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  1. Apparently there are plans for multiple seasons.
  2. Midway through episode 7 But other than that? It's getting so good.
  3. $45ish in Canadian. Also? I am getting way too excited for World of Final Fantasy.
  4. My Sunday line-up is lacking without GoT, Silicon Valley and The Walking Dead. I've seen Vice Principals mentioned a few times now. What's it about? Comedy?
  5. Except it's $60!
  6. Speaking of uPlay....logged into it for the first time in forever. Turns out someone hacked my account. Changed my avatar, name, deleted all my friends....
  7. Just finished episode 3. Things are getting interesting.
  8. I found a CP?? Snorlax by my house. It was 10:45 at night, I ran out of the house to try and catch it. 12 greatballs later......................... It ran away
  9. Watching 10 Cloverfield Lane at the moment. It's not bad, a little slow. John Goodman is great in it. It has the name 'Cloverfield', but so far, nothing has really connected it to the original film. Edit: Just really picked up in the last 20-30 minutes. It's a decent movie...I prefer the original overall.
  10. The 'Elusive Target' right now on Hitman is Gary Busey. That was, interesting mission. Didn't really go well for me. I took out one of his guards, but someone saw me stash the body. Then his other guard thought I was suspicious, so I had to kill them. Then I went to kill Gary in a dark alley, but I missed the first two shots.
  11. Just watched the first episode after hearing so many people talk about it. Loved it! The music, the setting, the style, it's all wonderful. Can;t wait until tomorrow so I can watch more.
  12. That episode (The New Lars) was probably the weakest of the week, I think. Mostly because I don't like Lars. BUT! If the ending, where it hinted at he might be a less shitty person, stays....then I'm ok with it.
  13. You hang out/speak with the pros. The closest I've been to Gaudreau is when I'm in the 200 section at a Flames game! Edit: And the series is over in 2 games. In Gold 1! Almost back in Plat!
  14. I got to chapter 12 or 13 and got distracted by XCOM 2.