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  1. That's what I have been doing! It's great finding the one person walking by themselves and then just blasting them without anyone knowing any better. Until you miss your 75% shot and they alert their friends.
  2. So much this! Hellblade probably has some of the best sound design of any game I've played in recent years. The story and lore are pretty damn good too (I think I just really like Norse lore after God Of War)! And the threat of the corruption taking over Senua and deleting your save aids in making you feel tense and uneasy. But the combat is pretty simplistic (although some of the running + attack animations are super pretty), and the puzzles are slow (some of them are pretty darn creative).
  3. The world of Mutant Year Zero is pretty cool. How they're looking at all our current day stuff, and completely misunderstanding the use (a boombox is a bomb, a school is a place for little monsters to grow up into bigger monsters, a defibrillator is to help someone relax/sleep)... and some of the fights are tough! Seeing your first enemy with 20+ HP I thought I was fucked. I'm not getting enough scrap though... I keep needing to go back and buy medkits, when all I want to buy are grenades (got the perk that makes them do 8 damage) and new gear.
  4. Just watched the first episode of Black Summer on Netflix. It's pretty good! I always like seeing zombie movies/shows at the beginning of the outbreak.
  5. Very, VERY buggy. And if you do any kind of thieving, money becomes trivial in a matter of hours.
  6. Kingdom Come Deliverance. An interesting enough story/world, the combat was cool... but so many flaws. So, so, so many flaws.
  7. Barely anything! I've only played for 90 minutes. -Nukes dropped because humans suck -Stalkers are mutants who scavenge the lands for parts and food for the Ark (the last human settlement by the sounds of it) -Dux and piggy dude get sent to find the super awesome Stalker named Hammond, who went AWOL. -Now I found the girl who was on Hammond's team.
  8. I want nothing more than a Leafs vs Islanders conference final. Obviously with the same result as our hockey pool
  9. The only thing that disappoints me is that the skill tree is quite linear. I think I would have preferred them to just say: "At level 2 you get this skill, at level 3 here's more HP!" Also, the difficulty I chose said it would recover 50% HP at the end of combat, but that never seems to happen. Did I misread it?
  10. I just started Mutant: Year Zero last night. It's pretty neat. A blend of stealth and XCOM style combat. Went from level 8 to 11 in one fight because I accidentally fought a group too high of level (and could only beat them by spamming grenades)
  11. Ruki

    Game of Thrones

    The scene with Tormund? Made my wife almost crap her pants. Not sure how she didn't notice...
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