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  1. Light's Blessing, I think, is used when your lose a mission. It revives your entire party at full health. The hero feathers are used when you get a hero to level 20. Then you can change their ranking from a 1 star to 2 to 3 etc....
  2. Seems like it could be fun...for $20-30. Not $80.
  3. This weeks It's Always Sunny....
  4. They forgot about him.
  5. Huh, this is back tonight. Neat!
  6. @Plubby WHAT DID YOU DO?!
  7. 2 normal, haha.
  8. I'm playing it a bit. My best is a 5 star Cordelia, who just wrecks everything.
  9. So, finished Santa Clarita Diet. For the most part, I enjoyed it! It was funny, well acted, and had a great premise. But...
  10. So, I've watched the first two episodes of San Clarita Diet (now on Netflix). I am enjoying it quite a's right up my alley comedy wise.
  11. So the new Humble Month bundle has come out! A bunch of games I'm not too interested in. Anyone interested in doing some trades? -Abzu -Husk -Okhlos -Project Highrise -Ryse: Son of Rome -Project Cars (although...I traded that to @Rocky? Still showing as I haven't revealed the code. If Rocky can confirm he has redeemed the code, I'll see if I have an extra copy!) Will trade any straight across for something on my wishlist (or let me know what games you have, and I might be interested). Hell, if someone gifts me Atelier Sophie, I might just give you all of them
  12. That was my issue with the first episode. After watching it, I turned to the wife and I was like "I know our friends love this, but I'm just not sure." Then we watched the second or third and I bought into it. I'll say one that hasn't been mentioned yet: Steven Universe. The early episodes are a little weird. but if you can stick it out to 8-10 episodes (only 10 minutes each), then you will be hooked either by Tiger Millionaire (a wrestling episode) or Giant Woman (where they finally start getting into the super interesting lore of the world)