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  1. Started Attack on Titan season 2 today. Episode one was pretty solid. I forgot how good the animation was.
  2. Watching the Silicon Valley season finale. Oh man....half way in.
  3. I give up with PUBG.
  4. ...and done. That was pretty great.
  5. Started the 6th episode. Welp. Looks like I'm finishing the series in one weekend.
  6. Watched the first episode, I enjoyed it!
  7. ISS had him at #2. Didn't fall out of there until March.
  8. Really happy with who the Leafs drafted. In October he was ranked #2...then fell because he got mono.
  9. Cap space they are gonna waste on Kris Russell.
  10. In the first trailer, I think I remember someone getting stabbed. Someone that has armor that looks suspiciously like Pod's
  11. Silicon Valley
  12. I don't get it...I have King of the Kill, but I am having WAY more fun wiht this. Last night, a buddy and I chased down two people in vehicles. He shot a guy out of the vehicle and I ran him down.
  13. Holy shit you guys....My Hero Academia. Just finished episode 23. This show is just fantastic. The music is great, the characters are wonderful and colorful, and it has plenty of those goosebump inducing moments. You know the type of moments I'm talking about.... (#3 is still my favorite)
  14. Picked up Playerunknown Battleground yesterday. After some initial graphical glitches...I've played 3 rounds. Round 1 w/ friend: Finished 9th with one kill (basically cleaning up my friend's scraps) Round 2 solo: Finished 26th, but I found a sniper rifle and killed 3 people. Round 3 solo: Finished 5th! Much more stealthy...and I managed 2 kills. I think @Plubby is playing this as well?