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  1. So that was wonderful. Glad I watched the show, but sad that I blew through it in one weekend. The writing was wonderful, the characters are great, the setting is super interesting (even more interesting after that reveal) and the cast was fantastic. Really hoping we get a season 2, and that season 2 has more Adam Scott, because he was just great. But I think after watching it favorite character had to be Janet. Her comedic timing, upbeat/dead-pan attitude was just hilarious for me. When I was watching the show I thought
  2. Ten minutes left of The Good Place season finale.....jaw drop. Holy mother forking shirtballs.
  3. Sorry GoGo! just finished episode 3, and if this keeps up? It totally would have made my list.
  4. Watched the first two episodes....this show is pretty good. I'm a fan!
  6. So, I should watch The Good Place?
  7. That looks like a lot of fun.
  8. It doesn't look like we were ever in danger of losing....but we were ahead 20 kills and I thought we were still gonna lose.
  9. Well that doesn't suck! Hopefully you guys do well!
  10. Think he will be a big deal in the OPL?
  11., that was posted on the Playstation youtube.
  12. So I've started playing OneShot, an interesting puzzle/adventure game. You're the god of a robotic world, the game knows your name without you even typing it in, and you are leading the messiah, a cat-boy named Niko. It's pretty interesting. One of the puzzles was pretty neat.