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  1. Well don't hold back, brotha', tell us what you really think.
  2. Resistance/Secret Hitler is always a must when we have 5 or 6 people over. You can play a game in like 20 minutes, so if everyone likes it you can play a few rounds.
  3. The Knicks are a team Jimmy Butler is asking to be sent to. Honestly, no thanks. It reeks so much of the Carmelo deal all over again. This team needs to stink and maybe go after Durant and whoever else next off-season. Bringing in Butler to take this team from a potential Top-8 pick to the 13th or 14th pick doesn't do anyone any good.
  4. Meacxico

    NFL 2018

    That is until Pat Shurmur drafts and develops son, Kyle. Not the most gifted quarterback, but easily the brightest one in college.
  5. Meacxico

    NFL 2018

    dat defense dough Fucking Will Dissly spikes the ball after a touchdown with 14 seconds left and they're still down a whole nother touchdown. What a loser.
  6. He looks like a guy that would care enough to do something like that.
  7. Inbreeding and bestiality?! More like Caroline in the Country, amirite
  8. Meacxico

    NFL 2018

    It is. Carson Wentz has been medically cleared and will be starting for the Eagles this week.
  9. If you like Coach O, you should read Meat Market by college football writer Bruce Feldman. All access look at a season with Oregeron while he was head coach at Ole Miss. You can find it on amazon for just a few bucks. I love it. I’ve read it four or five times (usually every college football preseason). Care to make a friendly wager?
  10. They’re incredibly talented but Joe Burrow and/or Oregeron’s coaching will cost them at least two or three games. 10-2 at best me thinks. I like Coach O though. I’d love for them to knock off Alabama.
  11. Meacxico

    NFL 2018

    To be fair, David Johnson scored it and he probably doesn't remember it either.
  12. Meacxico

    NFL 2018

    Yeah, six. All of those bad boys were done last week though.

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