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  1. Yeah, all we heard over the last few weeks was that the O's were holding out for a top pitching prospect and they definitely didn't get it in that deal. Diaz is the main piece, and he's likely going to be a good one, but still nowhere near the package I expected them to get for Manny. So glad the Yanks didn't offer up Sheffield as that clearly would've been an overpay judging by what they did end up getting.
  2. I think you’re forgetting the three-peat D’Antoni and Melo and the Knicks won in my head.
  3. They sure have been looking over medical records for a very long time...
  4. They wouldn't lose many, that's for damn sure.
  5. I use the controller charging dock. I got it for $15 at GameStop and it’s wonderful. I charge a controller while playing with the other.
  6. It’s odd because I’m almost always pro-player anti-franchise, but he’s gone about this every wrong way possible. Play out the season in Toronto, shut up, and run home to LA after the year, you selfish whiny prick.
  7. Kawhi can go fuck himself. What an annoying fucking diva. My four year old doesn’t even piss and moan as much as this. You wanted out of SA, you got out. Shut up and play.
  8. I’ve never done an international team alongside running a club. Does your board get pissy if you show interest in an international job like when you show interest in another club opening?
  9. I mean, they couldn't have possibly expected much more considering everybody and they moms know he's going to LA next season anyway. Toronto giving up their franchise player for a year of Leonard seems like the more bizarre decision in that trade to me.
  10. And there goes #10 with a Joey Votto home run. This is crazy.
  11. Mah babay boi Scoot'ah! This is friggin' home run derby part two. As Bregman and Springer now go back to back in the top of the 10th. 9 home runs tonight, an All-Star game record.
  12. Wrestling logic says it's to make him look that much more impressive when he rocks them.
  13. I didn't mind Mike Trout, because he seems like a genuine good guy with a great personality. I'm not a huge Harper fan (personality wise) so I'm not digging this one as much as the Trout one. And then he hits a dinger!
  14. Yeah. Sounds like Baltimore is just going through the medical of all the guys in the deal to make sure all’s good in the hood.
  15. Latest is that the Dodgers are very close to striking a deal with the O's for Machado. Better LA than Philly or Cleveland I guess.

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