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  1. Earthlock: Festival Of Magic looks like it would be fun. I'm gonna be grabbign that one for sure.
  2. I want it, but I'm a little broke at the moment. Hoping the wife or some friends get it for me for my birthday next month.
  3. Just picked up Artifact Adventure on Steam for cheap (it's about $2 right now on sale...normally $8 or 9). It's a classic JRPG (pretty much FF1), difficult, and apparently has choices that mean something. (By accident I drugged a guard and got the towns healing magic stolen...oops. But I got 5000 gold!)
  4. Fear The Walking Dead returned tonight.
  5. Their final show, starting soon. I'm not a fan of the Hip, but I do know that they make good music. They are Canada's band and tonight is an end of an era.
  6. I lied! I won my first ever game in Plat. I am officially better than I was last year
  7. As is's impossible to get a win in Plat V! Two games, no wins, haha. I also got no wins last year. But! I am not stressing too's almost impossible to fall outta Plat V.
  8. There is a story!
  9. I've had no interest in going back to play it from last Tuesday. The wife, who was super excited for it, also hasn't even played it yet. It just feels like that what you do in the first 10 minutes is what you're going to do the next 10 hours, without much variety.
  10. This is the video that sold me.
  11. Wait wait wait wait.... Lightning Returns..... Also, I am totally hyped for World of Final Fantasy. Classic combat style with a twist!
  12. Same for me, really. I'm meh on the combat, but everything else seemed super cool.
  13. Back in plat Soraka stats: 12-6 Average kills: 0.7 Average Deaths: 4.9 Average Assists: 15.6 Apparently, I once had a double kill.
  14. Hour of new gameplay....I've only seen a tiny bit of it, but I like what I'm seeing. Even if it's not a standard FF game, I think I might enjoy it. Edit: Looks like you 'cash in' your EXP when you make camp for the night. I like that. AND YOU CAN COOK FOOD.
  15. Do you have a Vita? If so, you should pick up Persona 4 Golden to play between now and February!