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  1. I'm ok with that. Let's me get to my backlog.
  2. I think I might finally be hooked on an MMO. I am REALLY enjoying FF14. I have made a few friends in a free company who are helping me with advice, running dungeons with me. The music is great, I've maxed my botanist level, and I'm making progress in the story (and it's starting to get good). Plus, I have a behemoth as a mount. And can play Triple Triad at will.
  3. I got it for Christmas, I need to get into it.
  4. Ruki

    The Anime Thread

    It's getting a sequel? Neat!
  5. Thank you for reminding me I need to squeeze this in now.
  6. Ruki

    NHL 2020

    Hook that up directly to my veins. Won 6 of last 7, 13 points in that time. Was on the outside looking in regarding a playoff spot, now solidly in 2nd place in the Atlantic. 4 points ahead of Florida (3rd) and 8 behind Boston (1st... which is nutty)
  7. Ruki


    There should be charts available online. But a handy feature with this one! After you face a pokemon once, you know it's type. So in battle, your moves will let you know if they are effective, super effective or no effect.
  8. Ruki


    The games are pretty identical outside of the version exclusives. As someone who hadn't really played Pokemon in 5+ years, it was really easy to get back into. It's Pokemon, so it's been pretty much the same since the 90s. The one change I really dug was that all pokemon got experience from battle, not just those fighting, made training and evolving a breeze. What was it about Sun that you couldn't get into?
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