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  1. Comic Book Films & TV

    Got my tickets for Thursday. Can't come soon enough.
  2. The Punk Thread

    I know he was a part of writing the entire album? That's about it. I admit I didn't know much about Skiba before he joined Blink.
  3. The Punk Thread

    New music from Blink-182 has leaked a day early. Personally? Love it.
  4. General Television Thread

    Such a good episode! And series, really. I enjoyed the 1st episode of the 3rd season.
  5. League of Legends Thread

    ....why do I keep playing this game? 2-6 in my last 8 ranked games. I'm not entirely blameless...but man, there are some toxic individuals in G4. Now I'm at 0LP. I should just start spamming top/ADC, try and carry my ass up to high gold so people can then carry me out.
  6. General Gaming Thread

    On PS4 as well as Steam! I like that we're getting more RPGs on Steam. From what I read, the reviews are pretty good for it. 8/10 I believe.
  7. 2015-16 NHL Season Thread

    Yay! We're gonna have the cup won by someone other than Chicago and Kings!
  8. League of Legends Thread

    I started off the ranked day today with an absolute 3 or 4 games later, I am the one getting stomped. All my LP is going bye bye....starting to think support main is a bad idea
  9. Final Fantasy

    I love when you play Chocobo Hot and Cold and spend 30 seconds in the same area trying to find the item...only to get a Soft.
  10. Game of Thrones

    It should be ok, there wasn't anything too terrible. As for the episode itself...I liked it. The first episode always sets things up....but we had some great moments
  11. League of Legends Thread

    Yeah, there is a lot of stuff to learn about the game....but! Even when you don't know what you're doing, it's still a lot of fun.
  12. Doctor Who

    I will also hop on the 'seems annoying' train.
  13. League of Legends Thread

    Playing Sona on URF is exhausting.
  14. League of Legends Thread

    2-0 in URF. Soraka and Sona still OP. But! I can get key frags in it Edit: I also own every champion now.