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  1. Yeah, average be damned when you throw out more than 40% of base stealers against you.
  2. No joke on nothing, I like ‘em.
  3. If only there was an award for "Best Player". He'd be a solid 6 or 7 time winner.
  4. Christian Yelich is your 2018 NL MVP. Mookie Betts is your 2018 AL MVP.
  5. Yeah I’m in the same boat. I’m really itching to play it, but games like that make more sense to wait until the GOY version. At least for me who tends to play more sports games than anything.
  6. “On pace to surpass” means he did not actually do it. Shouldn’t give out awards on projections. The list of guys winning based on projected stats is about as long as the list of DH award winners. 😛 But yeah, I never got Yankee/Red Sox fans getting upset about their managers not winning manager of the year. Look at how much money you spent on that team. You better damn well win 108 games and the World Series. You’re not winning 90 games with change you found in the sofa like Tampa (...Bay!!!)
  7. Thank God. Five more months. Power through, gang.
  8. Harold Baines and his 2800 hits would be in the Hall of Fame if he had played the outfield more and DH'd less. Andujar also didn't miss two months of the season. He also didn't strike out 33% of his at-bats. But I digress.
  9. I’m neither a National fan or Met hater, but I think it’s odd to mock or belittle someone for thinking Scherzer had a Cy Young type year.
  10. 220 innings pitched, 300 strike outs, and a WHIP of .90. I'm fine with deGrom winning, but let's not act like the guy voted for Ivan Nova or something. Scherzer still put together a ridiculously good year that would be Cy Young winning in any other year than this.
  11. Almost 50 doubles. Almost 30 home runs. Andujar also struck out 5 times LESS than Ohtani in 250 more plate appearances. If you're going to grade Andujar's poor fielding against him, you absolutely have to count Ohtani DH'ing against him. To think that the media hadn't crowned Ohtani the Rookie of the Year from the moment he signed his contract isn't even gullible. It's a gullicalf. Win one World Series in a century and the gloves come off. I see how it is.
  12. As they should. On the flip side, Andujar was screwed out of the ROY because he wasn’t a media darling like Ohtani.
  13. Meacon

    NFL 2018

    Clearly they’d rather have lung cancer tomorrow than risk a torn ACL today.
  14. Meacon

    NFL 2018

    I think it’s more so that he can give Marvin the super secrets of how to beat the Browns.

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