.
  15. Third person action game. But it was.... bad. And about 2 hours of cutscenes (or maybe that's what it felt like) before getting to play.
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