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  1. I haven't played NMS since the first or second day. Did not enjoy it.
  2. For Daniel: Sidelined. He went missing after the mid-season finale. I imagine he is gonna show up next episode, because it's the finale. Travis: Still in, still great. But has been getting less screen time since the mid season finale. The last episode was all about him and Chris, and it was pretty great. Travis is the best.
  3. Chris and the gang? They are shitty. Shitty, shitty people. If they were just gonna leave, leave! Don't put a bullet in your friend. I'm glad that Travis is back with his family! But still, Madison, meh. (Although, the reveal about her husband was an interesting reveal) BUT OH SHIT THAT FINAL SCENE
  4. Yes. (Really, it's just hyperbole. but it was a great final scene)
  5. 'Member Jeff Goldbloom?
  6. The ending of this weeks episode was just...horrifying. I can't believe they would do something like that.
  7. Yeah, the CGI is kinda weak. Also? I want to know who the damn director is!
  8. That first episode was great! So glad that this show is back on
  9. Kessel is savage. No idea why they wouldn't bring Kessel, yet they bring: Dubinsky, Backes, Abdelkader, Stepan... It's not like Kessel isn't one of the best RW in the game at the moment.
  10. Anyone play Duelyst? Here are some codes! (20 Spirit Orbs): 17352223-c8f6-4f01-9983-47dbebf9ca99 (Cosmetics Bundle): 173d27b4-f500-44c9-85a8-def27c102b58
  11. Madison is so damn stupid. I used to like her....but now.... Alicia though? She is really starting to grow on me this season. Only two episodes left!