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  1. Anyone know where I can do chocobo races? I've unlocked riding I just want to race and get Boko stronger.
  2. Yeah, having old FF songs be the radio was so fantastic. I know I was hesitant about this game months/a year ago.....but they did something really good here.
  3. Which is bullshit to me, since the timer was a core element of the older games. It actually made the game a challenge. Now it seems more like 'see how many ways you can kill zombies' type of game.
  4. It will be fun, I am sure....but better at a $20 or $30 price instead of $80. Maybe by then they'll have the mission timers back in.
  5. Yup, this is where I am at. I think the main story quest is level 8-12 or something? I'm level 27. I should do some story missions......but the hunts are so fun.
  6. I had it pre-ordered....but some of the stuff I was reading on it just turned me off from the game. It moved further and further away from what the game used to be. I'll get it when it's cheap.
  7. Well shit, that's a good way to end the......season? Series? Although... When does Samurai World come out?
  8. If it has a stat block, we can kill it.

  9. lol. I managed to save up about 16k of XP, then I spent 10k gil at the fancy hotel to get double XP. I went from level 19 to 27. WEnt to fight the Bandersnach...I thought it was level 28. Turns out it was 37. Killed me in two hits.
  10. Fuck! the chapter ended and cashed in my experience. I didn't get to go to a camper for that 1.3x bonus.
  11. How does wait mode work? Also! find a rare coin....stick it in a spell. I have casted it twice and got 4k experience.
  12. Ugh, fuck the pinball...I just wanted to play a quick game.....then 20-30 minutes later..... It never stops, no matter little you try to survive. Although, I think once you get 99 boxes, you get some half decent stuff. And there is one pinball machine (that I've heard) that costs like 10k gil to use.
  13. Last of Us 2!
  14. ....they are making another Knack. Why would they do that?
  15. Has any game been delayed 3 days before it's release? But I wouldn't be surprised with TLG.