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  1. Sony Megathread

    Just beat the first playthrough of Nier: Automata. Good game! But still gotta do two more playthroughs for the true ending i believe. Hopefully the story actually changes on round 2/3.
  2. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Divinity 2 Original Sin is so good you guys. Like... so good. Top 3 game of the year
  3. South Park

    I enjoyed it!
  4. General Gaming Thread

    Playing Nier Automata.... I think I just saw two machines hump one another. That was odd. Almost as odd as a machine rocking a cradle.
  5. League of Legends Thread

    He had another? Nice!
  6. General Gaming Thread

    Eventually I want to pick up a Yakuza game. Should I get 0 or the ps2 remake that just came out?
  7. League of Legends Thread

    Jeeze. No one has posted in here forever. I just wanted to bump the thread and say that @GoGo Yubari is the best...he gave me Neo Pax Sivir <3 Also, I am still stuck in Plat IV. Can't really practice, since baby takes up a lot of gaming time (and more than once I've needed to abandon a game to tend to his crying). I'm so rusty when I play.
  8. Sony Megathread

    And done. There really aren't that many main story missions. I imagine if you skip the side stuff, you could be done in a few hours.
  9. Sony Megathread

    Been playing through Infamous Second Son as a time killer (Plus, free game!)... It's not bad. Pretty same-y, but it's fun. Especially for the price of free. I also like that all the collectables are on the map. So I might actually get them all. (Already have 2 districts at 0%. And I just crossed the bridge)
  10. General Gaming Thread

    Just played the Nier: Automata demo. It's good, hugely cinematic, but I think this is a game I get on sale.
  11. General Gaming Thread

    Now that I am done FF12, I feel lost. I don't know what kind game I want to play at the moment.
  12. Sony Megathread

    Just won PS+ for a year
  13. Final Fantasy

    .....maybe I'll just take a break In Henne mines, leveling up (got most to around 57-59), went into a room, figuring it's a save room before the esper. NOPE. Wasn't ready/buffed, but did ok. Lost. No big deal....except that it puts me back to where I started when I enter the room before. That means all those levels and items? Gone.
  14. Final Fantasy

    .... well, that final 'dungeon' And 3 boss fights took like 20 minutes. Level 55 is too high when you have the zodiac spear, masamune and Scathe (10k damage, non-elemental, AOE? Shit of busted)
  15. Final Fantasy

    Got it! And beat Gilgamesh for the Genji armor and masamune. Gonna beat the game (boarding the Bahamut?), then see if I can power level. Only mid 50s, need to be 70+ for the last two Espers, let alone the super bosses