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  1. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    Yet another brilliant Elway decision from one of the worst Denver drafts in history. Hell, one of the worst drafts for any team.
  2. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    Matt Moore comes in to back him up and immediately plays better than Flacco. Nice trade, John. Bring in the turd who had one good four game stretch in his entire career. That's the ticket.
  3. Dano is a very good actor. Great call. And I'll echo the "anyone is a step up from not being friggin' Jonah Hill".
  4. I think Fortnite having 100% bots is the only way I'd ever give it a chance again. If the bots shot back, of course.
  5. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    Was he not already retired?
  6. When was the year that Cena stopped winning all the time and people still made comments like he did?
  7. Yankee fans know that, but we really don’t care if you all like them. I don’t get the “thinks they’re face” thing, because Yankee fans know that you either love them or hate them. It’s been the mantra for probably longer than any other sports franchise in the country. It just means the franchise has been successful just like Patriots fans don’t care what other NFL fans think. We’re not a petty fan base like the Red Sox who were one out from winning the World Series and instead of “Let’s go Sox!” They chanted “Yankees suck!” in one of the most insecure tells of all time. There’s your wrestling analogy since wrestlers and Sox fans are childishly insecure. And if you keep it up, and the Yanks win it all, I will also PM you every day until the new season starts just to remind you of it.
  8. Sounds like Joe Maddon will be managing the Angels which is nice since it keeps him almost as far away from the Phillies job as possible.
  9. If the Yankees win it all, I will follow you around and remind you of it after every single one of your posts, in every single thread on EWB.
  10. Well...on the bright side, we now know that Gerrit Cole won't shrink while pitching in the spotlight of Yankee Stadium like Sonny Gray.
  11. So not only do you get to play as a psychopath, but geez, the graphics are even worse in "action". Both the female and male main characters look like absolute jokes.
  12. All the reviews I've seen online say that season two is the best season, so I'm looking forward to it.
  13. I thought the same thing all those years ago, because the NBA franchise was so on fire. I just knew they'd take the WWE games to new heights. Instead you all are getting character models that looked like they just got goosed.
  14. Meacon

    NFL 2019

    Rams have traded Marcus Peters to Baltimore.
  15. Halfway through Gotham season 1 with the wife. Nothing groundbreaking but I’m enjoying it enough.
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