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  1. One of these times the pitcher is gonna bean someone and the batter is going to run out with the bat, swinging. Then there’s gonna be some real shit for MLB to clean up.
  2. Nothing is going to change if MLB continues with this five game shit. It needs to be ten games for your first incident. Make your team go two starts (or two weeks if you’re a reliever) without you and see how likely management is to let you do that shit.
  3. I like to think all Detroit franchises are just changing their names to Red Wings. The Detroit Football Red Wings
  4. That’s some heartwarming NFL news, my friend.
  5. Have you considered doing a diary in the Cube? I like when you post in here but i think a diary of your journey would be neat.
  6. Are you playing every game? I’m planning on starting a franchise with maybe Miami or Baltimore and managing every game. I may turn it into a Cube diary, we shall see.
  7. For a left handed batter, that just doesn’t even seem feasible does it?
  8. Or Kyler Murray is the #1 pick...after the Raiders trade the farm to Arizona for that pick.
  9. But surely the next third tier football league will survive!
  10. The more I’ve focused on sticking to specific team news reports and writers, the more evident how much trash ESPN spews. I don’t think they’ve been worth a shit in a decade. They’re a step above TMZ Sports for bullshit gossipy mess.
  11. How so? This is a game that I really want, but I’m just waiting for a price drop due to my obscene backlog of games to play. But now you have me curious.
  12. No way. There’d be no better story than the Islanders knocking Toronto out.
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