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  1. I brought up to several Phillie fans when they signed Robertson that there was a staggering decline in his velocity last year and that something was obviously quite wrong, but what do I know, I've only watched the guy pitch the majority of his career. It sucks terribly for a guy I like personally, but fuck Philly.
  2. They’re still in the SEC West so salt away, my Cloudybear.
  3. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    I went to a free Eagles pre-season game a couple years ago and the stadium was dead silent after the first fifteen minutes. Absolutely nothing like a regular season game. It was almost like I was at a Temple football game.
  4. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    Pre-season football isn't real football anyway.
  5. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    They still do! Well, outdoor cocktail party.
  6. They’re just making them extra awesome before telling everyone.
  7. Noooooooo. You can’t do that!
  8. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    He managed to criticize people who judge players based on their personality and do just that all within one post.
  9. My high school baseball coach died last week and I, and a few of my former teammates went and had dinner after the viewing. We got talking about how he was tough, but fair, and how he found funny ways to motivate us when he saw us starting to slack. I had completely forgot about this story, but my buddy Adam told it at the dinner: We were in the state tournament my junior year and we were playing a conference opponent that had beaten us 14-1 and 10-0 earlier in the season. Our coach comes in and posts a lineup that doesn't look anything like our regular lineup. I was usually the #4 or #5 hitter but I was now hitting lead-off (which was adorable, because I was never fast even in my much lighter days) and a guy that actually ended up getting drafted was hitting 7th. Nobody said anything, we figured he'd give us an explanation before we headed out to the field. So we're all sitting around, waiting before the game starts and he steps out of his office and says, "Gentlemen...you may have noticed a few changes on the line-up card. We may not be the best hitting team..." and then he just walked out of the locker room and went to the field without finishing the sentence. We ended up losing that game 8-7, but we hit the cover off the ball at least.
  10. Beeeeeeeeeeeee careful. I have a gameshop on my way home from work that's essentially a boardgame warehouse with every game known to man. It takes everything in my power not to stop in there a couple times a week to pick something up.
  11. To say the least. Gleyber Torres has 26 home runs this year. 13 of them are against Baltimore alone...
  12. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    I, too, would like $40 million a year.
  13. You don’t suck. Just paying your dues.
  14. I’ll PM you the code when I get home from work. Still a copy of the vanilla base game to give away!
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