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  1. Meacon

    Apex Legends

    I'll give it a download. I'll be as terrible at it as I am at Fortnite and whatever other free battle royale games there are.
  2. Reports are it’s a 4th. And I’d rather just ride with Keenum another year (his last year of contract) and draft one to take over next year. This move reeks of desperation and fear of failing to draft a quarterback that’ll be worth a damn for 2020 season.
  3. Him putting his job on the line with hopes of Flacco turning into Manning would be like me quitting my job with hopes of winning the Powerball tonight.
  4. Fucking Flacco, really. Go away, John, you drunk.
  5. No Mercy was, and still is, a friggin' blast if you're playing with a group of friends.
  6. Salary cap won't be passed because that takes away potential earnings for a player. If you think Machado not getting a $300 million contract happens now, what happens when you add a salary cap? I'm not entirely sure what you meant by dynasties are important to the narrative, when you consider that over the last ten years the Giants and Red Sox are the only two teams with multiple World Series wins. If you institute a salary floor, then you're looking at a team like Baltimore who will give someone like Mike Moustakas a one-year $20 million deal just to meet the floor more than you will see them agree to pay Machado $35 million over the next decade. Teams are going to be cheap and try to make as much and pay as little as they can, regardless of what type of limits you put on it. The issue isn't a salary cap or floor. It's more of the whole financial system. Why aren't the Yankees going to pay Manny Machado $30 million a season? Because they're going to be paying Migeul Andujar $700,000 over the next three years, and probably $5-8 million the three years after that. That's six years at the SAME amount of what it would cost to pay Manny for one year. Salary cap and floor isn't going to solve this issue. A complete overhaul of service time, the cheap ass contracts before players are arbitration eligible, and the arbitration process and amounts themselves are what needs to be changed.
  7. I don't think it's controversial, but the diehard video game fans look at me like I have two heads when I say that I'd much rather play a sports video game than one of the hundreds of story-driven games.
  8. They did use the bootleg off the playaction via the stretch to Gurley. And I know that wasn't working. But that's no reason you can't have a bootleg called to get Goff out of the pocket. He wasn't taking five steps drops all year, because that's not how their offensive line was assembled. That offense was developed to get Goff on the move. You can still call rollouts without a playaction (or still call the playaction to keep the D honest). There was no misdirection. It was either a stretch run or Goff taking a five step drop. It was like they thought they'd catch New England off guard by being as simple as possible.
  9. Maybe I'm just trying to block it out of my mind, but I don't remember Goff running many bootlegs, which is what he did all year long. They had him take five step drops and New England just kept rushing upfield right into him. There was so little misdirection which helped make the play calling and execution of those plays equally boring.
  10. This is a big reason why I stopped playing RTTS. Also I've always preferred dynasty/franchise modes, but I felt like no matter how good my teams were, if I was a fielder, my pitchers would give up a dozen runs every playoff game, and if I was a pitcher, none of my hitters would ever give me run support.
  11. Either play when they're in bed or wait until they get older. We play games like Betrayal, Game of Thrones, Munchkin, Catan, and several others when the girls are in bed. When they're awake, we play Clue, Monopoly Jr., Uno, quicker/simpler things like that. But my girls are four and eight. So it's a mixture of both for you. A one and a half, there's not much they can really play. In another year or two, you should be able to play at least some things board game wise with them.
  12. Yeah, I didn't play a second of Road to the Show last year. I'm strictly Franchise guy now. I like the addition of in season contract extensions, but being a Yankee fan, I'm likely not going to utilize it anyway.
  13. That's the issue. So many people think everyone is either right or wrong. The possibility of both parties being wrong is lost on some folk.

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