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  1. Exactly. That’s kind of the thought process. Why pay the Redskins however much to play in their stadium when they can play in Annapolis since the main reason they haven’t played there is most likely not a factor this year.
  2. For the first time ever it’ll be in Annapolis. The game has traditionally taken place in US cities with Naval bases or Ireland, because the stadium at the Naval Academy isn’t large enough to hold the expected crowd, but negotiations to play in DC apparently fell through.
  3. That’s gut wrenching. Such a shame for them and their little girl.
  4. Yeah that’s seriously shitty for him. I mean, it’s great they found it before it caused serious issues but still. He absolutely would’ve been a first round pick in the 2021 draft. Hopefully he can recover and safely play again next year.
  5. You’re lucky. I remember the guy at Microsoft suggesting I turn it off every so often, implying that I play video games all day, which was rich since I was in the military at that time and don’t think I played but an hour or two a week. And when my seventh and last 360 died, I called to cancel Xbox Live and they offered me a free year, which caused me to bust out laughing and remind the guy the reason I was calling was because my console was dead and I wouldn’t be returning it.
  6. Another point in Sony’s favor: I went through seven 360’s due to the Red Ring. I’ve had only two PS4’s and my one only died because of a freak occurrence during a thunderstorm. I’m sure Microsoft is better than that now, but that also still left a bad taste in my mouth.
  7. Exactly. I don’t care for Halo or Gears of War in the least bit. The Show is enough for me to stay with PS5, let alone whatever Quantic Dream (are they still even called that?) comes up with next.
  8. I’ll get the PS5 at launch but I have no interest in the Xbox. Their exclusives do not interest me in the slightest.
  9. So let’s hear some of the results. Who’d everyone end up with? Were you happy with your squad or did you spend too much at one spot and not enough in another area? Who’s club looks to be the best? Give us some info, folks!
  10. I think the obvious answer is that it’s not the passionate fans who will walk away. It’s the casual fan who puts on the Sunday Night game or who checks the Twitter of their local team or checks the standings in August and see’s their team in a playoff hunt. The passionate fans will be there with bells and whistles as soon as games are played. Whether we get games in July 2020, April 2021, or May 2022, I’ll be right there watching as always, like the other passionate fans. The issue isn’t, the passionate ones are the vast minority and it’s the casuals who will be driven off in droves. And if someone claims to be a passionate fan and they can just walk away from watching the sport, they’re only just a casual anyway.
  11. That ending to the race yesterday was so exciting. Sucks for Chase, but at least Logano didn’t win. I really don’t like that dude.
  12. It’s possible but they need to approve it immediately to get in a three week spring training.
  13. They’re saying all the right things. I’ll hold off getting excited until I see more and it gets closer to a release. But they’re pulling me in the right direction at least.
  14. Discord is just confused on why you want to be friends with @King Ellis.
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