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  1. It's sad enough that Kobe passed away, but it becomes absolutely devastating that his 13-year old daughter was also on board. That's gut-wrenching.
  2. The actual video released showed current minor leaguers names so I’m thinking it’s the actual players.
  3. Yeah, re-location is suppose to be in, with custom logos and uniforms. Also it has MiLB branding, so we won't have to wait for custom rosters anymore. They'll have the real, legit minor league players in the stock game now. I wasn't going to get this year's, but between relocation and authentic minor leaguers, I may have to now.
  4. As someone who loves to play FM, but knows, at most, four footie players, I always select my teams based on how fun/memorable their names are.
  5. The salt from the Eagle fans toward Andy Reid is plentiful. Like I’d get it if Philly still hadn’t won a Super Bowl, but they have. Leave Andy alone, you insecure ninnies.
  6. Jeter is sixth all-time in hits. You just have a bias against Yankees. And your team cheats.
  7. Absolutely. He probably wouldn't have hit 73 homers or 762 career homers, but he still would have very much had Hall of Fame numbers.
  8. I'd say 50% of my shirts are Notre Dame shirts. 40% are Yankee shirts. The other 10% is a mix of Knicks/Broncos/and work shirts.
  9. I’d be banging this drum even if he spent his whole career in Boston. Him being a former Yankee has nothing to do with my argument. My reason for including him with Bonds is because they’re both so obviously Hall of Famers and literally the only reason neither is in is because of the PEDs. As I said, he’d been in years ago if that wasn’t the case. So voting one guy with PEDs hanging over his head, and not another, when both have above and beyond the accolades to get in is silly. I’m not saying Clemens is as good of a pitcher as Bonds was a hitter. But that Rocket is so obviously a Hall or Famer and keeping him out for the same reasoning with a guy being voted in doesn’t make sense. If someone wants to keep both out for PEDs, more power to them. But I’m not sure how you overlook it for one and not the other.
  10. We’re going to have to agree to very much disagree then. Clemens would’ve been inducted years ago if it wasn’t for the PEDs. 350+ wins. 4600+ strikeouts. A career 3.12 ERA and 1.17 WHIP in the era he was in. Plus, hell, the eye test alone. Can any of us who lived during Clemens era really say he wasn’t one of the most dominant pitchers of that generation? I feel like that’s just common knowledge. The comparison to Koufax is odd considering it was a totally different era and Rocket pitched literally twice as long as Sandy.
  11. So you don’t believe a Top 10 pitcher is a Hall of Fame lock? Just because he’s not the best ever doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be a slam dunk election. He’s still better than 99% of players to play the game.
  12. Jon Heyman voted for Barry Bonds, Derek Jeter, Andruw Jones, Scott Rolen, and Curt Schilling. No Walker. No Clemens. Which is hilarious since his voting Bonds means he’s over the PED thing which swayed his voting the last couple years. Walker is one thing but I don’t get how you can vote Bonds and not Clemens. That just makes no sense.
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