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  1. I've pretty much picked up all of them. Not played any of them yet.
  2. September 3rd! Ahh! I wasn't sure I wanted to get it since i put SOOOO much time into this game already. But the first few notes of the music and I was hooked again.
  3. Ruki

    XBOX Megathread

    Stellaris? Shit yeah, I always wanted to try that one! And apparently Dead Cells is coming Septemebr.
  4. Eastward looks so damn charming.
  5. Only if you switch the difficulty. Easier because your Saint Statue levels carry over and you can spend points to raise your professor level (I started out this time at B)
  6. How the heck are you going to level them all?! Or are you just going to forget about some?
  7. I like that with new game plus you can up your skill and professor level and even buy mastered skills.
  8. Big news for the TimeSplitter fans on here ( @Kaney I think?)
  9. Has anyone played Civ 6 on Switch? How is it? I'm thinking of getting it for my wife for her birthday.
  10. How dare you, Dorothea and Lorenz are perfect for one another! (But yeah, Dorothea and Manuela was super good)
  11. I haven't played new game plus yet, but I imagine pretty different. There's four total routes you can take.
  12. 8 of the last 9 battles Claude was the MVP. He's a little good. The end slides! I'm curious, do the slides changed based on who A ranked with one another? Edit: it does change! I'm not sure on the criteria, but looks like people have different endings.
  13. Big Fire Emblem spoilers.... But I have a question
  14. I was wrong, I was not done. I'm guessing a few battles left still. But I'm at the point where I'm ready to speed through. Most characters are in the 39-43 range (with Claude being the exception at like 48), most of my main party are maxing their Master level classes (so I'm training them in other things I suppose) and I've gotten most of the A ranking supports that I wanted to see (Lorenz x Dorothea, Dorothea x Manuela, Claude x Flayn (really enjoyed that one), Claude x Shamir, and Flayn x Raphael were probably all my favorites) with just Felix x Lysithea to go.
  15. YESSSSS. Voting on how to train the students?
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