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  1. They just moved it up two years ago, so I wouldn’t count on them moving it back any time soon. But yeah it does suck, for the players at least. And agreed on Drinkwitz. He may be the next great football coach, but one year seems like a blind leap of faith. No one has any idea if he can build a program or even sustain one since he literally had one season with an already talented roster in place. Can’t fault the guy for taking the job though.
  2. A lot of fun bowl matchups. Alabama versus Michigan in the Citrus could and probably should be a drubbing if Alabama actually shows up to play. Memphis/Penn State in the Cotton could be fun, as should the Rose Bowl of Wisconsin/Oregon. And of course the playoff of 1) LSU versus 4) Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl and 2) Ohio State versus 3) Clemson in the Fiesta.
  3. Farm boys. Can't rely on them to do anything. But farm.
  4. The media is likely going to touch themselves over LSU for the next month, but I still think Clemson wins it all. Also:
  5. That was the whisper all day yesterday. I thought maybe it would affect FAU’s play today but it clearly didn’t as they won the CUSA championship 49-6 over UAB. Joe Burrow may have just solidified his Heisman win with that play.
  6. Baylor brings in third string QB who threw three passes all year. first two passes this game 2/2 161 yards and a touchdown. I fucking love college football.
  7. Baylor may be boned without Charlie Brewer. I bet Baylor +9, but they’ve shown no offense since Brewer got hurt.
  8. I’m also pulling for Baylor. Love me some Matt Rhule. And assuming Georgia loses, which is no sure bet, the Big-12 champ should not be jumped by anyone. They’d be the last remaining one-loss Power-5 champ. I’m gonna flip shit if LSU loses and still gets in though.
  9. You know who else had only two more wins than loses before going to coach in college? Pete Carroll. You're being racist. Quit being racist.
  10. I don't really think the committee pays much attention outside of records. Georgia, Utah, Oklahoma, and Baylor are all clustered together and they're the only 11-1 Power-5 teams. I'd love for them to allow access into their discussion just once to see what those egg-heads actually talk about and argue.
  11. I'm never one to point to the "they haven't beaten anyone!" crap, because in college football, you play who you play. But they were only really tested twice this year, once was a close win against a 7-5 Washington, and another was a loss to an 8-4 USC. They're a talented bunch, but I don't think I ever considered them one of the best teams in the country after watching them play the last few weeks. Still, 11-2 is nothing to be ashamed of. Could still maybe get a NY6 bowl out of the deal depending on how the committee rates this loss. Trevor Lawrence may be the #1 pick in 2021. But Kayvon Thibodeaux may be the #1 pick in 2022.
  12. The Pac-12 has to consider moving their championship game out of Levi Stadium. Second year in a row the stadium is more than half empty. Put it in a location where people actually want to go. Actually now that I type that, isn't there talk about them moving it to Las Vegas once the Raiders move there? Pac-12 needs that desperately, because half a stadium of fans for their conference championship is MAC-level bush.
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