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  1. Good Golly, Miss Molly (gave birth to my bastard son!)
  2. Sad to see Wolfe leave. Loved him and he loved being a Bronco, but salary caps suck, so you have to lose some of the ones you love.
  3. I just hope I can get refunds on my bets of Gerrit Cole getting over 280 strikeouts and the Yanks getting over 100 wins. 😕
  4. I’ll take Wilson Ramos, catcher. @Mx. Canadian Destroyer
  5. Can I just draft everybody’s team from here out?
  6. @How The Cloud Stole Christ Good thing baseball isn’t starting until July! We may be done drafting by then!
  7. We. The Revolution is 50% off. I’ve had it sitting on my wishlist for like a year now. @AnTEOLnio Inoki have you played that one? Someone on my friends list has it and I think it was you.
  8. I will never say I don’t want baseball, but those proposals are some corny mess that only GhostMachine would suggest.
  9. It's a shame he doesn't play for the Red Sox. It's so much easier to win when you're cheating.
  10. Definitely not Denver. Lock is QB1 moving forward until he shows he can’t do it. Cam would have to accept being #2.
  11. Typical corona-hoarding. I thought better of you than that.
  12. Well that was nice. I hope you thanked her!
  13. It should be noted that he played at Temple University while new Panther head coach Matt Rhule was the head coach there.
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