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  1. Byron blows a tire making a caution. Caution ends and Blaney immediately wrecks. My rooting interests have completely just shit the bed and now I’m pulling for Matt Kenseth since I got him at +10000 odds.
  2. Wreck on pit road! You don’t see that every week! I hope the jackman for Blaney is ok, though. He got sandwiched between two cars.
  3. I’ve said it for years that practice, no matter what, should have screens. James Paxton took one off his leg during spring training and I said they needed to use a net and people flipped shit because they never have. Ridiculous.
  4. The veterans don't need it, but it really sucks for the undrafted/late round picks that are going to have absolutely no chance to prove their worth.
  5. Take it out, blow on it, and put it back in. (go ahead, OOC perverts!)
  6. I still don’t know what that means. Oh. Google says it’s an Xbox thing. Nevvvvvermind.
  7. Go choke on your marbles. 😠
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