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  1. Four episodes of Steven Universe Future (post movie) have come out! They are all pretty good... but that 4th one, hot damn did it touch on a heavy subject.
  2. That's an awesome idea! I'll get on this too: Running with Rifles Moon Hunters Crazy Machines 3 Panzer Corps+Panzer Corps Allied Corps DLC Tannenberg Insurgency Steel Rats She Remembered Caterpillars MINIT Dandara A Short Hike Wandersong The Journey Down: Chapter Three I'm not a Monster Finding Paradise Do Not Feed the Monkeys
  3. Still good. Ollie almost had me with that link, but as soon as I saw it was a youtube link I panic closed the browser.
  4. Oh wow, I didn't realize that the next episode was the finale. And I agree, while it is time for the show to end, it feels like there's so much more left to tell in the current arc.
  5. 1. The Good Place 2. Stranger Things 3. My Hero Academia 4. Watchmen 5. Steven Universe 6. Brooklyn Nine Nine 7. BoJack Horseman 8. Game of Thrones (Oh, how the mighty have fallen ) 9. The Mandalorian 10. Letterkenny 11. Rick And Morty 12. Barry 13. Silicon Valley 14. Umbrella Academy 15. Santa Clarita Diet
  6. Mine was pretty much just the Hamilton musical. 21 hours of listening to it this year. Other non-musical related bands: Ninja Sex Party, Blink-182, and Dollar Signs. Here is my 2019 Playlist (minus Hamilton): https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3z2FQ4nS4nCxWrGAd3mQlV (I also added some songs that I've been really digging... just the last 5 songs on there).
  7. Man, Angela has had it ROUGH. But also...
  8. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey... if you like classic RPGs like Final Fantas: Octopath Traveller. If you'er going to be playing with friends: Mario Kart, Mario Party and Super Smash Bros
  9. Ruki

    The Irishman

    I have the movie on my 'list' to watch over my vacation. How long is it?
  10. Ruki

    The Outer Worlds

    Did you manage to... Without shooting?
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