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  1. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh...............he retires in the middle of the first season. You should take the Jets, Blue Jackets or Wild if you want a real challenge In my game, they actually let Sakic walk during free agency.
  2. The game actually arrived today Only played a little bit so far...the dialog is a little cheesy at times, but the gameplay is fun. Hearing the classic FF music was nice as well.
  3. Not yet. I'm only 200 turns in.
  4. That would have been useful last night....Ghandi sent like 4 missionaries to my cities last night :/
  5. How exactly does religious combat happen?
  6. Tales of? And it has shipped
  7. I want the game now...but I likely won't be getting it until early next week because Amazon. (I'd go pick it up, but I am getting it for $20 off so...)
  8. Oh, cool. Also, Negan is the best. Still would have preferred if we got that at the end of last season, but still....he was the best. Especially the whole...
  9. Apparently people are having difficulty loading the game. I am one of those.
  10. This is the best.
  11. I want to click that spoiler
  12. I was on Prince and I felt like I was falling behind.
  13. I agree with you about the hard choices. Also? It was so hard to decide what to build...I wanted districts, but I also kinda need normal buildings and units. So many choices!
  14. Played about 100 turns....had two people declare war on me when I had basically no army...but they didn't take any cities. But a lot of the changes? I'm a fan of. Gonna take some getting used to, that's for sure.
  15. Son of a bitch....the Teemoing store got me to spend money again Ended up getting Reaper Soraka, Project Leona, and Mecha Malphite. I have 1500RP's REALLY hard not to get Star Guardian Poppy,.