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  1. MLB cares way too much about their records and history to let that happen, see: home run records from the steroid era.
  2. I mean, Houston is still likely going to be a very good team. I don’t think they just fall off the face of the earth now. They just won’t destroy every team that comes into Houston.
  3. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/01/mets-interested-in-dusty-baker.html One step forward and two steps back...
  4. Yeah, some people enjoy the college experience. NFL isn't everything to everyone.
  5. And there it is. Beltran is stepping down as Mets manager. @Carlos Buschtran
  6. He slapped the ass of a cop during the LSU celebration in the locker room. There’s video of it floating around.
  7. How are you feeling about the Donaldson signing? Another big bat in a big bat line-up.
  8. The Mets are apparently “weighing their options” in regards to Carlos Beltran and his association with the 2017 Trashtros. @Carlos Buschtran
  9. Sabol getting in posthumously is bittersweet. He deserves to be in, but he also deserved to be in when he was alive and could have known about his induction. That man could have done a voiceover of a traffic jam and you’d be pumped to run through a brick wall.
  10. The report says they cheated in the 2017 postseason so Yankee fans and Dodger fans ( @DMN hey buddy) have a lot to be pissed about.
  11. Good for him. Get out while you can.
  12. Never mind. Misinformed report? It was reported Cora’s been fired but my source is now gone? Oh there’s the “official” announcement. That cheating fool is gone.
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