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  1. Go Preds!
  2. I remember a similar game. Chart Wars where you ran a record label.
  3. Nashville loses RyJo for the rest of the playoffs. So Nashville likely loses the series We're heading towards a Ducks/Ottawa cup final...and I don't like that.
  4. Yeah....Aharabaki would be not good that late in the game. I was around 82 using Satan + charge + God Fist. About 1200 damage.
  5. Really? Were you under leveled? Took me about 8 rounds. Just in the final cut scene now. This game was wonderful. It's gonna be my favorite game of 2017.... hell, last couple of years.
  6. I can't believe they are rebooting Roseanne.
  7. I am so broke in the game. I spent all my money on high level personas. And my money making trick hasn't been working
  8. Yay! I am glad I'm not the only person who voted for something in the Persona series. 1. Persona 4 2. Persona 3 3. Final Fantasy IX 4. Metal Gear Solid 3 5. GTA: San Andreas 6. Fallout 3 7.Elder Scrolls: Oblivion 8. Final Fantasy X 9. Mass Effect 10. Civilization IV 11. Hitman: Blood Money 12. Dragon Age: Origins 13. Super Smash Bros. Melee 14. Portal 15. GTA4
  9. My wife just finished the game today, she said it was anti-climatic, which is kinda sad. And really disappointing, because she is the biggest Mass Effect fan I know (she named one of our cats Tali). So it doubly sucks that the series is being shelved for the time being (although, it might be a good thing). Eventually I'll get back into the game, likely after I'm finished Persona 5 (I'm 75 hours in, I gotta be nearing the end)
  10. Leftovers is a really weird show sometimes.
  11. One heck of a way for season 4 to end. Thankfully the first episode of season 5 leaked.
  12. Oh hey! I got out of Silver!
  13. The past two episodes have ended with some interesting silhouettes...wondering who/what they are! I'm guessing that the one is...