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  1. 2015-16 NHL Season Thread

    Kessel vs Reimer....both deserve the cup!
  2. Civilization Thread!

    And part two.
  3. Civilization Thread!

    Gameplay footage!!!
  4. XBOX Megathread

    Mercy is the best! Add me on PC: Ruki#1958
  5. General Gaming Thread

    I Am Setsuna is available for pre-order on Steam. Cheaper than I thought it would be.
  6. Final Fantasy

    I found all the chocographs!
  7. League of Legends Thread

    Not really? They could just be really good with those champs.
  8. Steven Universe Thread

    So the next three episodes aired early in France (spoilers for all 3 below).....
  9. Fear The Walking Dead

    You're right Chris, you are no good. And Nick, you are sick in the head. Just like everyone else at the house. Edit: Oh shit, the compound went up fast. And I did not expect Madison to lock Celia up with the dead. Damn.
  10. Game of Thrones

  11. League of Legends Thread

    I think I got my first ranked win as a non-support this season.
  12. League of Legends Thread

    She needs it. Sona on URF is dumb. And even then, not that big of a nerf. If you want some more OP URF champs.....Malphite, Alistar, Shaco, Nami, Soraka, Malz.
  13. Final Fantasy

    Chocobo Hot N' Cold is so much better with the speed boost. You move/dig faster, but the clock stays the same. Apparently there is a limit to how many items you can get. Still only two fucking Chocographs though. Edit: Seriously, this speed boost is a god send. This traveling/searching for chocographs would have taken hours...taking no time at all. Edit: So, in about an hour I found 20/24 of the chocographs, with only needing to find 2 more Chocograph pieces to reach the Air Garden (never made it there before!) and found all of the treasure that I could (2 I can't reach without an airship) the Ultimate Rod. And the Robe Of Lords. I'm gonna be OP now.
  14. Final Fantasy

    Oh, hello there Grand Dragon. I'm going to farm you for XP now. And then hopefully get back to the Chocographing, having had a chance to do it since disk 1. Edit: About 45-60 minutes of grinding + speed boost, now I got my party from levels 18-24 to 28-38! Just got the boat, can I start doing the chocograph stuff again? I wanna attempt to fight Ozma for the first time ever (around level 80......)
  15. Steven Universe Thread

    Lapis and Paridot are going to become the odd couple!