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  1. What a perfect swanton bomb. Jeff Hardy would be jealous.
  2. 7?
  3. Plus, fuck the Clippers and Doc Rivers.
  4. Yup
  5. I love that Jonathan Schoop is just walking around the mound, totally not giving a fuck.
  6. Reddick has been one of my favorites for years. From running around the field to the Ultimate Warrior theme, to him stepping up to the plate to Careless Whisper, to his unashamed nerdiness for wrestling, it's just impossible to not like the guy.
  7. "Yo, you suckin' dicks, bra?"

  8. What an idiot. He was a lock first round, if not first-15, pick. Kids these days.
  9. Pretty sure memes.
  10. They asked why he didn't go and he said he couldn't handle the potential memes.
  11. Naughty naughty
  12. How is it not just expected that the Caps will choke in the playoffs? It's like the Browns missing the playoffs or water being wet. Also, the Blues have looked really good so far in the playoffs. I've somehow found myself watching all three of their games so far.
  13. If basketball was like wrestling, you'd have to play the Bulls, and only the Bulls, every week for the next year, not just best-of-seven.
  14. Bryce Harper is so good at the baseball. He's gonna look damn good in Yankee pinstripes in two years.
  15. Leinart, Sanchez, Barkley. I never got the hype for them. People, at the time, chalked it up to my hatred of USC. But those three guys had the best talent in the world on the offense, and defense which made things that much easier for them. I stick to my guns that if scouts and GMs stopped watching film and tapes, and actually watched the games they'd get a better idea of what quarterbacks are worthwhile. I know they don't have the time to sit and watch 13, 26, 39 college games for one quarterback, but assigning one person who knows what they're looking for could do wonders. And to prove my USC-hatred bias isn't a factor, I think Sam Darnold is better than any quarterback in the draft this year and should go #1 next year.