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  1. AMC's "The Walking Dead"

    Like, they need to cull some characters but...
  2. The Anime Thread

    Best anime of all time.
  3. General Gaming Thread

    You're a bottom 10.
  4. The Anime Thread

    Spoilers for episode 9
  5. General Gaming Thread

    Honorable mention: Persona 5...but that time you were really sleepy and couldn't really follow the plot.
  6. General Gaming Thread

    Persona 5 is the best game of the year. Yay!
  7. General Gaming Thread

    Who's putting up the Top 10 of 2017 list this year? @Plubby?
  8. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2017: The Voting Thread

    1. Game of Thrones 2. Stranger Things 3. Brooklyn Nine Nine 4. The Good Place 5. Steven Universe 6. Bojack Horseman 7. Silicon Valley 8. Punisher 9. My Hero Academia 10. GLOW 11. American Gods 12. Agents of SHIELD 13. The Defenders 14. Rick And Morty 15. The Walking Dead Also, @Azazel, you can throw anime on there.
  9. Final Fantasy

    Why would you do that to yourself?
  10. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    SHIELD returned tonight...pretty good episode I think! I'm a fan of the new characters they introduced, and the setting is pretty cool.
  11. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    I don't want that.
  12. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Alive-ish. New job, got a baby. I did! I have like 5 hours in it!
  13. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Didn't you die a few years ago?
  14. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    So, for awhile now I've been guessing (with no comic knowledge) that in Infinity Wars 1 or 2 they are gonna start trimming some of the hero fat and killing people off. Anyone else feel the same? I also vaguely remember reading that after IW2 that it will be the end of this 'universe' or something?