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  1. Yeah, NBA is probably more likely to expand than to see a current team move, at this point anyway.
  2. Yeah, when the Clippers were sold a couple years ago the big story was that a few of the potential buyers wanted to move them, but the league put the nix on that. I don't have an issue with the Clippers staying in Los Angeles. But I'm also pretty much always against franchises moving anyway, so that doesn't mean too much.
  3. Well he is 34. And I haven't seen him in a while, but probably 340 pounds.
  4. Yeah, this means the Clippers will revert back to the Clippers they always were. Clock struck midnight, but Clipperella never even got to go to the ball.
  5. It cracks me up watching Daniel Murphy just continue to crush the ball. I really hope the Nats sent the Mets a nice thank you card for him.
  6. TJ Oshie re-signed with the Caps with an eight-year $46 million deal.
  7. And he should've been a Knick.
  8. "Emperor of Asia Style" will be the nickname of my first CAW.
  9. But you love the French. Smart and mature. The type of player that thrives under Pop. He'll likely develop very nicely there. Perfect landing spot for him, I think.
  10. I'd even argue they wouldn't have won it a few years back if it weren't for Fleury. He was absolutely unreal that whole playoff run.
  11. I like that John Collins pick for Atlanta. He may be my choice of looking back in five years and all of us saying "How in the world did that guy fall all the way to #19?!"
  12. A bizarre year for him. From getting hurt all season, to being one of the World Series heroes, to struggling pretty much all season so far. I think he'll be fine, but he clearly has some issues, which may just be mentality, to work out. Hope he can get back on track in the minors and come roaring back, because he's got a whole lot of talent.
  13. I'm happy for you. Somebody should be excited about their pick. Though to be absolutely fair, the last time I totally hated a Knicks pick, he turned out to be our newest star player, so what do I know? The NBA Draft always makes me want to run an NBA2k EWB franchise.